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In American culture, folk music refers to the American folk music revival, music exemplified by such musicians as Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Pete Seeger, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, and Joan Baez, who popularized and encouraged the lyrical style in the 1950s and 1960s. Folk music can also describe a particular kind of popular music which is based on traditional music. Related genres include Folk rock, Electric folk and Progressive folk music.

The original meaning of the term "folk music" was synonymous with the term "Traditional music", also often including World Music and Roots music; the term "Traditional music" was given its more specific meaning to distinguish it from the other definitions that "Folk music" is now considered ...
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  36  Anti-Folk
  108  Appalachian Folk
  269  British Folk music
  74  Christian Folk
  1,394  Contemporary Folk
  55  Drinking Songs
  429  European Folk music
  1,007  Finger-Picked Guitar
  58  Folk (pending categorization)
  347  Folk Dramatic
220  Folk Jazz
  191  Folk Oldies
  1,849  Folk Pop
894  Folk Rock
965  Folk Singer/Songwriter
  118  Folktronica
  48  Jewish Folk music
  9  Jug Band
  291  Latin Folk
  24  Political Folk
  110  Progressive Folk
  56  Psychedelic Folk
  60  Sea Shanties | General
  42  Sea Shanties | Pirate songs
  10  Skiffle
  530  Traditional Folk

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Best Selling Folk Music Tracks
Michael Levanios La Cucaracha (Guitar Trio) 30 - Michael Levanios
Julio Kladniew Montuno - Julio Kladniew
Kenneth Chan Bright Outside - Kenneth Chan
Mike Dunbar Papa Hawg - Mike Dunbar
Brian Blaney Union Creek -Or- the Appomattox Court House Dance - Brian Blaney
Nicola Donchev I Find You - Nicola Donchev
Kent Gustavson Good Night - Kent Gustavson
The Gravitons Mine Tonight - The Gravitons
Dynamite Chick Publishing Cielito Lindo - Spanish Guitar - Dynamite Chick Publishing
Michael J. Miles Waterbound Saltcreek Old Joe Clark - Michael J. Miles
Elizabeth C. Axford The Sailor's Hornpipe - Elizabeth C. Axford
Amazing Music Card Games - Amazing Music
Michael Keck Tzur Mishelo Solo Clarinet - Michael Keck
Graham Pagano Delicacy - Graham Pagano
Louise Heaney Cuban Melancholy - Louise Heaney
Michael Corn Building the Bridge - Michael Corn
Paul Reece Waltzing Matilda (Vocal) - Paul Reece
Annie McGee What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? - Annie McGee
Ideascapes Music Shenandoah - Ideascapes Music
Colin Black Wanderers Song - Colin Black
Ernesto Martin Terra - Ernesto Martin
Richard Hunter When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Richard Hunter
Vicki Hannah Lein Step Up! No More Waiting - Vicki Hannah Lein
Rosalind Richards Andean Hopscotch - Rosalind Richards
Linguini Western Prairie Rain - Linguini Western
Ian Hubball Armistice - Ian Hubball
Louise Heaney Emily's Waltz - Louise Heaney
Really Free Music Three Hornpipes - Really Free Music
Jim Ragland Chester St Rag - Jim Ragland
Ian Kirton Millford Wood (No Drums) - Ian Kirton
Patrick Williams Backyard - Patrick Williams
BeepCode I Like the Stars - BeepCode
Dustin Taylor Phillips Along the Boardwalk (60-Secs Version) - Dustin Taylor Phillips
Gus Caveda Acoustic Flow One - Gus Caveda
Linq Life Goes On Part 2 - Linq
Kepha Peter Martin Ah, Marie - Kepha Peter Martin
Right Track You Can't Blame Me - Right Track
James Horning South of 7th - James Horning
RAW Boswin and the Gonnabees Lost at Sea - RAW Boswin and the Gonnabees
Roger Lehman Marching Saints - Roger Lehman
Dean Graham Wolfe Birdsong Logo One - Dean Graham Wolfe
Elizabeth C. Axford Camptown Races - Elizabeth C. Axford
Quarterstep Productions Mariposa - Quarterstep Productions
Roger Lehman Byrd Thing - Roger Lehman
Zander Sekhri Fireside Chat - Zander Sekhri
Pierre Langer Years Before Me (60-Secs Version) - Pierre Langer
BonkSounds Song to Neil - BonkSounds
Wilton Vought Fingerstyle Smile (10) - Wilton Vought
Ionics Russian Wedding - Ionics
Greg Patmore Good Fellow Fantasty - Greg Patmore
Lee FitzSimmons Meadows East - Lee FitzSimmons
Adam DiTroia Pirate Legends - Adam DiTroia
Music Boutique Sidewalks of New York (Honky Tonk Piano) - Music Boutique
Dan Gautreau Blue Eyes (Guitar 30-Secs Version) - Dan Gautreau
Alexander Khaskin Home Sweet Home TV Commercial) - Alexander Khaskin
Suzannah Doyle Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Suzannah Doyle
Greg and Heidi Walker Overlander Guitar Instrumental - Greg and Heidi Walker
Paul Reece I'm Happy Cause I Sing (Instml) - Paul Reece
Valencia Magic Tres Amores - Valencia Magic
Joshua Scott Across the Room - Joshua Scott
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