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RUSH   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2010
A simple Coldplay "Clocks" type piano arpeggio starts the track. This basic motif is then joined by powerhouse real drums and guitar which lifts the cue to a determined, bold and confident chorus. Waves of sound pulse over the listener making this perfect for corporate video and contemporary drama. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

MY CORPORATION   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2012
A powerful Coldplay 'Clocks' style piece with many U2 elements such as echo guitars. Bring a powerful, yet warm and intimate feeling to your production with My Corporation. It captures all of the emotions and inspirational moments that Coldplay and U2 are famous for. Builds to an exciting end. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

PRIDE   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2010
A great substitute for Coldplay's 'Clocks'! This has all of the inspirational, positive, and uplifting qualities that will give your production just the right motivational atmosphere. Great for corporate training videos or any other audio/video projects needing the 'YOU CAN DO IT' vibe. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

CLOCKWISE   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2010
If your production needs an uplifting song reminiscent of the Coldplay song 'Clocks'.....here it is! Motivational and perfect for corporate presentations and videos. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

CLOCK TOWERS   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2012
Looking for the Coldplay song 'Clocks'? Here is the perfect alternative! It evokes the same atmosphere and positive vibe. Motivational. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

LOCKS   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2011
If you've heard the song 'Clocks' by Coldplay, this would be a great substitute with some added elements that are similar to U2. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

COME AWAY   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2010
This is a progressive and touching track that gradually builds from a tender and emotive beginning to a grand and passionate climax. This track will suit many types of project due to its blend of strength and tenderness. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

RISE   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2011
Powerful, positive and anthemic "Clocks" like piano with epic pulsating real drums and guitar. Subtle ambient sweeps, soundscapes and breakdown sections give this cue a unique and uplifting appeal for all types of media. Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding/presentation, reality tv, documentary. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

DRIVE   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2011
Uplifting and confident cue, solid driving rhythms with guitar and a piano lead. Growing steadily over time, increasing in intensity, Echoes of u2 and Coldplay. Perfect for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding, website, documentary, infomercial, new product launch and contemporary drama. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

INSPIRE   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2009
Inspired by Coldplay and Keane, this piece evokes the same positive uplifting mood of both of those bands. If you're looking for a song that lifts the listener's mood, this is it! Perfect for any video or audio project as it has multiple energy levels. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

HEARTS ON FIRE   (by Martin Sebastian Holm )  Composed: 2012
An uplifting and emotional explosion of Coldplay-inspired modern pop rock that aims straight for the heart. Soaring guitars, shimmering strings, a driving rhythm section and cool, modern synths evokes an urgent sense of triumph, happiness and motivation. The euphoric last chorus lifts it even higher, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

THE ASCENT   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2013
Synths, guitars and drums combine to create this warm and full sounding pop/rock track which bears some similarity to coldplay's latest material, Uplifting and soaring, this track could help to add a little extra energy to your production,, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

BLOCKS   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2011
Looking for the song that evokes the mood of Coldplay's 'Clocks' or 'Viva La Vida'? Here it is! Perfect for any production needing an uplifting background. Motivational. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

FIX THIS   (by Alexander Tobias Orest )  Composed: 2011
In the vein of Coldplay and James Blunt. Think British pop music. Piano, Acoustic guitars and complete rock band. Starts out soft and builds up to a climax. Perfect for presentations, multimedia productions, background rock music, radio, TV-shows, movies, commercials. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

WE CAN DO IT   (by Michael Allen )  Composed: 2011
Uplifting and motivating track with plenty of drive, lively and happy. Stops and variations so it's easy to edit for an inspiring corporate video. Dynamic with an overall feeling of success. Electric guitar, bass, drums and strings. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

LIFTING THE MOON (SL MIX)   (by Really Free Music )  Composed: 2006
A dynamic and uplifting soundbed and corporate style background track, in Coldplay style. Inspirational rolling piano, over driving bass and great beats. Great purpose and motivation, as well as a can't-get-it-out-of-my-head melody. Easy to edit. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

MEDITATIVE MELODY (60SEC)   (by Marc Filmer )  Composed: 2011
Blissful chugging alternative rock, with a layered piano hook, U2/Edge style guitar and pulsating bass guitar and drum. Powerful modern drums and percussion with melodic guitar layers and some ensemble strings. Great for any modern Film or Video Production in need of uplifting broad-tasted music. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

ARENA   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2011
A simple Coldplay "Clocks" type piano arpeggio starts, then joined by epic guitars, drums and pulsing bass which lift the track to new dynamic peaks. A classic bold, motivational, confident band performance, perfect for Corporate video, TV, Film, Sports, website, documentary and contemporary drama. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

VIVA   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2009
Looking for the Coldplay song 'Viva La Vida'? Here's the perfect substitute!! It evokes the same positive mood and atmosphere with multiple energy levels and builds to an exciting climax. Motivational. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

FEELS SO RIGHT (60SEC)   (by Art Munson )  Composed: 2010
Cross of U2, Cold Play and classic rock. Edgy, warm and mysterious. Opens with glitchy guitar beats adding highly tortured guitar and bouncy synth. High energy until glitchy end sting. This is not your father's rock 'n roll! Warm, positive, uplifting, wholesome, family and teen friendly. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

POWERHOUSE   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2015
The track title says it all! Written in the style of Coldplay and capturing all of the powerful and emotionally touching nuances of that band, with the added edge of U2 echo guitars. If your video or audio content needs a track bristling with motivational and inspirational energy, look no further. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

FREEWAY - FULL VERSION   (by Justin Crosby )  Composed: 2009
High energy rock reminiscent of U2. Jangly guitars, delayed piano, feedback, picked bass and intense drums give this track the perfect edge for a car commercial, anything automotive, twenty-something or teen branding. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Shoegaze

FEELS SO RIGHT   (by Art Munson )  Composed: 2010
Cross of U2, Cold Play and classic rock. Edgy, warm and mysterious. Opens with glitchy guitar beats adding highly tortured guitar and bouncy synth. High energy until glitchy end sting. This is not your father's rock 'n roll! Warm, positive, uplifting, wholesome, family and teen friendly. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

FIXING IT   (by Dean Wagg )  Composed: 2013
Huge, uplifting powerfully positive rock & pop track which sounds like Fix You by Coldplay, U2, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones. Big, soaring, inspiring & positive with band & orchestra strings. Will work perfectly for infomercials, documentaries, training & voiceovers, trailers TV movies & commercials, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

RADIANCE   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2010
Looking for the Coldplay song 'Clocks'? This high energy, uplifting & motivational track provides excitement for joyful corporate video or branding campaign with multiple energy levels, building to an excting climax! High tech, business apps, Dow Jones, financials, website. Modern & sophisticated, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

RUSH REDUX   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2013
Massive contemporary remix of the popular RUSH. Retaining the distinctive piano and guitar parts with new modern drum/bass and synth parts. All the power and distinctive quality of the original with a new up to date twist. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, David Guetta, U2. Corporate branding/presentation. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

SPHERE   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2014
Exceptionally uplifting modern pop/rock cue featuring elements of Coldplay “Clocks” piano and U2 echo guitars. Ever increasing in power and drive into an anthemic chorus sections, Sublime and powerful electric guitar, bass and drums creating epic dynamic shifts between sections. Film/Tv advertising, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

CORPORATE MOTIVATOR   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2010
Your corporate production needs just the right uplifting and motivational feeling to create an emotional effect on viewers or listeners. Here is a Coldplay inspired track designed just for that purpose! Optimistic and inspiring, this piece builds through several energy levels to an exciting climax. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

SHINE   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2010
Beautiful piano and soaring guitars take you through an uplifting journey where anything is possible! This Coldplay and U2 inspired song takes you through multiple energy levels which build to an exciting climax. Perfect for the needs of corporate video and inspirational audio productions! Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

LOVE GROOVE (HAPPY INSPIRATIONAL)   (by K.O. Star Productions )  Composed: 2010
Positive, inspiring, motivating. Ala Coldplay, Robert Miles, Tiesto. Dreamy, rhythmic, romantic, elegant piano melody. Flying, energizing. Sound track, Trailer, Film, TV series, Ads. Uplifting, youthful adventure, boy meets girl, euphoria, high-life, upscale club, skin, hair & body care products, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

PULSE   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2012
Uplifting, feel-good and motivational track with Coldplay/U2 type guitars and piano. Acoustic guitar riffs and real powerhouse drums and bass lift this cue ever upwards. Perfect for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding/presentation, website, documentary, infomercial, new product launch and drama, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

HARD TO PLAY WITH COLD HANDS   (by Alan Brian Curtis )  Composed: 2012
Need something familiar sounding to capture the audience attention? Atmospheric pop/ rock track ala Coldplay. Acoustic piano, rich synth pads and guitar melodies and embellishments soar over driving bass line and drums. Great for underscoring a media presentation, corporate video, TV commercials. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

ALL IN TIME   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2013
A steady and strong pop/rock track with a powerful chorus section made up of layered guitars and a soaring piano melody, Confident and aspirational,, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

SOUNDS OF PLAY   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2009
Looking for 'The Speed Of Sound' or 'Clocks' by Coldplay? Here is a perfect substitute which evokes the same atmosphere and mood! Perfect for any audio or video production that requires multiple energy levels. Motivational. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

RIDING RAINBOWS   (by Jacco Willems )  Composed: 2014
Inspiring and Uplifting, sounds like Imagine Dragons and Coldplay, catchy melodies supported by guitars and driving drums for a big indie pop sound! Ideal for corporate and motivational videos, product presentations, encouraging advertisements, commercials and promotions. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

TIME WILL TELL   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2010
A grand and poignant alternative track which mixes ambient and rock styles to create a progressive, building and strong sounding track that has a real sense of purpose and movement. Inspirational / inspiring. Aspirations, goals, achievement. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock

GLOW 2012   (by Nathan King )  Composed: 2012
A building, dramatic musical piece that starts out mellow and quickly builds, taking the listener on a journey. WIth huge drums, vocals and a real indie, Sigur Ros sound, it'll work great with a variety of motivational and moving pieces, as well as celebrations and success. Instrumental, Corporate, Electronic Progressive

BRIGHTEN   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2011
Here is a great substitute for the Coldplay song 'Fix You'. An intimate mood is set at the start with guitar and organ. This evolves in intensity and dynamics into an epic motivational piece. Piano brings the touching intimate mood back at the end. Great for motivational and inspirational media. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

ALL OR NOTHING   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2010
A driving and uplifting pop, rock track. Created with multiple guitars, drums, bass and synth, this track has a positive and stirring feel to it. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

ADVANCE   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2012
Powerful, epic and uplifting track featuring Coldplay “Clocks” piano with pumping guitar, bass and drums rhythm section, Cool, contemporary stylish sweeping fx giving a sense of excitement, passion and adventure. Corporate branding, infomercial, commercial, sports, and contemporary drama, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

COLDPLAY SUCCESS   (by John Murray )  Composed: 2013
A powerful, uplifting Coldplay "Clocks" style song with many U2 elements and soaring guitar lead. Gives a spirited, motivating feeling to your production. It captures the emotions and inspiration that Coldplay and U2 are famous for. Great for corporate videos, instilling confidence and success. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

HEARTBEAT   (by Dan Gautreau )  Composed: 2008
An emotional, instrumental alternative rock track with richly layered guitar and piano textures. Intense and complex, teenage angst. Heartbreak or inner turmoil, uprooting or youthful self reflection etc. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

ITS ALL AROUND   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2011
This is a light rock track with a warm and appealing sound that will add some warmth and depth to many applications. Uplifting and positive, this track could be associated with happy times, sports and much more. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Rock Guitar

WE CAN MAKE IT   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2011
This is a grand, emotive and climactic rock track made with lots of guitars and etherial type effects to create a big, warm sound with a sense of purpose and emotion. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

FORWARD MOTION   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2009
A mid-tempo guitar rock with a nice drive to it, without being hard or heavy. Soft-rock, light rock with a nice, positive, forward drive, energy and groove. Multiple guitars, bass guitar and drums. This track gives you a good feeling, a bright outlook, a sense of progress and movement. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

BEAUTIFUL SOLO PIANO   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2013
An uplifting and emotional solo piano piece in the style of Coldplay or The Fray. Great for productions needing a tender beautiful side with a delicate sense of forward motion. If your project needs to touch listeners at the heart, this is your piece. Performed on a very well aged Steinway piano. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

ALONG THE WAY   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2010
A modern sounding indie rock track with a somewhat raw sound. Steady verse phrases lead towards an uplifting and full sounding chorus which takes a further twist towards the end of the track. Great for projects seeking an up to date sound, possibly youth culture, tv and advertising. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

BOLD   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2012
An inspiring Coldplay Clocks style theme beginning with intimate piano and building energy into a full ensemble. Contained here are all of the touching and inspiring sounds of Coldplay with additional U2 style guitar sounds for a little edge. Great for internal videos and commercials! Instrumental, Soundalikes, Coldplay

A GOOD DAY   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2009
A youth / teenage oriented, contemporary soft-rock track. After-school feel. Good for TV, commercials, film, drama, any visual presentations, really. UK melodic rock sound, with piano, guitars, acoustic drums. Emotional and inspiring. Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock

GO EASY   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2008
Melodic, light pop-rock in the style of Coldplay etc. Acoustic guitar strumming, electric guitar melodies. Mellow and easy-going on the verse parts, more emotional melodies in the chorus parts. Appealing, friendly, heartening and genuine. Family and friends, love and relationships, fun times and goo, Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock
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