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Mysterious, disconcerting, strange music

Dramatic music for strange, unfamiliar or mysterious settings. Perfect for scenes that are riven with mystery, anxiety, concern, apprehension and curiosity.

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SORCERESS SECRET (MAGIC & SUSPENSE)   (by K.O. Star Productions )  Composed: 2010
Dangerous - she's got U under her spell. Magical Orchestral Symphony. Strings, percussion, flute. Mysterious, secretive and sensual drama that's great for TV, Film, Ads, documentary, corporate branding & presentations with a touch of suspenseful illusion. Merlin, paradox, reincarnation, paranormal, Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music

NIGHTMARE 42   (by Sensory Electronic Music Factory )  Composed: 2009
Edgy and gritty with a dominant drone, featuring underlying keyboard textures that create a mysterious and ominous mood. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

PRAY   (by Justin Sirota )  Composed: 2014
Drones, ambient pianos, pulses and effects that portray Tension, Tension, Tension! Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

SEVENTEEN OR MORE   (by Metronomik )  Composed: 2009
AMBIENT/CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL/MINIMALIST: Steve Reich - inspired percussive piece with swelling gongs, interlocking marimbas, two rushing pianos and violin ostinatos. Enveloping, absorbing texture, bright and not harsch, percussive but not beat-driven, more like a carpet of notes intricately moving, Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

MYSTERY BACKGROUND 2   (by John Lawrence Schick )  Composed: 2011
Mysterious, dangerous, and eerie. Ideal for all your mystifying needs. Piano, Strings from Hell, pads and more set the ominous mood. Halloween vibes... Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

HORNS ANNOUNCEMENT ( CANTO TRISTE DI GIOVANNI )   (by Livio Guerra )  Composed: 2010
Energetic cutting edge horns opening piece. Great track for announcing events or new products : the 6/4 horns opening bar is a melodic cell than immediately strikes the listener and qualifies whatever is announced afterwards. The horns are supported by modern electronica : original but not quirck. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

TIME LAPSE   (by Jeff Woodall )  Composed: 2006
Slightly dark, mysterious, ambient, atmospheric track. Soft eery pad features with soft dark delayed feedback style synth. Distant ambient voices. Suitable for scenes of sinister crimes etc. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

LONELY LIGHTHOUSE   (by Tom Green )  Composed: 2002
Darkness, over the winter sea. A single black cloud on the horizon predicts a storm, but it's not here yet. The beam from the lighthouse is the only thing moving, picking out ... something, maybe, against those quiet waves, but you just can't quite see what it is ... is it there, or not ? Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

EMBANKMENT   (by Sean Byrd )  Composed: 2013
A journey adrift. Lost in time. Walking through a strange and unknown land. Floating in an undiscovered body of water. Lost at sea. This is perfect for any of those scenes. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

EVIL LULLABY   (by Dmitriy Efimov )  Composed: 2014
Dark atmospheric track. The gloomy dangerous and uncertain ambient creates intense mood. Will work with dark scenes in TV/Film or video games projects. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

MY BEATZ 2   (by Rapster )  Composed: 2007
Another reason 4 ambience.. what are especially interesting are the cross rhythms.. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

KILLER TOUCH   (by Michael Bishop )  Composed: 2012
Strange etherial and haunting this atmospheric piece uses synths, strings and choirs to create a lush and foreboding underscore. Perfect for creating strange and ominous atmospheres. Thrillers, horror, science-fiction, psychological drama. Beautiful and damned. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

MYSTERY BACKGROUND 3   (by John Lawrence Schick )  Composed: 2011
Mysterious, dangerous, and eerie. Ideal for all your mystifying needs. Electric piano, sfx's from Hell, pads and more set the ominous mood. Halloween vibes... Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

YOU DIRTY SNAKE   (by Stuart Ridgway )  Composed: 2008
Medium fast tempo. Mysterious, disconcerting, dangerous, ethereal. Middle Eastern, Arabian atmosphere. Snake charmer, belly dancing, genies, magic. Sexy, seductive, hypnotic. Dangerous, Mysterious Music

FOREBODING ENIGMA   (by Martin Sebastian Holm )  Composed: 2010
FOR A THRILLER! An enigmatic, slow and foreboding track, featuring vibraphone, piano, pads, drums, bass and some ambience and reverse effects. Ideal for thrillers, mysteries and strange, dark scenes of drama. Crime scene, plotting planning kidnapping. Bad feelings, suspicious, fearful, afraid lonely, Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK   (by Guido Negraszus )  Composed: 2008
Aborigines throat singing, digideroo and percussion ambient music. This track makes you feel like you are in the Australian outback: mysterious, dark and exciting. This track builds up from a quiet intro to a powerful singing and big digideroo percussion climax. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

DISTRESS   (by Valeriy Antonyuk )  Composed: 2013
Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

MYSTICAL SUITE, 5TH MVMT: IN THE PARK   (by Andrew Gleibman )  Composed: 2010
Calm and happy walking in a beautiful park on a sunny day. Observing a regular life with a subconscious expectation of mystical events. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

ABNORMAL AFFAIR   (by Maarit Korhonen )  Composed: 2010
Track containing Indie and Alternative tones. Mysterious and odd synth melody, dry and plain electricguitar changing to more aggressive distortion sound. Simple tune suitable for distracting and confusing moods. Tantrum, annoyed, aggravating and frustrating feel. Powerful, raw, Pop/Indie/A, Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

MYSTERY BACKGROUND 4   (by John Lawrence Schick )  Composed: 2011
Mysterious, rhythmic, dangerous, and eerie. Ideal for all your mystifying needs. Prepared piano, electric guitar, sfx's from Hell, pads and more set the ominous mood. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

FOREST MARCH   (by Russell Lieblich )  Composed: 2010
Orchestral movement, Strings and Horns. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

THE COOLEST SHADE   (by David Gosnell )  Composed: 2010
Assassin vampire über-villain. Whatever the case our anti-hero has a dark side, but you must admit he's cool. Perfect dialogue-free scene showing an edgy neer-do-well doing his business, in cool black attire, with a ski mask or shades, even even though it's dark! Hitchcock trailer or intro credits. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

STORMY THEME (PALLIDI RIFLESSI BLU)   (by Livio Guerra )  Composed: 2010
Surreal & haunting: 4 piano solo bars at 60bpm then the storm explodes at 90bpm; the viola plays the intriguing and inspiring main theme, percussions start hammering; flute & viola again & the storm ends: flute & piano quietly close; documentary travelscape film TV murder mystery playful romance, Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

MYSTICAL SUITE, 2ND MVMT: UNEXPECTED MEETING   (by Andrew Gleibman )  Composed: 2010
Unexpected romantic meeting with mystical reminiscenses and deja vu. Weird rhythms express the surprising discoveries. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

SPACES 5   (by Jon Cooper )  Composed: 2008
Ultra spacious soundscape, dark and psychological, altered realities, non human enities, time distortions etc. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

RUNNING DOWN   (by Sean Byrd )  Composed: 2013
A bouncy drum and bass rhythm skips along as synths bring intrigue and suspense without being too obvious. One can't help but envision a mysterious chase scene capturing all that is without reach, yet within reason. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

SPY-FI   (by Brian Thomas Curtin )  Composed: 2009
Secret agent inspired track with a fun and exciting retro vibe. Cool, groovy and sleek, with an espionage mood of mystery and intrigue. Slowly ramps up to a big and intense, James Bond, 007 guitar and brass chorus. Good for spy scenarios of all kinds for various media: TV, film, adverts and more. Instrumental, Soundalikes, James Bond

5 MARCH   (by Nheap )  Composed: 2011
Hypnotic, suggestive music. Some soft, warm bells, starting a repetitive loop, and then enter more instruments, bass, drums, with some kind of "reggae" breaks. By the end of the track you'll feel as traveling. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

LOST CITY   (by Adam Skorupa )  Composed: 2008
A pensive, broody and mystical musical backdrop, perhaps of an ancient time or a mysterious, forgotten place. Very highly suitable as an atmospheric background for a dark fantasy world. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

CRICKET LOVE   (by Larry Castle )  Composed: 2012
Perfect background cue for Television and Film Crime drama. Great for shows like CSI, NCIS, MENTALIST, etc. Mysterious, Eerie feel with a cool percussion at a mid tempo. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

QUEENS OF PURGATORY   (by Danny Williams )  Composed: 2008
Ominous, relentless groove under a menacing backdrop of hellish percussion hits and the soon-to-be disembodied voices of the doomed. Loud, pounding, mind-bending, paranormal, occult, other-worldly. Angelic/evil choir, fear, tension, horror flick, Hell, insanity, your worst nightmare! Useful for bed. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

EXTRA TERRESTRIAL   (by Music for Media )  Composed: 2009
The stars come into view as you move through space. This majestic and enchanted track suggests to the listener feelings of space, stars, peacefulness, heroicism and a magical mood, Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

DAYLIGHT   (by Nathaniel Jones )  Composed: 2011
Strings, synthesizers, mandolin and drums build this track. Mysterious & suspenseful, but hopeful, emotional at the same time. Some ethnic influences, perhaps from eastern Europe. Will suit very well for adventure & action, travel, espionage, investigation, reality tv. Also good for dramatic scenes. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

ANOTHER LIFE   (by Greg Patmore )  Composed: 2007
This is a slow haunting piece which features acoustic guitar and flute with the eerie sound of a distant choir. It evokes a feeling of calm but there is something not quite right. Ideal for mystery and thriller themes. Loss and regret mingle with a touch of evil - is it who you think it is? Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

POETIC KILLER   (by Ionics )  Composed: 2004
A dark and mysterious track that becomes vicious and hardcore. Slow tempo beat accompanied by Heavy bass and raw electric guitars solo. Features atmospheric scary pads and FX. Imagine the killer in slow motion. CSI ambient lab, sorting evidence, detectives reviewing the body. Grim determined chaotic, Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

MELLOW DREAM   (by Joe Bergsieker )  Composed: 2009
Electric Piano and electronic instruments produce a mellow but mysterious mood in this piece. Reminds me of watching slow motion skiiers in a Warren Miller movie. Sounds similar to Law & Order soundtrack. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

CHILLS AND WHISPERS   (by Stuart Ridgway )  Composed: 2008
Rhythmic, quietly tense piece. Information, pieces of a puzzle or mystery coming together, perhaps creating more questions than answers. Data retrieved from written form in everyday setting. Dangerous, Mysterious Music

WOLVES   (by Thomas Seher )  Composed: 2011
Dramatic exciting track with strings, harp and piano that creates tension. But it´s not overloaded with drama- with the right portion of coolnes. Tracks has a climax at the end. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

COLD DUG   (by Maarit Korhonen )  Composed: 2010
Mysterious, cool tune. Relaxed and laid-back feel. Jazzy tones with modern touch, mystical smoky bar, privat investigator, detective stories, man or woman with a exquisite suit, nightlife, old and fancy, old-fashioned but precious, dignified, precious, memory lane, well dressed, elegant, easygoing. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

NOT SO AVERAGE (CUP OF TEA)   (by Samuel Murphy )  Composed: 2012
A dark and mysterious tune. Would work great with trailers and scenes where building or creating is happening. Think "There Will Be Blood" or "The Master" Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

SLAVE AND ROSE   (by Dhruva Aliman )  Composed: 2010
Haunting and Dramatic Arabian escapade. Exotic, erotic beats & rhythms. A sultry bevy of flutes drums bells and synths. Perfect background music for your harem or opium den. Exotic sensual & alluring. Passion & desire, mysterious adventures, sand dunes, snake charmers, nomads, Mid East espionage. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

URBAN HAIKU   (by Michael Zaneski )  Composed: 2014
A quick, tense but classy jazz moment that conjures up city life at night, as in a midnight walk down Main Street, full of decaying bar neon and assorted night-lifers, or perhaps a sophisticated addict walks the Lower East Side, looking to score. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

SPACE RANGERS   (by Audio Architect Music )  Composed: 2008
Think adventure in space or in a fantasy setting. Contemporary Hollywood or TV orchestral. Dramatic tension leads to full orchestral swell which breaks out into a spacious, almost etherial feel. Leads to slow, somber, brooding brass. Ends with solo harp. Cue, underscore, drama, trailer. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

MYSTICAL SUITE, 8TH MVMT: THE COVEN OF WITCHES   (by Andrew Gleibman )  Composed: 2010
The suite contains 9 improvisational dramatic pieces for piano and chamber orchestra with virtuosic elements depicting mystical scenes and feelings. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

1960S SCI-FI FREE ROAM   (by Music For TV and Games )  Composed: 2010
In the style of Leonard Rosenman, Fantastic Voyage-Planet of the Apes 1960’s Sci-Fi orchestra instrumental. Perfect for a “Free-Roam” game experience. 15 minutes of developing music, but can be edited for loops. Floating atonal pointillism with riveting crescendos. Games Film TV Mystery soundtrack, Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

BYZANTINE BEAT   (by Michael Zaneski )  Composed: 2014
A short Jon Hassell influenced piece with hand percussion, strange murmurs, and an altogether otherworldly feel. Perfect for scenes involving little green men.. or perhaps less unusual things that make you stop and stare. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

ALONE   (by Rob Laber )  Composed: 2010
Captures the feeling of bleak loneliness, together with an ominous strangeness. Mysterious, dark, ominous background for horror/thriller or psychological thriller scene. This haunting, slow electronic sound piece sets the mood for loneliness or ominous events. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

DARKEN   (by Thomas Stobierski )  Composed: 2010
A dark, cinematic and dramatic piece. Inspired by film noir and classic horror stories, as well as newer dark and quirky films by Tim Burton or soundtrack work by Danny Elfman. A tasty slice of evil... Strings, oboe, piano, toy musical box... Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

DEMENTED BACKGROUND 2   (by John Lawrence Schick )  Composed: 2011
Mysterious, eerie, and strange music. Haunting violin, ominous strings, creepy keys, deep pads, and effects. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

INEVITABLE   (by Jay Yerkes )  Composed: 2012
Tense drones build & expectations of danger ensue. A dramatic run climaxes with a build then falls into a perilous pit of uncertainty. Great for scenes needing to set the level of tension and unexpected drama. Hitchcock, murder mystery, mob action, slow chase, bank heist, plotting a crime or heist. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music
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