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Home: Roma, Italy   

Gifted Italian Composer and Guitarist Francesco Accardo is a great addition to our site. His elegant "My Train" is a sentimental and beautiful journey, both lyrical and poetic, heartwarming and filled with hope and love. Francesco is extremely versatile and composes in many styles and genres. "Posto Vuoto (Empty Place)" is about a scary forest, with chilling, stabbing strings, perfect for slightly dark and edgy films, while "Gitanello," with its Classical Guitar magic, is sultry, sexy and passionate - great for romance or sassy catwalk.

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MY TRAIN   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Representation of a train journey in a melancholy mood that takes a slight hope. Elegant, poignant solo piano melody, pensive and heartwarming. Lyrical, poetic, tender and romantic. Calm & silky, perfect for seaside romance or a slightly mysterious scene. For kissing, making love or flying kites. Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

CHRISTMAS   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Christmas is an elegant fun & majestic orchestrral holiday song filled with joy and warmth, showing a family with happy children preparing for shopping and holiday parties, all in celebration of the Glorious Christmas Holiday. A mellow song about the quiet and often romantic moments... Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Ensemble

RATATOUILLE   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Great for Italian comedy. Fast, fiery funny & rousing. Big Italian family dinner or homecoming where accidents occur, pasta boils over, laughing children playing games, several grandfathers telling jokes. Italian mazurka for TV, Film, Documentary, children's cartoons, kids video game, toy commercia, Instrumental, Childrens, Childrens World

MELANCHOLY PIANO   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
The elegant Malablue describes a moment in time that stops you and brings you into a dreamy dimension of memories and past atmospheres and events. Poetic, romantic, melancholy and tender. Like a modern day Laura's Theme in its epic and passionate sensibility, each piano note captures your heart. Instrumental, New Age, Meditation

BUGABOO   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
Comedy musicale Commedia Artists | MusicPacks Musica comedy is music that is comical or funny in nature, which includes a wide range of musical genres and styles. Popular types of music including music cabaret parody, novelty songs, romantic comedy, kitsch, slapstick, comedy. Lighthearted and fun. Instrumental, Circus, Clown Music

BALKAN STILE   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Nice playful song, vivacious & rhythmic. Excellent as background music for gastronomic TV shows, romantic comedy, sitcom or Italian cultural travel tourism themes, or a party in the kitchen. Top Chef themesong, soundtrack, opening, intro to super fun ahead, bucolic, sweet droll hilarious and quirky! Instrumental, European, Italy

FUNKY DRIVE   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Hot funky soulful music, an atmosphere of confusion and chaos, pursuits, fast cars on fire that are pursued in unbridled ways among big city dangers. Action adventure, extreme sports, tense chases, hot dancing, exciting corporate branding, video presentations, new products, discoveries. Instrumental, Rock, Boogie Rock

BOSSA LIGHT   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Nice and playful theme, vivacious and rhythmic. Excellent as background music for gastronomic tv shows, falling in love or a funny comedy. Sexy alluring & sassy. There is party in the kitchen. Top Chef, romantic comedy, sitcom theme song, soundtrack, opening credits, intro to super fun ahead! Instrumental, Brazilian, Bossa Nova

MEADOWS   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Great for Italian documentary. Fiery funny & rousing. Big Italian family dinner or homecoming where accidents occur, pasta boils over, laughing children playing games, several grandfathers telling jokes. Italian mazurka for TV, Film, Documentary, children's cartoons, kids video game, toy commedy, Instrumental, European, Italy

WHISTLING   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Fun Whistling Song with a morning of sun fun & a happy family, children playing, breakfast, happiness. Dad's whistling a sweet tune while the kids are playing tricks. Family vacation, seaside holiday, day at the beach, farming, rural sweetness, romcom wholesome traditional values, uplifting & lively, Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music

GROOVEMAN   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Sneaky, grooving and great for espionage spying police and detective dramas. FBI, CSI, Oceans Eleven, pursuits and low-key crime scenes. Big city nights, metropolis like New York City or Detroit. Distorted effects, The Sopranos, Miami Vice, innercity ghetto, ambient lab, counting dead bodies, Instrumental, Electronic, Psybient

VURITCH   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2013
Happy and fun song that describes a summer day. a musical journey from pop, reggae, through energetic rainbows. horns and guitars that alternate along with a distinctive and elegant voice. Carefree relaxed, sunny days, happy times, youthful TV show, opening, theme song, teenagers and 20-somethings, Male Vocals, Soundalikes, The Kinks

ZINGARETTO   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2014
suitable for film, advertising, bucolic, country setting, ensemble of woodwinds, clarinets, trumpets, fun, guitars, catchy melodies in a day's journey. Great for Italian comedy. Fast, fiery funny & rousing. Big Italian family dinner or homecoming where accidents occur, pasta boils over,, Instrumental, European, Italy

DOUNGERS   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2013
Tense dramatic music. Marching into battle Orchestral music. Where tension mounts in movies and TV shows about brave, heroic Action Adventure, Sci Fi and Action Thrillers. War scenes, escalating front lines, evil. Slows at 2.44 for a reprieve, then battles on to a big finale, with a hint of defeat. Instrumental, Military, War Preparations

LIGHT   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2013
suitable for advertising ', many musical instruments that alternate with elegance and energy. Catchy guitar riffs, Great for promos, reality television, and any application where a fun loving, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, hooky bass riffs, armonica, drum. Instrumental, Country, New Country

ROLLEY   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
A rock track somewhere in-between hard rock and pop. This track has a real drive and energy about it without being too overpowering or harsh. Great for projects looking for that energetic and uplifting vibe. Instrumental, Rock Music, Modern Rock. Instrumental, Rock, Classic Rock

MOVE UP   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
Pounding pulsing and high energy music, ideal for escalating crime in progress scenes, action sequences and high intensity movie or TV show, film, DVD or documentary. CSI Miami, NCIS and Criminal Mind type music. Instrumental, Rock, Electronic Rock

ACTION MAN   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
Heavy pounding drum driven and orchestral sound. Energizing, pulsating, production music. Bold dramatic and tense chase scene, crime in progress, bank heist, dynamic racing and action scenes. Instrumental, Science Fiction, First Contact

TEKNOS   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Dramatic, hard-driving, high energy music with a loud, wild and thumping rhythm. Hard steel, traffic, chaos and confusion with a mixture of dynamism and power. Corporate determination, teamwork, B2B, presentations, future apps, high tech, success, action adventure, hardcore video game, industrial. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Rocktronica

TANGO WINE   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
Argentine Tango with fast-paced start a party, with Italian elegance and seduction, cocktail of electronic and acoustic mixed with exuberance. Romantic Comedy, new girlfriend, happy fun Tango. Elated and jumping for joy. Over-the-top, joyful, exciting. RomCom, Cooking Show, Intro to fun. Instrumental, European, Italy

DETECTIVE   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Atmosphere of suspense, heartbreaking anguish, flowing with apprehension, perfect for a romantic drama, crime, police investigation. Full Symphony Orchestra with elegant, haunting strings & heart-felt emotions. Mysterious and powerful track, evil deeds, scheming murder, stalking, or sad tragedy. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music

AGGRESSIVE SYMPHONY   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
Intense, epic, climactic theme carried by classical choir, orchestral strings, huge ominous brass and thundering percussion creating a passionate thematic movie trailer score. Deep, determined, mournful, yearning, longing, processional, angry beautiful, desperate, driving, marching, fighting, torn. Instrumental, Action, Theme Power Play

SWINGING   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
suitable for commercials, fun, dynamic, good morning, trumpets and clarinets with nice melodies, Instrumental, Themes, Food & Cooking

FUNKY NIGHT   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Hot pursuit, very dynamic, with fire, shots, suspense. Action adventure, discordant notes, tense chase scene, hot dancing, Sci Fi alien invasion, destructive, corporate branding, high tech, fast cars, endurance, marathon, racing, running, ESPN, Nascar, rock concert, youthful demographic. Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock

LORY   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
A beautiful and warm romantic classical track. Poetic, tender and caring. Passionate and Epic Romance, sensual, poignant and touching. Elegant melody, full symphony orchestra with sensual piano. Sweet nostalgic loving and gentle. Anniversary, tender reunions, mature everlasting love song. Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

GIPSY   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Beautiful, cool, groovy Classical Guitar. Dreamy and sultry melody. Perfect for beach parties, beautiful women, sassy Latina fashion and catwalk. Ocean breezes, cruises, travel show, seaside romance, soap operas, Ugly Betty, TV and radio advertising campaigns. Instrumental, Jazz, Latin Jazz

DINNER IN TANGO   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
upbeat and fun homage to ads. Staccato piano l and orchestral instruments ceating a unique fun sounding cue which can enhance any commercial genre. Great for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding/presentation, website, documentary, infomercial, new product launch and drama, Instrumental,, Instrumental, Latin, Tango

NICKFUNK   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Electric, dynamic, with blazing guitars, good percussion and catchy tune. Perfect for Film, TV productions, sports, action, wild chase scene. Positive, driving and energetic. Also, urban themes, fast dancing, clubbing, youthful adventures like 20s or 30s out on the town having fun. Instrumental, Rock, Boogie Rock

GOLD   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Cutting-edge Acid Jazz, winning, energetic and modern music for news energizer, theme song for opening TV show, world news, or local news show. Cool and jazzy with the scratchy style from 1970s music. Upbeat, driving and motivational. Hot, sizzling, next-gen music, romantic comedy, great fun! Instrumental, Jazz, Acid Jazz

BALKAN   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Maximum fun, quirky, dynamic and amusing track. Like a day spent in thoughtlessness and joy, a morning of sun, a playful goofy day at the park. Afternoon hanging with pals, frollicking at the beach, stomping around on the streets, big city fun. Cartoons, dark comedy, mischievous capers. Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music

XFACTOR   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
perfect for television programs, television themes, elegant and refined. orchestra with a rock band in a positive presentation, Instrumental, Themes, Graduation Music

SMOOTH   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Ultra-slow beautiful, silky, sexy, and jazzy track, best for a night time environment of sensuality and elegance. A melancholy sweet melody with a chillout sax. Perfect for late night clubbing, underscore for romance and laidback adventures where time stands still for two lovers. Instrumental, Jazz, Cabaret

AMICA MIA   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Elegantly describes a romantic day in memory of a lost love, with the melancholy of one who knows what true love is and suffers for the loss. Tender and delicate, heartbreaking, tearful orchestral music, sad strings and a moaning clarinet. Dreamy, cinematic track enveloped in sadness. Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

PACHBALL   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Pachball is fun, light and lively music for a video game or jingle for TV. Cool and groovy advert, catchy tune with fun musical surprises and good beats. Uptempo and motivational, great for corporate branding, motivation, high tech apps and presentations, new business concepts and introductions. Instrumental, Electronic, Industrial (pending)

ROAD LINE   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2010
Guitar track about leaving your past behind, starting a new life. Traveling through the mountains with wide roads under a warm sun. Fresh beginnings, torment and broken heart in your rearview mirror. Mysterious, Western themes, distant memories, romantic, nostalgic. Sweet, soulful adventure. Instrumental, Country, Alt Country

JAZZY   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Happy confusion reigns in this music, with musical movement in an environment of curiosity, like a happy gypsy in love. Delightful piano melody with backup ensemble playing hot clarinet, cool drums. Dynamic, fun track building excitement to a button stop ending. Playful comedy, wild chases & romcom. Instrumental, Jazz, Bebop

COOL PARTY   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2012
Cool and playful music, vivacious and rhythmic. Excellent as background music for gastronomic tv shows. Also good for comedies. There is party in the kitchen. Top Chef comedy, themesong, soundtrack, opening, intro to super fun ahead! Instrumental, European Music, Italian MusicDancefloor, Instrumental, Themes, Birthday Music

GLASSES   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Epic intense & majestic. Orchestral music describes a world of wars & battles among the people. Sci Fi or Epic Sparta Arena action. Intense, pounding, bold, dramatic & powerful. Mysterious & edgy, tension-building movie trailer or sound track. Hitchcock murder mystery, wild chase. Dark & dangerous. Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music

CHITARRA CLARINA   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
A magical & fantastic atmosphere, reflexive & playful like a game of sounds that evokes the past. Fun, prickly and winning music, like gypsies dancing under the moonlight. Cool and beautiful, makes you smile. Neat, sneaky tenor sax fills the air as mischievous strings play a cat and mouse game. Instrumental, European, Italy

POSTO VUOTO (EMPTY PLACE)   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Beautiful full orchestra mystical magical & creepy! Depicts a lush forest filled with mysterious, scary musical notes. Edgy and frightening, good for building tension. A second's break, then quietly soaring music in part two, shifting into stabbing strings and a sense of dark fear and foreboding. Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music

THE CLOWN LIFE   (by Francesco Accardo )  Composed: 2009
Music for clown stunts as they stagger in an atmosphere of tension and fear. Exquisite and fiery piano with orchestral punches. Fun, swaggering, exciting and fiery. Mischievous, quirky with a hint of danger and edginess. Grows apprehensive with a jaunty bounciness; perky and playful. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival
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Francesco Accardo

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