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Hectic, fast, intense music

Fast music with a hectic, unleashed intensity

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EXPLOSIVE DRUMS ( FULL TRACK )   (by Jacques Frieden )  Composed: 2014
Driving and highly, featuring heavily pounding drums, subtle underlying drones and sparse textural rises that create determination and adventure and depict an action adventure trailer scene. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dramatic Chase

SMILING FACE (30SEC PERC)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2011
Simple, happy, rhythmic, cheerful & smiling groove. Has a slightly ethnic feel, uplifting & inspiring, yet uncomplicated & different. Features marimba, kalimba, vibes & light ethnic percussion. Great for a wide range of commercials & promos. 30sec versions with or without percussion, Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music

FOG OF WAR (SURREAL) - UPLIFTING THEME   (by Collin Scudder )  Composed: 2013
This monstrous Hollywood sounding block buster track slowly builds up to an intricate and always changing environment, with suspense plus the stellar and uplifting theme it has will add a whole other level. Its fast paced tempo, dark environment with meaningful intensity initiates this gem visually, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

CIRCUS ELF   (by Cherokee Road )  Composed: 2014
A big, bright and fun track for the circus in your life! Pounding Exciting Speedy Exciting Brilliant track for kids productions, wild chases, Ferris Wheel out of control, Clowns gone Wild! Opening scenes, freaky intro. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

REVERSE ACTION (MAIN MIX)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2011
Simplistic, rhythmic, fast moving & driving motion, using reversed fx. Very scientific and technological. Great for time speeded-up, backwards motion, busy & bustling sequences, documentary & movement. Features rhythmic electronic mellow synth with sparse piano. Main mix and 30sec version, Instrumental, Dramatic, Electronic Music

DEAD EYE JOE   (by Martin Winslow )  Composed: 2012
Check out this fantastic, energetic, improvisational piano / guitar duo combining the very best elements of Rock, Pop, Blues and Classical! Perfect for Westerns, road trips, documentaries, dramas or any production looking for an uptempo, unique and highly original backing track! Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

COMING TO GET YOU (60SEC)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2011
Fast moving, dramatic, scary, horror movie action chase. Full of twists & turns, stabs & cresendos. Features big cinematic drums, powerful brass, manic old piano, scraping strings and lots of FX. Perfect for Halloween, Horror, Drama, Horror experience commercials. Various Mixes, Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music

RUNNING SCARED   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2011
A dark, brooding evil track with high suspense and chaotic sounds. Ideal for video games, horror and trailers. Investigation Discovery, Saw, crime shows. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

MISDEEDS AND MISCHIEF   (by Eric Bode )  Composed: 2015
A fast and furious piece for string orchestra. Quick and to the point, complete with flurrying string runs. Suitable for manic scenes, comedy, fantasy, etc. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

RACING PIANOS   (by Julian Scott )  Composed: 2011
Insistent multiple piano sequences, great chase or comedy/drama sequence. Rushing to meet a deadline, news reports. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

FINE LINES (MAIN MIX)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2010
Modern, warm, positive and infectious, forward-pressing & uplifting positive groove. Features picked strat guitar rhythm, electric piano, warm synths and acoustic guitar. Great for talk-over music, backgrounds, and feel-good situations. Various cuts available, Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music

CHASE   (by Jason Greenberg )  Composed: 2011
Fast paced chase scene with driving and building energy. Intense and rousing momentum. Great for any action adventure scene. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ACTION LAND   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Upbeat Cartoon Promo, Anthony James. Spacey therimin, fun, bizarre pop with a Latin twist. Great for James Bond spy movie, action, chases, comedy, promo, Halloween eerieness, Mission Impossible. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

BLUE STEEL (UPTEMPO MIX)   (by Craig Dodge )  Composed: 2014
An uptempo electronic and orchestral track that would make the perfect theme song for a crime show. Cinematic and epic this track works well in film, television and video games. Has a law & order feel to it. A little retro sounding and cool! Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

C. P. E. BACH FANTASIA IN D MINOR   (by Elizabeth C. Axford )  Composed: 1731
Fast, intense solo piano instrumental by Classical Era German composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, a son of J. S. Bach; perfect for a 30-second fast, intense, dramatic scene in a film, TV, or video project with its quick 16th-note triplets in common time and left hand staccato notes; 18th century. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

RUNNING CHASE   (by Michael Keck )  Composed: 2009
Exciting frantic percussion track for a chases, car commercial, Hot trailer, game, thriller or action battle or fight scene for TV, Film, Documentary or Travel Show or any action sequence your production needing high intensity impact! . Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

SPEED DEMON   (by Tom Jemmott )  Composed: 2011
Up-tempo modern action 'trailer music' with a strong percussive edge and energetic orchestral movements. Featuring thunder-like drums, full orchestra and choir. Music you hear in Hollywood action movies like 'The Mummy', 'Bourne Ultimatum', Dark Knight', '300' or epic adventures like 'Van Helsing', Instrumental, Action, Intense Orchestral

AFTER THE END - PART TWO   (by Mike McGuill )  Composed: 2014
An intense, suspenseful piece, featuring tribal and orchestral percussion, piano, autoharp, and synth elements. Music that brims with approaching threat and tension. Perfect for opening sequences, slow-burning chase scenes or tense moments. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

CHASE IN THE TEMPLE   (by Rodrigo Domingos )  Composed: 2013
The temple is falling and the enemy is next. What's the best way to escape? A thrilling soundtrack to action scenes. Ideal for pursuit moments that included fights, shots and facing the enemy. The great track for a single time in an action movie or horror story. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

SUN-DAI   (by Blazznet Productions )  Composed: 2001
A pattern of echoey percussion sounds building up to a fuller ensemble bit by bit and fading out again. A fast filtered loops is joined by a reverbed rim shot. The whole piece has a very strong african feel. Could be used for a small advert or radio spot, fast flash animation or computer game intro. Instrumental, Drums, Latin Drums

THE SEVENTH STONE   (by Gary Wolk )  Composed: 2015
An energetic, dramatic orchestral instrumental track. Done in a fast 7/4 meter it features full orchestra with drums and piano. Has a bit of a Spanish sound to it. Ideal track for action sequences, battle or chase scenes. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ACTION STATIONS (MAIN MIX 60SEC)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2010
Mighty, powerful, driving, orchestral action theme. Lots of hit points, stabs and swells. Big cinematic drums, cymbal crashes & Timps alongside sweeping strings and surging brass. Great for chase, movement, action, superheros, military, commercials. Main mix 60, 60us, ext rhythm mix, 30 & 30 us, Instrumental, Action, Theme Superhero

DRAMATIC AND LARGE   (by Peter Davison )  Composed: 2010
Dark, dramatic haunting orchestral theme. Full of mystery, suspense and anticipation. Big brass, strings, woodwinds, drums, timpani and cymbals create a great dramatic theme for main titles, chases, historical documentaries and filmscore. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

DRIVING PURPLE   (by Record/Play Music )  Composed: 2010
This is a driving rock instrumental. Solid drums and cool bass guitar hold it together while an interesting riff makes a bed for hot lead guitar lines. It's a little bit of a 70's hard rock feel. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

GAME ON   (by Larry Castle )  Composed: 2012
A HARD DRIVING piece with FUNKY Syncopated BASS and DRUM tracks. Interesting EFFECTS and unique Electronic tracks bring the piece into modern ESPIONAGE and INTRIGUE. The piece is also a good fit into Sports and Fitness shows. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ADRENALINE - ACTION SPORT   (by Jonathan Wright )  Composed: 2015
A high-octane, energetic, action rock track with electric guitars, driving percussion and orchestral elements for extra awesome power. Great for trailers, games, promos, podcasts, chase scenes and anything that needs a dramatic, dynamic soundtrack. Available in several versions. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

RACING DESTINY   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2013
Energetic orchestral piece perfect for movie or game trailers and action scenes. Quest For Glory, by Jean Paul Zoghbi. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music

LET'S HAVE FUN TONIGHT -SHORTER VERSION   (by Ross Milligan )  Composed: 2011
Exciting and powerful rock track with soaring guitars and energetic drums. Perfect for extreme sports, olympics, cars and racing or pre-season trailer, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ESCAPE THE DARK MAGIC   (by HarpString Productions )  Composed: 2014
Intense, adventurous fully orchestrated music, this track is perfect for epic battle scenes. Several quick changes make the piece interesting and allow for nice synchronization. Would work well in Star Wars, Gladiator, The Hobbit. Flows perfectly into Peace From Tragedy, another Harpstring Track. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

SPEED FREAKS   (by Julian Scott )  Composed: 2013
Pumping electro track with large drums and chilled out choir. Great for extreme sports, fast cuts, and high energy promos. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

PRISON BREAK   (by ElevenTwelve )  Composed: 2010
High-energy, epic, in-your-face track with powerful orchestra: strings, brass, woodwinds, and drums. Think frenzied chase scenes. Running from the cops, escaping death, avoiding disaster. Perfect for trailers, games, dramas, sci-fi, extreme sports, or horror - huge high-energy Hollywood sound! Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

UNDERGROUND ESCAPE   (by ElevenTwelve )  Composed: 2010
One of a collection of full orchestra tracks to portray a high-energy, high-impact mood. Written in the cinematic trailer style to provide high-energy moods with epic scale. Tension mounts for menacing chase scenes, action hero in pursuit of sinister forces. Terrifying thrilling with twists & turns. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

WACKED   (by Frenetic Sound )  Composed: 2010
Completely crazy cartoon music. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

CHUNKA LOVE   (by Ethereal Motion )  Composed: 2013
Total hard rock groove with razor edge guitars, bad ass drums and pounding bass. Ultra heavy and head banging in the verses but gets a bit more happy sounding in the chorus section with the backing vocals. The outro is exciting, frantic and total mayhem with the guitars and keyboards going overboard, Vocal Pads, Rock, Heavy Metal

CORPORATE DRIVE   (by Stern Muzik )  Composed: 2010
Positive, uplifting track with a driving electric guitars, edgy acoustic guitars groovy bass, rock drums and pop atmosphere of success and inspiration. Good for commercial, corporate usage, promo, trailer. Also could serve as a soundtrack for film or background music for sports. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Rock Guitar

APACHES ATTACK AND FIGHT   (by Patrick Coen )  Composed: 2011
This is a heat-of-battle in the wild west track. Tribal drums, screaming brass, and native American chanting bring this track to a climatic end. Ambushed in a canyon, a fist fight turns into a knife fight, native american warriors take on hardened cowboys to protect their native title. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

READY TO FIGHT   (by Alandra )  Composed: 2011
Highly dynamic soundtrack perfect for action or war movies. Soldiers are ready to fight, ready to move in to attack! Pure energy. Motivation to win overcoming the enemies. Deadly weapons in their hands. Time to go into action. This track is ideal for hectic scenes in every kind of movie/TV serial, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ENDLESS CHAIN OF EVENTS   (by Petr Kiselev )  Composed: 2014
Dramatic energizing inspiring orchestral track. Well suited as soundtrack, movie trailer, advertising, promotion, radio, web and TV production. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

SACRED BATTLE   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2013
"Heroic, epic orchestral piece, with a sense of impending danger. Pounding and cinematic." Quest For Glory, by Jean Paul Zoghbi. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ON THE MARCH   (by ElevenTwelve )  Composed: 2010
Epic, dark, powerful, sinister - focused and determined, preparing for battle. Cinematic orchestral underscore with powerful strings, brass, woodwinds, and drums. Think Zimmer, Inception or Transformers. Perfect for trailers, games, dramas, sci-fi, extreme sports, or horror - huge Hollywood sound! Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

HOLD THE LINE   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2013
"A driving orchestral track with choir, guitars and ethnic vocals. Pounding and foot-stomping. Tribal celebrations and victory dance." Battlecries, by Dan Cullen/Deryn Cullen. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

HEAVY SKIES   (by Ethereal Motion )  Composed: 2013
Groovy and heavy progressive hard rock instrumental song with pounding real drums, razor edge guitars, spacial synths and ultra groovy electric bass. Aggressive and high energy give this cue a dynamic and fiery style. Powerful, driving and explosive. Great for an apocalyptic road warrior movie. Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

QUICK ESCAPE   (by ElevenTwelve )  Composed: 2010
One of a collection of tracks that uses full orchestra to portray a high-energy, high-impact mood. These tracks are written in the cinematic trailer style and provide high-energy moods with epic scale. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

EVIL VIRUSES ATTACK   (by Alexey Kaleynikov )  Composed: 2014
Epic, powerful and captivating trailer music with a tense, thrilling atmosphere. Dramatic strings, dark brass and pounding big drums. Builds-up to an epic and heroic theme. Hitpoints and breaks makes it easy to rearrange. Inspired by epic blockbusters. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Hectic Music, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

LUMISPHERE MAIN (30SEC)   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Cool Breakbeat Promo, Dan Bierton, Mark Lane, Sam Richards, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

RUNAWAY CAR   (by Ethereal Motion )  Composed: 2013
A hard driving electro rock instrumental with menacing razor sharp electric guitars, powerful and pulsating bass line, rocking drums and spatial synths. Relentless from start to finish. Total driving madness. Hi adrenaline action for a car chase scene. Excellent for any extreme sports. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

IN HOT PURSUIT   (by Simon Stevens )  Composed: 2015
A fast paced tension filled track perfect for any chase scene. Featuring strings, brass and pounding percussion. Frequent highs and lows. Pounding and edgy, similar to Skyfall or the Bourne Ultimatum. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ESCAPE   (by Cherokee Road )  Composed: 2014
Urgency is key in this hectic track fit for an epic space adventure. From a shootout to a chase, this track fits the occasion. High energy and detailed production provide a tense musical backdrop for your project. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

DARK DAYS AHEAD   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2013
"Dark, Epic orchestral piece. Slowly builds to powerful climax. Ominous and foreboding." Quest For Glory, by Jean Paul Zoghbi. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

THE HEIST   (by Aaron J Curtis )  Composed: 2011
Intense fast music with upfront bass and drums, it's high energy from start to finish. Great for car chases, heavy action scenes, oceans 11, ncis los angelos, fast and furious and more. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music
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