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Steve Willoughby is a talented New Jersey singer/songwriter who performs all over the USA, on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, and in Atlantic City at Trump Marina, Showboat and Bally's Wild West Casino. His music is memorable, honest and moving. His first album was produced and arranged by Tony Camillo (Grammy winner of Midnight Train to Georgia fame), and has just released a new album, For A Song. Steve has appeared on the Joe Franklin Show NYC and in many TV and Radio broadcasts. Steve’s influences include Neil Diamond, the Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Frank Sinatra and other icons

Steve Willoughby's latest album, For A Song, has done well on the indie charts. The hit single on that album, For a Song, was written, sung and co-produced by Steve with the help of Grammy winner/Producer Rick Iantosca. (Rick also co-produced hits for Kool and the Gang, George Benson, the Four Seasons, and other icons.)

Steve's other influences include Tom Jones, Bob Seeger, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, John Lennon, John Prine, Tom Paxton, and on and on...

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ALL MY LIFE   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1978
70's R&B Disco, Lou Rawls, Bobby Caldwell vibe. Romantic, sexy, real orchestra, horns, percussion. Lush female vocal backup harmonies. Elegant swirling soulful and exciting. Midnight club dancing, youthful demographic, true love, new love, hot romance or making love. Great for Fashion Shows, Vegas,, Male Vocals, Soundalikes, Luther Vandross
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track

FOREVER STRONG   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1993
Beautiful Romantic Anniversary Love Song, With Uplifting Picturesqe Words and Soaring Chorus, Acoustic Finger Guitars, Strings, Grand Piano, SOUL MATES forever! Michael Buble' Broadway, Perfect for Film TV, Husband & Wife Scenes, Photographers Florists ads, First Dance, Cherish the years together, Male Vocals, Pop, Soft Pop
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track

WALKIN' WITH MY JESUS (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1985
Joyful Country Gospel, Jesus Saves, Amen, Tele Lead, Upright Piano, Steel Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Harmonies, Train Drum Beat, Great for Church Programs, Can I Get a Witness! Clap Your Hands & Praise The Lord! Alleluia! Male Vocals, Spiritual, Southern Gospel
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track

WALKIN WITH MY JESUS V3   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1986
Up-Tempo Instrumental, Southern Gospel, Elvis, Telecaster Guitar,Upright Acoustic Piano,Acoustic Bass,Steel Guitar,Downhome Harmonies, Train Drums, Instrumental, Spiritual, Instrumental Gospel
Preview Track

MAGIC DUST VR2   (by Steve Willoughby )
Delicate Reverse Fade In & Out Chimey Sounds, As Things Slowly Appear Out Of Nowhere, Magical, Someone is Calling,, Ringtone,
Preview Track

MOTHER EARTH (STEREO OVATION)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2015
Male Vocals, Indie Rock, College Rock
Preview Track

I'M A DEVIL BABY   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2015
Up-tempo Funky Country R&B, Phased Guitar, Drum Machine, Male Vocal, Sexy, Elvis, Tom Jones, Temptation,, Male Vocals, Americana, Americana
Preview Track

WALKIN ON THIN ICE (MALE)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2014
Joyful Spiritual Rock,, Male Vocals, Spiritual, Christian Rock
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track

MARCH TO FREEDOM   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2014
Uplifting 80's Miami Vice, Cop Show vibe, Dramatic Soundtrack Hot Cars, Cruising the City, News Breakthrough, Sports, TV Infomercial energetic, attention grabbing Busy, Fluffy Synths to Electric Guitars & Heavy Drums Percussion and Vocal Chants Ahhh's Building to Dramatic End. Looking for Trouble. Instrumental, Action, Intense Electronic
Preview Track

MOTHER ROAD (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1973
Fast up-lifting Road Song. Cinematic, perfect for commercial use eg. Amtrak, Greyhound, Truckers, Nascar. (Anything with WHEELS) Killer rhythm section with real horns Fender Rhodes, Soaring strings. Soulful Female Harmonies. Positive picturesque lyrics about Travel eg. Car Shows, 6:00 News (Theme), Male Vocals, Dramatic, Energizing Music
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track

CAN I KEEP YOU (RENEE GRACE)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2014
Enchanting love song, with a powerful female vocal filled with wistful longings & Secrets, Epic trailer music for love stories, Sentimental Touching reunions, Soul Mates, Disney, Melancholy, Eternal Love."One of the most beautiful and passionate love songs on our site!"Classic, Sarah Mclachlan, Anci, Female Vocals, Dramatic, Broadway
Preview Track

THIS IS YOUR YEAR   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2007
Southern Soul, After Years Of Frustration Your Luck Changes, For The Better, A Great Year Awaits You, You Win, Bass, Drums, Piano, Organ Acoustic Guitars, Harmonies, Grateful Dead, The Band. New Years Eve uplifting music -- Hang in there, Great for TV/Radio ads, Sports Teams, Thematic, Competiti, Male Vocals, Americana, Americana
Preview Track
Preview Track

THIS MEAN OLD WORLD (MALE VOCAL 1970'S)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2014
70's Live Folk Rock, Acoustic, Analog, Garage/Basement, Gritty, Singer Songwriter, Bluesy, Gut Bucket soul,, Male Vocals, Americana, Americana
Preview Track

YOUR UNDYING FIRE   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1975
Deep Emotional Love song about Undying Love, life-long Romance and Everlasting Sweetness. Great for Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary party. Classic, soulful & uplifting. Warm Touching & Tender. Romantic Birthday Dance. Martin Acoustic, Bass, Strings, Sweet Emotions, Memories, Photo Colage Music BG. Male Vocals, Pop, Pop Ballad
Preview Track
Preview Track

ONLY ONCE (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1970
Up-Tempo 60's 70's Folk Rock, Message song, You Only Go Around Once, Teach Your Children Love, not hate. Psychedelic Elect. Guitar - (Hugh McCracken) Real Drums, Bass, Piano, Acoustic Guitars, Harmonies, New York City, Get to Heaven, Spirit In The Sky vibe. Great for anything from the 60's Film/TV, Male Vocals, Rock, 60s Rock
Preview Track
Preview Track

RUB MY HEAD (MALE)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1986
Fun Tongue n' Cheek Rock, Ala' John Prine, Has a Texas Road House Kick Ass feel. Perfect for commercials dealing with Rubing Something or Somebody's head. Animal or Human. Georgia Satelites / Rollin Stones Vibe, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitars, Harmonies. Massage Therapy, Massage Rock, Male Vocals, Rock, Blues Rock
Preview Track
Preview Track

CHILDREN OF THE STREET   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1973
Touching Waltz, about the Hungry Poor Forgotten Children of the World. No Shoes, Lost & Alone, Burt Bacharach couldn't write one better, Analog, Real Orchestra, Grammy Winner Tony Camillo Arrangement. Perfect for Fund Drives, Documentaries, Film, TV, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, kenny Rogers, Male Vocals, Dramatic, Tender music
Preview Track

DADDY'S GONNA ROCK YOU   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1969
Sentimental song about a Fathers love for his baby girl, Sweet, old analog recording, 70's, Male Vocals, Pop, Soft Pop
Preview Track

FOR A SONG V2   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1985
Up-Tempo Instrumental, Country Alternative,Goodbye Song, Traveler, On The Road, DX7 Keys, Linn 9000 Drums, Tamborine, Tele Electric Lead, Bass, Synths,Harmonies, Instrumental, Country, CCM
Preview Track

OH WHAT A DAY BG 60   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2013
Very Sexy Med-Tempo Latin Soul, Carlos Santana, Playful Guitars that Cry & laugh, Warm Sweet Love Music,, Instrumental, Latin, Latin Pop Ballads
Preview Track

UP IS BETTER THAN DOWN (WHISTLER)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2012
Whistle why you work Happy Instrumental Track, Handclaps, Harmonica, Fun, Easy Listening, Instrumental, Pop, Easy Listening
Preview Track

UP IS BETTER THAN DOWN   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2012
Melodic Pop with a Positive Message. Found a Lucky Penny. Sing-along, Cheerful, Uplifting, Rejuvinating, Great for Radio/TV Comercials, Corporate Theme etc: Wish Upon A Star! Dreams Come true! Happy, Male Vocals, Corporate, Corporate Acoustic Pop
Preview Track
Preview Track

SORCERER OF FUNK   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2012
Midtempo, Hypnotic Building Grooves, Mysterious, Dangerous, Sexy, Funky, Hot, Fender Rhodes, Sinister Bass, Steamy Rhythms, Great for film/TV & Hot Tub. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dangerous Music
Preview Track

MOTHER EARTH   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2013
60's 70's Americana/Folk /Rock. Message Song. Acoustic Guitar Vocals only, Great for Documentary, Flower Power, Has a Dylan Vibe. American Dream,, Male Vocals, Folk, Folk Singer-Songwriter
Preview Track

SEE (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1968
Melancholy 70's Pop Ballad, Analog, Orchestral, Andy Williams, Humperdinck Vibe, Acoustic Guitars, Clavinet, Baby Grand, Female Harmonies, Cow Bell, Woodwinds, Great for Film/TV eg. (Military) Where loved one has been gone on Duty Overseas. Musak, Elevator, Cafe' Lounge, Dept. Stores, Christmas, Male Vocals, Pop, Soft Pop
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track

STOP,LOOK AROUND (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1970
Up-Tempo Country Folk/Rock, Message Song, Joe South Vibe, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Session Legend (Hugh McCracken) Electric Guitars & Harmonica. Heavy Bass, & Drums Sings about Humanity getting along, Brotherly Love, GOD, Positive, Do your part! Flower Power! Great for Church All! Denominations. Male Vocals, Rock, Anthem Rock
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track

BEATHOVEN'S GROOVE   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2011
Beethoven meets Michael Jackson on Haloween, Fast Scary Fun, Symphonic Rock, Heavy Rhythms News Flash, Thriller, Exciting, Upbeat, Dancing, Swirling, Building, Strings, Whirling Dervishes, Fear, Gripping, Raw, Dark Journey, Nightime, Batman Returns Evil Genius, Vulnerable, Super Hero. Instrumental, Rock, Symphonic Rock
Preview Track

EVIL WOMAN (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2012
Up-Tempo 70's Rock, Electric Guitars, B3 Organ, Piano, ala Springsteen, Instrumental, Americana, Americana
Preview Track

UP IS BETTER THAN DOWN   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2012
Melodic Pop with a Positive Message. Found a Lucky Penny. Sing-along, Cheerful, Uplifting, Rejuvinating, Great for Radio/TV Comercials, Corporate Theme etc: Wish Upon A Star! Dreams Come true! Male Vocals, Pop, Easy Listening
Preview Track
Preview Track

EVIL WOMAN   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1976
Uptempo 70's Country Rock about a wicked woman who gets a man in trouble. Slide Electric, Acoustic guitar, Piano, B3 Organ, Bass, Drums, Male Vocals, Rock, 70s Rock
Preview Track

TELL ME (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2010
Slow Power Ballad, Peobo Bryson, Michael Buble' Vibe, Killer Hook Chorus, Heartbreak, Can't Believe Love Affair Is Over, Tearful, Huge Drums, Synths 80's Churchy, Almost A Dirge, Bridge Section Lifting, Cinematic Soap Opera, Film, TV,, Male Vocals, Pop, Pop Ballad
Preview Track
Preview Track

YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2011
Heart Warming Pop Ballad, Singer/Songwriter, Analog, A sweet song about Love & Life, Michael Blube'Vibe, Male Vocals, Folk, Folk Pop
Preview Track

TOO LATE TO GO BACK HOME   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2011
Up-Tempo, Bar Road Song, Has A Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard edge, Down & Dirty Lyrics, Rhythm Guitar & Double Bass, Anolog,50's Rockabilly, Male Vocals, Americana, Americana
Preview Track

KISS OF LIES (MOON WAS YELLOW)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2013
Midtempo Melodic Country Rock, Has a Roy Orbinson Feel, J. D. Souther, Blue Bayou, Great for Relaxing, Beach Music, The Coasters, Great background harmonies,, Male Vocals, Country, Country Rock
Preview Track

SINCE YOU'RE GONE   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1970
80's Male Pop Ballad about missing your Lover. A Kenny Rogers, Michael Buble' vibe, Love song with sentimental thoughts of home, Christmas lights, sleigh rides, snowflakes, frosted windows. Missing You. The most elegant, lovable and romantic lyrics on our site! Romance memories engagement, Male Vocals, Pop, Pop Ballad
Preview Track
Preview Track

FOOLIN' (SLIDE GUITAR)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1999
Carl Perkins 50's 60's Boogie/Rockabilly about dancing, fooling around. Having fun Georgia Satellites vibe. Elvis feel. Great for gritty commercials like beer or cars. Smokey Honky Tonk or Rodeo type movie/commercial scenes. Perfect for line Dance. Boogie Piano, Tele Guitars, Train Beat With Brushes, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Chuck Berry
Preview Track

LOST IN CAROLINA (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1986
Mid-Tempo Country 2 Step, George Strait, Don Williams Style, Harmonies, Steel Guitar, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass,Tele Electric Fills, Drums, Singalong, Great background track for Travel/Cooking Shows, Male Vocals, Country, Alt Country
Preview Track
Preview Track

CHRISTMAS BELLS   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2011
Up-Tempo New Original Christmas Song, Family Sing-Along, Fun on Christmas Eve, Special Moments, Join the Willoughby Family on Christmas Eve, Sing-along Chorus Harmonies, Its A Wonderful Life, Has a Country Flavor, Spirited, Great for Childrens Christmas School Programs & Choirs, Mixed Vocals, Christmas, Xmas Country
Preview Track

FOOLISH KISS   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2013
Romantic 50's Country Rock, Has a Roy Orbinson Feel, J. D. Souther, Blue Bayou, Great for Relaxing, Beach Music, The Coasters, Great background harmonies, Male Vocals, Country Music, Rockabilly, Marty Robbins meets Ricky Nelson, Calypso, Broken Hearts, St4eel Guitar, Male Vocals, Rock, 60s Rock
Preview Track

OUR SHIP'S COMIN' IN   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2000
Fast Southern Funk, Feel Good Song, After all the hard-times, & strugles of life, They're ship comes in. Rhythmic sing-along chorus. strong harmonies. Acoustic guitars, Bass, Drums. Great for TV/Radio bed promoting Boats/Autos/New Homes, etc;, Male Vocals, Rock, Roots Rock
Preview Track

SOLDIERS CHRISTMAS   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2002
Soulful Rock with a Bluesy Feel, A soldier sits in a lonely barracks many miles from home. Wishing he & the troops could celebrate Christmas with their families. No Place Like Home! Memories. Fred Glaser Blues Harp, Drums, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Sleigh Bells, Elvis Vibe, GI Blues,, Male Vocals, Christmas, Christmas Guitar
Preview Track

ONE OF THOSE YEARS V2 (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1973
Mid-Tempo Country Soul Mix, Double Acoustic Guitars, Funky Punchy Bass Line, Warm Guitar Licks, Killer Female Harmonies, Real Strings, Analog Recording, Piano, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Nice for mellow TV/Film voiceover or background. Instrumental, Country, Country Ballads
Preview Track

MARYLAND, SWEET MARYLAND (DO YOU REMEMBER ME)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1970
70's Mid-Tempo Country Rock/Folk, about the joy of being on the road in the beautiful state of Maryland. Raw, simple acoustic guitar & Vocals. Americana works for Documentary, or radio/TV ads exploiting the sights & sounds there. New state Song of Maryland, Washington DC, Male Vocals, Americana, Americana
Preview Track

FOR A SONG (RADIO MIX)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1995
Up-Tempo Country Pop, Goodbye Song, Music Man, On The Road Again! Road Warrior Linn 9000 DX7 Keys, Tele Electric Lead, Eagle Harmonies. Romantic Breakup, Nostalgic, Sincere Bittersweet lyrics. Hooky Chorus, Relaxing, but positive. Good for Radio/TV Travel & Leisure Shows, Motivational Ad Programs. Male Vocals, Country, Country Pop
Preview Track
Preview Track
Preview Track

SHAKE YOUR WILD THANG (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2008
Fast 60's Rock, Jungle Vibe, Isley Brothers, Shout, Monkey Love, Tarzan, Fun Dance Track, Party Music, Kids Love This One. Great for Film/TV Scenes with Animals Having Fun, acting Like Humans or vice versa. Dancing, Nutty Behavior Cartoons, Animation etc;, Male Vocals, Rock, 60s Rock
Preview Track
Preview Track

CAN'T GO BACK HOME (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1974
Epic Pop R&B Ballad, Neil Diamond, meets Tom Jones Feel, Powerful Hook Chorus, Singer Songwriter Chases His Dream, Acoustic Guitars, Real Strings, Soulful Female Harmonies, Piano, Electric Guitar, Perfect for Film or TV Spots, Blue Eyed Soul, Producer Tony Camillo Midnight Train To Georgia, Male Vocals, Pop, Easy Listening
Preview Track
Preview Track

AMERICAN BLUES (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1992
Slow Blues/Folk, Raw, Analog, Acoustic Guitar & Bass Has a 20's 30's Vibe, Singer Songwriter, Lost The Farm, Lost The House, American Dream is Busted, Needing Hope, Where's The Leadership, Promised land, Government fails the people. This Song is begging for a documentary about Broken Promises! Male Vocals, Folk, Political Folk
Preview Track

OH WHAT A DAY (MALE VOCAL)   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1976
Sexy Mid-Tempo, Soul Ballad, Smooth Jazz, Latin Grooves, Making Love, Rainy Day, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Bobby Caldwell Vibe, Romantic, Great For Travel Channel, Life Styles Of The Rich & Famous, You Can Make A Beautiful Baby With This Track. Simply Irresistable! (Love Music), Male Vocals, RnB, Latin Soul
Preview Track
Preview Track

THE RIVER (LET ME ROLL) MALE VOCALS   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 1992
Lazy Mid-Tempo Raggae, UB40 Vibe, Johnny Nash Vibe, Breakup Song, My Baby's Gone, Acoustic Guitars, Bongos, Conga, Electric Bass, Male Harmonies, Dreamy, Islands Feeling Good, Laid Back, Floating Down The River. Perfect for TV Commercials eg. Jamaica, Bermuda, All Sunny Vacation Spots. Male Vocals, Tropical, Caribbean Music
Preview Track

SUNRISE SUNSET   (by Steve Willoughby )  Composed: 2010
Med Tempo, Rhythm & Blues, Country Soul, Has a Ricky Nelson Vibe. Singer Songwriter, Rich deep Acoustic Guitar, Film "Crazy Heart" comes to mind. Perfect for Documentaries, Raw & Gutsy, Earthy Sound, Dylan, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbinson,, Male Vocals, Americana, Americana
Preview Track
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Steve Willoughby

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