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Dramatic Music

Dramatic Music

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Music for dramatic productions, including film, television, theatrical, and all production arts. Some of the leading production companies in the world have used our digital audio tracks in the production of award-winning motion pictures, television shows, commercials and more.

Please note that, in general, all music on this site can be used for commercial/production purposes, however the music in this category is especially well-suited for production use and does not necessarily fit well in other traditional popular music genres.

  121  Band, orchestra warm-ups
  217  Broadway and Theatrical music
  953  Calm, quiet, edgy with tension music
  316  Calm, quiet, hypnotic, repetitious music
  4,640  Calm, quiet, mellow, serene music
  290  Clock and Time Themes music
  4,430  Contemplative, considering, evaluating music
  453  Dramatic Music (pending categorization)
  117  Dramatic MusicPacks (multiple genres)
  89  Dramatic Operatic
  66  Dramatic Risers
  1,437  Dramatic Solo Piano
  2,470  Electronic, synthetic music
  6,382  Energizing, inspiring, positive music
  5,033  Ethereal, dreamy and beautiful music
187  Ethereal, dreamy and beautiful music (Chinese)
  2,394  Happy, elated, joyful music
65  Happy, Springtime, harvest, joyful (Chinese)
  2,735  Heartwarming uplifting music
  986  Hectic, fast, intense music
425  Hollywood orchestral action music (wild and intense)
  496  Hollywood orchestral epic music (lush and beautiful)
  2,043  Magical and wondrous music
  176  Mechanical, Industrial and Machine-Like music
  514  Patriotic, proud music
53  Regal Chinese
  74  Regal Electro-Orchestral
  1,877  Regal Orchestral
  3,451  Romantic, passionate music
41  Sad, somber, sorrowful, longing, lost, defeated (Chinese)
  4,446  Sad, somber, sorrowful, longing, lost, defeated music
  829  Smooth, entertaining music
  1,768  Tender, innocent, wholesome music
  3,004  Whimsical and playful music

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Best Selling Dramatic Music Tracks
A-P-M Productions Ambient Lab - A-P-M Productions
Eric Bode My Rainbow - Eric Bode
Guido Negraszus Dark Warriors - Guido Negraszus
Kevin M. Baumgard Bright - Kevin M. Baumgard
Audio Architect Music Crystal Lake - Audio Architect Music
John Judd Business Growth - John Judd
Marc Filmer Sparks of Ingenuity - Marc Filmer
Christophe Espern Solar Woman 1.30' - Christophe Espern
Stefan Bode Turn Up the Music - Stefan Bode
Ernesto Martin Happy Baby Summer - Ernesto Martin
SMM Productions Clever Concept - SMM Productions
Steve Probst There Goes Sebastian - Steve Probst
Origen Lacrimosa (Requiem By Mozart) - Origen
Krisztian Vass Looking Up - Krisztian Vass
David Flavin Uke N Whistle - David Flavin
HarpString Productions Breakfast Surreal - Shorter Version - HarpString Productions
Matthew Raetzel A Space Adventure - Matthew Raetzel
Dan Phillipson Come Away - Dan Phillipson
Carlos Estella Inspirational (Happy) - Carlos Estella
Jeff Broadbent Stardust - Jeff Broadbent
Stan Erbrink We Will Survive (Epic Cinematic Trailer) - Stan Erbrink
Patricia Hontoir Dust Devil Blues A - Patricia Hontoir
David Harper Blessed Is the Storm - David Harper
Lindy Botha Guardian Angel - Lindy Botha
Filmmusic Group Success: Motivational & Upbeat Corporate Music - Filmmusic Group
Max DiCarlo Fantasyland - Max DiCarlo
Matthew Reid Orchestral Winter Magic - Matthew Reid
Stoyan Ganev Death - Stoyan Ganev
Justin Crosby The Neighbors - Justin Crosby
Matthew Raetzel Witch Attack - Matthew Raetzel
Tim Brown Tender Embrace - Tim Brown
Mark S. Crocker Sentimental Journey - Mark S. Crocker
Jeff Whitcher Beyond the Edge of Reason - Jeff Whitcher
Chris Hodges Motivational Moment - Chris Hodges
Michael Gaughan Air Raising - Michael Gaughan
Marc Filmer The Age of Discovery - Marc Filmer
Andrea Ravizza Italian Style - Andrea Ravizza
Pierre Langer Temple of Darkness - Pierre Langer
Jason Bradley Livesay Odyssey in Space (With Choir) - Jason Bradley Livesay
Paczki Morning in the Village - Paczki
Francesco Giovannangelo Inspiring Thoughts - Francesco Giovannangelo
Lindy Botha Guardian Angel - Lindy Botha
Alex Rich Dripping Whispers - Alex Rich
John Judd Pride - John Judd
Ivan Paunovic Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey) - Ivan Paunovic
David Johanns Like Phillip Glass, Piano, Strings, Pads - David Johanns
Justin Crosby Victory Will Be Ours - Justin Crosby
Emmett Cooke Further Down the Road - Emmett Cooke
Music For TV and Games Feeling Successful Freedom - Music For TV and Games
Jive Ass Sleepers Morning Papers - Jive Ass Sleepers
Jeff Woodall Sundrenched - Jeff Woodall
88Seasons And So It Begins - 88Seasons
Steve E. Williams Motivational Impact - Full - Steve E. Williams
Soundroad Free Spirit - Soundroad
Robert Gulya Driven - Robert Gulya
Richard Freitas Gumdrops - Richard Freitas
Julian Scott Olympic Runners 2 - Julian Scott
Johnny Breton Summer Is Here (Sweet Celebration) - Johnny Breton
D. Silverstone Your Lucky Day - D. Silverstone
Lucid Dreamer Happy - Lucid Dreamer

Dramatic Music
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