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Heartwarming uplifting music

Dramatic heartwarming, uplifting music perfect for productions and scenes needing a sense of pleasant satisfaction, emotional relief, or inspired sympathetic feelings.

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GIVEN IT ALL   (by Alexander Khaskin )  Composed: 2012
Uplifting, spirited and stirring semi-orchestral piece with a sense of achievement, success, reaching new heights, overcoming setbacks, struggle for greatness. Olympic / Victorious / Aspirations. Available with or without additional rock elements towards the end, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SILVER LINING   (by Paint Chips )  Composed: 2014
Uplifting like a hot air balloon rising into the sunshine with a vista of beauty below. Whimsical hopeful beautiful, perfect commercial for soothing, feel-good product, finding love, proposing marriage, romantic scenes, love story, time-lapse, traveling happy journey, kids playing, kites, sunny day, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

POSITIVE ACTION   (by A-P-M Productions )  Composed: 2010
Positive, uplifting indie rock track, driven by a repeated muted guitar idea, with marching percussion and a big orchestral string section. Gradually builds in intensity, with a couple of brief soft sections for contrast. Useful for charity/motivational/inspirational videos, opening/closing credits. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Indie Rock

HOMELAND   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2012
Feelgood, uplifting and evocative guitar instrumental. A modern country/Americana feel with soaring steel guitar phrases. Conjures an image of countryside, farmland and wholesome living. Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding/presentation, website, documentary, infomercial, new product launch. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SUMMERTIME LOST   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Beautiful Piano Led Film Theme, Slow paced emotive piece with a sense of hope and promise. Perfect for scenes of renewed hope, sadness, longing and somber emotion. Clive Lukover, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

COUNTRY TRAIN   (by Guido Negraszus )  Composed: 2013
Enya-style instrumental pop inviting to a beautiful journey full of love, peace and harmony. Piano and pizzicato string pattern augmented by a variety of voices, flutes, oboe & percussion. A lovely country ride with a little Christmas feel. Great for nature documentaries, film & tv, travel channels. Vocal Samples, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

A BRIGHT FUTURE (FULL)   (by Ron Komie )  Composed: 2010
This calm yet uplifting and inspiring track acquires confidence and energy as it builds dynamically towards a successful ending. Features acoustic piano, strings and woodwinds. Great for any scene where the situation or character is moving towards a positive resolution. Relaxing and filled with hope, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

HEAVENS GATES   (by Hanjo Gabler )  Composed: 2013
A piano and an oboe opens this song and it flows into a epic romance played by a symphonic orchestra. Elegant, sensitive and cautious. Developing romance, flashbacks, opening scenes. Tender lovers' reunion or saying farewell. Rich luxurious heartwarming. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

I DON'T KNOW   (by Christine Kounnas )  Composed: 2011
Sweet and smooth feminine vocals, likened to a female Bruno Mars (Colbie Caillat) enhance this pop-reggae upbeat track. Would be great for romantic comedy, sitcom, tv series and romantic break-ups. A catchy tune to uplift and inspire to overcome challenging times. Female Vocals, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

OPEN YOUR EYES ( FULL TRACK )   (by Jacques Frieden )  Composed: 2014
Warm and lush, featuring uplifting orchestral sonorities and emotive piano that creates a mood of sentiment and slight enthusiasm, depicting a heartfelt and inspirational scene. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

AIRWORKS   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2010
Piano &light percussion intro. A melody you'll hum in your sleep. Guitars & synths, then a full trance/euphoria track. Unforgettable tune. Breakdown in the middle, epic wild, fast re-emergence of the piano theme. Big uplifting finish. Racing, hi nrg, soaring, thrilling corporate, space age, new ag, Instrumental, Dance, Trance

INSPIRATIONS   (by Mark Knox )  Composed: 2004
Written specifically as an underscore for narration or voice-over. A smooth mix with no peaks or strong melody to get in the way of the narrative, but at the same time providing an inspirational musical atmosphere. Great for instructional or informative voice content - positive and motivational. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

THROUGH THICK AND THIN (FULL)   (by Ron Komie )  Composed: 2013
Anchored by cycling piano chord arpeggios, this uplifting pop rock piece has a beautiful electric guitar melody that starts tender in the verse, then launches into unbridled joy in the chorus. Awesome for corporate, advertising, show end, anything that needs an inspiring, emotional musical impact. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

BEHIND YOUR MIND (VIOLA CHANT)   (by LeM )  Composed: 2014
Very intense song, cinematic piano arpeggio, engaging drums and bass, enveloping synth pads, melancholic and ostinato viola main theme, heartwarming climax with power electric guitar. Romantic, passionate and dramatic scenes, in movies and tv series. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

UP !   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2011
Feelgood and uplifting track, cinematic in style, evoking a proud and motivational tone. Soaring melody with powerful orchestral drums and epic electric guitar lines combine to give this piece a unique and patriotic feel. Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding, website, product launch and dramatic. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

MSC 024223   (by David Johanns )  Composed: 2013
This inspirational Acoustic guitar and piano track is about a familly gathering or a romantic montage, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

HAPPY   (by Michael Kakhiani )  Composed: 2010
Happy, Uplifting and Catchy Acoustic Pop Track. TV, Teenage Films, Commercials, and Corporate Websites. Positive and Exciting Jingle with acoustic guitar rhythm accompanied by uptempo drums gives the listener a feeling of success, inspiration, motivation and freedom. Wholesome modern & heartwarming, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

PERFECTVILLE   (by Composerama )  Composed: 2012
Pleasant rustic theme with a heartwarming Small Town America flavor. Think Norman Rockwell and Forrest Gump. Beautiful, tender nature documentaries, travelogues, family programs and Reality television. Great for romance, holidays, happy families and kids around the world, corporate branding, adverts, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

OSTINATO   (by Linwood Bell )  Composed: 2013
Lovely romantic String Orchestra with a beautiful melody & sweeping lines throughout that climax into a dynamic ending. Excellent background for dramatic movie scene or TV or opening Theme. Reminiscent of Somewhere in Time John Barry. Elegant emotional sophisticated tender. Sentimental & mysterious, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

NEW AGE VOICE 2   (by Guido Negraszus )  Composed: 2013
Enya-style instrumental pop inviting to a beautiful journey full of love, hope & adventure. Piano and pizzicato string pattern augmented by a variety of voices (incl. Elves whispers), strings & percussion. Great for nature documentaries, film & tv, travel channels. Vocal Samples, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

EMILY'S WALTZ   (by Louise Heaney )  Composed: 2011
A light, quirky, European folk waltz. Uplifting and inspiring. Perfect for introducing a slightly eccentric main character. Also conjures up the beauty and sparkle of the Mediterranean coast. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

MOSCOW NIGHTS   (by Erwin Steijlen )  Composed: 2010
East meets West with beautiful Russian indigenous instruments over western beats. Gypsy meets House Music. Balalaika over strings and waterdrum over dancebeats. Great for big city Russian documentary, PBS special, indie or travelscape. Exotic, passionate, exciting, thrilling & vibrant music. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

HAPPY CLAPPY   (by Ian Hubball )  Composed: 2011
Light hearted lounge track with rythmic hand claps, vibraphones and acoustic guitars. Romantic comedy, sitcom or kids production. Playful fun sweet uplifting, dreamy melody. Playing painting skipping, sunny skies, adorable music, makes you smile. Fresh and exciting, teens tweens adverts driving, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

BEAUTIFUL   (by David Waugh )  Composed: 2011
Heartwarming Orchestral piece featuring strings, xylophone, piano and fresh energetic drums and percussion with subtle African flavor. Best for scenes where tears of joy are shed, for eco-friendly, socially responsible corporates or for nature wildlife documentaries displaying a hope for the future. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SENTIMENTAL SIMPLICITY   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2014
A reflective and inspirational track that consistently builds with soaring emotional strings, electric guitar and piano. Building to an emotional climax, this track is ideal for positive and motivational uses involving celebrations of a person's life, self-discovery, happiness and religious faith. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

WHISTLE WALTZ   (by Anthony Graham )  Composed: 2012
Epic, emotional, inspiring, encouraging Irish instrumental with beautiful, flowing flute and violin melodies, acoustic guitar and bass guitar. Building in intensity, escalating into a final conclusion. Perfect for Film and TV Productions. Braveheart movie, passionate, patriotic, moving. A classic! Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

VALZER DEL RICORDO   (by Il Laboratorio del Ritmo )  Composed: 2004
An acoustic Italian Folk song. In European Old Retro Style. With acoustic guitar and Accordion. Ideal for Film, Soundtrack, Documentary, Soundscape, TV Serial, Travel, Web site. Elegant, romantic, wonderful, and fun song. Families, kids, festivals, dancing, playing. Sunny, happy & uplifting music. Instrumental, European, Italy

POSITIVE PIANO HARMONY   (by Jonathan Wright )  Composed: 2013
Positive Piano Harmony is a warm, uplifting piano melody accompanied by soft, lush strings. With a multitude of uses, it's simplicity means it can be used as a score to productions that need positivity, romance, thoughtfulness or even a 'classical' feel. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

CLOUDLAND   (by Denis Woods )  Composed: 2012
Ethereal. evolving and dramatic female vocal chants set against an an upbeat and feel good uptempo track. Orchestral strings and solid driving drums, bass and percussion join as it progresses. A feeling of flying and space with a rhythmic backdrop, ever evolving in intensity. Film/Tv advertising,, Female Vocals, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

FEELING GOOD TODAY   (by Lindy Botha )  Composed: 2010
Very inspirational, uplifting, feel-good song with beautiful piano melodies, moving ambiance, bass guitar and gentle brush drum-kit. Perfect for the beginning of a film. also suitable for documentaries, corporate videos and commercials. Very heartwarming, hopeful and emotional. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

UPLIFTING ACOUSTIC (LOOP)   (by D. Silverstone )  Composed: 2011
Joyous Acoustic poprock. kaleidoscope of Happiness, feelgood, New optimistic feel and springtime love. Acoustic Guitar riffs, Cool Beat and sweet mellow hand bell melody. Happy, elated, romantic underscore, Positive vibes background music. loop able version. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

[ACOUSTIC-THOUGHTFUL] - FIRST STEP   (by George Pauley )  Composed: 2015
A thoughtful, uplifting acoustic guitar melody moving into a percussive, uplifting drum and piano verse. In the style of Coldplay meets Explosions In The Sky. This cue is perfect for any dramatic advertisement, film or corporate piece. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

RISING TIDE OF LOVE   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2011
Filtered drums, tons of animated synths and awesome modern organ melodies drive this track. Works well in positive emotion cues with a mix of techy and futuristic vibes. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

CANDY STRIPE RED   (by Paint Chips )  Composed: 2009
Quirky, funny upbeat music with a heavy umpah bass. Woodwinds interweave with comical percussion. Great for kids' games, painting, drawing, mischief. Quirky, campy, cartoon theme, Groundhog Day, repetitive motions, hopeless situation. Dumb crooks, Keystone Kops, sneaking, spying, mischief! Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

SUCCESS   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2011
Success, optimism, inspiration, and motivation are captured here in this Coldplay and U2 inspired piece. Gradually building through different energy levels and leading to an exciting climax. Perfect for productions that need a positive and triumphant atmosphere. Beautiful music for any scene. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

OVERHEAD TREES   (by Kevin Packard )  Composed: 2010
An uplifting, inspiring, acoustic instrumental with jangly acoustic guitars, big drums, and background vocals, playing a beautiful melody. Great for a show theme, Outdoor Life, Recreation, Backpacking or Promo/Ad Family security, Health, Fitness, Travelscape, Nature Vacation. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

CINEMATIC SOUNDSCAPE THEN CLIMAX   (by Jason Pfaff )  Composed: 2009
Starts as soft sparkling soundscape (piano, synth) like inspiring contemplation or beautiful scenery reminiscent of a Thomas Newman score, then surprising motivated climax bursts into Rock/Pop bliss (U2, Coldplay). This optimistic and cinematic instrumental is suitable for all media. check short ver, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

LUSH LIVING (30SEC)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2012
Homely, warm, & inviting lifestyle track, composed for 30sec commercial - just add your own vocals and/or voice-over. Light, yet uptempo, positive, uplifting, friendly and inspiring. Features acoustic guitars, shakers, drum kit & strings.30sec full mix and 30sec underscore versions available. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

EPIC SCORE (ITALIAN FILM TOUCH)   (by D. Silverstone )  Composed: 2010
Dramatic Symphony music. Powerful, melodic and touching. Heartwarming nostalgic melody with String Quarter. Romantic Orchestral for Film, crossover and Intro in the spirit of Italian music and Medieval Music, suitable for Documentary films, confrontation, struggle, competition and winning scenes. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

NO PLACE LIKE HOME (GUITAR)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2011
Sweet, warm and innocent version of the well-known traditional tune. Slow, lyrical, simple & homely. Great for ads, commercials, documentary, TV, home-movie etc. Features acoustic guitar lead and accompanyment with glockenspiel. Also alternative violin lead version. Instrumental, Dramatic, Tender music

KYRIE   (by Andy Schofield )  Composed: 2010
Full symphonic chorus over orchestral strings. Modern idiom Latin text. Unusual rhythmical African-style drum beats underpin an emotional, mysterious & passionate angelic choir. Influenced by Karl Jenkins, evokes ominous mood. Movie Trailer Intro Film Fantasy. Dreamy soaring thrilling heroic regal, Mixed Vocals, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

OVER THE TIME LINE   (by B&S )  Composed: 2014
A melodic and cinematic track with two different parts, the first one has a suggestive guitar intro and a melancholic piano theme followed by a rhythmic bridge. A cello introduces the second one, it has a positive and reassuring mood, hopeful and light. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

HAPPY CHAPPY (60SEC)   (by Alec Makinson )
Catchy, happy-go-lucky, care-free whistle along style track for commercials. Perfect for family, lifestyle, good living, wholesome & healthy products. Features happy whistling, acoustic guitars, cavaquinho, glockenspiel, finger snaps & shaker. 30sec with whistle & 30sec without whistle versions. Instrumental, Dramatic, Happy Music

TOUCHING HEAVEN   (by Ian Hubball )  Composed: 2014
Gentle uplifting piano motif, emotion builds with gentle chimes, strings and harmonic choral voices. Similar to the band Sigor Ros with a Northern European feel. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

AFRICA   (by Stoyan Ganev )  Composed: 2010
A full symphony orchestra piece. Enchanting vibrant Africa for a moving documentary or travel channel melody for children & expensive productions. Solo on calimba, steel drums & elegant African choir. Rich and full orchestration, harp glissando with screaming French horns. Atmospheric dreamy & fun, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

REVELATION (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Mark Hewer )  Composed: 2008
An uplifting instrumental featuring 12 string guitar, choir, orchestral tones and french horns. Triumphant and glorifying. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

PRETTY THINGS   (by Daniel Cullen )  Composed: 2010
Filled with wonder & awe, stunningly cinematic, delicate spiritual & compassionate. Epic blockbuster romance, fantasy or fairytale. Dramatic, dreamy & magical angelic choir. Incredibly moving, beautiful emotional piece. Piano & harp with mystical shimmering strings. Romantic love song, sweet dreams, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

REUNION   (by Ivan Paunovic )  Composed: 2010
Dramatic, emotional instrumental starts with piano and slowly builds-up with other instruments. The track has two climaxes with a quiet part between them. Good for emotional scenes of people separating or reuniting, big endings, or new beginnings. New day, flashbacks, starting over, second chances, Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

YOU TALK TOO MUCH   (by Max Brodie )  Composed: 2011
An instantly uplifting piece, conveying feelings of youth and being carefree. Don’t let the slightly angelic intro fool you, this is a high energy track. Perfect for media projects containing kids playing and people having fun. Builds up to a big outro. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music

[INDIE-POST ROCK-UPLIFTING] - THE ROAD AHEAD   (by George Pauley )  Composed: 2015
Great U2 Coldplay corporate branding post rock track also a la Explosions In The Sky. Very positive uplifting high energy instrumental, great mix of rock guitars like The Edge and real live drums. Works well for energizing films TV apps & ad campaigns. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music
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Heartwarming Music

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