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Heartwarming uplifting music

Dramatic heartwarming, uplifting music perfect for productions and scenes needing a sense of pleasant satisfaction, emotional relief, or inspired sympathetic feelings.

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MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2012
A powerful, uplifting track that brings to mind personal satisfaction and the road to overcoming hurdles. Personal, corporate success, Christian faith, building and driving car commercial and advertisements In the style of Coldplay, U2, Keane, The Fray, Mumford and Sons, Hillsong and Kings of Leon. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

DISCOVERING YOUR PATH   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2013
Touching and heartwarming... this track is intended for uses involving self-discovery, personal satisfaction, the road to happiness, a religious epiphany and other motivational uses. Delayed and deep pianos, soaring guitars, bright celeste and glockenspiel are the foundation to inspire and motivate. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SMALL TOWN ADVENTURE   (by Sam Clunie )  Composed: 2013
In a small town…an adventure takes place. A lush, Hollywood orchestra provides the magical, flying soundtrack, with soaring strings, bouncy woodwinds & bold brass. Fun, exciting, wholesome & heroic - a perfect accompaniment for feature film, commercial or trailer. Dreamy holiday magic, wonder & awe. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

HOME   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2012
(MAY 2014)
The winner of our May 2014 Editor's Choice Award, "Home" is a heartfelt and dreamy ballad about longing for a loved one to return home. This track, by composer Denis Woods, has a strong Acoustic Pop vibe with a clean, wholesome, corporate sound that works well for both commercial and creative film and TV productions.   Beautiful, heartwarming and uplifting full female vocal song about loved ones coming home. Acoustic piano, guitar, lush harmonies with real drums and bass give this track a classic and timeless appeal. Multiple uses, returning heroes, political campaign, corporate presentation, and drama. Female Vocals, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

A BEAUTIFUL DAY   (by Erwin Steijlen )  Composed: 2012
A very pretty piano piece that evolves in orchestral filmmusic. A positive, uplifting and catchy theme, great sounds and vibe. Great for film, commercials, trailers and corporate use. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

DRIPPING WHISPERS   (by Alex Rich )  Composed: 2010
Beautiful guitar oriented post-rock ambient. Reverb drenched, constantly building to an emotional climax. Similar to Explosions In The Sky and Sigur Ros. Perfect for film, tv, commercials, montages, nature, documentaries, or wedding videos. Love, romance, youth, bliss. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

TINTINNABULATION   (by Carlos Estella )  Composed: 2014
Beautiful Uplifting Piano track with strings, Percussion and a heartwarming melody. A sweet and thoughtful piano/ambient track with reflective, yet uplifting feel, Strings and drums compliment the piano, while a soft glockenspiel melody plays out occasionally. pop track that builds gradually. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

BELIEVE   (by Adam DiTroia )  Composed: 2010
Believe is an incredibly inspiring and heartfelt track. It evokes feelings of victory, pride, overcoming adversity, reaching goals, fond memories, nostalgia, warmth, and motivation. It slowly and steadily builds with layers of beautiful instruments coming together to form one epic and powerful cue. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

POSITIVE ACTION   (by A-P-M Productions )  Composed: 2010
Positive, uplifting indie rock track, driven by a repeated muted guitar idea, with marching percussion and a big orchestral string section. Gradually builds in intensity, with a couple of brief soft sections for contrast. Useful for charity/motivational/inspirational videos, opening/closing credits. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

BUILDING A DREAM   (by Carlos Estella )  Composed: 2015
Uplifting and Catchy Acoustic Pop Track. Positive and Exciting with piano and acoustic guitar rhythm accompanied by uptempo drums gives the listener a feeling of success, inspiration, motivation and freedom. Heavenly, soothing, comforting and hopeful. Building through different energy levels. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

EMILY'S WALTZ   (by Louise Heaney )  Composed: 2011
A light, quirky, European folk waltz. Uplifting and inspiring. Perfect for introducing a slightly eccentric main character. Also conjures up the beauty and sparkle of the Mediterranean coast. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

GUARDIAN ANGEL   (by Lindy Botha )  Composed: 2011
Beautiful flowing vocals (no words), magical strings, piano melody, ambiance & gentle orchestral drums. Film, Video, TV. Sound-alike Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Celtic Woman. Moving, uplifting, proud, regal, patriotic, triumphal, epic. Military, War, Inspiring Fantasy movie, Empire, royalty, medieval. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

HAPPY   (by Michael Kakhiani )  Composed: 2010
Happy, Uplifting and Catchy Acoustic Pop Track. TV, Teenage Films, Commercials, and Corporate Websites. Positive and Exciting Jingle with acoustic guitar rhythm accompanied by uptempo drums gives the listener a feeling of success, inspiration, motivation and freedom. Wholesome modern & heartwarming, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

TRUST   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2010
Positive atmosphere and good vibes abound in this acoustic guitar driven one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Percussion, piano, and a string section will breath life into your production. Perfect for uplifting, inspirational, or motivatioonal productions. 6/8 time signature gives it a happy, bouncy feel. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

NOSTALGIA   (by Joseph Rusnak )  Composed: 2011
This heartfelt, sentimental track features an acoustic guitar, and is eventually joined by wondrous, tender piano and bell melodies. A beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for productions looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood. bright light sweet delicate honest caring touching, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

PEACEFUL PIANO INSPIRATION   (by Jonathan Wright )  Composed: 2013
Peaceful Piano Inspiration is a soft, thoughtful piano solo. With quick, chords as a foundation it adds a light melodic motif as it progresses. With a multitude of uses, it's simplicity means it can be used as a score to productions that need romance, thoughtfulness or even a 'classical' feel. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

YOU TALK TOO MUCH   (by Max Brodie )  Composed: 2011
An instantly uplifting piece, conveying feelings of youth and being carefree. Don’t let the slightly angelic intro fool you, this is a high energy track. Perfect for media projects containing kids playing and people having fun. Builds up to a big outro. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

A TIME FOR HEROES   (by Adam DiTroia )  Composed: 2010
Starts with piano then strings, horns, and percussion slowly get layered in. It repeats and builds to an exciting and cinematic climax. This was born to be in a trailer! Epic, majestic, and very inspiring. Triumphant, proud, and victorious. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

PERSUASIVE ACTIONS   (by Tim Brown )  Composed: 2013
This light and airy piece is relaxed and inspirational. It is the song that will take your audience on a self-discovery journey. They will reflect, anticipate, and enjoy their emotional experience as you present your product. They will be refreshed and rejuvenated at the end. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SHOW ME THE WAY   (by Jacco Willems )  Composed: 2014
Inspirational and epic, hybrid orchestral dubstep, trailer style track. Inspired by Two Steps From Hell and Hans Zimmer. A beautiful solo alto voice supported by an epic choir, a majestic brass section, powerful drums and dubstep synths. Great for trailers, big action adventure scenes, Hollywood. Female Vocals, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

CONCEPT   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2013
Uplifting, feel-good and motivational track with Coldplay/U2 type guitars and piano. Evolving piano and guitar interplay with a solid rhythmic pulse, modern chugging strings and full band ensemble in final section, Corporate branding, presentation, website, documentary, infomercial, product launch. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SUCCESS   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2011
Success, optimism, inspiration, and motivation are captured here in this Coldplay and U2 inspired piece. Gradually building through different energy levels and leading to an exciting climax. Perfect for productions that need a positive and triumphant atmosphere. Beautiful music for any scene. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

ABOVE WHITE CLOUDS   (by Jonas Bateman )  Composed: 2010
A light, positive, heartening track featuring piano patterns, strings and later, lush washes of ambient pads. Heavenly, soothing, comforting and hopeful. Good for corporate use, commercial films, positive / uplifting / heartwarming messages, new beginnings, green values. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

DEATH   (by Stoyan Ganev )  Composed: 2010
Full Symphony orchestra. Main title has a sorrowful cello section & piano. Dramatic love story with an optimistic finale, a la Clint Mansell. Tender but tense, emotional, moving, building. A relationship moving from tenderness to a final understanding. Flashback transition. Eternal love a la Zhivago, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

VICTORY   (by Sebastien Pan )  Composed: 2011
This track is a positive, epic with an grandiose victory's feeling ending. Think Braveheart, Robinhood. Reflecting the power, the good against the bad. We finally win against our ennemies. Ideal for action, adventure, epic movies. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

THE FINEST DAY   (by Ravage the Rain )  Composed: 2012
Carefree, happy-go-lucky song featuring ukelele, hand claps, piano, bass, drums, and kalimba. Great for product launches, corporate videos, or anything with a positive, upbeat feel. Instrumental, Corporate and Motivational Music, Corporate Acoustic Pop Music, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

RUNNING FOR FREEDOM   (by Pawel Blaszczak )  Composed: 2009
Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track featuring piano and strings. Hope, aspirations, visions. Reminescent of the work of Vangelis. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

PIANO RUNNING FOR GOLD   (by TJ Kross )  Composed: 2011
It's all piano, with a great 'running' feel. Reminiscent of Nike commercials and athletes running for gold. It's inspiring and Olympic. The bass of the piano hits hard while there is a pulse feel from he middle. Perfect for commercials, ads, TV and more. Simple yet inspiring. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

HAVE A LITTLE FAITH   (by Lindy Botha )  Composed: 2011
Starts chill and builds up to uplifting & stirring full-sound instrumental with Alanis Morisette-like vocals (no words). Romantic, soul-searching, once in a lifetime opportunity, take a risk, dealing with life, reflecting, getting through this, motivating. Piano, electric guitar, drums, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

BEAUTIFUL   (by David Waugh )  Composed: 2011
Heartwarming Orchestral piece featuring strings, xylophone, piano and fresh energetic drums and percussion with subtle African flavor. Best for scenes where tears of joy are shed, for eco-friendly, socially responsible corporates or for nature wildlife documentaries displaying a hope for the future. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

A BEAUTIFUL FACE   (by Wayne William )  Composed: 2015
A warm, heartfelt and enchanting production to suit a love story. The perfect love song - a gentle and romantic piano intro, with mesmerizing vocals and melodic electric guitar. Perfect for uplifting and romantic scenes, heartwarming feelings, emotional and love scenes. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

WANDERING   (by Dan Phillipson )  Composed: 2009
A simple track combining of an acoustic guitar, a piano and an organ. Soft, soothing and very reflective, this track has a strong sense of emotion while also being suitable as a backing for many different types of applications. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

HEART   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2010
Lyrical, melodic piece speaking of simple love, devotion and contentment. Fills the soul with warmth and has the feel of lazing the day with loved ones. Perfect for commercials, promos and programme elements. Classical, Solo Piano, by Mark Choi, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

FAMILY   (by Philip Curran )  Composed: 2012
Reconciliation, forgiveness and hope are all are a part in this track. A slow and touching piece that blends piano, electric guitars, thick pads sounds and strings to create a powerful wall of sound. Great for montage sequences and works nicely underneath dialogue too. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

REVELATION (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Mark Hewer )  Composed: 2008
An uplifting instrumental featuring 12 string guitar, choir, orchestral tones and french horns. Triumphant and glorifying. Great for empowering and dramatic scenes - works equally well with individual, couple, or family, as well as majestic outdoor scenes and travel in wide open spaces. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

BUNDLE OF JOY   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2011
A joyous piece that starts as a slow, delicate solo piano ballad and builds in intensity and speed to be joined by bass and drums. Great for any happy, heartwarming moments such as weddings, births, anniversaries and would also work as a christmas track. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

MUSIC BOX   (by Ari Nigam )  Composed: 2012
A simple, sweet melody from a child's music box invites you in to listen. A touch of strings here and there help it along its way. Perfect for anything related to children or tender moments. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

POWERFUL STRINGS INSPIRATIONS   (by Carlos Estella )  Composed: 2014
Orchestral track with melodic strings, deeply emotional, heart wrenching overture, professes romantic love, everlasting for your lover. Melodic tinged chorus and beautiful Spanish accent. Sweet memories, lovers reunion, medical drama, soap opera. Caring deep yearning bittersweet loving passionate. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

DHARMA   (by Mohammed Doham )  Composed: 2013
You need that cheesy and kitschy indian sitar sound? Here it is: A relaxing and calm sitar-instrumental feat. cool percussions. Perfect for projects that need a relaxing, meditating and smooth song with indian flavor. Instrumental, World Fusion, Indian World Fusion

PROJECT INSPIRE   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2013
Touching, motivating and positive! A repetitive piano line constantly builds while soaring strings inspire, motivate and captivate the listener. This track is intended for uses involving self-discovery, personal satisfaction, the road to happiness, a religious epiphany and other motivational uses. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music

AYLA   (by Jon Cooper )  Composed: 2009
Uplifting and emotional rhodes piano, accordian and Cocteau Twins style guitar over a spacious and atmospheric shoegazer backing. Poignant and inspiring. Tv and Film, travel and living, documentary, drama, advertising,, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

OVERHEAD TREES   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
An uplifting, inspiring, acoustic instrumental with jangly acoustic guitars, big drums, and background vocals, playing a beautiful melody. Great for a show theme, Outdoor Life, Recreation, Backpacking or Promo/Ad Family security, Health, Fitness, Travelscape, Nature Vacation. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

FOND MEMORIES   (by Joseph Rusnak )  Composed: 2013
A quick, bittersweet fingerpicked acoustic guitar line is joined by wondrous piano and glockenspiel. A second, heartwarming part featuring light strings complements the first part as the song evolves. Perfectly invokes a loving, delicate mood. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

PICTURE PERFECT   (by Rolanoid )  Composed: 2003
Sunny, breezy, feel good chill out electronica similar in style to Air, Zero 7, Ulrich Schnauss and Royksopp. Carefree Summer bliss! Nice solo at 1:08. 1:46 and 3:01 good for titles, credits, intro or mystery. Elegant corporate video, upscale branding, commercial, chillout infomercial, new romance, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SAFE AND SOUND   (by Tom Jemmott )  Composed: 2010
Ambient and dramatic orchestral piece suitable for TV/advertising. Huge piano sound, rhythmic grooves and modern symphony orchestra. Positive, content and inspiring for product placement. Think volkswagon and lush car commercials. Website, corporate videos, CD Rom, media. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

TREEHOUSE TREASURE   (by Sam Clunie )  Composed: 2013
An exuberant and fun-packed orchestra full of anitcipation and wonder. Family and Adventure Movies, Disney, Theme Parks, Romantic Comedy. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

HOME AGAIN   (by William Naughton )  Composed: 2013
Uptempo and joyful acoustica, Acoustic guitars and light drums, with slide guitar / steel guitar joining later, Homely, cosy, bright and cheerful in an easy-going kind of way, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

UPLIFTING ACOUSTIC (LOOP)   (by D. Silverstone )  Composed: 2011
Joyous Acoustic poprock. kaleidoscope of Happiness, feelgood, New optimistic feel and springtime love. Acoustic Guitar riffs, Cool Beat and sweet mellow hand bell melody. Happy, elated, romantic underscore, Positive vibes background music. loop able version. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

DANCING KNIGHTS   (by Stern Muzik )  Composed: 2010
Medieval age Celtic dance with instruments of it's ancient epoch – lute, flute, violin, recorder and percussion but with a little bit of modern instruments like bass and acoustic guitars. Feel the atmosphere of the castles, knights, romance and happiness. Good for a video game, flash animations. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

PLATINUM   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2012
Acoustic guitar driven track fused with contemporary drum and perc elements. Beautiful bell like arpeggios with orchestral strings and piano give this cue a unique and timeless appeal. Ideal for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding/presentation, infomercial, new product launch, contemporary drama, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music
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Heartwarming Music

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