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The Fun Never Stops is a showcase for the immensely talented Regina Smoler, whose music is as diverse as the entire world is today. She composes Brazilian Jazz beats, Operatic Arias, and everything in between, and her work was described during the Great American Song Contest as Fresh and Engaging with Great Imagery. Regina won First Place at Broadjam for her comedy song The Martha Stewart Gene, and her songs have also been top twenty finalists in the Unisong International contest in Jazz, Electronica, and World Music categories. Regina is also a BMI Musical Theater graduate!


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TARANTELLA   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2006
Bouncy whirling traditional Italian dance. Featuring electric guitar. This dance is a staple of some old-fashioned Southern Italian weddings. The tarantella is a circle dance, performed clockwise until the music in the set changes to become faster, after which everyone changes direction, and repeat, Instrumental, European, Italy

YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 1913
1950's Rendition of Timeless Song with Female vocal and background harmonies and band, a la Patsy Cline. This romantic, gorgeous, and sweet pop song is ideal for soundtracks, film scores, radio, television, websites, and more. Female Vocals, Country, Country Ballads

ALL I NEED IS YOU   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2009
1960's, Phil Spector arrangement with Wall of Sound vintage effect, featuring female vocals in the style of Jackie DeShannon and lots of "uh oh, uh ohs" a la Ronnie Spector. Perfect for a radio song in a 1960's film or TV show. Ideal for soundtracks, television, commercials, and more. Female Vocals, Rock, 60s Rock

HABANERA (FROM CARMEN)   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 1875
Beautiful rendition of classic opera aria! !! Rich and evocative, with piano and gorgeous and lofty female vocals. This deep, intelligent, and moving track is ideal for soundtracks, film scores, commercials, television, and other media. See variations. Female Vocals, European, France

I CAN GET A DOG   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2006
Fun pop and Top 40 Radio Friendly! Cute and catchy, "I can get a Dog who will understand me, never try to underhand me... Yeah Yeah... Man's Best Friend is Mine..." Cheeky, sassy Female Vocal with Black Male and Female Vocal backup with heavy breathing. High fashion catwalk, Rom-Com, Sex in the City, Female Vocals, Pop, Alt Pop

AULD LANG SYNE (A CAPELLA)   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Barbershop rendition with female harmonies. Sweet, beautiful, traditional and mellow Auld Lang Syne, perfect for choirs renditions, official year end parties, public announements, news show year end finale, cultural affairs farewells, soundtracks, commercials, and other media. A Capella, Themes, New Years Music

MOTHERLESS CHILD   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2006
Haunting, contemporary rendition of classic tune. Features soaring female vocals, light synth pads. Suitable for film soundtrack, documentary depicting social injustices, film scores, commercials, websites, and more. Female Vocals, Folk, Contemporary Folk

WOOD "CHUCK" BERRY   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Need a song for Groundhog Day? I've got one! This fun and upbeat track will put a smile on your face. Features strong female vocals accompanied by a bluesy and groovy band. Ideal for soundtracks, television, commercials and more. Female Vocals, Rock, 50s Rock

GABRIEL'S MESSAGE   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Haunting and moving rendition of traditional Celtic Christmas song with beautiful acoustic, electric, and slide guitar- and soaring classical female vocal! This gem is ideal for holidays, parties, special events, soundtracks, commercials, film scores, television, and more. Female Vocals, Christmas, Xmax Vocal Solos

AVE MARIA   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2009
Simply beautiful, soaring rendition of timeless classic hymn (Bach) with acoustic piano and gorgeous female vocal! This heartening gem is ideal for soundtracks, commercials, television, websites, games, and more. See variations. Female Vocals, Spiritual, Christian Hymns, Franz Schubert

CHECKING OUT   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
In the style of Peggy Lee's Fever, a song empowering a woman to leave the gambling life behind. Leaving an addiction in a blusey style. Lovely female vocals accompany a jazz band in this smooth piece, ideal for soundtracks, television, and other media. Female Vocals, Jazz, Exotica

O DEL MIO DOLCE ADOR   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2008
Soaring rendition of Italian Art Song with female vocal, featuring piano. This passionate and romantic classic is ideal for soundtracks, film scores, commercials, television, websites, and more. Female Vocals, Classical, Opera, Christoph Willibald Gluck

AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2006
Inspirational rendition of an American classic! Featuring analog synth and beautiful soaring female vocals. This quality gem is ideal for soundtracks, tv, websites, and other media. Female Vocals, Spiritual, Inspirational

THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Mellow folk pop rendition of classic hymn with rich, warm female vocal and guitar. This passionate track is ideal for soundtracks, commercials, film scores, websites, and more. Female Vocals, Folk, Folk Pop

EVERYONE ELSE IS AWAY   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2005
Pop classic in the style of Up On the Roof, dreamy, romantic, summer in the city, I Love NY! Female vocal in style of Karen Carpenter-Features piano and and light accompaniment. Ideal for soundtracks, commercials, television, and other media. Female Vocals, Pop, Soft Pop

WINTER CLOTHES - GUITAR VERSION   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2009
Wonderful seasonal version of Jingle Bells, with female vocals for those who are not fond of winter clothes. Think of the little brother in the movie A Christmas Story who can hardly walk to school. A humerous, entertaining song to add to your holiday celbrations. Female Vocals, Childrens, Childrens English

JINGLE BELLS   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2008
Swing into the holiday season with a contemporary and jazzy Jingle Bells, with a strong and bright female vocal! Ideal for soundtracks, television, websites, commercials, and more. Female Vocals, Christmas, Jazz Vocals

THE SOUND OF YESTERDAY REMIX WITH VOCAL   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2005
Nostalgia with a kick! Mid-tempo Innovative, Provocative, and Sophisticated electronic based track with rich female vocals. This deep song features layers of melodic synths and vocals. Ideal for soundtracks, television, film scores, and more. See all variations! Female Vocals, Electronic, Neo-Lounge

O HOLY NIGHT   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Female Vocal A Capella pop version of classic Christmas song! Beautiful and atmospheric, ideal for soundtracks, commercials, websites, and other media. A Capella, Christmas, Xmas Acapella

O LITTLE TOWN OF BETHELEM   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Dramatic and moving rendition of Christmas classic with beautiful and lush female vocals. This passionate version is ideal for parties, special occasions, soundtracks, commercials, television, film scores, and other media. A Capella, Christmas, Xmas Acapella

FRIED CHICKEN   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2006
Smoking free-wheeling guitar backed by a steady and solid country rhythm section. Finger lickin'good stuff! Perfect for commercials, films, carnivals, fairs, festivals, anywhere, anyplace where good times are popping! (see variations!), Instrumental, Country, Country Two-Step

TURNING POINT   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2011
Mellow, easy listening pop guitars blended with a gentle rock organ creates a thoughtful, quiet mood, perfect for a scene where a character needs to make a decision. This gorgeous and tight track is ideal for soundtracks, film scores, television, websites, advertising, games, and other media. Instrumental, Pop, Easy Listening

YOU AND ME   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2010
Banjos, piano, and a shuffle beat together make this a romantic, sweet love song reminiscent of 'I Don't Wanna Walk Without You Baby'. A tender, heartfelt female vocal makes this a perfect fit for romantic comedy moments! Featuring bass, jazzy drums, and keyboards. Ideal for soundtracks+commercials, Female Vocals, Singer/Songwriter, Contemp Singer/Songwriter

GOBLINS   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2008
Eerie, spooky, short instrumental. Think horror, black and white movies! Featuring mellow synth. Good for backgrounds, halloween, soundtracks, film scores, short clips, and more. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music

ONE DREAM   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2006
Anthemic, visionary song that asks, "What if the seas were one sea, what if lands were one land?" Features female vocal, contemporary synth pads, with driving contemporary ballad beat. Background harmonies add a middle-eastern flavor. Possibly for soundtracks, movie, TV, or documentaries. Female Vocals, Pop, Pop Music

SILENT NIGHT ELECTRONICA   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Compelling redition of timeless Christmas classic! Unique techno version of Silent Night featuring electronic music background and synthesized vocals as well as real female vocals. Experimental science fiction esque rendition, ideal for soundtracks, commercials, websites, and more. Female Vocals, Electronic, Experimental

ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2008
A whimsical, upbeat jazzy love song for the old fashioned in a new age. Think of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in Fifty First Dates. Features a lilting, guitar, and lyrical female vocal, "absolutley, positively," perfect for a romantic comedy! See variations. Female Vocals, Jazz, Cabaret

AVE MARIA (GOUNOD ADAPTED TO 1RST PRELUDE OF BACH)   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2012
Soaring, reverent popular classic of the Gounod-Bach Ave Maria. Features female alto lead vocal, with elegant electric piano and tasteful strings. Sounds like Karen Carpenter, but better. Timeless, appropriate for a variety of religious occasions and traditional events, and ideal for soundtracks+, Female Vocals, Christmas, Christmas Vocals, Johann Sebastian Bach

GABRIEL'S MESSAGE(CONTEMPORARY VOCAL)   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Beautiful, haunting version of traditional carol with gorgeous contemporary style female vocal! Featuring sweet steel pedal guitar. Ideal for soundtracks, commercials, and all media. See variations. Female Vocals, Christmas, Xmas New Age

SO GHOULISH   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2010
Bouncy, silly, Halloween song, reminiscing about a haunting, scary, relationship. Features a female "vampire" like vocal with a hand-clapping feel similar to the Addams Family TV theme song. This festive and quirky track is ideal for soundtracks and other media. See variations. Female Vocals, Horror, Halloween Whimsical

DANNY BOY   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Beautiful, romantic rendition of this popular Irish ballad with female vocals and warm, Bill Evans style piano accompaniment. This gorgeous song is ideal for backgrounds, restaurants, soundtracks, film scores, television, movies, websites, and more. See variations. Female Vocals, European, Ireland

YOU WERE THERE   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2010
An anthemic, tender tribute song for Mom with powerful female vocals and harmonies reminiscent of Karen Carpenter! Perfect for Mother's Day and other occasions to honor Mom! Featuring a light and beautiful guitar background. Ideal for soundtracks, commercials, and other media, Female Vocals, Themes, Mother's Day

WINDY FALL   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2008
Spooky and fun seasonal autumn song, fun and not too scary for the kids! Featuring female vocals with strange effects, and piano. Suitable for soundtracks, commercials, websites, film scores, and more. Female Vocals, Horror, Monster Pop

HUSH LITTLE BABY (VOCAL & GUITAR)   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2009
Lovely, rich, warm, female vocal with acoustic guitar. This sweet rendition of this classic is ideal for soundtracks, television, websites, shows, gifts, and more. See variations. Female Vocals, Childrens, Lullabies

KLAATU BORADA NIKTO   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2004
Sci-Fi epic based on the classic movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. Contest finalist sponsored by the Mars Society. The perfect song for a sci-fi nightclub. Female vocals accompany background music and disco beats. Ideal for soundtracks and other media. Female Vocals, Comedy, Novelty Songs

BACH PRELUDE ELECTRONICA   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Beautiful instrumental electronica arrangement of Bach'svery famous prelude. This Tangerine Dream style analog synth groove is ideal for soundtracks, film scores, websites, and more. Instrumental, Electronic, Experimental, Johann Sebastian Bach

JE NE SUIS PAS   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2006
Lounge, bossa nova sung in French about not believing in love. Features female vocal great guitar solo. Sounds like Jobim bossa. 1960's 1970's bossa track, possibly for TV shows set in the 60's like Mad Men and Magic City. Perfect for a nightclub lounge scene or vacation spot with umbrella drinks! Female Vocals, European, France

MY FAVORITE LETTERS   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2009
Soothing, lovely, lullaby with warm, rich female vocal a la Julie Andrews. Features lovely electric piano. Ideal for soundtracks, television, commercials, websites, and more. Female Vocals, Childrens, Lullabies

FAMILY   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2009
A Beatlesque whimsical tune about family! Wake up bud, it's half past spring! Happiness in the park, hearing a band play in a gazebo. Sweet lyrics great for wholesome comedy, warm and vibrant scenes showing good times. Beautiful spring day walks in the park, going fishing, road trips, soundtracks +, Female Vocals, Pop, Soft Pop

WINTER HOLIDAYS IN THE USA   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2005
Wow! A fun holiday song celebrating all the many ways people celebrate in America! Great for kids of all ages! A great answer to Bill O'Reilly! This bright and upbeat track features an electronic disco groove background with guitar. Ideal for soundtracks, television, games, shows, websites, and more, Female Vocals, Childrens, Childrens English

BRAZILIAN BOSSA WITH VOCAL   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2004
Beautiful, authentic Brazilian bossa with male vocal performed (Portuguese) in the style of Jobim! Features gorgeous acoustic guitar. Ideal for soundtracks, film scores, commercials, websites, and more. See variations. Male Vocals, Soundalikes, Jobim

ALLELUIA   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2009
Singer-songwriter style female vocals about lonliness, fleeting encounters, and salvation. As Leonard Cohen's Halleluiah has a tender, resonating chorus, this Alleluia has a tone that is similar with a mesmerizing melody. Great for film, tv, soundtracks: for a character, searching for happiness, Female Vocals, Pop, Lilith Fair

DESIRE   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2009
Sexy, contemporary jazz song with smooth female vocal in the style of Peggy Lee and Madeline Peyroux with Verve Remix instrumentation. Perfect for jazz film, soundtracks, television, and other media. Female Vocals, Jazz, Smooth Jazz Vocals

THE MARTHA STEWART GENE (FEMALE VERSION)   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2003
Funny, sexy female vocal country song with great guitar lead! Think bluesy Redneck Woman! This comic based ditty is ideal for commercials, soundtracks, and other media. Female Vocals, Country, Country Pop

PETEY, THE PYTHON   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2010
Amusing, country song about an animal lover's beloved pet, Petey, the Python who ate the neighbor's puppy. Features 3 part harmony female chorus vocals in the style of the Weavers with clear, upbeat, bluegrass guitars, bass, and drums. Fun for silly pet tricks shows, animal comedy shows, and more, Female Vocals, Country, Bluegrass

DANNY BOY(INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Elegant, piano instrumental of timeless classic! Excellent for background, restaurants, soundtracks, and other media. This mellow and emotional piece comes in different variations. (see other versions), Instrumental, Jazz, Lounge Jazz

HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HAND   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2009
Appalachian Style female vocals with guitar similar to the pure sounds of Roche Sisters and Jean Ritchie. A unique and refreshing take on this religious classic. Ideal for soundtracks (Cohen brothers), commercials, web, and other media. Female Vocals, Spiritual, Traditional Gospel

ITALIAN ART SONG   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2008
Piano based: Lovely, romantic, sweeping version of classic Italian art song. Ideal for soundtracks, commercials, television, film scores, websites, games, and other media. Instrumental, Classical, Classical Piano, Christoph Willibald Gluck

GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2007
Lovely female A Capella arrangement of classic Christmas carol. Beautiful layers of female voices sing this religious song. Ideal for soundtracks, television, websites, commercials, short clips, and more. See variations. 30 seconds long. A Capella, Christmas, Christmas Carols

SILENT NIGHT ELECTRONICA   (by Regina Smoler )  Composed: 2008
Haunting electronica rendition of Christmas Classic! Think Christmas on Mars or in Star Wars on Christmas Eve! Features electronic music with synthesized voice and real female voice. Ideal for soundtracks, commercials, film scores, advertising, and more. Female Vocals, Christmas, Xmas Electronic
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Regina Smoler

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