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Horror Music | Theme | Haunted carnival and circus music

Sometimes a fun experience such as a trip to a carnival or circus can go horribly awry. The music here captures that scenario for you, ready for use in your film, TV show, game or other media.

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ABSTRACT INVESTIGATION   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2012
A dark and eerie track evoking the image of psychos, stalkers, serial killers, crime scenes, murder, twisted plots and Investigation Discovery. Occult events, crime scene flashbacks, ghosts, monsters on Halloween and supernatural freak show circuses come to mind. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

SCARY GO ROUND   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Carousel, merry-go-round, melting or slowing down in an evil way. Horror, Haunted Carnival

THE MENACING FACTORY   (by Nery Bauer )  Composed: 2009
A mysterious piece of music with a dark edge, spooky yet somehow innocent. Orchestra, percussion & choir. Good for halloween, adventure & comic horror movies. Comedy mysterioso, circus, spooky carnival music. Silent film, campy video game, playful, quirky, mischievous, big fun, quirky, be afraid! Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music

CIRCUS   (by Jean-Thomas Cloutier )  Composed: 2014
Starting as a quirky haunting theme with clarinet, piano and bassoon, this piece unfolds into a majestic, menacing and grandiose waltz. Perfect for cartoons, kids horror shows and anything circus or horror (light) themed. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

MAFIA CIRCUS   (by Danny Rules )  Composed: 2008
Perfect for that Italian feeling, quirky yet astute, this piece delivers an immediate sense of setting to your listener. Dark comedy, assassination plots, family loyalties, murder, mob hit, pay back. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

GHOST TRAIN   (by Francisco Jimenez )  Composed: 2012
A mysterious piece of music with a dark edge, spooky yet comical with a grotesque, angular melody, in an old thriller fashion. Guitar, organ, kazoo an theremin!. Good for halloween, adventure & comic horror movies. Suitable for circus or carnival, silent film, campy video game. º, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

CIRCUS TANGO   (by Ori Vidislavski )  Composed: 2009
Mid-tempo Tango featuring accordeon, piano, bass, pizzicato string section and subtle drums. Tango dancing, retro show, freakshow, novelty. Also circus, musical caravan, fairground and merry-go-round etc. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

WANJINA PART 2 - NGARINYIN   (by Chameleon Music )  Composed: 2008
Orchestral music that's mysterious, concerning, danger, threat. Works great in Horror, Stalker, Mystery, Dark, Crime, Killer, Murder. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

CARNIVAL MACABRE   (by Daniel Cullen )  Composed: 2011
music box and organ scare and chill in this creepy circus track. Haunted carnivals and evil clowns. Dissonant and disturbing this track is perfect for horror scenes, especially those that need to evoke childhood terrors. Evil funfairs. Scary dolls and mannequins. Sideshows and circus freaks. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

THE STRANGE CARPET GREEN ALICE   (by Olivier Olsen )  Composed: 2014
In this wonderful world, Alice had a bad trip across a garden euphoric scent. features violin clarinet accordion tuba fantasy choir vibraphone drums percussions cartoon song, Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Music

ENTRANCE OF THE ZOMBIE CLOWNS   (by Mohammed Doham )  Composed: 2014
Welcome to the Zombie-Circus. This strange and creepy instrumental is the perfect soundtrack for all projects that need a spooky and weird soundtrack for halloween- and horror related projects. Eerie and scary a'la Hans Zimmer & Danny Elfman. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

HAUNTED CIRCUS   (by Zev Weinstein )  Composed: 2014
Haunting Halloween ghost party featuring classic baroque harpsichord and pipe organ with graveyard sound effects. Perfect for setting spooky fun mood. Version also available without SFX. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

BUILDING UP STEAM   (by Tony Diana )  Composed: 2011
in the style of the classic looney tunes music a wide orchestral wind build joined by light percussion climaxing to a full orchestra boil great for animated characters getting angry or charging, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

ONE WORD 2012   (by Michael Musco )  Composed: 2012
This music uses electric guitar and piano for the melody with hard hitting bass for the rhythm and beat. The arrangement makes this tune perfect for a wide variety of applications. Perfect for avant garde circus or for out of the box with an edge applications. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

SMELLING A RAT--ORCHESTRA AND VOICE MELT   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2004
circus ironic whimsical curious, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

HITCHCOCKISH   (by Michael Warner )  Composed: 2008
A comic sinister theme with string quartet backing a bassoon lead - all guitar synthesiser. Has regular stops which allow for further editing. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

BIZARRO CARNIVAL   (by Media Music Pro )  Composed: 2012
A bizarre and disturbing, surreal soundtrack featuring a demented synthesizer orchestra playing a twisted circus style melody accompanied by a choir of distorted guitars, creepy whispering vocal effects and a hypnotic, demonic beat. Good for scenes depicting horror, evil, hell, madness and more. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

FREAK SHOW   (by Wolftooth )  Composed: 2014
This track starts as a typical goofy, fun and whimsical piece you'd hear at a carnival or from an ice cream truck. Halfway through, though, things turn dark as the wheels fall off and the piece descends into a dark and evil spiral downward, to the depths of hell. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

CIRCUSIA FULL   (by D. Silverstone )  Composed: 2010
bouncy and mystical, oriental and melancholic carnival and circus music. jumpy, quirky and longing. with vintage organ, flutes and rhythmic vocals. moody playful underscore also best for strange children music. funny in a bittersweet way with light arabian touch. lively, heartwarming and romantic. Instrumental, Circus, Circus Music

BEYOND THE DARK TENT   (by Apocalypse Cow )  Composed: 2009
Somewhat creepy carnival music. Go back 100 years wandering through the carnival that came into town. Everything around you is a little bit scary and ominous with lots of strange people yelling. You look towards the main tent and notice a pulsating, glowing light coming from beyond. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

ODDBALL 1   (by Eric Waters )  Composed: 2013
A macabre piece in the style of Tim Burton's films. Fun but a little bit creepy. Ideal for Halloween productions intended to be a bit humorous or quirky. Perfectly suited for use in animations or films where an odd character needs a theme. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

EVIL CLOWN   (by Andy L )  Composed: 2011
There's an evil clown lurking in the shadows. This menacing Instrumental track moves along to a steady 3/4 rhythm, building to a terrifying climax. Features pipe organ, harpsichord, drums, synth, cinematic brass stabs and a haunting violin solo. Good for circus and carnival themed horror, halloween. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

FRENCH GIRL ON A DARK CAROUSEL   (by Stan Tristan )  Composed: 2011
This beautiful but mysterious neo carnival music will give the carousel ride a new reality with this suspenseful and eerie melody. Perfect for Halloween, horror, suspense, dark drama, crime, intrigue and mystery productions. Also works for crime & thriller series like "Dexter", "48 Hours", Hitchcock, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

IN THE CIRCUS   (by Christian Umlauf )  Composed: 2011
typical circus theme with a slightly spooky edge to it. This is the typical sound of a traditional circus. If you need immediate circus assiciations, this is the track you are looking for. Its funny its friendly and its magical Traditional instrumentation organ drums brass bells let the, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

ENTER IF YOU DARE   (by Robert Neary )  Composed: 2008
Deep and bassy music for entering and investigating a haunted house at a carnival. Creepy and tense. The house is alive! Great for games and movies. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

HAUNTED FOLLIES   (by Music And SFX )  Composed: 2011
This Halloween track has it all! Creepy carnival / circus music, ghostly church bells, blood curdling screams, wolf-man howls, vampire laughs, tortured whispers and more. Perfect for all of your ghoulish productions. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

CABARET   (by Ori Vidislavski )  Composed: 2010
Classic cabaret, circus, puppet show type music. Theatrical, great for stage shows, magic show, circus, childrens productions and more. Has a certain Tim Burton'esque darkness to it. A little freakish, with a slight European or Eastern European historical feel. Instrumental, Childrens, Childrens World

PSYCHO CIRCUS' DANCE   (by Philip Shorey )  Composed: 2003
Gypsy clowns with chainsaws, pitch forks, and candy are coming in an old thriller kind of way. This track is a raw recording that brings you back to a creepy circus time before the 1980s in Eastern Europe. It's fast, full of cheering, accordion, smashing plates, and melodic gang and banshee vocals. Mixed Vocals, Horror, Haunted Carnival

CRAZY LITTLE ENGINE   (by Petr Kiselev )  Composed: 2013
Orchestral children and catchy crazy music. Built as Ravel's Bolero. Perfect for the cartoon, video game, or a children's holiday. Quickly uplifting!) Possible for the children's horror film, radio. Instrumental, Childrens, Childrens Instrumentals

CREEPY CIRCUS   (by Will Graettinger )  Composed: 2011
A dramatic Mellotron Organ swirls while Percussion and Chimes create tension and a ‘Spaghetti Western’ Harmonica howls the melody, all building up to the sudden entrance of pounding Drums and a distorted Bass that rip the track apart. Great for horror, thrillers, sci-fi and nightmares of all kinds. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

MEXICAN FEVER MEETS TIM BURTON   (by Chris Wiseman (Alt. Project) )  Composed: 2012
A mexican bass line played by an organ behind eerie sounding strings much in the style of Tm Burton - Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc. Perfect for horror animation and comedy horror. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

PURPLE   (by Cauchemar )  Composed: 2011
High-energy, bombastic dance music! Featuring detuned synth leads, Oom-pah rhythm and quirky melodies, this fun and exciting track *will* make you dance! Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

IN THE MAZE OF SURREAL DREAMS   (by Milana Zilnik )  Composed: 2013
Strange, surreal, sophisticated rhythmic piano solo. Jazzy touch with lots of dissonances, great Hitchcock or Basic Instinct. Feel of no escape from haunting dark dreams. Haunted house, psychological thriller, abduction, nightmare, mystery, paranormal TV series, claustrophobia, flashbacks, regrets. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

EVIL CIRCUS   (by Music as Metaphor )  Composed: 2011
A house of mirrors treatment for a circus from hell! Scary, spaced out, alien atmosphere. Perfect for a horror scene in tv/film or video game. Spooky clown and circus vibe. Sinister flashback, edgy, trippy, hallucinations. The Ghost in the Machine. Halloween. The Omen. exorcism satanism, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

IN THE DARK CIRCUS   (by D. Silverstone )  Composed: 2009
Dark, mysterious and fearful, haunted spooky circus music. Dramatic, atmospheric and scary carnival fantasy underscore track. Evolving electronic Synth ensemble and hypnotic beat, also best for mystical, chase, follow up, tracing, tracking, horror, mad and nightmare scees. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

CARNIVAL OF DARKNESS   (by SoundZOID )  Composed: 2013
Fright Master Maxx - Haunting words of warning! Welcome to Twisted Circus, the darkest carnival on earth, where things are never what they seem... they are much, much worse! Where the spirits of evil will tempt you with their follies, and there are no refunds! Tonight could be your last! Spoken Word, Horror, Haunted Carnival

THE HALLOWEEN FAMILY   (by Jonathan Wright )  Composed: 2014
The Addams Family meet The Munsters in this fun, quirky orchestral track with a devilish harpsichord, creepy church organ and spidery strings. Great as a soundtrack for a comedy horror or ghost story, with a dash of disney and a spoonful of Danny Elfman. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

DESERTED FAIRGROUND AMBIENT HORROR   (by House of Horror )  Composed: 2009
Left alone in an empty fairground… this horror track is great for all your ambient sparse thriller needs, and will work with your visuals perfectly to give your viewers the fright that they need. The electric piano gives it a scary clown and psycho fun fair theme. Great for scary amusement parks! Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

Big Organ twisted circus opener, featuring a gothic "Roller Coaster Rock" - Monster's Ball! This is perfect for haunted circus scenes, twisted and macabre, sinister and whacky, this track will set your circus on fire! Vocal Samples, Horror, Haunted Carnival

VERY OLD WALTZ   (by Petr Kiselev )  Composed: 2013
Very beautiful, nostalgic, a little mystical waltz. It sounds like an orchestra in the open air in the resorts or in the parks of the early 20th century, or small orchestra vagrant circus. Well suited for circus performances, films, computer games, children's parties the other retro projects, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

HOUSE OF MIRRORS   (by Joe Pignato )  Composed: 2011
A haunting cue with a evil circus vibe. Featuring distorted carousel like chimes and bells, orchestral strings, boy choir, and various synth effects. A great cue for setting a horror tv, film or video game projects, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

WITCH PUMPKIN   (by Thomas Beckner )  Composed: 2008
A bit of confusion in the Pumpkin Patch. Dad says which pumpkin would you like? and a little girl replies "Witch Pumpkin sounds good to me". A comical halloween song. Also available as an instrumental with a campy harpsichord and creepy pipe organ. Childrens Vocals, Horror, Halloween Whimsical

EVIL CIRCUS   (by Bobby Cole )  Composed: 2012
An evil circus comes to town and invites you to their opening show! !! A great parody horror track that will work perfect for evoking the feeling of a haunted funfair, a scary horror ride, unearthing imagery like Stephen King's It, Chucky, X Files and Goosebumps. A haunting scary track with an eleme, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

EVIL CLOWN   (by Bobby Cole )  Composed: 2012
An evil clown lurks upstairs waiting to pounce! !! A great parody horror track that will work perfect for evoking the feeling of a haunted funfair, a scary horror ride, unearthing imagery like Stephen King's It, Chucky, X Files and Goosebumps. A haunting scary track with an element of children, inno, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

FAIRGROUND AT NIGHT   (by Bobby Cole )  Composed: 2012
Take a walk through a haunted fairground at nighttime! !! A great parody horror track that will work perfect for evoking the feeling of a haunted funfair, a scary horror ride, unearthing imagery like Stephen King's It, Chucky, X Files and Goosebumps. A haunting scary track with an element of childre, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

TWISTED FUNHOUSE RIDE OF FEAR   (by SoundZOID )  Composed: 2013
A mad haunted funhouse ride! Descend into the depths of madness on this insane ride through the carnival funhouse, twisting and turning, at every corner there's something new to fear, including goblins, ghosts, raving lunatics and more fun than a barrel of gremlins! Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

UNCLE FREDDY'S HOUSE OF HORRORS   (by Michael Keck )  Composed: 2010
Creepy midway fairgrounds carnival ambience. Roller coaster, barker, calliope set a nostalgic tone for ghoulish House of Horrors Freak Show. Sinister chaotic devilish laughter, spooky spirits, shadowy corners. Halloween kiddies nightmare TV Film Documentary animation commercial. 40s tent shows, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

CIRCUS CLOWN HALLOWEEN HORROR   (by House of Horror )  Composed: 2010
A 3/4 Waltz time style Horror track. Great for a wide range of Horror and Thriller visuals, but focussing on scary clowns, haunted fun fairs, and anything that mixes up the dark tones of the Horror world with the innocent vibes of youth and fun. Music for scary clowns and psycho carnivals / fun fair, Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

A HAUNTED CIRCUS SHOW   (by House of Horror )  Composed: 2010
A circus show that is haunted by Ghosts, zombies and creatures of the night. An interesting horror track with a light bounce and circus / fun fair feel. The track starts with an interesting organ and kids toy box melody, coupled with a retro 80's drum synth sound. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival

DARKNESS IS HERE   (by Chris Hodges )  Composed: 2012
Stalkers, serial killers, crime scenes, murder, twisted plots and Investigation Discovery. This chaotic and evil sounding prepared piano and sound design track creates evil thoughts of Halloween, cults and the supernatural. Bizarre, weird and unusual. John Carpenter, Tim Burton, Danny Elfman. Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Carnival
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Haunted Carnival and Circus Music

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