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Hectic, fast, intense music

Fast music with a hectic, unleashed intensity

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TIME OF TENSION 2   (by Dmitry Pushkarev )  Composed: 2000
Ominous track with continuous tremolo guitar and percussion in the background and unobtrusive electric piano on the foreground will keep you in constant tension. Great to increasing tensions in dramatic scenes of the movie, theater, computer game. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

TIME BOMB   (by Dean Wagg )  Composed: 2013
Huge epic drum & percussion track. High-end production sound tracking movie & advertisement score. Commercial & cool, strong & exciting. Car & on foot chases. Bourne Identity, Skyfall, James Bond. Fast, pounding, loud & rocky. Tense, building to climax. Try the 60 & 30 sec edits for even more speed! Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ORCHESTRAL HIT 1   (by HarpString Productions )  Composed: 2014
One big orchestral crash! Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

GROOVE ME   (by Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi )  Composed: 2010
This is an original Composition like all my works! Perfect for bacground instrumental production music! it is excellent for projects where dynamism, speed, presure, electronica, modernity, future, science, high tech, product are involved. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

BURNING GUITARS   (by David C. Hewitt )  Composed: 2011
This track Rocks! Burning guitar & bass riffs over a modern drum track. It builds to a satisfying climax when the strings kick in & play the guitar riff too! Perfect for extreme sports documentaries or as a chase scene enhancer. Turn it up to 11 ... your gonna love this one even more than the last! Instrumental, Soundalikes, Linkin Park

HELLRAISER   (by Robert Neary )  Composed: 2009
Full throttle, "Metallica" style Thrash Metal/Hard Rock track. Great for Extreme sport, Movies, Film, Tv shows, reality tv, websites, corporate, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

THE RUNNER   (by Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi )  Composed: 2012
Dynamic, cinematic, adventure, film&advertising production music. Suitable for scenes like a big trip, escape, running, escalading a mountain, passing through a river, crossing a desert. Quick and determined to survive, ready for dynamic action adventure scenes that coves up a whole dangerous moment, Instrumental, Action, Adventure Electro-Orch

THE TRICK IS HOW YOU FALL   (by Ross Milligan )  Composed: 2011
Exciting, upbeat electronica track with driving drum beat, bass line and pulsing guitar figure featuring soaring synth melody. Ideal as underscore for montage sequence in a crime drama or any action scene. Also perfect for corporate ad campaign. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

INDUSTRIAL GROOVE   (by Ethereal Motion )  Composed: 2009
A hard driving rock instrumental with big razor edge guitars. Real drums are pounding and the synth loops are progressive. Good for any high action extreme sporting event. Powerful, driving and explosive. Nine Inch Nails meets Marilyn Manson. Great for anything macho oriented or scary halloween show, Instrumental, Rock, Hard Rock

AFTER TOMORROW (MOTION PICTURE TRAILER)   (by Carlos Estella )  Composed: 2013
Powerful drum beat, edgy Horns&synths. Epic orchestra supported by hard hitting drums and synths, Big choir, strings, brass, synth fx and epic drums with a grand horn line on top. Pefect trailer modern Hollywood sound. Unstoppable action. underscore, chase, car chase, escape, pursuit. Instrumental, Dramatic, Dramatic Risers

RUNNING TIME   (by Alexey Kaleynikov )  Composed: 2014
Fast and the Furious style track with beats heavy drums and low brass. Turn up the heat, car chases, breaking and entering, extreme sports, air races and crazy stunt shots. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Hectic Music, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

SPORTS REEL ONE   (by Alan Fagan )  Composed: 2011
Driving, in your face aggressive sports theme ala Boston. Features blazing electric guitars, Hammond B3 organ and punchy brass section. Two bridge sections ideal for voice over. Great hits for synching to video! NFL lockout ends! Cage fighting, extreme sports, Nascar Highlight Reel, ESPN motorsports, Instrumental, Sports, Sports Network TV Rock

ACTION STATIONS (MAIN MIX 60SEC)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2010
Mighty, powerful, driving, orchestral action theme. Lots of hit points, stabs and swells. Big cinematic drums, cymbal crashes & Timps alongside sweeping strings and surging brass. Great for chase, movement, action, superheros, military, commercials. Main mix 60, 60us, ext rhythm mix, 30 & 30 us, Instrumental, Action, Theme Superhero

SYMFONIA   (by Seyhan Canyakan )  Composed: 2012
Epic, powerful and captivating trailer music with a tense, thrilling atmosphere. Dramatic strings, dark brass theme and pounding big drums. Builds-up to an epic and heroic theme. Many hitpoints and breaks makes it easy to rearrange. Inspired by epic blockbusters like Bourne Ultimat, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

AFGHAN CHASE SCENE   (by Jason Corder )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat and fun 46-sec piece with Afghan string instrument and crashing drums. Song builds, offers 2 secs of silence, as our hero looks around the market where he is being chased, and then offers an awesome "drop" when the drums come exploding back in again and our hero is off again. Fun and sexy. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

GAME ON   (by Larry Castle )  Composed: 2012
A HARD DRIVING piece with FUNKY Syncopated BASS and DRUM tracks. Interesting EFFECTS and unique Electronic tracks bring the piece into modern ESPIONAGE and INTRIGUE. The piece is also a good fit into Sports and Fitness shows. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

FAST HARD ROCKABILLY   (by Christopher Fuller )  Composed: 2013
Fast and aggressive this down-home hard-rock/rockabilly number features acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums. The vibe is manic, frenetic and dare-devil-ish. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

BABA RUM DUM   (by Daniel Barry )  Composed: 2011
An angular jazzy samba with orchestral gestures that add tension, latin urban flavor. Intensity of mood and tempo. Busy life, workweek. Percussive, bustling, progressive. Big city dramatic underscore with a rhythmic beat. Brass, sax solo, vibes, vibraphone, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

MINDSPREAD   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Frenetic old-school Jungle Track. Deep dirty bass line, flanged keys and fast relentless jungle beat. Full of intent and energy. Great for contemporary film/drama. Suroor Goodenough, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

WHERE EAGLES FLY   (by Anthony Alleeson )  Composed: 2011
Allow this piece of music take your listeners on a skyward journey, to where blue skies shine with exhilarating and haunting melodies. Strings, violins, percussion and others lead this magical journey. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

KICKING ASS GRANDE   (by K.O. Star Productions )  Composed: 2011
Powerfully intense Metal track with a touch of Orchestra and Electronica. Great for futuristic space Sci-fi action battle and chase scenes! Nine Inch Nails meets Pantera meets John Williams. Dramatic TV, movie trailers, promos, wild product presentations. Criminally insane rebel drama tension! Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ATTEMPTED ESCAPE CHASE   (by Jason Greenberg )  Composed: 2011
Mysterious cue with a slightly dark character that builds into a chase scene with driving building energy. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

STORY   (by Isaac Moore )  Composed: 2010
Prominent bass line with moving acoustic drums and horn stabs. Fast paced and triumphant to convey a sense a determination and ultimate victory. Great for action, adventure, danger but fun and triumphant. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

NATURAL BORN KILLER   (by John J Pelsone )  Composed: 2009
(Short Q) - High energy fast pace hard rock with loud electric guitars and heavy base drum and steady funky percussion.driving melodic synth lead at three quarters mark. chase scene gang wars drug cartels dirt car races drug runners,gansta low rider,smugglers,prison break,extreme sports,, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

POWER GENERATION (FULL LENGTH)   (by D. Silverstone )  Composed: 2010
Fast Blasting electro Action music. Hectic Full length track with African tribal motion. Sweeping, busy and Rolling Drum and Bass. Ideal for chase, adventure, motivation and buildup, glory and suspense. Ecstatic underscore background music. Also great for intense climax scenes and videos, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ILL BE YOUR SIDE CHAIN LOVER   (by Johnny Breton )  Composed: 2013
Funky side chained synth which grooves with the drums, turns into a night club venture, or an action packed chase, like one in "Transporter", good for action based scenes, video games, fast paced night life, club scenes. Great for sophisticated, fun, even dark and maybe risky moves! Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

IT'S GETTING HECTIC   (by Lorenzo Johnson )  Composed: 2014
An aggressive and driving, adrenaline-filled electronic track. Features rhythmic synths, a funky bass line, Trip Hop style electronic drums. Similar to cues heard on CSI: Miami, NCIS, Criminal Minds. Great for CSI type drama, chase scenes, corporate videos, video games, extreme sports, Hi Tech, Ads, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

THE SKYFORGE   (by Victus )  Composed: 2014
Dramatic orchestral track that conveys a sense of danger and adventure. Full orchestra with emphasis on flute and harp sections. Strong string and brass sections give a feeling of impeding threat. Suitable for scenes of combat, invasion, journey or adventure. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

HYPNOTIC   (by Strannik )  Composed: 2015
A little aggressive track with elements of trip hop. Hypnotizing rhythm, unusual synthesis fantastic samples and mesmerizing pads. To use: sci-Fi, documentary, drama movies, perhaps for dynamic scenes. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

HOT WIRE   (by Space Taster )  Composed: 2012
Classic rock, driving groove, fiery guitar riffs full of excitement, attitude energy & a strong melodic line. Kick-ass corporate video or branding campaign. Like AC/DC, Free & Bad Company. Hot new truck or car commercial, endurance tests, TV action adventure advertisements games. Hi NRG Kegger party, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

NOW BREAKING (30SEC)   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Dramatic House Track with Funky Bass, Anthony James, Andrew White, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

CAR CHASE MUSIC - ACTION MUSIC   (by Kamlesh Deepak Drolia )  Composed: 2012
Powerful and high energy music with a tense, thrilling atmosphere. An epic and heroic theme. Inspired by Mission Impossible. Tension mounts for hot chase scenes, action hero in pursuit of sinister forces. Great for theme music in movies and television. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

EXIT PLAN   (by Anthony Davilio )  Composed: 2012
This track combines orchestral and synthesizers as well as big toms. Possibly an on foot chase scene where danger is imminent. Serious and moving, it could also work for outer space menaces. As the French horn gives it an eerie Star Trek sound. Could be Aliens among us. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

MEGA DRAMA HITS   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2012
Huge guitars, melodic strings and epic hits ideal for intense cues, promos and trailers. A mix of punchy distorted metal guitars, epic orchestral and electronic elements. In the style of Celldweller, Cliff Lin and E. S. Posthumus. Instrumental, Rock, Heavy Metal

WIN OR LOSE   (by Space Taster )  Composed: 2014
Classic rock, driving groove, fiery guitar riffs full of excitement, attitude energy & a strong melodic line. Kick-ass corporate video or branding campaign. Like AC/DC, Free & Bad Company. Hot new truck or car commercial, endurance tests, TV action adventure advertisements games. Hi NRG Kegger party, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

EXODUS   (by Stefan Meylaers )  Composed: 2010
Overwhelming energetic sound track. Exciting rhythms, repeating and hypnotizing motifs, great percussions. An incredible driving, romantic and intimate focus before the music rises to an unexpected climax. Magical, playful, sexual and intimate. Flowing with love and passion. TV, Film love story. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ALLEGRO CON FUOCO   (by Alexey Kaleynikov )  Composed: 2013
An dynamic orchestral piece. Hectic, anxious. Good for aditated video. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ACTION ON THE BATTLEFIELD   (by Pavel Levchenko )  Composed: 2014
Truly huge, intense and agressive track with exciting Hollywood sounding performed by full orchestra including synth elements. Great for battle, invasion scenes, movie trailers, video game, tv episodes, promotional video and other highly dynamic and tense projects. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

BEST   (by Babygrand )  Composed: 2012
Great for car commercials, t.v. spots, instructional videos, different moods sweep into another, great blend of synths live drums and sweeping string, will make any scene pop, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ANDROMEDA   (by Matthew Raetzel )  Composed: 2014
An action-packed, orchestral track with a dark and futuristic flair. Big hits, large guitars, choir, and the traditional mixed with industrial make this track perfect for sci-fi or video game trailers. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

PUNCHY LOOP   (by Craig McConnell )  Composed: 2009
Powerful rock beat drives a hard rock guitar riff with string pad. Suitable for Film/TV, Advertising, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

HARD CASE   (by Tom Hajduk )  Composed: 2011
Anxious nervous electronic sounds with symphonic, pizzicato strings on the top & orchestral percussions. Builds to an explosive ending. Works perfect in moments of tension & danger: escape, fight or battle, seeking, hunting scenes chases in thrilles, detective films, video games. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

FAST TRACK - FULL LENGTH   (by Julio Kladniew )  Composed: 2014
Fast and energetic Drum ´n Bass track. Powerful, dynamic and active. Ideal for images of cities, youth and modernity. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

MECHANICS   (by Nathaniel Jones )  Composed: 2010
This electronic track builds gradually from a mysterious, tense introduction until a complete chaos, to clam down again through the end. A perfect piece to extreme sports, thriller, chase scenes, mystery, and much more. Influences from Nine Inch Nails and Chemical Brothers. Synths & distorted drums. Instrumental, Action, Theme Power Play

NIGHT DRIVE   (by Guillaume Barjot )  Composed: 2013
Perfect music to underscore any driving scene (especially at night) this is dark and excellent! Imagine the protagonist speeding along with lights blazing ... Why not try cutting your scene/montage to this piece now? Did you know you can download a free demo to try it before you buy? Get editing! Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

BELLS RINGING   (by Jacob Luecke )  Composed: 2010
An acoustic guitar instrumental with a rushed, complex and exaltent mood. The song begins with a tense feel, dissolves into a dissonant rush of tones and then builds into a dramatic finish. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

ON THE MOVE   (by Bjarne O. )  Composed: 2010
Suspenseful Intro filled with Dramatic Effects leads into a Powerful and Intense Orchestral Chase that moves Swiftly... built-up by Stabbing Brass sections, Glissando Strings and Woodwinds mercilessly driven by a Very Dynamic and lively Mixture of Orchestral and Ethnic Drums and Effects. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

SHORT TIME TO GO   (by Electric Chair 3000 )  Composed: 2011
A tense instrumental featuring echo piano, a steady drum beat, cello and other dramatic strings plus haunting synths. Great for background music for tv, haunted houses, horror films, game shows and much more. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

WATCH ME UNDRESS   (by Shadowfinder )  Composed: 2010
Need a powerful vibe? Intense upbeat track with hard-hitting kick and snare, combined with smoking-hot guitar riffs and euphoric pads. Great for work-out and sports videos, motivational & corporate efforts, commercials of youngster products and for parties & fashion shows. Sounds like Fatboy Slim. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music

EMERGENCY   (by Jacques Frieden )  Composed: 2014
Upbeat and energetic, featuring pulsing strings, light distorted guitar, brass swells, sparse rises and underlying rhythmic percussion that build to create tension and anticipation. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music
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