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Smooth Jazz (329 Tracks)
Instrumentals that favor slick production, soulful melodies and groovy rhythms, Smooth Jazz is a blend of Soul Jazz, Jazz-Funk and Bebop, mixing R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz styles together. This lush, sophisticated and stylish music will set a vibrant and mellow scene.

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THE TEAM   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2010
Sooth, cool retro Soul track. Assembling the team who’s planning the heist. Funky beat with horns. Think Oceans 11 movie. Attitude, swagger, arrogance. Supreme confidence, walking in the room and giving off that air of youthful sophistication and confidence - even if it's all a con. by Martin Ahm, Instrumental, RnB Music, Funk
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CHESHIRE MOON   (by Curtis Macdonald )
Contemporary Acid Jazz. A traditional jazz trio, piano ,bass, and brush kit with modern electronica. Echoing the melodic, harmonic and improvisational influence of Bill Evans with a dash of Vince Guaraldi. Perfect for LifeStyle branded CDs or placement in film or television. Instrumental, Jazz Music, New Age Jazz
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R&B IN C   (by Richy Kicklighter )  Composed: 1990
moving inspirational r&b,snap your fingers, guitar instrumental soul jazz, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Soul Jazz | Groove
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TRAVEL BUG   (by Valencia Magic )
Throbbing Pulsating Mysteriously Attractive music suited for Travelocity price line amtrax. Expedia vacation music theme for movies. On the road to success. Taking the next step in the achievement process. Conquering over doubts not looking back and moving on in adversity. Carefree laidback nice, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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SPOOKY SEVEN   (by Vess Ray )  Composed: 2010
Mysterious and spooky jazzy instrumental tune in a 7/8 time signature with harmonic guitar and vibraphone that can fit a TV show project, documentary, movie, informational, drama. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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BLUE VIBE   (by Erik Haddad )  Composed: 2006
Great smooth jazz with strong melodies and song structure. Ensemble featuring warm lead jazz guitar. Great as muzak, elevator music, etc. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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SPECIAL SOMEBODY   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2011
Easy going, feel good contemporary jazz with a latin vibe. Influenced by groups such as Spyro Gyra and The Yellowjackets this is great for romance, smooth background music for joyous memories, relaxing on the beach, weather and travel channels, childrens tv, elevator muzak and more. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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JUST SAY JAZZ 2:59   (by The Music Bakery )
Up-Tempo: Easy and mellow, this cool, unassuming jazz piece can be used across the board. Its upbeat, yet unobtrusive, tones work for corporate overviews, product montages or music-on-hold. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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MIDNIGHT SNACK   (by Linwood Bell )  Composed: 2013
This funky, yet elegant, smooth jazz track features piano and soulful chromatic harmonica. Works well for that late night romance scene, intimate conversation over dinner and drinks, night club, memories of the evening while driving late at night. Quiet Storm jazz. Laid back and groovin. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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YOU KNOW JUST WHAT I LIKE   (by Skip Peck )  Composed: 2006
Smooth and funky with electric piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, drums and percussion. Happy good-time blues, feel good possibilities. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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SEXY SAX   (by Ethereal Motion )  Composed: 2013
A groovy and sensual cool jazz instrumental with a smooth tenor sax melody and sexy sax section. Ultra cool and hip with an urban jazz vibe. Pulsating and modern but with a slight 70's edge to it. Awesome music for any trendy lifestyle or New York art show, or investigative show. Groovy real bass. Instrumental, RnB Music, Smooth Soul
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PASSION FLUTE   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2012
Mellow 70s inspired sound. Funky and laidback featuring flute, electric piano, guitar, bass and drums. Inspired by the likes of Jeff Lorber, Roy Ayers, Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder and The Crusaders this is perfect for any project in need of a retro, lounging Jazz vibe. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz-Funk
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IN THE LUX LOUNGE   (by Vess Ray )  Composed: 2010
Modern, groovy and smooth down tempo jazzy instrumental semi acoustic and semi electric with Rhodes, mute trumpet, synth pads and leads. Convenient for elegant lounge, kitsch, TV, film, advertisement, commercials, flash web, video, easy listening, hold on music. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Soul Jazz | Groove
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GIRL ON FIRE   (by Stefan Bode )  Composed: 2013
A blend of jazz / fusion, funk, soul and chill-out. Lounge jazz feel, with relaxed but funky drums and bass, and jazzy guitar lines. Emotional, breezy grooves. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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SAXUAL CHOCOLATE   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2012
Smooth and seriously funky Jazz with a groove so greasy even the strongest detergent won't remove it. A cool, retro vibe with slap bass, alto and tenor saxes, electric piano, guitar and drums seamlessly blending the best of the 70s and 80s with a modern twist. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz-Funk
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DESIGNER PIANO   (by MX47 )  Composed: 2008
Smooth jazz with new age flavorings. Features an exquisite piano arrangement forming a cool and sophisticated musical environment. Designed for fashion shows, upscale advertising, luxury cars, modern Muzak, pop culture, corporate branding, shopping malls, hotel lobbies and infomercials. Instrumental, Jazz Music, New Age Jazz
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AIR ON THE G STRING   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2012
A laidback smooth jazz interpretation of Bach's Air On The G String. Features guitar melody with electric piano, bass, drums and strings. Great for creating a modern, funky and sophisticated atmosphere. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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SMOOTH CHILL   (by Pierre Langer )
Nice and easy pop groove. Piano, acoustic drums, bass and guitar - smoothly flowing, with a slight jazz influence. Universally appealing. Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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YOUR LOVE   (by Darren Lucas )  Composed: 2013
Nice jazzy 'George Benson' sounding guitar groove. really works well for all your background applications. Really catchy guitar melody! Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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IN OTHER WORDS... I LOVE YOU   (by Alandra )  Composed: 2013
A romantic and positive jazz track featuring sax and jazz guitar, piano, strings and hohner blues harp. Elegant instrumental track perfect for comedies and any video production with sentimental subjects. Courtesy by We Love Music Records (R. Fertl). Sopran Sax: M. Chovancova; Jazz Guitar: R. Fertl. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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RISING   (by Gerry Gillard )  Composed: 2005
An inspirational, sensuous, enigmatic guitar instrumental. Floating string melody. Perfect soundscape for gliding, birds flying, night life film. Romantic ballad, sweet, caring, hopeful. Happy couples, holding hands, watching a beautiful sunset. Vivid and sensual melody, leisurely road trip, travel, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Mellow Music
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WE DID IT FOR LOVE   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2009
A funky contemporary smooth jazz track that has hints of romance and relaxation. A sweet, simple melody is played by Piano and Guitar with modern R&B drums, Synth Bass and rhythm Guitar. Perfect for commercials, documentaries or background music for businesses such as restaurants, retail and hotels. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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SOUTHERN HEMOSPHERE   (by David Becker Tribune )  Composed: 2013
Deep bass feature with electric guitar. Stealth, secretive. Upbeat, jazz rock. Tempo changes with drum kit breakdowns picture scenes of crime, break-ins, jewelry heist. Also could be a tango exchange between love interests. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz Fusion
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FUNKY STRUT   (by Silvia Marchese )  Composed: 2013
A somewhat busy, yet also laidback, cool and funky jazz / fusion / funk track, Influenced by lounge, jazz, funk and fusion of the 1970's and 1980's, yet also with an element of today's modern sound, Fun and funky, without going over the top,, Instrumental, RnB Music, Funk
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COUNSELOR!   (by VenueConnection )  Composed: 2011
From the 2011 album Fire It Up!, chosen as one of the best of the year by Soultracks. com, the leading online resource for Soul/R&B music. Organic instrumental funky track with amazing brass section, sax and trumpet solos. Suitable for action films and video games. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz-Funk
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ON AND ON   (by Richy Kicklighter )  Composed: 1989
motivating and beautifully haunting blue/jazz new age smooth jazz with some acoustic fingerpicken , haunting melodic, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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EVERYTHING I WANT   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2011
Soulful, laidback and old school drawing influences from 60s soul to present day smooth jazz. A great track for romance, commercials, retro 60s and 70s projects, taking life easy, sunny days, happy occasions or any project in need of an uplifting jazz groove. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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SWAG EVENING   (by Ethereal Motion )  Composed: 2014
Ultra groovy easy listening jazz rock instrumental with an entertaining amount of swag and charisma. Smooth and flowing tenor sax melody, tight horn section, real drums and percussion, jangly guitars and groovy bass. Great upbeat fun and bouncy flavor. Lots of energy great for a family oriented show, Instrumental, Sound-Alikes Music, Spyro Gyra Soundalikes
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ARUBA SUNSETS (JAZZ PIANO)   (by Kepha Peter Martin )  Composed: 2008
Smooth Romantic Jazz Piano with soulful slow jam drinking in the sunset while sipping a rum punch on the veranda breezes blowing as the sun slowly sinks into the bellowing sea, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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NEW JAZZY GROOVE   (by Worldstage Music )
Groovy, cool smooth jazz. Guitar-style lead along the lines of George Benson, Earl Klugh et al. Great easy listening with a soulful, jazzy vibe. Good for phone-on-hold, muzak, infomercials, corporate presentations, real estate slideshows, or radio/tv spots, background music. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Lounge (Contemporary)
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EVERYBODY COOKING TONIGHT   (by Martin Fackovec )  Composed: 2011
Upbeat Jazzy song with Big Band. Perfect fusion of strong beats and elegancy of brass instruments. Features drums, electric guitar with wah wah, Hammond, Fender Rhodes, double bass and cool flute riffs. Fits best with Grand opening TV ceremony or TV show about cooking and gastronomy. Luxury!!! Instrumental, Jazz Music, Nu Jazz
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INTO YOU   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2010
Smooth, sexy, laidback Jazz with a funky retro 70s groove. Features Electric Guitar, Rhodes Piano, Organ, Saxophone, Bass and Drums. A nice, simple, melodic track to enhance any project in need of some mellow, smooth Jazz. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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TELL ME ONE MORE TIME   (by Skip Peck )  Composed: 2006
A smooth jazz/fusion tune with tenor sax, electric piano, electric bass, synth pads and drums. The seductive sax brings it down and dirty while the bass and drums get the groove on right. Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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SOUL WALKIN'   (by Mark Knox )  Composed: 2012
This smooth-jazz-style tune takes you on a musical walk through a soulful experience. A feel-good song that reminds you of all the good things music can bring. A walk with your soul-mate through a park or down a busy street where the two of you are all that matters. A romantic-musical ‘soul walk.', Instrumental, RnB Music, Groove
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GARDEN AT GIVERNY   (by Mark Dorricott )  Composed: 2013
A Beautiful floating 6/8 number featuring the warm and soothing trumpet tones of Wayne Morley. Atmospheric music for fashionable candle lit cosmopolitan boutiques, bars and clubs, or maybe a romantic film scene. A fit for up scale retail outlets/products, spa relaxation music, or a snowy winters day, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Chillout Jazz
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NEON CHILL   (by Curtis Macdonald )
Contemporary Smooth Jazz. Upbeat, funky and positive with a soulful cool urban attitude. Slinky, mysterious acoustic Piano melody with a hopeful, reflective bridge. Very cool inside Rhodes solo. Perfect for LifeStyle branded CDs or placement in film or television. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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SMOOTH TALKING   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2011
Chilled, funky, smooth jazz track with melody on guitar and flute along with electric piano, bass and drums. A light, joyful, modern groove that will sit well in any project. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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JUST YOU AND ME   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2008
A nice relaxing, smooth jazz track with full horn section and piano solo. Perfect background music for commercials, young urban dramas or sitcoms or any project in need of a mellow sophisticated vibe. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Hip Bop
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MELLOW MACK   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2010
Contemporary jazz with an RnB groove similar to Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison. Features melodic, sophisticated piano, funky bass and drums and simple rhythm guitar. 90 bpm. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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ISLAND SKIES   (by Kepha Peter Martin )  Composed: 1990
Lush Tropical Smooth Jazz Piano, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz Fusion
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MY TIME   (by E.L. Mahon )  Composed: 2006
A smooth semi-orchestral instrumental with soprano sax lead and very moving strings for added color. Very sleek and orderly piece. This is a thinking man's/woman's song for special private moments. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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MWASSA LOKO   (by Manu Dibango )  Composed: 2014
Edgy and jazzy with sexy alto-saxaphone, sensual electric guitar supported by slick synthesizer creates a hip urban and Jazz Funk fusion feel. Great for glamour, fashion and entertainment promos. Instrumental, African Music, Burkina Faso Music
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HOT LATINA IS0   (by Image Sounds )  Composed: 2014
Happy, relaxed Chillout Track with latin-flair. Casual drumming, eased synths and bassline. Instrumental, Latin Music, Latin Jazz
Preview Track

SUMMER BREAK   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2012
Super funky, Nu Jazz groove. Horns, flute, guitar, rhodes, bass and drums create a classy, modern club sound where jazz meets electronica. Great for projects aimed at a young, trendy audience. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Nu Jazz
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SOPHIA'S SMILE   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2010
Sweet and tender Bossa Nova ballad featuring piano, electric guitar, upright bass and drums. The perfect relaxing, romantic soundtrack for your project. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Latin Jazz
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MYSTIC WIND   (by E.L. Mahon )  Composed: 2004
Justifiably smooth and airy, cool and mildly soothing. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz
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HEY YOU   (by Richy Kicklighter )  Composed: 1999
new age jazz guitar instrumental , melodic , island groove, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Soul Jazz | Groove
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JEFFS JOINT   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )
Seriously funky, smooth jazz groove influenced by keyboardist Jeff Lorber. A slick and groovy track featuring electric piano, soprano sax, guitar, bass and drums. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz-Funk
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VISIT US SUNDAY MORNING   (by Hanjo Gabler )  Composed: 2014
Energetic Funk Jazz with a sweet vibe a la Weather Report or Mothers Finest. Cool, modern musical cue with handmade skills. Upbeat, stunning, delightful, funky and fun. Cool intro, streaming credits, theme song for Sunday morning TV talk show, corporate product launch. Surprise ending brings a smile, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz-Funk
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HOUSE BAND   (by Jeremy Sherman )  Composed: 2013
A combination of house, disco and funk. This track has a fresh, upbeat feel and a sense of cosmopolitan lifestyles, fashion and a glitzy style. Instrumental, Dance Music, Nu-Disco
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Smooth Jazz

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