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The ultimate instrumental Country music station, featuring traditional and contemporary tracks from the hottest rising stars in Nashville and the Country music scene. A great mix of catchy and memorable toe-tapping, barn dance, honky-tonk, and more, for your listening pleasure.

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SIPPING AIR   (by Zander Sekhri )  Composed: 2013
Soft, warm acoustic guitar track complimented with subtle hip-hop beat for modern feel. Swirling melodies and layered guitars add textures to this sweet, fun track. Instrumental, Rock, Acoustic Rock

PARTY ALL NIGHT INST.   (by Rocc Nobles )  Composed: 2009
Toe tapping and dancing. Instruments, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums. Sounds like Hank Williams Jr. Would work well in Monday night football ads, and in an NFL TV show, or six-pack scene. Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

DIDN'T THAT COUNT (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Colin O'Dwyer )  Composed: 2010
Country pop rock instrumental perfect for southern and country bar scenes in tv, film and advertising! Acoustic guitar and melodic electric guitars mixed with slide guitars flow throughout piece evoking a heartbreaking scene! Elements of folk pop blend with country and western twang! Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

RIVER FLOW   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2010
Country Pop track with whistling woodwind type sounds and drums, medium tempo. Fun and lively, but still has a romantic twist. Just a bit quirky, but still has a feeling that could be interperted as romantic and loving. Laidback, easy going, sweet and caring - contentment with the one you love. Instrumental, Country, Country Pop

INSTRUMENTAL SO   (by Howard Herrick )  Composed: 2012
Classic country instrumental ballad with gentle clean acoustic guitar and a gorgeous smooth upright bass, Instrumental, Country, Country Ballads

LEADED   (by Brian Nelson )  Composed: 2011
A smooth COUNTRY ROCK groove with a GUITAR lead melody and contemporary LIVE MUSICIAN accompaniment. This song will work well if you're looking for pop with a COUNTRY feel. Instrumental, COUNTRY | Groove, Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

COWBOY STRUT 3:07   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: This cocky piece struts on the scene with a funky Southern style. It's kicky - and it kicks, with a presence that says "you've got everyone's attention." Were it a person, it would be the best looking guy at the bar, the richest person in the room, and the star player on the football team. Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

BACK WOODS BEBOP   (by Rob Laber )  Composed: 2010
Country meets city in this up tempo, blue grass-swing TV show or commercial novelty theme. Remember "dueling banjos". Same idea here--this time with Kentucky banjo and jazz harmonica. Perfect for commercial or film scene where: city slicker meets country bumpkin, urban vs rural, sports car vs pick u, Instrumental, Country, Western Swing

GO WEST   (by Stephan Hermannsdoerfer )  Composed: 2013
Instrumental played by banjo, guitar and harmonica, good for western music, background music, Children's Music, cartoons and movie. (version with tuba solo) Very catchy, loveable, feelgood. Instrumental, Country, Western Swing

COUNTRY-ROCK 3:25   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Up-Tempo: Contemporary country with a strong twist of rock. The newest trend in this classic foot-stompin' hard-drivin' style of music. Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

NOT LIKE THE OTHERS   (by Mark Fitchett )  Composed: 2011
A laid back Endless Summer country-rock feel. Clean reverb guitar. Travelling down the road then arriving at a fun place. Instrumental, Country, New Country

HAZY AFTERNOONS   (by Space Taster )  Composed: 2014
Mellow acoustic rock with a relaxed, roots Americana vibe. Perfect for documentaries, TV ads, voice-overs and many other uses where a homely, nostalgic mood is required. Recalls, Neil Young, Jack Johnson, Laura Marling, Alison Krauss, Grateful Dead, James Taylor, John Prine, Nick Drake, Instrumental, Country, Alt Country

NEW MEXICO   (by Jeremy Sherman )  Composed: 2013
Country / Americana ballad with an electric slide guitar top line, Swaying and beautiful, Instrumental, Country, Country Ballads

CHRISTMAS DAY (INSTR)   (by Paul Reece )  Composed: 2013
Good classic country instrumental, Instrumental, Folk, Contemporary Folk

FUN LOVING COUNTRY GIRL   (by Andy L )  Composed: 2014
Lively country foot tapper with a carefree southern vibe. Features fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, drums. Great for scenes involving driving, rural back roads, moonshine, country dancing, whiskey, good times, slapstick, hillbillies, racing, wacky car chases, living large, Nashville, Instrumental, Country, Country Traditional

NO REGRETS (FULL INSTRUMENTAL)   (by The Tune Mill )  Composed: 2008
Laid back modern country with Island jazzy flavor in the style like something Kenny Chesney might do. Smooth flow. Great for romance relationship scene tender moments anything with an island vibe or scene. Vacation or distant adventures. Instrumental, Country, New Country

JACKKNIFE 3:00   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Fast: A kickin', pickin' piece of country fun. The ideal track for a race through the countryside, a high speed highway long-haul, or just a joyride in a brand new four-wheel drive. Instrumental, Country, Bluegrass

OLD MUSTANG INST   (by Marshall Smith )  Composed: 2008
live band recording country blues rocker, Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

EASY LIVIN' COUNTRY (ELECTRIC VERSION)   (by Mike Stidolph )  Composed: 2010
A medium tempo Country Instrumental featuring the warm rich tones of a Telecaster Guitar and Pedal Steel. Supported by a well rounded and tastey bed of Acoustic Guitars, Bass, and Drums. Perfect for any media. Instrumental, Country, Classic Country

OUR SWAMP (1)   (by Mike McAnally )  Composed: 2010
Bluegrass with traditional guitars leading you from Intro-Verse with clear sounds that remind one of running streams country settings or Swamp People, Duck Dynasty TV Theme and/or country background rhythm track. Swamp theme comes into play with primary guitar and in the #2 version lead guitar. Instrumental, Country, Bluegrass

SUBWAY JUKE BOX   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2010
Mid tempo country track with big guitar sound-12 string or steel with drums. Heavy dramatic scenes, commercials that want to make a point with middle class lifestyle products are among the uses for this unique and very cool track. Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

QUICK STEP TO THE TOP   (by Evens Colas )  Composed: 2012
The fantastic feel of this song makes it perfect for any advertisement for cowboy hats, trucks or jeans. Country feel with the luscious texture of the electric guitars and steel crying. You will find this to work great on a scene with a pickup on a dusty road or drinking iced tea on the front porch. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Rockabilly

FRIENDLY MUSIC   (by Ross Martin )  Composed: 2010
This medium fast piece of fun friendly frisky music features an exchange between the keyboards and the flute. Good for longer Commercial, Film, TV, On Hold, Internet Theme, or background music. Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

UNCLE SAM   (by Haene & Sieghart )  Composed: 2011
Country guitars bend around a train-beat drum track whilst bass and piano keeps this lively and energetic track bouncing along. Huge fun, this jolly track will bring a smile to your face in no time. Also available as a 60 second cut, a 30 second cut, Loop 1, Loop 2, Loop 3 and as a Sting. Instrumental, Country, Country Pop

LAST DAYS OF FALL   (by Rolf Schnyder )  Composed: 2009
Instrumental country song with Leadguitar, lots of acoustic guitars, Instrumental, Country, CCM

SMALL TOWN FEEL   (by Tim Brown )  Composed: 2013
Country, Rock, and Inspiration apply, this song has many personalities. The transitional changes make it diverse and fun. The fast guitar licks, the energetic mandolin and dobro injections with pumping drum beats make it energetic and uplifting. The audience will be motivated and engaged. Instrumental, Country, Country Pop

EASY LIVIN' COUNTRY (ACOUSTIC VERSION)   (by Mike Stidolph )  Composed: 2010
This medium tempo Instrumental features a wonderful Dobro melody supported by Twin Fiddles, Harmonica, and a complete rhythm section of Guitars, Bass, and Drums. Created just for you. Country Music, Classic Country. Instrumental, Country, Classic Country

MEATBALLS TO THE WALL   (by Jody Adams )  Composed: 2009
The heart-pumping and bass-thumping drive of this track totally screams of energy. Thus the name ! Ideal uses for this track would be a high energy format, extreme sports videos, excitable and adrendaline pumping emotion events that need a mood to be set immediately. Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

GUITARSONG FOR THE COUNTRY   (by Torfi Olafsson )  Composed: 2008
Classic Country instrumental, Instrumental, Country, Classic Country

GLIDER 1   (by Riaan Nieuwenhuis )  Composed: 2008
Warm, upbeat, roadtrip, indie/country instrumental, great commercials, tv, travel, fast-moving, energetic, sports, dvd, comedy, video games, YouTube, websites. Fun, wholesome mom, pop and kids entertainment, advert, fast food, country themes, romantic comedy, back woods chase scene, family farms, Instrumental, Country, Alt Country

AMERICA   (by Kenneth Chan )  Composed: 2011
Driving Acoustic Guitar and Piano building into a happy feel good chorus. Slide guitar, mandolin, and strings add warmth and emotion. Advertising, TV instrumental, Commercials. Instrumental, Country, New Country

HALF HEARTED LOVE TRACK NO BGV   (by United Sonic Alliance )  Composed: 2009
This mid-tempo, grooving and steady, country crossover track features clean and crisp nineties style production with acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass, drums and three part harmony background vocals. Instrumental, Country, Country Pop

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE   (by Mark J Smith )  Composed: 2011
Where Have You Gone? is an alt-country instrumental ala Robert Plant and Allison Krauss or Band Of Joy. It has a nice mellow Roots Americana vibe that would work in scenes showing rural southern life. This track has lots of texture, atmosphere, and a laid back feeling. Instrumental, Country, Alt Country

HAPPY DAYZZ   (by Ray Egan )  Composed: 2008
Walking along a dirt road, as happy as you can be. You may have skipped school and are on your way to a fishing hole, or are in the middle of a family outdoor party, this track has good feelings for everybody. Instrumental, Country, Country

IF IT AIN'T BROKE   (by Mark Fitchett )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat country-rock. Uplifting medium tempo with a soaring dobro solo. Good for travelling or drinking or cruising. Instrumental, Country, New Country

DOWN HOME   (by Amazing Music )  Composed: 2014
Instrumental, Country, Bluegrass

THE FLEA CIRCUS   (by Skip Peck )  Composed: 2009
A two-beat jazz tune with a bit of bluegrass and celtic stylings featuring banjo, acoustic bass, ukulele, acoustic guitar and tin whistle. Instrumental, Country, Bluegrass

MAN IN BLACK CLUB   (by Tim Brown )  Composed: 2013
Bright and Playful, this song has country flair. It is busy and fun with bold acoustic and electric guitar riffs, playful mandolin melodies and pumping drums. Your audience will be on their feet wanting more and more of this tune. Instrumental, Country, Classic Country

TRAIN TRACKS   (by Amazing Music )  Composed: 2011
Happy gypsy swing folk acoustic guitar and fiddle, guitar, Woody Allen, Dixieland, joyous, free spirited, easy going, laid back, country, bluesy, twangy, feel good, Instrumental, Country, Country Traditional

CLIMB THE WALL   (by Kev & The Rainpals )  Composed: 2007
A country mod pop dance song with great lyrics music sounds and some instrumental. Instrumental, Country, Country Pop

COUNTRY TIMES   (by Ori Vidislavski )  Composed: 2009
Archetypical redneck country, with acoustic guitar and harmonica. Slide guitar also joins in. Instrumental, Country, Country Traditional

SITTING ON THE PORCH   (by Gabriele Bazzi Berneri )  Composed: 2007
Easy acoustic guitars, solo dobro and harmonica. Countryside settings and hearty feelings. Family, friendship, cordiality. Suitable also for commercials: whisky, beer, furniture, (farm) holidays, wholesome products, Instrumental, Country, Bluegrass

ONE LAST DANCE   (by Gary Wolk )  Composed: 2014
Time for one last slow dance before closing time. This instrumental country-waltz features drums, bass, piano, acoustic and electric guitars. An ideal track for background source music for a country bar scene, or slow dance scene. Very warm and romantic. Instrumental, Country, Country Waltz

TRIPPIN' IN THE BACKWOODS BANJO AND FIDDLE   (by Warren Hein )  Composed: 2011
Great building fun, frolic yet dynamic simple Country instrumentation great for backing track for film/TV. LOTS of banjo, fiddles and very acoustic smooth country vibe for the backwoods feel. Instrumental, Country, Alt Country

WORKING MAN   (by Mark Fitchett )  Composed: 2011
A rockin' honk-tonk shuffle with countrified blues guitar and great Dr. John piano fills. Travelling in a big-rig truck or cool car, this one is moving. This is definitely a driving/cruising song. Party-time! This will bring people to the dance floor in a second. Instrumental, Country, New Country

COUNTRY PIZZAZZ   (by Tim Brown )  Composed: 2013
Need some country flair? Here it is! Acoustic guitar and dobro melodies embrace this song. It is fun and festive. Engage your audience with this playful, organic, and energizing song. It is perfect for any commercial or advertisement. Instrumental, Country, Country Pop

MOUNTAIN   (by Torfi Olafsson )  Composed: 2011
new easy listening -country ballad, Instrumental, Country, Country Ballads

PICTURE IN THE HALLWAY   (by Paul Reece )  Composed: 2013
Backwoods style country track with a sweet melody. Conjures up images of John Denver's almost heaven, West Virginia line from Take Me Home Country Roads or any other rural area in the nation. Simplistic, yet sweet and beautiful at the same time. Instrumental, Folk, Contemporary Folk

GONNA SMILE AGAIN (INSTRUMENTAL)   (by Case In Point )  Composed: 2011
So catchy you will be tapping your toes! Bouncy, bright, happy, upbeat, 1970's style (but ageless & timeless) pop rock piano and guitar piece a la The Eagles. Great for film / TV scene transitions, bumpers and stingers, travel shows, voiceovers, background, voiceovers, documentaries, reality shows. Instrumental, Country, Country Rock

MUPPETS ON THE TITANIC   (by Don Julin )  Composed: 2000
Mellow jazzy waltz with descending chord progression. Warm-hearted, fun, cozy, serene, playful, easy listening, ticklish and sweet. Evening with your best gal, stealing kisses, playing toesies, picnic in the park, sunny skies, loving someone forever. Cooking Show, Romantic Comedy, New Girlfriend, Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Waltz
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