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MINSTREL 4:08   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Sweet and sincere acoustic guitars blending melody and fancy fingering into a gentle mood. New Age, New Age Acoustic

MISSION 3:21   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: This expansive orchestral score with a world-beat flair conjures a sense of global competition and progress. A continuous evolution of intricate textures, sweeping strings and world-music rhythms. Classical, 20th Century

NIGHT WATCH 3:30   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Slow: Deep and sensitive, this dramatic cut slinks seductively, with twists and turns along the way. Its smooth, haunting sound could underscore any long pan, the crashing of waves, or slow, calculated glances. Rock, Progressive Rock

OVERTURE 3:44   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: Huge, Cinematic. The kind of piece that makes you hold your breath, waiting for the event it narrates. This stirring, orchestral cut is ideal for the opening of Olympic-style sporting events or major product introductions. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

REGAL BAROQUE 2:46   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: This stately composition reflects the time-honored values of excellence, fine workmanship, and old-world traditions. Dramatic, Regal Orchestral

ROLLER COASTER 3:54   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: Extreme guitar, hi-tech drums gone wild, gone baaad! Hang on for a relentless ride. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

SAX RIFFS 1:50   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Flexible Tempo: Bluesy and improvisational. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

SMELL THE ROSES 3:13   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: This comforting piece encourages the world to slow down, relax and take life as it comes. Its soft and comfortable, like the serenity of home after a long journey, a lazy summer afternoon, or the smile of a familiar face. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

STEADY PROGRESS 4:12   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: This smooth and forward- moving underscore, especially well-suited to narration, creates an effective backdrop for scenes depicting clear thinking, inventiveness, and paths to creative solutions. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

THRASH METAL 4:07   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Contemporary popular styles include this "garage band" genre. Complete with outrageous guitar distortion and slammin' drums. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

DISCOVERY 3:51   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate/Up-Tempo: Reflective and mellow, this rich, uncluttered cut speaks of conclusions, resolutions and the peace of mind that comes with both. Warm and spirited, it creates an image of solitary walks, star gazing, and the joy of new discovery. New Age, Contemporary Instr

FLYING HIGH 5:18   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Expansive and dramatic. A broad-sweeping film score featuring a full orchestral string section, spacious background textures, and an intensely expressive concert grand piano, all gathering steam and culminating in an incessantly driving climax at the finish. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

HARP BALLET 2:11   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Angelic and graceful. A delicate wash of wispy glissandos and gossamer chords. Dramatic, Ethereal Music

HIP HOP TRACK :60   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: The urban attitude of the '90s. RnB, Funk

LOVERS THEME 5:33   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Romantic jazz with a mellow soprano sax, accompanied by a strong backbeat and a heart-felt fretless bass. Dramatic, Romantic Music

LOVE'S JOURNEY 3:53   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: A romantic hand-in-hand walk sung by expressive guitars and a sweet soprano sax. New Age, Contemporary Instr

MOTIVATION 5:04   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: A consistently powerful driving beat propels this adult-oriented rock composition. Perfect for bold images of competition and challenge as well as heavy industrials. Rock, Modern Rock

MOTIVATOR 5:46   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Convey a positive message with this piano-focused theme. After a brief introduction, an enthusiastic groove unfolds, followed by a smooth jazz bridge. Especially suited to effectively support voice-overs. New Age, Contemporary Instr

OCEAN/SPACE 5:08   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Slow: The timelessness and transcendent beauty of nature's vast realms and other-worldly abysses. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

PIANO ALLEGRO 3:07   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Light and lively. A spirited dance of classical sophistication, with tasteful flourishes and bright spritely phrases. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

REWARDS 3:57   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Light recreation, travel, leisure and sophisticated fashion are all reflected in this friendly, smooth-sailing composition. Equally well- suited to activities in the warm sunshine, or social affairs in the cool evening. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

SAXY SERENADE 4:43   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: This uncomplicated jazz piece rocks away tension and soothes the savage heart. Soulful and sensual, the saxophone solo cradles the listener in a safe, but expressive place. Perfect for sunset scenes, balloon rides and romantic evenings. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

SHOW THEME 4:23   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Introductions have never sounded more attractive. A fresh and tasty theme for openings, credits, or any up-beat and positive scenes. Dramatic, Smooth Music

SPORTS/ROCK 3:57   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: Excitement and drive mark this grooving rock kicker. Use it anywhere you need to highlight action, competition or achievement. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

STRINGS - QUARTET STYLE :10   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
LOGOS, TRANSITIONS, AND FANFARES. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

BITTERSWEET 3:46   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Simple and free, romantic and nostalgic. A subtle mixture of homespun guitar, melodic piano and steady hand-drums. New Age, New Age Acoustic

CYBERFUTURE 4:23   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: Technofunk at its finest, this cut makes high tech hip. A compilation of futuristic energy and traditional jazz, this upbeat piece is perfect for computer command centers, network graphics and Internet connections. Dramatic, Magical Music

HEAD TRIP 3:28U   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Strident guitar voices intertwine their insistent grunge wailing over bold rock strums, heavy bass and big drums. Rock, Modern Rock

INTENSE ACTION 3:32   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: An exceptionally versatile track, equally suited to high-speed industrial applications as well as fast-paced athletics and sports. Pushy, driving, relentless. Action, Action Adventure Pending

NEW-AGE JAZZ 3:44   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Sit back and relax with this smooth and colorful melange of tasty jazz harp and easygoing sax. An elegant, graceful track, ideal for carefree lifestyles, ocean breezes, soft candlelight and fine delicacies. Jazz, New Age Jazz

PROUD SUCCESS 3:18   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: A bright and sophisticated confidence builder. The perfect cut for bold, inspiring messages requiring a consistently positive soundtrack. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

SPORTS FLASH 1:46   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: Power sports and aggressive competition of all kinds are depicted in this exciting, full-throttled rock cut. The lightning-fast guitars and up-front drums coalesce to support everything from power lifting, kickboxing and big team sports to auto racing and skydiving. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

SWEET SUCCESS 3:27   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-tempo: Striking, airy, flowing, this cut has the scent of sweet success. Light enough for balloon rides and water images, it offers a muse-like quality that also creates a background for the afterglow of glory or a battle won. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

ZANY 3:04   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: Absolutely wacky cartoon music full of brash, campy bluster, mockingly unabashed scorn, and outlandishly silly slapstick. Packed with cornball surprises and abrupt, irreverent interjections of all kinds. The perfect track for caricatures, burlesques, vaudevilles, and skits. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

CULTURAL EXCHANGE 2:53   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Travel the world with this unique blend of the hypnotic rhythms, tantalizing musical motifs and exotic instruments from contrasting civilizations, all unified by a cross-cultural focus on new markets and global cooperation. New Age, Ethnic Fusion

DANCE ROCK 3:31   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: Very 90's. A formidable wall of guitars and drums with a current-trends dance beat. Stark chord structures, aggressive rhythms. Makes a strong contemporary statement. Rock, Modern Rock

DESTINY 3:12   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: A new-age, multi-cultural landscape of primal rhythms and global textures. Expansive, flowing and futuristic. Evocative of both the new millennium and the timeless past. New Age, Atmospheres

DUSTY TRAIL 2:27   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Straight out of the movies. Imagine a cowpoke on his ambling pony coming into town and doffing his hat to a mining-town maid. Dramatic, Whimsical Music

ENERGY TRACK :60   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: Hard-driving action and heart-pounding excitement. Action, Impending Pending Music

EXUBERANT SUCCESS 3:06U   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Exuding the spirit of high accomplishment at the zenith of success, this vivid anthem of strength and self-confidence uplifts and motivates with bold, positive images of unshakable courage, immutable persistence, and eternal pride. Rock, Modern Rock

FUNKY 90'S 3:55   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: An active and angular ensemble of rhythmic guitar skanks, modern dance drums and non-stop bass. Listen for the killer piano solo. Jazz, Jazz Fusion

GLOBAL ENERGY 4:00   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: A continuous flow of enthusiastic world-music rhythms. A sparkling variety of percussion instruments complements the busy acoustic guitars, creating an exciting crescendo of positive feelings, resourcefulness, and motivation. New Age, Contemporary Instr

HARD BODY 4:15   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: This confident cut combines jazz vocals with a strong, addicting rhythm to provide a moderate piece that bursts into a charged percussion solo. This piece is versatile enough to underscore visuals of runway fashion models, iron-pumping hard bodies or high-powered corporate execs. Jazz, Hip Bop

HEAVY INDUSTRY 4:34   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: The continuous motion and inexorable power of machinery, automation, robotics and mechanics are reflected in this unrelenting characterization of everthing from computers and conveyor belts to foundries and refineries. Rock, Rock Fusion

INDIA'S MANTRA 4:33   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Authentic large-bore wooden flute, rhythmic tablas and exotic drones create the perfect atmosphere for deep relaxation and enlightenment. Use this for massage therapy, meditation, or any contemplative context. Instrumental, New Age, Meditation

JUST SAY JAZZ 2:59   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Easy and mellow, this cool, unassuming jazz piece can be used across the board. Its upbeat, yet unobtrusive, tones work for corporate overviews, product montages or music-on-hold. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

STREET LIFE 4:01   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: An exceptionally lean and unobtrusive track, still accurately portraying the street-smart savvy of big city smooth talkers and the sophisticated conversations overheard at urban night spots. Just the right hint of hip jazz fusion and strutting funk attitude. Themes, Theme Music (pending)

CHOPS 3:28   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: A tight and tasty jazz quartet. Agile piano trades off with a sexy muted trumpet over an unstoppable walking bass. Creates an arty atmosphere. Jazz, Swing Ensembles

COFFEEBREAK 4:03   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Upscale fashion, travel, romance and leisure via the language of nouveau jazz. Saucy piano, posh bass, liquid guitar, tantalizing percussion. Jazz, Smooth Jazz

CONTEMPORARY POWER 4:15   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: The quintessential dynamic rock theme. Features a killer guitar solo and power keyboards. Rock, Rock Fusion
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