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Amusement Park Music

Music that can work well in kid-oriented projects, tv shows, and amusement park scenarios separately from circus and carnival uses.

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TOYTOWN PARADE   (by Colin Willsher )  Composed: 2007
Toytown Parade - A jolly, skipalong xylophone melody with a circus or carnival feel. Change to a swing piano feel at 0:30. Ideally suited to children's television, animal antics or animation. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

HERDING THE CATS AFTER THE FIGHT   (by Stuart Ridgway )  Composed: 2008
Bouncy, playful mid tempo. Circus-like atmosphere for the most amateur child's magic or animal act possible, done for comic effect. Sitcom farce, someone getting deeper into trouble moment by moment. Mischievous funny happy joyful music. Kids cartoon video romantic comedy pranks. Sneaky cat & mouse, Circus, Amusement Park

DOOH DOOH DOOH   (by Chris Barry )  Composed: 2006
Children's music. Catchy, repetetive. Human voices create the Dooh Dooh backing while a flute plays the catchy melody. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

CARTWHEELS AND SOMERSAULTS   (by David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis )  Composed: 2010
Quirky tv theme can be comedic for a sitcom. Could also be used for a children's show on a playground. Xylophone, mallets and organ lead this track. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

CIRCUS TANGO   (by Ori Vidislavski )  Composed: 2009
Mid-tempo Tango featuring accordeon, piano, bass, pizzicato string section and subtle drums. Tango dancing, retro show, freakshow, novelty. Also circus, musical caravan, fairground and merry-go-round etc. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

CABARET   (by Ori Vidislavski )  Composed: 2010
Classic cabaret, circus, puppet show type music. Theatrical, great for stage shows, magic show, circus, childrens productions and more. Has a certain Tim Burton'esque darkness to it. A little freakish, with a slight European or Eastern European historical feel. Instrumental, Childrens, Childrens World

ITS CIRCUS TIME   (by J Osada )  Composed: 2015
Whimsically Circus Waltz, Great for a Light mood, Comedy Skits, short funny comedy skits scripts, Kids show. All around fun. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

BAD KITTY   (by Erik Haddad )  Composed: 2009
A funny, weird instrumental with tuba, rhythmic pizzicato strings, and a strange sounding organ melody. Great for comedy, kids productions, amusement park games, etc. Instrumental, Childrens, Childrens Instrumentals

THE PLAYGROUND   (by Stan Tristan )  Composed: 2010
Wondrous and soaring music that you would hear at the Boardwalk as your flying through the air on the Ferris wheel. You can smell the cotton candy and salt taffy as you stroll down the beach gazing at the beautiful lights emanating from the bonfires & all the families having the time of their life. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

THE BIG PARADE (MAIN MIX)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2010
Proud, celebratory, happy and triumphant patriotic marching band. Full of celebrations, the sense of occasion, pomp, majorettes and pom poms. Great for carnival, processions, circus and parades. Features trumpets, flutes, piccolos, glockenspiel, cymbals, snares and bass drum. Instrumental, Circus, Circus Music

GAME SHOW THEME 4   (by Suzannah Doyle )  Composed: 2007
Upbeat whimsical game show, circus or Cartoon theme. Calliope, Tuba, accordian, marimba, drum kit, SFX. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

COUNTY FAIR   (by Dynamite Chick Publishing )  Composed: 2007
. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

CIRCUS AND CLOWNS   (by Piotr Pacyna )  Composed: 2010
Circus intro music, clown polka, circus march. A fun and jolly track with strings, double bass, marching drums, bells, trumpets and organ. Playful and whimsical, suitable for comedy, novelty, parody, animation, casual games and more. G major, 120 BPM. Animal Vocal, Circus, Polka March

COTTON CANDY   (by Stan Tristan )  Composed: 2010
Quirky, fun, happy and upbeat instrumental cue. Simple and catchy carnival circus type of melody. Reminds of summer camp, parents taking their kids to the circus, Spring Fairs, carnivals, merry-go-rounds, first love, the smell of cotton candy and family. Perfect for children's apparel endorsements. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

SPOOKY   (by Jacky Schreiber )  Composed: 2007
Rhythmic tune with marimbas, synths and drums, good for a amusement park thrilling fun, adventurous and exciting, with world music flair. Intermittent chaotic sequences, wild and crazy, even perhaps a bit schizophrenic! Circus, Amusement Park

CIRQUE DE LA NUIT   (by Jonathan Adamich )  Composed: 2013
A very lively and exciting orchestral track, full of wonder, amazement and grandeur, Somewhat whimsical and playful, this cue is suitable for fun action scenes, circus and acrobats, amazing feats and mischief,, Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

THE MUSIC BOX [LYADOV]   (by Darren W. Chamberlain )  Composed: 2008
Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park, Anatoly Lyadov

CAROUSEL OF THE CLOWNS   (by Johnny Breton )  Composed: 2007
Envision a carnival clown performance, or a bouncy, cute cartoon like ride through a crater filled planet, Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

TRUDY DONT LIKE ME - MIX1   (by Blazznet Productions )  Composed: 2009
A spirited little piece perfect for a toy factory scene, childrens party or happy celebration. Corny, upbeat and extremely memorable. Huggable as a Teddy Bear, music mom and dad will love too! Toddlers, infants, Pre-K, nursery, Baby Food or Diaper promo, advert, commercial, Kindergarten, recess, fun, Instrumental, Childrens, Childrens Instrumentals

OVER THE WAVES   (by Dynamite Chick Publishing )  Composed: 2008
. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

COMIC FAR WEST   (by Jean Pascal Vielfaure )  Composed: 2007
cartoon perfect for your film video project multimedia crafted with care many possibilities of edition original and with a french touch have a try construction kits main theme 2'00 1'00 0'30 0'15 stingers ideal for film and video productions, Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

FUN WITH FRIENDS   (by Liam Bradbury )  Composed: 2014
Happy and upbeat childrens song, perfect for childrens tv, could work as a theme song. Lively and energetic, full of brightness and energy. Very catchy melody with piano counter melody. This is a must have for childrens television! Other edits are available. Instrumental, Childrens, Childrens Instrumentals

GRRRILLA IN AN ELEVATOR   (by Thomas Beckner )  Composed: 1992
It's hard to stay calm in this zany zoo. The Gorilla is loose again and he's headed straight for the elevator. What level will he be found on next? Otis where are you! The exciting chases alternate with a sneaky tip toe interlude. Great track for a video game or web site. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

CONEY ISLAND (LOOPABLE)   (by James Mulvale )  Composed: 2011
Spinning hornpipes and one-man-band style drums, this delightful waltz conjures up a seaside theme-park or circus, the track is entirely loopable like the magic roundabout so use is for as long as you need! Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

POMPEII PERCUSION 3   (by Juan Pablo Zaragoza )  Composed: 2009
Deep pounding jungle drums, percussion ethnic, historical background music for production of TV documentary film and video games, Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!   (by Thomas Beckner )  Composed: 1992
The whistle blows and they're off, around the corner, down the home stretch, neck to neck at the finish line. One lap or two? Maybe too zany for the olympics but perfect for a comedic race or Kids video game. Carnival, circus, Cartoon chase music. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

THREE O IS THE MAGIC NUMBER - MIX 1   (by Blazznet Productions )  Composed: 2009
Funky retro piece fitting in a 30-second section to be used for a small advert or transition. Drums bass and filtered guitar are accompanied by a rhodes and synth keys for a moving effect. Adventurous, funloving and playful. Flirty, strutting and quirky with a catchy tune. Instrumental, Dance, Hip House

RINGMASTER THEME   (by Anthony Davilio )  Composed: 2012
Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

BAD KITTY   (by Erik Haddad )  Composed: 2009
A funny, weird instrumental with tuba, rhythmic pizzicato strings, and a strange sounding organ melody. Great for comedy, kids productions, amusement park games, etc. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

EARTHQUAKE   (by Masterwerk )  Composed: 2000
Energized Euro pop vocal track with a repeating didgeridoo (Australian bush instrument) in the background make for an entertaining fun track with a slightly zany feel. It's unique! Just right for comedy cartoon offbeat film/video multi media corporate and in store play... Male Vocals, Pop, Euro-Pop

WIGGLE BRAIN   (by Erik Haddad )  Composed: 2007
A fun, energetic, and silly instrumental. Great for children's or comedic productions. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

YEP   (by Erik Haddad )  Composed: 2008
A fun and quirky children's instrumental with zany synth sounds and percussion. Great for kids video games, etc. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

FAMILY FUN   (by Tom Horner )  Composed: 2012
Get your kids and have some fun! Catchy little "circus friendly" ensemble tune which gets in your head immediately! Medium tempo featuring accordian, piano, tuba and brass instruments. Sounds like "Family Fun" for sure! Circus, Carnivals, Amusement Park theme songs, playful, Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

HAPPY WEEKEND   (by Sergey Tetenko )  Composed: 2015
Very pleasant music. Good mood. Positive emotions. Guitar solos, rhythm guitar, bass, drums, Bras. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

FIGHTER PILOT   (by Guermantes )  Composed: 2014
Musical evocation of a dogfight, using very aggressive synthesizers and rhythms. In contrast, a dreamy music reminiscent of carousels intervenes in the middle and at the end of the piece. For video games or films in which moments of intense fighting need to be supported by a powerful music. Instrumental, Dramatic, Electronic Music

CHIPS   (by A.J )  Composed: 2004
Fun, wild and crazy circus music. Fantastic fanfare, new product intro, kids cartoon or video, corporate can-do intro to video and sales presentations. Game show, winners, triumphant, campy, hilarious. Grandly successful, campy, irrisistably funny. Music that makes everyone smile! Circus, Amusement Park

FRENCH LESSONS   (by Serge Seletskyy )  Composed: 2015
French spirit short introduction melody. Best way to express the mood related to France. Suitable for educational programs for children. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

CIRCUS IN TOWN   (by Jim Ragland )  Composed: 2011
Circus march, merry-g-round or amusement park music with a marching drum a xylophone, oom-pah organ and a tuba. Smart and very catchy. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

DANCELAND DRUNK DREAMS   (by Michael Behm )  Composed: 2011
Sounds like a big band a bit drunk! Perfect for old folks home scene! Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

BRIGHT CIRCUS   (by Jim Ragland )  Composed: 2011
Circus march with a flute in the lead, a melodramatic break, a marching drum break and a calliope feel. Could be a merry-go-round. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

DANCELAND THE BAND'S ALL HERE   (by Michael Behm )  Composed: 2011
Sounds like a marching band! Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

COMPUTER GAME MUSIC, ATARI LIKE   (by SoundFuse )  Composed: 2012
Computergame music. Old school, sounds like Atari, nintendo, gameboy or sega game. This track has tags and Soundminer metadata embedded into file. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

FUN   (by Jeremy David Hiebert )  Composed: 2011
This fun lighthearted orchestra captures all the joy and wonder of an amusement park with genius orchestration and a loving romp mentality. Great uplifting, adventurous tune with a focus on children. Adventure pixar monsters inc narnia fairy fairytale storybook innocent lighthearted playtime toddler, Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

LATIN CAROUSEL   (by Jim Ragland )  Composed: 2011
Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

ENDING   (by Alejandro Salas )  Composed: 2006
Show-end music, music for the end of a show, Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park

SILLY CIRCUS   (by Funtime Ringtones )  Composed: 2010
Fun, playful and a bit goofy with a cartoony edge instrumental. USAGE: flash advertising, game title, Film and TV, commercial. Instrumental, Circus, Amusement Park
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KEYWORDS: romper room, amusement music

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Amusement Park Music

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