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Home: Boulder, CO USA   

Kevin Packard has been a staff composer for a prominent East Coast Music House where, for eight years, he scored national spots as well as composed for branding campaigns for TLC, Discovery Health, and Nat Geo. As a Composer In Residence at Connecticut College, he scored many productions for Dance undergraduates as well as received numerous commissions from visiting guest artists. His compositional credits include, Arby's, Ford, USA Today, Lexus, Discovery, Nat Geo Channel, TLC, The Treasury Dept, UTZ, Intercontinental Hotels and the National Parks Service, among many others.

Kevin Packard's writing style spans heartfelt acoustic music to driving electronica, and dramatic orchestral to quirky Penguin Cafe-ish. Kevin's compositions have won numerous awards. He now lives happily in Colorado, where he works out of his studio, creating music perfect for TV, Film, corporate branding and multiple new media projects. He is currently set to release "Facing Southeast," a collection of instrumental collaborations with bassist Bruce Swanson.

Kevin has won two Washington DC Peer Awards, for Discovery Wings, and National Geographic Channel-Culture Shock, a National Telly, a Telly and an award for best PSA for Special Olympics. His work also includes the Trading Spaces Theme for TLC, and the Rebranding/Station ID for Discovery Health Channel and TLC.

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OVERHEAD TREES   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
An uplifting, inspiring, acoustic instrumental with jangly acoustic guitars, big drums, and background vocals, playing a beautiful melody. Great for a show theme, Outdoor Life, Recreation, Backpacking or Promo/Ad Family security, Health, Fitness, Travelscape, Nature Vacation. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SATURDAY NIGHT DISCO   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2007
A 70's ish wild night at the disco instrumental with wah wah guitar, horns, and soaring strings ala Saturday Night Fever. Retro Open, cop show, Mod Squad, Get Smart, Burlesque, Campy Porn, Entertainment, dining, dancing, comic spot. Vegas, Baby! Smokin hot, rip roaring fun, street smart, Pimp City. Instrumental, Dance, Classic Disco

THE CRAWL   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2006
A Big Band, Gene Krupa swing style. Lots of wild toms, saxes, trumpets & trombones. High energy, fun for families, children, retro TV, film, 50s documentaries. High energy dance scenes, sock hop, high school, teens tweens romantic comedy. Jive, wild fun, party, Jitterbug, Harlem, speakeasy. Instrumental, Jazz, Swing Big Band

AMAZING GRACE   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
Contemporary, compelling version of Amazing Grace. Starts with female vocal and gradually adds acoustic guitar, funky drums, electric bass, organ and harmony vocals. Very inspiring and heartfelt. Great background for "homecoming" scene or twentysomething drama. Female Vocals, Dramatic, Energizing Music

AIM HIGH   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
An emotional, aggressive, electronic instrumental that builds to a dynamic climax with strings and distorted guitars. Great for an emotional, adventure, dramatic movie soundtrack, Bourne Identity, Fugitive, trailer or credit roll. Very cinematic and moving with tension. Running away, big decision, Instrumental, Action, Moderate Electro-Orch

MANDOLIN WALK   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
A quirky, upbeat, mid-tempo, acoustic instrumental featuring mandolin, accordion, acoustic guitar, piano and upright bass. Fun, carefree vibe. Ads for jeans, Levis, comfortable shoes, supermarkets, energy bars or Home and Garden show, home improvement or fixit show. Instrumental, Folk, Contemporary Folk

ELECTRIC LIGHT   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
:30 instrumental. Solo guitar with some light pulsating electronic elements serve as a set-up that then explodes into U2ish, guitar driven, inspiring, triumphant conclusion. Great for spots that go from unsure to reassuring, neutral to positive, Ad, family, energy bar, insurance, self-help, security, Instrumental, Indie Rock, Alt Rock

LATE NIGHT LULLABY   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2009
An ethereal, dark, haunting track with undefinable vocals sung by a young voice, a very eerie melody. Track starts with swish stinger. Excellent for dark Halloween film or horror or campy thriller. Female Vocals, Horror, Haunted Children

MONSIEUR LE GRITS   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
Djangoish one minute acoustic swing instrumental. Acoustic guitar, accordion and dobro share the leads to create an upbeat, happy, fun, quirky vibe. Excellent for ad, vacation, happy feet shoes, health/energy bars, jeans, Levis or southern cooking show, home improvement, waterworld, theme park, Instrumental, Jazz, Folk Jazz

SKA DIVING   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
A funky, fun, fast-paced Ska track. Electric guitar, drums, organ, horn section and piano take turns trading solos. Very fun and upbeat. Great Energy Bar advert, Jeans, Levis, Shoes, Energy Drink, Jeep, Land Rover, driving fun. Instrumental, Reggae, Ska

WANDERER   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2007
A wide-sweeping cinematic Enya esque, emotional instrumental with choir, ambient elements and Native American influences. Great for movie theme, family security spot, health, fitness, images of land, financial security. Vocal Samples, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

IT'S ALL RIGHT   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
This electronic/acoustic instrumental track morphs from uncertain and scared to confident and assured. Great for a :60 commercial that goes from negative to positive. Family security, protection, financial security, health/diet, Online matchmaking, homeowners insurance. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music

MOPY   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
A cool, hip, electronic instrumental with pulsating synths, piano and cool loops reminiscent of Moby. Great for fashion/catwalk, city at night, club scene, party. Luxury car ad,, Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop

IRISH SKY   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
Haunting and inspiring instrumental Irish melody. Would be great behind scenes of forests and hills or an emotional "leaving." Begins with accordion and adds piano, pennywhistle, bass and acoustic guitar. Great opening theme, credit bed, movie trailer, credits, travel or background instrumental. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SAVANNAH   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
A beautiful acoustic track suggesting vistas of wide open spaces, plains in Africa, etc. Starting with acoustic guitar with pulsing harmonics, cello and oboe gradually enter. As the piece builds, strings enter to an eventual climax. Travelogue, Family Drama , Movie Theme, Trailer, Credits,, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music

HIPHOP2   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2005
A funky, electronic, hip hop instrumental track with quirky synth elements punctuating throughout. Great for youth fashion, cologne, sports gear, commercial. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop

A very dark ambient track filled with the screams of children pleading for help. Dark ominous background sounds and slams. Great for horror film or Halloween. Horror & Halloween,

STRUT   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2003
A slow groovin' jazz quintet track with saxes, piano, bass, and drums. Instrumental, Jazz, Swing Ensembles

ANCIENT CITY   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2012
A mysterious track that begins with light percussion. String swells gradually enter joined shortly after by a wood flute. Takes a turn at end. Would work well as underscore for dramatic scene. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Edgy

AMBIENT FLASHBACK   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2014
A mysterious underscore with ambient sounds, string swells, and big perc hits. Eerie, ambient fluid track that would be great as an underscore for a tense but calm, decision-making type scene. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Edgy

BOURN AGAIN   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2014
A dark sonic thud kicks this track off as percolating percussion plays and an ascending line leads to distorted guitars, electronic elements and big drums. Driving and energetic, this track would make a great show open. Instrumental, Rock, Electronic Rock

ATTACK AT DAWN   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2014
A Copelandish piece starting out pastoral with light strings and english horn, building to the dramatic entrance of big drums, brass and animated strings. Great for Opening Theme. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music

GREEN MIST   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2014
A gentle track beginning with fingerpicked acoustic, guitar. Light percussion comes in as wood flute and and synth lead take turns with the melody. Relaxed and easy. Calming. Summer rain. Instrumental, Folk, Contemporary Folk

THE HOLLY AND THE IVY   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2011
A Traditional english Christmas carol performed on classical guitar and mandolin. The piece starts with sleigh bells ringing and guitar and mandolin join in. The track is medium slow and warm and heartfelt. It conjures images of a horse-drawn sleigh on a snowy, close to Christmas, night. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Acoustic

GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2011
Traditional Christmas piece done in light jazz, swing style with classical guitar version and an electric version as well. Walking bass and jazz drum kit back up the guitars. The 3rd verse features the uprite bass with no melody and the 4th verse features a nice guitar improvisation over the melody. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Acoustic

THE RIDGE   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2012
The sun comes up over a distant ridge as a unit waits to begin their assault. A very dramatic and emotional orchestral track that begins with soft strings and low tympani and gradually builds as brass and woodwinds enter. Positive climax and then drops down to lonely ending. Trailer, credit bed. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

PLASTIC BABY   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
A fun, quirky, upbeat, hip hop ish, contemporary instrumental featuring accordion with electronic elements and funky drum loops. Great for quirky ad or show open/promo. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumental

THE FIRST NOEL   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2011
A Christmas classic this traditional piece starts with jingle bells. A 3 part classical guitar arrangement enters and builds slowly, ending, again with sleigh bells. Great for holiday scene or ad needing to evoke the Christmas season. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Acoustic

WE THREE KINGS   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2011
We Three Kings done as a piano solo, slow and expressive, evoking a somewhat sad and somber vibe that turns positive during the chorus. Atmospheric traditional christmas song. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Acoustic

ELECTRIC HIPS   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2014
A laid back acoustic guitar groove is gradually joined by light percussion, bass, and quirky synth accents. Calm and thoughtful while at the same time amusing and energetic. Instrumental, Folk, Folktronica

SKILLET LICKER   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
Upbeat instrumental "newgrass' meets electronica, track with acoustic guitars, mandolin and bass, accompanied by electronic elements and cool drums. Great for :60 spot, putting product through it's paces, test for durability, also rural action scene. Travelscape. jeans, Levis, commercial. Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music

DON'T LOOK BACK   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2011
A dark, dramatic, tension track that begins with ominous pads. Strings enter along with huge drums followed by attacking cellos. The piece builds in intensity as it trades back and forth between the cellos and strings. Great for tension scene, dangerous situation or escape/chase scene. Also trailer. Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music

ON THE STREET   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2005
Aggressive, electronic, medium tempo instrumental has an urgent, purposeful, forward moving feel with string hits, pulsating electronic elements and dramatic electric guitar chords that ascend to the end. Good for an Open, Crime Solver, Medical tech, Investigative Science, Police, Life On Street. Instrumental, Pop, Pop Music

THE POSSIBLE   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
A medium tempo piano instrumental that could be used behind a scene involving an important choice or decision, thought process. Soft arpeggio suggests time passing or deep thought. Family Drama, Eductional Programming, self-help, self-awareness. Credit Bed Theme Trailer, Insurance, family protection, Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music

SILENT NIGHT   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2011
A solo classical guitar version of the traditional Christmas carol Silent Night. Very moody and atmospheric. Sounds like having a cocktail on Christmas Eve very late at night after everyone's asleep. Sort of lonely sounding. Would work well under a "going home for Christmas" scene. Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Acoustic

LAWN JOCKEY :60   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
A quirky instrumental with acoustic guitar and accordion as the featured voices adding bass and a good drumbeat. Would make a great companion to a quirky, humorous spot. Anything from Lawn Doctor to kid's energy bars to vacation fun. Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music

WISH STICK   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
An acoustic instrumental that starts out with finger picked guitar with a lo drone underneath. Another guitar enters, followed by accordion and percussion to create a fun upbeat, slightly bluesish rural sounding piece. Evokes rural images, everyday life. Great for Open, Promo or Ad, Nature, Outdoors, Instrumental, Americana, Americana

HOMETOWN   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
A medium slow instrumental track that combines cool, hip drums with acoustic guitar, down home feel. Great for country road or small town scene. Ad for Axe, hair care, twenty something, jeans, Levis, fashion, Dockers. Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music

TOUGH DECISION   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
Strumming guitars and conga drums lead the way through this thoughtful, introspective instrumental piece with piano embellishments entering gradually. Although contemplative, the congas give it a whimsical, playful quality. Good for "choice' or "problem-solving" scenes, overcoming medical condition, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music

NO SYMPATHY   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2003
Mysterious, powerful, track starts with compelling electric guitar figure, builds into massive, distorted power chords before tension releases back into beginning guitar figure tailing out with strings. Very intense and powerful. Excellent for dark show intro, paranormal, historical violence, crime. Instrumental, Rock, Heavy Metal

RACE TO THE TOP   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2005
A mid-tempo, dark menacing, contemporary instrumental track with electric guitar, drums, and electronic elements that suggest danger, tension, almost turns positive but not quite. Would be great for crime solving, chase, runaway, search. X-Files, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, High tension activities, climbing, Instrumental, Action, Action Adventure Pending

TIME TO GO   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
Meditative, contemplative, treated piano arpeggio with bass and drums. Electric guitar enters halfway through. Would be good for a farewell scene or leaving someone behind, Family drama, Youth drama, 90120. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

TECHNO COWBOY   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
A haunting acoustic guitar driven piece with drums, bass and piano, that morphs into a positive direction with strings, close to the end. Electronic elements come and go giving a contemporary feel. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr

ORANGE OVERCOAT   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2005
a :22 instrumental Hip Hop track along the lines of Kanye West, with big string hits and cool synth elements turning more positive at end . Sized perfectly for Open, Life On Street, Crime Drama, Medical Investigation, Young Interns. Ad, Jeans, Levis, Axe,, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Alternative Rap

CONVERTIBLE MARTINIS   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2005
Funky, upbeat, quirky, :24 electronic instrumental that with all it's shimmering pulsating elements, evokes the city at night. Would make a good Open for, Entertainment show, Food, Out at Night, Wine. Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive Electronic

HOPE MEMORIAL   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2003
A 30 second Copelandish, western feel, instrumental track that features orchestral elements along with electric guitars and big drums, to create an uplifting, soaring tack that would be great as an Open for Western exploration, historical, Medical, Travel. Instrumental, Dramatic, Regal Orchestral

WATCH IT   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2007
A Delbert-ish :20 track minus the vocals. Funky horns, keys, guitar, drums and bass create a fun upeat vibe. Great for an Open, cooking, restaurants, night-life, home improvement, sitcom theme, travel. Instrumental, RnB, Groove

ONWARD   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
Ethereal beginning with acoustic guitar and piano gives this reaffirming instrumental track a feeling of beginning, like the start of a new day or beginning of a journey. Great for show intro, family drama, youth drama, self awareness. historical exploration documentary, biography. Instrumental, Americana, Native American Contemp

BEHIND THE SCENES   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2004
An upbeat, moody, compelling, electronic instrumental with dark overtones. Good for 20 sec Open, medical detectives, fashion, entertainment, mystery, crime solver, paranormal. Ad for jeans, Levis, Axe. Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive Electronic

HIPHOP1   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2005
A funky Kanye West-ish medium tempo instrumental track featuring string hits and various synth/electronic elements that give it a distinct summer feel. Would work well for any kind of summer fun recreational advert, jeans, Levis or twenty something fashion, Axe, deodorant spot. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop
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Kevin Packard

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