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BROKE UP   (by Pierre Langer )  Composed: 2010
High impact energy rock. Slamming guitar riffs, with some more melodic parts between and plenty of variation throughout. Energetic, solid, confident, determined. Sports, racing, extreme sports, a sense of freedom and excitement. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

ACTION CUE - BREAKING SPORT   (by Pierre Langer )  Composed: 2007
One in a series of 7 short dramatic, news tv, documentary tracks. High impact, intense, dramatic jingles, highly suitable as TV programme opening sequences, intros, splash screens, product introductions, sports and action footage, reality TV and more. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

END OF TIME   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2014
Menacing, fast paced Metal track. Superb guitar licks Adrenaline pumping, gritty and unconventional, dirt racing attitude, great for products blazing forth out of the conventional mode. Rock Hard, by Matthew James Bosworth. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

SCRUFFY ROCKER   (by Rob Johnson )  Composed: 2005
Raw, rowdy and fast hard rock track with a sloppy party vibe. Powerful, fiery, hard-driving music perfect for sports news, chases, frat parties, fast cars, smokey bars, grunge and gritty urban themes. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

CARBON CRUSH   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2014
Extreme Sepultura-esque guitars with a menacing guitar top line. Evil leers at every turn, try as you might to escape, oppressive and aggressive, great for criminal, racing, gangs, jail themes. Fearless, edgy and in your face wickedness. Rock Hard, by Matthew James Bosworth. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

HELD UP HIGH   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2014
Formidable Metal track with driving drums and disturbing edge. The claps only seem to put everything up more close and aggressive. The tension never lets up with the powerful chords breathing down your neck. Rock Hard, by Matthew James Bosworth. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

OVER THE LAW   (by Nicola Livio )  Composed: 2010
Rock track. The sound reminds me of Bon Jovi's Style in this Rock track! 138 bpm. Nice usage for chase, action scene in general or whenever you need a powerful background. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

PUNKERS PARTY   (by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic )  Composed: 2011
Fast rock / Fun Sports / Punk-Pop: A cheeky, fast and fun-filled melodic track with elements of Indie Rock, College Rock and Punk-Rock. Suitable for youthful fun and pranks, action filled sports footage, stupid stunts, X-Games, offroad madness and care free fun/partying, etc. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

HIT AND RUN   (by Pierre Langer )  Composed: 2010
A fresh and bright, but also rough and dominant, guitar rock track. A sinister, foreboding opening part gives way to fresh and funky guitar licks, with a positive and gutsy feel. Good for car racing, high impact, action-filled footage, fast speeds, extreme sports, and explosive media. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

CIRCLE   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2010
Distinctive synth opening riff followed by a massive drum fill leads us into a chugging guitar section. Industrial style synth patch plays the final pulsing motif with a guitar stab finishing the track. Great 30 sec spot, suitable for multiple uses. Film, TV, Commercial, Corporate. Drama, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

DUNE   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2009
Upbeat, powerful, majestic, high energy, adrenaline rocker with great motivated groove & slight ethnic flavour. Lots of guitar melodies, distorted guitar riffs, strings and bombastic dramatic statements. Contains guitars, Persian santoor, bass, drums & strings. hints of satriani & eric johnson, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

HEAVEN & HELL   (by Dan Morrissey )  Composed: 2010
fast paced, high-intensity, adrenaline-fuelled, chuggy, monster guitar rocker. dramatic, atmospheric & passionate combination of monster riffs, strings and super hefty grooves, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

EDO EINAI ELLADA - HERE IS GREECE   (by Dytikos Anemos )  Composed: 2012
A rebellious song that speaks mostly about Greece and the Greek way of living and solving problems. Very special song mostly for Greek themed movies. Mixed Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock

FIRE IN THE SKY   (by Robert Neary )  Composed: 2009
Driving Hard Rock track with uplifting Orchestral backing (Iron Man theme- Hans Zimmer). Great for Superhero, action movies, flying sequences, battle scenes, aircraft fights. Military. extreme sports, websites, corporate, media projects, games. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

SURGE   (by Stefan Bode )  Composed: 2013
A slow, but aggressive and relentless hard rock / big beat track built on biting and snarling guitar riffs. Use for sports, action, motorsports, dirt and grit, muscle and brawling etc, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

JUST TRY TO STOP ME   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Explosive, relentless & awesome power rock/metal track. Lock up your daughters, the bikers are in town. Fantastic breakdowns and ferocious crescendos. This will take your production to the darker side. Barry French, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

THEME SONG   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Imposing, determined and tenacious hard rock track. The first day of the rest of your life positivity. Perfect for coming of age films, gaming, TV & Commercials. Barry French, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

BREAK POINTS   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2014
Resolute, determined Metal track with hard guitar chugging. Read determination, grit and courage fill up all the spaces created by a spacious lead. Powerful build up leads you to a successful finish, finale and rousing end, the means are not necessarily good. Rock Hard, by Matthew James Bosworth. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

ROWDY ATTITUDE   (by Felipe Adorno Vassao )  Composed: 2013
Fast rock / Fun Sports / Punk-Pop: Upbeat and aggressive Punk / Pop music, reckless and inconsequential. Works perfectly with teen and sports footage. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

RISKING IT ALL   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Formidable, Sinister and Intense rock/metal track. Medium paced heavy guitar chugging with cool top-line guitar melody building a powerful, gripping track perfect for action, gaming, TV & Film. Barry French, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

THE ONE - ULTIMATE WINNER SUPERHERO ROCK   (by John Murray )  Composed: 2014
Energetic rocker with crushing guitars and thunderous drums. Epic superhero winning song with a them of being the best and achieving greatness. Sounds like Audioslave, Kiss, Rage Against The Machine, Kid Rock, Male Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock

NICE GUN   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2011
A soundalike track in the style of Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot." This driving, pumping modern hard rock/metal track is meant for reality TV, sports, trailers and action cues such as Ultimate Fighter, American Chopper, X Games, Motocross and UFC. Beefy, slamming drums mixed with tight detuned guitar, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

AMBI   (by 88Seasons )  Composed: 2011
To date, 88Seasons' largest rock sound yet! A structured verse guitar riff that parallels the likes of 'Disturbed' and 'Sevendust' coupled with the melodic chorus type that 88Seasons is famous for.. Heavy Metal meets Pop Rock. Beautifully compressed drums and a verse/chorus flow second to none. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

DEATHMATCH   (by Felipe Adorno Vassao )  Composed: 2015
Pounding guitar riff combined with a Industrial Dubstep beat. Metallic and glitchy tones. Lots of balls and an evil spirit. Works with fight, boxing, UFC, MMA and anything that needs big cojones. Also available as an alternative version without the Dubstep elements, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

DAKOTA HIGHWAY   (by Space Taster )  Composed: 2010
Classic rock, driving groove, fiery guitar riffs full of excitement, attitude energy & a strong melodic line. Kick-ass corporate video or branding campaign. Like AC/DC, Free & Bad Company. Hot new truck or car commercial, endurance tests, TV action adventure advertisements games. Hi NRG Kegger party, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

THE ART OF SURVIVAL   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2014
An epic metal and orchestral hybrid with huge guitars, slamming drums, dramatic strings and brass. Ideal for high-energy promos, trailers and intense action cues like UFC, WWE and other extreme sports. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

OUTBACK   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2010
Heavy guitar based industrial rock themed track. Riffing electric guitar, powerful drums and gutsy synth. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

DROPPED RIFF   (by Pierre Langer )  Composed: 2010
Funky and gutsy instrumental guitar rock. A bit dirty, with attitude and confidence. Combining elements of rock'n roll from the 1970's, 80's, 90's, 00's and beyond. Good for powerful media, action, fire and destruction, nascar racing, extreme sports and more. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

HIGH ADRENALINE   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2014
Tight and heavy detuned distorted guitars with bashing drums. Ideal for extreme sports videos, intense military video games, UFC, ESPN, NFL and action cues. In the style of Metallica, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and Rammstein. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

INDIGO   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2011
Powerhouse upbeat punchy all out rock guitar instrumental. Elements of FooFighters/ U2 /Muse. Industrial fx and stutter edit guitar make this a totally unique cue. Driving drums and bass push this along at an unstopable force and speed. Corporate video, TV, Film, Sports, Crime Thriller Action, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

STERILIZED   (by John Murray )  Composed: 2014
Energetic Soundgarden inspired grunge rocker with searing guitars and rocking drums. Epic 90s Seattle sound with a theme of being the best and achieving greatness. Sounds like Soundgarden, Audioslave, Kid Rock, Male Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock

SOARING SALES (30SEC COMMERCIAL)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2009
Riffing electric guitar with big chords, joined power rock drums half way through. Brit pop, skater rock, classic american rock, uptempo underscore. Driving and forward pushing. Great for big RADIO & TV COMMERCIALS with attitude for a wide range of products and services. 30sec, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

WE WISH YOU A PUNKY CHRISTMAS   (by Ethereal Motion )  Composed: 2012
A punk rock instrumental version of the classic Christmas song, We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Heavy rhythm electric guitars help solidify the campy punk feeling with a fun and upbeat electric guitar melody. A rowdy and over the top guitar solo with lots of energy and grit. Heavy Christmas music. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

THE MOVEMENT   (by Dan Gautreau )  Composed: 2008
Guitar rock with a determined drive, suitable for action, sports, extreme sports, racing, fight, etc. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

EL CAMINO   (by John Murray )  Composed: 2014
Energetic rocker with crushing guitars and thunderous drums. Epic superhero winning song about flying, driving, with a theme of being the best and achieving greatness. Sounds like Audioslave, Kiss, Rage Against The Machine, Kid Rock, Male Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock

CINEMATIC ROCK A1   (by David C. Hewitt )  Composed: 2010
Warning!! This track Rocks! Blisteringly hot guitar & bass riffs over a modern percussive rhythm track. Builds to a satisfying keyboard driven climax, perfect for extreme sports documentaries or as a chase scene enhancer. Turn it up to 11 ... your gonna love this one! Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

ROCK OUT   (by Dan Gautreau )  Composed: 2008
A down and dirty, groovy mid-tempo rocker. Determined, cool and confident. Great for sports footage, racing, commercials and much more. Classic live rock sound with a slight retro feel. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

BURNOUT PARADISE   (by David C. Hewitt )  Composed: 2012
Damn those cars are driving fast! You just need the perfect video game/docu/film/advert rock track... You found it! Builds to a satisfying keyboard driven climax, also perfect for extreme sports documentaries or as a chase scene enhancer. Play it LOUD... you're really gonna love this one! Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

RELENTLESS   (by Tracey and Vance Marino )  Composed: 2006
Knock 'em dead with this intense, powerful, aggressive, energetic, determined, driving modern rock with lots of hooks. Great for car commercials, extreme sports, X Games, NASCAR, surfing, flying, skiing, snowboarding, racing, jetskiing, surfing wipe-outs... you get the idea. It's tough. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

STYLE AND ATTITUDE   (by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic )  Composed: 2013
Fresh and vibrant, feelgood guitar rock, Moderately excited, with just the right amount of reckless fun, The indie rock style and production gives the track a slight punk feel, Positive, uplifting and gutsy - without being heavy, Good for sports, active lifestyle, fun and youth,, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

HOT ROD   (by Felipe Adorno Vassao )  Composed: 2013
Sexy and driving rock music. Kinda retro in some way, with a heavy classic rock feel to it. A good rhythm to go with motor sports and hot chicks, with a memorable bluesy guitar riff, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

BRING IT ON   (by Tim Brown )  Composed: 2010
A rocking mid tempo rock band track with great energy and emotion. Great for corporate presentations, web presentations and advertising. Sounds like Van Halen, AC/DC. For Super Hero, heroic films, action, extreme sports, TV, websites, Corporate Videos, Travel Channel, etc. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

OUTLAW ROCK   (by Ethereal Motion )  Composed: 2010
Rocking instrumental guitar driven indie rock song with blazing guitar melodies and a country outlaw influence. Real drums and instruments. Melodic and rowdy. Good for any sporting event or upbeat movie or television soundtrack. Smoking sounds and attitude. Stevie Ray Vaughn meets Joe Satriani. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

STRAIGHT TO THE FACE   (by Shadrick Beechem )  Composed: 2013
Short, sweet and to the point, this in-your-face metal track has a southern feel to it, and with big pounding drums and double kick and intense thick guitar licks that make you wanna bang your head, this makes it perfect for any scene were someone needs to kick some serious ass and take some names, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

I WILL PROTECT YOU   (by Misfits and Thieves )  Composed: 2009
I will protect you from this evil world, even if I have to give up my own life! Ominous, powerful, passionate hard rock song about protection something that is more important than yourself. Dedicated to my new daughter, Male Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock

RED HORIZON   (by Isaac Moore )  Composed: 2010
Chest pounding, fist pumping, arena, anthem rock featuring a prominent guitar riff with a searing, yet reserved dual harmony lead guitar and BIG BIG drums. Similiar to the hair metal, hard rock sound of Def Leppard or AC/DC. Great for conveying a sense of attitude, defiance or just general BADNESS! Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

CRAZY SUMMER   (by Felipe Adorno Vassao )  Composed: 2013
Happy Rock / Punk-Rock / Fun Sports. An upbeat Punk / Pop tune, with lots of attitude and energy. Positive and reckless soundtrack for teen oriented material, jackass style videos, stupid things, skateboarding, and radical sports, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

KEY   (by Jason Michael Moore )  Composed: 2012
Raw, edge of your seat rock w/ dramatic builds and climaxes. Sounds like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Foo Fighters, Pixies, Rage Against The Machine. A hard-hitting, aggressive, fast pound to the skull. Possibly for scenes w/ chase, violence, sports, bar/club, concert, conflict. Anywhere extreme. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

DARK ENERGY   (by Michael Panasuk )  Composed: 2012
Hard rock track, solid rhythmic guitar chords, deep bass accentuates driving guitar chords, endless energy, synth pads add to the aura. Guitars are distorted, powerful and driving. Works for ads and films or sport anything anywhere a solid groove is needed. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

CERTIFIED BADASS   (by Misfits and Thieves )  Composed: 2011
In your face anthem with a killer groove and a vibe that is certifiably badass. Screaming guitars, huge drums, and rockstar vocals. Perfect for action scenes and fist pumping rowdy sporting events. Getcha some! Male Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock
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Hard Rock

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