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Smooth Jazz (448 Tracks)
Instrumentals that favor slick production, soulful melodies and groovy rhythms, Smooth Jazz is a blend of Soul Jazz, Jazz-Funk and Bebop, mixing R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz styles together. This lush, sophisticated and stylish music will set a vibrant and mellow scene.

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DINNER FOR TWO   (by Ron Komie )  Composed: 2010
A sultry jazz piece with guitar melody in the style of Wes Montgomery or George Benson, this piece brings to mind a quiet evening, a glass of wine, and just the right company. Good for background source music, underscore. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

PRISTINE BEAUTY   (by Matt Wilcox )  Composed: 2012
Beauty, Fashion and Style. Versatile music for a wide range of products including hair care, sexy apparel, makeup, and luxury. Upscale and sophisticated, it's time for the finer things in life. Why not look good along the way? Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate RnB Music

OCEAN GROOVES   (by John Judd )  Composed: 2011
Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12, and Ocean's 13 all have one thing.... funky, grooving music with plenty of unique sounds. Here is a track that captures all of those music elements in a similar style to David Holmes. Perfect for any productions needing a boost of cutting edge energy and style. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Ocean's 11

ACAPULCO NIGHTS   (by Kepha Peter Martin )  Composed: 2008
Tropical Romantic Jazz Piano floats over head as two lovers walk through the surf to their favorite secluded spot that keeps coming back as a dream filled memory of nights in the warm soft sands of late summer just as the sun leaves her amber pink and gold shadows on the horizon, Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

ARUBA SUNSETS (JAZZ PIANO)   (by Kepha Peter Martin )  Composed: 2008
Smooth Romantic Jazz Piano with soulful slow jam drinking in the sunset while sipping a rum punch on the veranda breezes blowing as the sun slowly sinks into the bellowing sea, Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

THE TEAM   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2010
Sooth, cool retro Soul track. Assembling the team who’s planning the heist. Funky beat with horns. Think Oceans 11 movie. Attitude, swagger, arrogance. Supreme confidence, walking in the room and giving off that air of youthful sophistication and confidence - even if it's all a con. by Martin Ahm, Instrumental, RnB, Funk

SMOOTH CITY NIGHTS   (by Michael Levanios )
Sleek as a Jaguar cruising through the streets of Manhattan after dark, and smooth as a double shot of VSOP. Featuring an elegant sax melody, lush strings, tasty guitar riffs, keyboards and drums, perfect for sophisticated urban scenes, nighttime, clubs, restaurants, romance, and upscale adverts. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

ECOLOGICAL SOUL   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2011
Mellow 70s Soul influenced by Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On' and 'Mercy Mercy Me.' This is the perfect substitute if you're looking for the same style and sound. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Marvin Gaye Soundalikes

NOW'S A GOOD TIME   (by Silvia Marchese )  Composed: 2013
Jazz-Funk with Soul. Fresh, happy and positive. Starting with a beautiful chord progression played by a Rhodes electric piano and leading to a cool melody, Instrumental, RnB, Funk

A YEN FOR YOU   (by Skip Peck )  Composed: 2012
A reggae inspired tune filled with longing and desire, featuring electric piano, guitar, vibes, synthesizer, bass and drums. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

UP NEW YORK STATE   (by Eric Bolvin )  Composed: 2014
Hip and cool, this retro jazzy piece features tenor sax and piano. Instrumental, Jazz, Cool Jazz

EYE OF THE STORM   (by Ken Gregory )  Composed: 2009
The Smoothest of the Smooth - Brazilian Guitar and Muted Trumpet. Beautiful Grand Piano Solo, Nice Easy Groove in the Percussion and Bass. Elegant playful and sweetly romantic. Fresh ocean breezes, sunny skies, loving just around the corner. Alluring gentle and ulta mellow. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

SMOOTH JAZZER   (by Linwood Bell )  Composed: 2013
Soulful, romantic, and smooth. Great tenor sax, trumpet, and the fender rhodes. Great drums and bass feel. The smoothest of jazz. Perfect for background music at trendy jazz nightclub in LA, New York, or relaxing romance. Movie TV documentary on hold. Trendy, sweet, candlelight dinner, limo cruising, Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

A WHIRLWIND ROMANCE   (by Skip Peck )  Composed: 2012
The melody spins in circles and the harmony and rhythm hold it all together featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums. Instrumental, Jazz, Soul Jazz

I'M A SURVIVOR   (by Paul "Sequence" Ferguson )  Composed: 20120
Hypnotic with a rhythmic R&B groove, featuring spacey flute, warm underlying synth and keyboard textures that create a slick and confident mood that depicts a scene of elegance and fashion. Instrumental, RnB, Neo-Soul

FIRST CYCLE   (by Larry Castle )  Composed: 2012
Hip Pop Jazz Fusion track with hot sax solos and a tasty groove. Great for a sophisticated scene as well as travel, leisure, entertainment, restaurants, cafe scenes and lounge. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

SOULFOODSERENADE   (by Mickey Floyd )  Composed: 2014
laid back smooth, jazzy, song relaxing feel good groove, tight rhythm tracks, with slick guitar riffs soaring melodies, old school style funk. great for travel commercials, beer commercials, romantic comedy, nature shows, reunions, Olive Garden spots, love scenes, Monk TV series, sitcoms, fun, Instrumental, Jazz, Cool Jazz

LOUNGE LIZARD COOL DELUXE   (by MX47 )  Composed: 2008
Smooth jazz with an exquisite piano arrangement forming a cool and sophisticated musical environment. Designed for easy listening, Muzak, cocktails, night music, hotel lobbies, upscale ambiance, environmental atmospheres, elevators and shopping malls. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

RIGHT TO BE WRONG   (by Stefan Bode )  Composed: 2011
A warm and soulful, groovy mix of Smooth Jazz and laidback R&B / Pop. Big band style brass / horn section, slow funk, blues groove and a clean electric guitar lead. Blues Brothers feel. Slight 1970's style, mixed with modern chill-out / RnB elements. Instrumental, Dramatic, Happy Music

ATTENTION TO DETAILS   (by Richard Freitas )  Composed: 2010
Medium tempo atmospheric, pulsating and funky track with strings, electric piano, synth pads and rhythm section. Very sparse melodically, perfect for underscoring voiceovers, power point presentations, corporate video and light commercials. Elegant, romantic, uplifting, swirling and beautiful. Instrumental, Dramatic, Smooth Music, Richard Freitas

CHANGE   (by Stefan Bode )  Composed: 2011
A warm and soulful, groovy mix of Smooth Jazz and laidback R&B / Pop. Electric guitar with a slightly bluesy feel. Flirty and cosy. Slight 1970's feel mixed with modern chill-out / RnB elements. Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

TASTE OF HIGH LIFE   (by Ivan Litvinov )  Composed: 2012
Beautiful instrumental composition expressed warm feelings creates an atmosphere of intimacy. It's played by real band. Ideal for advertising expensive items becouse this song makes everyone feel himself high!. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

GROOVE STATION IS0   (by Image Sounds )  Composed: 2014
Cool, casual Funk Track with happy trumpet inserts, accompanying e-guitar, slightly drumming and tender organ. Instrumental, RnB, Groove

LIQUID SPIRIT IS0   (by Image Sounds )  Composed: 2014
Instrumental, Jazz, Acid Jazz

NEW-AGE JAZZ 3:44   (by The Music Bakery )  Composed: 2008
Moderate: Sit back and relax with this smooth and colorful melange of tasty jazz harp and easygoing sax. An elegant, graceful track, ideal for carefree lifestyles, ocean breezes, soft candlelight and fine delicacies. Jazz, New Age Jazz

ANGEL   (by Richy Kicklighter )  Composed: 1985
cool and romantic blue smooth jazz guitar instrumental with a bossa feel, romantic moody track, soulful melodic sort of a cross between Pat Metheny and Eric Clapton,SCENES: love , night, moon , city, travel, tropic, distance, lonely, Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

OUT OF TOUCH   (by Skip Peck )  Composed: 2012
A mellow unhurried way of life, a bikini, a Pina Colada and a beach umbrella are all you need Mon! This reggae inspired smooth jazz tune with piano, ukulele, tin whistle, vibes, synthesizer, flute, bass and drums. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

LAST KISS   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2010
Mellow, contemporary, romantic and funky Jazz track similar in style to Trumpeters Chris Botti, Rick Braun etc. Great track for creating a modern and sophisticated vibe in your next project. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

MORNING BLUE   (by Jonas West )  Composed: 2014
Smooth acoustic guitar jazz over warm synths and subtle rolling groove, in the style of Peter White. Jazzy, funky, clean, bright and uplifting. Instrumental, Jazz, Nu Jazz

IN A FLASH   (by Larry Castle )  Composed: 2012
A KILLER ELECTRIC VIOLIN track. It covers various genres as it mixes in JAZZ, COUNTRY, ROCK, and FUSION, a la Jean Luc Ponty. A good fit for Television and Film scenes, Documentaries, and Radio. The Rhodes (piano pad) track in the background is subtle and offers a sense of INTRIGUE. Instrumental, Jazz, Nu Jazz

THE WAY OF LIVING (VARIATION)   (by Martin Stehl )  Composed: 2013
Great, super deceptive track that takes you in many directions... give it a listen and see for yourself! Composed by award-winning multi-instrumentalist Martin Stehl, this track features sophisticated modern music that blends arrangements, incisive rhythms, and intense melodies. Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Fusion

COOL BREEZE   (by Richy Kicklighter )  Composed: 1980
beautiful haunting intro you can feel the cool breeze, tropic, soulful r&b/jazz over a tropic latin rhythm, soulful guitar instrumental,great for tropic ocean scenes, beach,island, florida, Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

CRUISE CONTROL   (by Ropatt )  Composed: 2009
Mid-tempo, smooth pop jazz instrumental track great for chilling, slow and dirty dancing or making love to. Whatever mood comes up when listening to this track. Great as background music in car commercials, wine and adult beverage products, Cool, sophisticated evening feel. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

ON AND ON   (by Richy Kicklighter )  Composed: 1989
motivating and beautifully haunting blue/jazz new age smooth jazz with some acoustic fingerpicken , haunting melodic, Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

IT'S A GOOD DAY FEAT TONY D   (by Eddie Caldwell )  Composed: 2011
Sultry, smooth jazz piece, mellow, quiet easy listening groove, great for scenes of elegant parties, sophisticated lovers, savoring wine, dinner music, muzak, restaurant, car commercials. adverts, infomercials, romance, love making, proposal, wedding music, kenny g, bob james, four play, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Earl Klugh

LOUNGE LIZARD GROOVY NOCTURNE   (by MX47 )  Composed: 2008
Laidback smooth jazz with a soulful romantic vibe. Designed for easy listening, atmospheres, environmental music, spas, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, elevators, romance, meditation, new age themes, Muzak and music on hold. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

HOUR OF THE WOLF   (by Ivan Litvinov )  Composed: 2011
This is a downtempo smooth jazz composition with good guitar melody have a night, very chill mood. Maybe good for ending scenes. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

SKYLINE REFLECTIONS   (by Motown Moe )  Composed: 2014
Nice Groove track with cool snyths and cool piano, for city shots urban feeling would go great for skyline or traffic shots. Instrumental, Jazz, Chillout Jazz

LOUNGE LIZARD PIANO POSH   (by MX47 )  Composed: 2008
Smooth jazz with an exquisite piano arrangement forming a cool and sophisticated musical environment. Designed for easy listening, Muzak, cocktails, night music, hotel lobbies, upscale ambiance, environmental atmospheres, elevators and shopping malls. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

MANHATTAN   (by Steve Urwin )  Composed: 2007
A very henry mancini style of light romantic theme, violin, tinkly piano with very gentle rhythmic backing, acoustic bass prominence. delightful backing voices towards the end. Melody simple but memorable. A great swish TV theme. Sixties movie theme, great for mad men TV show, beautiful & romantic, Instrumental, Jazz, Soul Jazz

GOOD VIBES   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2012
Electro-Jazz Funk with a powerful head nodding groove combined with a simple melody and chords that mix elements from the 70s to the present day. A cool and classy track driven by a seriously funky bassline. Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz-Funk

R&B IN C   (by Richy Kicklighter )  Composed: 1990
moving inspirational r&b,snap your fingers, guitar instrumental soul jazz, Instrumental, Jazz, Soul Jazz

R&B IN D   (by Richy Kicklighter )  Composed: 1980
dramatic, time ,all over the world powerful r&b jazz groove guitar instrumental, Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

LUSCIOUS   (by Richard Freitas )  Composed: 2010
Smooth jazz track featuring acoustic piano, strings and funky rhythm section. Cool, sophisticated and driving. Funky, muzak, underscore background, sexy, flirty, club scenes, movie credits, corporate presentations, playful, romantic, weddings, country club, tuxedos and gowns, Hampton parties, Instrumental, Soundalikes, Sade, Richard Freitas

DESERT JAM   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2011
A fusion of funky rhythms and eastern infused melodies. Perfect for any project looking for a modern, organic and ethnic sound. Jazzy, cool, dark and sensual featuring soprano sax, guitar, sitar, piano, bass and drums. Instrumental, Jazz, Ethno Jazz

CAMEO STUDIO TRACK   (by John Bert Taylor )  Composed: 1984
Alto saxophone and trumpet melody on a melodic smooth jazz song that has keyboard and sax solos. A very nice mood piece with an ethereal feeling on top of a solid half-time groove. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

SMOOTH TALKING   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2011
Chilled, funky, smooth jazz track with melody on guitar and flute along with electric piano, bass and drums. A light, joyful, modern groove that will sit well in any project. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

LUCK CITY   (by Curtis Macdonald )  Composed: 2007
Contemporary Smooth Jazz. Upbeat, funky and positive with a soulful cool urban attitude. Rhodes melody a la Bob James with Muted Trumpet a la Miles floats the mysterious melody. Perfect for LifeStyle branded CDs or placement in film or television. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

ROOM TEMPERATURE   (by Jive Ass Sleepers )  Composed: 2011
Chilled, Urban Jazz with a hip, upbeat, carefree vibe. Two sections, one led by guitar and the second by saxophone. A great cool, laid-back track for modern, funky projects. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

RIGHTEOUS GROOVUS   (by Michael Panasuk )  Composed: 2014
Definitely sets a good mood with a cool groove, just right for sipping your favorite beverage, chilling with the one you love, or just plain good times with great friends at home, on the beach, in a dimly lighted night club. This track can put you in a mellow, marvelous mindset. Take the ride! Instrumental, Jazz, Acid Jazz
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Smooth Jazz

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