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Dramatic Music

Dramatic Music

Dramatic Artists | MusicPacks

Music for dramatic productions, including film, television, theatrical, and all production arts. Some of the leading production companies in the world have used our digital audio tracks in the production of award-winning motion pictures, television shows, commercials and more.

Please note that, in general, all music on this site can be used for commercial/production purposes, however the music in this category is especially well-suited for production use and does not necessarily fit well in other traditional popular music genres.

  124  Band, orchestra warm-ups
  220  Broadway and Theatrical music
  1,042  Calm, quiet, edgy with tension music
  340  Calm, quiet, hypnotic, repetitious music
  4,768  Calm, quiet, mellow, serene music
  303  Clock and Time Themes music
  4,499  Contemplative, considering, evaluating music
  465  Dramatic Music (pending categorization)
  123  Dramatic MusicPacks (multiple genres)
  92  Dramatic Operatic
  115  Dramatic Risers
  1,463  Dramatic Solo Piano
  2,492  Electronic, synthetic music
  6,569  Energizing, inspiring, positive music
  5,101  Ethereal, dreamy and beautiful music
188  Ethereal, dreamy and beautiful music (Chinese)
  2,418  Happy, elated, joyful music
64  Happy, Springtime, harvest, joyful (Chinese)
  2,802  Heartwarming uplifting music
  993  Hectic, fast, intense music
482  Hollywood orchestral action music (wild and intense)
  564  Hollywood orchestral epic music (lush and beautiful)
  2,075  Magical and wondrous music
  189  Mechanical, Industrial and Machine-Like music
  534  Patriotic, proud music
  38  Playful yet with a curious, quirky vibe
53  Regal Chinese
  76  Regal Electro-Orchestral
  1,885  Regal Orchestral
  3,537  Romantic, passionate music
41  Sad, somber, sorrowful, longing, lost, defeated (Chinese)
  4,532  Sad, somber, sorrowful, longing, lost, defeated music
  831  Smooth, entertaining music
  1,795  Tender, innocent, wholesome music
  3,035  Whimsical and playful music

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Best Selling Dramatic Music Tracks
Jive Ass Sleepers Sunny Day On Broadway - Jive Ass Sleepers
Winthrop Brookhouse Dry Winds - Winthrop Brookhouse
Bartok Music Wizard of Oz - Toto (Jack G. Graves) - Bartok Music
La Laque Desolée - La Laque
Jason Greenberg Seclusion - Jason Greenberg
Jonathan Wright Space and Time - Jonathan Wright
Marc Filmer Sparks of Ingenuity - Marc Filmer
Max DiCarlo Fantasyland - Max DiCarlo
Audio Architect Music Crystal Lake - Audio Architect Music
William Naughton Twice Upon a Dream - William Naughton
Max DiCarlo Fantasyland - Max DiCarlo
Stoyan Ganev Death - Stoyan Ganev
Toomas Erm Dark March - Toomas Erm
John Lawrence Schick Passion Tango - John Lawrence Schick
Ric Zimmerman Big Doomed Boat Romance - Ric Zimmerman
Sonic Moon Circus Circus - Sonic Moon
TJ Kross The Decision - TJ Kross
Music Candy Victory Alt Mix - Music Candy
Erik Haddad Hidden World - Erik Haddad
Victor Marchese Fall in Love - Victor Marchese
Origen Lacrimosa (Requiem By Mozart) - Origen
Harry Sadler Talking About Serious Things - Harry Sadler
HarpString Productions Breakfast Surreal - Shorter Version - HarpString Productions
Michael Gaughan Air Raising - Michael Gaughan
Pawel Blaszczak First Place - Pawel Blaszczak
Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis Lentement - Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis
Brian Thomas Curtin A Heroic Quest - Brian Thomas Curtin
Carlos Estella Happiness Has Harmony - Carlos Estella
Emmett Cooke Further Down the Road - Emmett Cooke
Lucid Dreamer Happy - Lucid Dreamer
MX47 Corporate Theme Industrial Prestige - MX47
Martin Sebastian Holm Supernova Blaze - Martin Sebastian Holm
Hassan Khan Pure Shanti - Hassan Khan
Joseph Rusnak Nostalgia - Joseph Rusnak
MX47 Huckleberry - MX47
Justin Crosby Victory Will Be Ours - Justin Crosby
Brenda Elthon Pride and Humility: Tribute to Appalachian Spring - Brenda Elthon
David Johanns Like Phillip Glass, Piano, Strings, Pads - David Johanns
Dean Wagg Tomorrow We Fly Corporate Class - Dean Wagg
Dan Phillipson Come Away - Dan Phillipson
Darko Saric Starlit Life - Darko Saric
Mark S. Crocker Sentimental Journey - Mark S. Crocker
Jeff Whitcher Clinging to Tomorrow - Jeff Whitcher
SMM Productions Clever Concept - SMM Productions
Erwin Steijlen Move Your Body - Erwin Steijlen
Carlos Estella Positive - Carlos Estella
Guido Negraszus Dark Warriors - Guido Negraszus
Jeremy David Hiebert Delightful - Jeremy David Hiebert
Equinox Sounds Symphony of Light - Equinox Sounds
Andrea Ravizza Italian Style - Andrea Ravizza
Dan Morrissey Winter - Dan Morrissey
Joseph Rusnak Nostalgia - Joseph Rusnak
Steve E. Williams Thomas Newman Sound Alike - Full - Steve E. Williams
Davor Devcic A Little Whistling Song - Davor Devcic
Paint Chips Dangerous Purple Dahlia - Paint Chips
D. Silverstone Your Lucky Day - D. Silverstone
Chris Hodges Discovering Your Path - Chris Hodges
Lindy Botha Guardian Angel - Lindy Botha
HarpString Productions Breakfast Surreal - Shorter Version - HarpString Productions
Chris Hodges Motivational Moment - Chris Hodges

Dramatic Music
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