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Our professional music supervisors have curated each of our playlists (or “Stations”), and if you wish to review any of our playlists, you can sort by "DJ Choice" or "Popularity", etc. and quickly find great music to license for your productions.
For Commercial Use

With over 222 playlists, we have music for projects all around the world, in many languages, that's perfect for featuring in your films, commercials, adverts, branding campaigns, corporate videos, fashion photo shoots, book trailers, kids videos, etc.

For Background Music for In-Store Listening or On-Hold Music

Our rights-inclusive royalty-free music is perfect for businesses that want to create a positive, progressive, upbeat atmosphere to enhance your clients' on-site experience. Our clients include the HORECA industry (hotels/restaurants/cafes), shops, spas, gyms, high-end boutiques, nightclubs, lounges, shops, gas stations, and chain stores and restaurants of all types. Playlists include Pop Vocals, R&B, Chillout, Lounge, Jazz, Light Classical, New Age, Kids' Music, and even music for Halloween parties, amusement parks, African safari, seaquariums, and more!

The playlists below represent 222 "Stations" you can play in your establishment to entertain your clients and enhance their experience with your company. To listen to the streaming music and enjoy a fun and "Free 7-day Trial", visit

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1 - Pop Music
Dance Pop Vocals Dance Pop Vocals
Exciting and upbeat vocal Dance Pop and Pop/EDM that's great fun for fashion, retail, trendy shops, clubs, and chains of all types. For lively, right-now vocal Dance music, our Grammy-winners and hot new singers and superstars have you covered...

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic, Pop, EDM, Electronic and Nu-Disco.     Format: Vocals
Pop Vocals Pop Vocals
Family-friendly mid- to up-tempo vocals in a vibrant mix of Pop, RnB, light Indie Rock, and chilled Dance Pop. Perfect for venues like active retail stores, malls, and casual restaurants. This upbeat music will add fun to shopping or dining out for all age groups.

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic Music, Indie Rock Music, Pop Music, RnB Music and Rock Music.     Format: Vocals
Pop-Jazz Pop-Jazz   NEW  
Our contemporary Jazz-Influenced Pop music blends several styles and forms with a modernist flair. Influenced by icons like Michael Bublé, Sting, Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, and Michael Franks, this music's perfect for urban galleries, clubs, boutiques, pop-up venues, and more.

Genres: Jazz Music, Pop Music, Jazz-Pop, Nu-Jazz, Pop-Jazz and Smooth Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Retail Cool Mix Retail Cool Mix
A nice easygoing mix of vocal and instrumental Pop, RnB, Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz, and Soft Rock, perfect for general retail environments catering mostly to an adult clientele. Also ideal for casual dining and laidback bars, furniture, house and kitchen, bed and bath, grocery chains, boutiques, and shops.

Genres: Electronic Music, Folk Music, Indie Rock Music, Jazz Music, Pop Music, R&B and Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Tropical Pop Tropical Pop   NEW  
Tropical Pop is the hottest new Island-influenced Pop music. A lively, infectious hip-swaying beat creates a sizzling club mood, perfect for hotel pool-side parties, trendy island boutiques, bars and lounges, summer fundraisers, busy vintage shops, and more.

Genres: Dance Music, Pop Music, Tropical Pop and Tropical Pop/EDM.     Format: Vocals
Cake by The Ocean Cake by The Ocean   NEW  
A fun-loving, easy-going summery mix of contemporary Indie Pop, Jangle-Pop, Acoustic Pop, RnB, Modern Bossa Nova, and other quirky music. Perfect for a cool day at the beach with friends, drinks by the pool, a hammock on the beach, hacky sack, and worry-free sunbathing.

Genres: Pop Music, Alt Pop, R&B, Singer Songwriter and Indie Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Shopping Moods Shopping Moods
Soft Pop and mid- to up-tempo Pop and RnB music assures a pleasant shopping or dining experience. Our sweet instrumentals and vocals enhance a relaxed mood for leisurely fun in shops, pop-up boutiques, wine bars, and restaurants for a casual clientele.

Genres: Dance Music, Indie Rock Music, Pop Music, RnB Music, Singer/Songwriter and Rock Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Dream Pop Dream Pop   NEW  
Dream Pop often fuses Ambient Pop, softer Alt-Rock, and Neo-Psychedelia with breathy vocals and a cool wash of hazy guitars. Showcasing atmospheric, harmonic textures, this shoegaze-influenced station creates an embracing, mesmerizing Indie-Pop style.

Genres: Dream Pop Music, Indie Rock, Electronic and Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Summer Fun Summer Fun
Perfect for Summer and the 4th of July celebrations with fun, summery vocals and instrumentals and an easygoing, free-flowing vibe. Great for Theme Parks, shopping malls, public events, family barbecues and parties, featuring Rock, Blues, Pop, Caribbean, Tropical Rock, Country, Summer Jazz, etc.

Genres: Country Music, Indie Rock Music, Jazz Music, Pop Music, Rock Music and Sound-Alikes Music.     Format: Vocals
Bridging the Gap Bridging the Gap
Casual, Upbeat, and Fun -- Vibrant music to match the hottest new trends in casual style for a global, progressive audience. Perfect for today’s youthful, fit and optimistic outlook of what’s happening RIGHT NOW on the international scene in the stylistically-evolving world of fashion…

Genres: Pop, Alt Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Pop, Dance Pop, Alt Pop, Pop/EDM     Format: Vocals
International Jet Set International Jet Set
Our savvy DJs are jamming on a spicy fusion of cool vocals with an International Vibe. Pop, RnB, Dance, Indie, Hip-Hop, and Indie-Pop to entertain your globe-hopping clientele, at trendy high-end fashion shops and catwalk, designer houses, yacht parties, clubs, galleries, restaurants, and whiskey bars.

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Reggaeton and R&B.     Format: Vocals
Pop/EDM Vocals Pop/EDM Vocals
Pop-driven vocal EDM (Electronic Dance Music) featuring new dance-oriented music tracks by our talented artists and DJs. EDM is Electronic music perfect for dance-based entertainment, ideal for teens and young adults who crave this trendy new genre...

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic Music, Pop Music and Corporate Music.     Format: Vocals
Pop Up-Tempo Vocals Pop Up-Tempo Vocals
Up-tempo Pop vocals featuring a rousing mix of Dance, RnB, Pop-Rock, Latin Pop, Pop-Country, etc., created by the hottest new talent from all around the world. Great for a lively clientele in upbeat restaurants, clubs, afterparties, slick retail shops, and noisy venues where "Up Energy" is a must...

Genres: Dance Music, Indie Rock Music, Pop Music, RnB Music and Electronic Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Pop Evolution Pop Evolution
Pop music is constantly evolving, and jaded trendsetters and fun-seekers will love this progressive new music, with a mix of Post-Pop, Neo-Pop, Post-Dubstep, Progressive Pop, Avant Pop, Pop Nouveau, and other new styles to worship. For pop-up shops, laid-back bars, lounges, galleries, or launch parties.

Genres: Electronic Music, Indie Rock Music, Pop Music, Dance Music and Pop Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Acoustic Pop Vocals Acoustic Pop Vocals
Discover a mesmerizing mix of all-acoustic Vocal Pop, Singer/Songwriter, RnB, Indie Pop, and light Melodic Rock music -- easygoing music that's perfect for relaxing after all or your high-tech production and electronics are turned OFF!

Genres: Acoustic Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Indie Pop and Melodic Rock.     Format: Vocals
Pop Instrumental Mix Pop Instrumental Mix
Family-friendly mid- to up-tempo instrumentals in an enjoyable mix of Pop, Dance-Pop, RnB Pop, and other Pop subgenres. Fun and upbeat, with a youthful vibe, this music's great for retail shops, stores, malls, and laid-back cafés and restaurants.

Genres: Corporate Music, Dance Music, Dramatic Music, Electronic Music, Pop and Indie Rock.     Format: Instrumentals
French Pop French Pop
A splendid mix of hot Pop music with French vocals or instrumental stylings perfect for French Bistros, Pop-Up shops, designer houses, fashion shows, trendy retail venues, and sophisticated clubs around the world.

Genres: French Pop and European Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Euro Pop Vocals Euro Pop Vocals
Savor the masters of European Pop vocal music with this exciting new station. A departure from the American Pop sound, here you'll discover cool new trends and diverse flavors on the Pop scene from our talented Euro DJs, remixers, artists, and singers.

Genres: Dance Music, Pop Music, Rock Music, Indie Rock Music and European Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Pop/EDM Instrumental Pop/EDM Instrumental   NEW  
Pop-driven instrumental EDM (Electronic Dance Music) featuring new dance-oriented music tracks by our talented artists and DJs. EDM is Electronic music perfect for dance-based entertainment, ideal for teens and young adults who crave this trendy new genre...

Genres: Pop/EDM (Electronic Dance Music)     Format: Instrumentals

2 - Easy Listening Music
Easy Listening Easy Listening
An easygoing, diverse mix of vocal and instrumental Pop, World, Folk, and Rock music, perfect for creating a pleasant, relaxed ambiance that's easily accessible for all age groups and audiences. Great for rainy days and relaxed, tranquil dining and retail settings.

Genres: Corporate Music, Dramatic, Pop, New Age, Folk, Jazz and Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Mellow Moments Mellow Moments
A nice mix of vocals and occasional instrumentals for casual shopping or dining where the mood is relaxing and easygoing -- with a touch of happy playfulness. Savor a tranquil space with Soft Pop, Melodic Rock, Contemporary Folk, etc. and a leisurely pace of mellow moments and a feel-good vibe.

Genres: Pop Music, Singer/Songwriter, Rock Music, Folk Music and Dramatic Music.     Format: Vocals
Adult Casual Vocals Adult Casual Vocals
A blend of Pop, RnB, Country Lite, Melodic Rock vocals, music that reflects a mid- to up-tempo casual yet mature sounds and desires of today’s diverse adult audience. Almost like "personal listening" but with a broader range of lyrical moods and artistry for adults who like something off the beaten path.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Rock, Country, Singer Songwriter and Folk.     Format: Vocals
Pop Easy Listening Vocals Pop Easy Listening Vocals
Calm and relaxing Pop music, with light, soothing vocals. Features up-and-coming vocal Pop artists with sweet and tender songs, perfect for mellower moments and venues with a mixed age demographic. Easygoing and calm, this station sets a relaxing mood.

Genres: Pop Music, RnB Music, Rock Music, Singer/Songwriter and Folk Music.     Format: Vocals
Acoustic Ambient Acoustic Ambient   NEW  
All-acoustic music in various genres including Easy Listening, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, and more.

Genres: Singer-Songwriter, Easy Listening, Soft Pop, Dramatic, New Age and Folk     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
NYC in Autumn NYC in Autumn   NEW  
Mellow ambient music with a romantic touch of Jazz, New Age, Easy Listening, and light Pop -- perfect for brunch in a cozy cafe or a sunny walk in Central Park or along the High Line to enjoy the changing seasons. Sweet, too, for holding hands over a candlelight dinner.

Genres: Dramatic Music, Jazz Music, New Age, Acoustic Pop and Easy Listening.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Oxygen Oxygen
Tranquil, light and hypnotic instrumentals perfect for zoning out the noise. Calm, mesmerizing and transcendent, "Oxygen" creates a chilled space for day spas, casual and luxury shopping, banking, rental and sales offices, and more. Essential to the soul, enjoy a world of artful and mellow music.

Genres: Corporate Music, Dramatic Music, Electronic Music, New Age, Pop Music and Ethereal Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Beautiful Happy Morning Beautiful Happy Morning   NEW  
Featuring a mix of Acoustic Pop, Lite Rock, and Easy Listening, this music will start your day off right with a happy and refreshed start. Feeling down? Our bright, sunny music on "Beautiful Happy Morning" will pick you up!

Genres: Corporate, New Age, Pop Acoustic and Dramatic.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

3 - Christmas Music
Christmas Whimsical Christmas Whimsical   NEW  
Whimsical, exciting Orchestral Christmas music for a festive and inspired Holiday Season! Perfect for shopping malls, toy stores, kids clothing shops, banks, hotel lobbies, etc., to assure a fun, elegant, and slightly mischievous, magical mood in the air for entertaining clients and shoppers!

Genres: Smooth Christmas Orchestral, Dramatic Whimsical     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Christmas Pop Vocals Christmas Pop Vocals
Exciting Pop-oriented vocal Christmas music in various genres including Pop, RnB, Soul, Indie Rock, Jazz and more. Perfect to mix with other stations in a custom schedule with round-robin rotation to add a festive holiday spirit to the joyous season!

Genres: Christmas Pop Music, Christmas R&B Vocals and Christmas Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Christmas Cool and Hip Christmas Cool and Hip
Cool and hip renditions of your favorite Christmas classics, this station features remixes and mashups of timeless Christmas songs, plus exciting new Christmas instrumentals as well. Enjoy a mix of Christmas Dance, Pop, Jazz, RnB, Hip Hop and more!

Genres: Christmas Music, Christmas Dance Club & Remix , Christmas Jazz Ensemble, Christmas Rock and Christmas Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Christmas Traditional Instrumentals Christmas Traditional Instrumentals
Featuring instrumental versions of Holiday favorites, this station contains the best of traditional Christmas music in a family-friendly format, perfect for retail environments wanting to add a little holiday spirit. Mellow yet playful, perfect for a cheerful Christmas mood.

Genres: Christmas Music, Christmas Ensemble, Christmas New Age, Christmas Orchestral, Christmas Guitar and Christmas Piano.     Format: Instrumentals
Christmas Traditional Mix Christmas Traditional Mix
A joyous mix of Christmas instrumental and vocal classics, guaranteed to please! Set the perfect holiday mood with this festive melange of timeless Christmas classics. Works great to include in round-robin rotation with other stations in a custom schedule.

Genres: Christmas Carols Music, Christmas Ensemble, Christmas New Age, Christmas Orchestral, Christmas Vocals and Christmas Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Christmas Jazz Christmas Jazz
Swinging Christmas Jazz featuring both instrumental and vocal tracks. Enjoy a cool Christmas with these flavorful tracks. Works well to mix with other stations in a custom schedule with round-robin rotation.

Genres: Christmas Jazz Ensemble, Christmas Jazz Vocals and Christmas Jazz Big Band.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Christmas Country Christmas Country
With a country twist on Christmas, this station features a rousing mix of vocal and instrumental country Christmas music straight from the heartland, perfect to set a rustic holiday mood! Works well to mix with other stations in a custom schedule with round-robin rotation.

Genres: Christmas Country Music and Christmas Vocals.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Christmas Classical Christmas Classical
A rousing mix of Classical and Orchestral Christmas music from world-class composers, orchestras and ensembles. Share the exciting magic of timeless classics and set a perfect Holiday mood! Great to mix with other stations in round-robin rotation on a custom schedule.

Genres: Christmas Music, Christmas Orchestral and Classical.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Christmas Message Christmas Message
Fill your Christmas with the Lord's presence with holiday music with a religious theme. Featuring a superb mix of tranquil instrumentals and heavenly madrigal and chorale vocals, these tracks set a sublime and peaceful mood for the holiday season.

Genres: Christmas Ensemble Music, Christmas Vocals Choral, Christmas Solos, Christmas Acoustic and Christmas New Age.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Christmas Vocals Christmas Vocals
Vibrant and warm Christmas vocals featuring exquisite male and female vocalists performing your favorite Christmas classics. With a mix of solo, ensemble and full choir performances, this vocal music will put some spark into your holiday spirit!

Genres: Christmas Vocals Choral Music, Christmas Vocals and Christmas Pop.     Format: Vocals

4 - Chill Music
Urban Lounge Urban Lounge
Cool and hip with a trendy vibe, this mix of rhythmic Acid Jazz, Smooth Soul, Hip Hop, and RnB offers an upbeat, in-vogue style. Mostly instrumentals, this music is perfect for bars and lounges where tastemakers and trendsetters hook up.

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic Music, Hip Hop Music, Jazz Music, Pop Music and RnB Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Buddha Lime Shooter Buddha Lime Shooter   NEW  
Paying homage to Paris' famous Buddha Bar and Claude Challe, here you'll enjoy an exotic, avant-garde mix of Deep House, Lounge, Chillout, and World music. Great for upscale bars, dance clubs, fashion houses, and boutiques around the globe.

Genres: Electronic Lounge, Dance Music, Electronic Chill-Out, Acid Jazz and World Fusion.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Café Bohemia Café Bohemia
Kick back and unwind with cool rhythms and free-flowing, poetic-artistic music, with both vocals and instrumentals. This perfectly chilled-out Café Lounge playlist offers slick fun and trendy grooves and beats, like Acid Jazz, Latin Kitsch, Bossa Nova, Neo-Lounge, Jangle Pop, and Brazilian Tropicalia.

Genres: Electronic Chill-Out Music, Neo-Lounge, Brazilian Bossa Nova, Reggae, Acid Jazz and Pop Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Luxury Upscale Retail Luxury Upscale Retail
Elegant and sophisticated, an opulent mix of Nu-Jazz, Chillout music, Orchestral and Smooth Jazz, and Bossa Novas, ideal for an affluent clientele in designer shops, fashion houses, chic boutiques, upscale bistros, hotels, galleries, country clubs, and galas -- or shopping for sparkly rings at Tiffany's.

Genres: Brazilian Music, Dramatic Music, Jazz Music, Swing Ensembles, Latin Music and New Age Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Chillout Chillout
A cool club-oriented Lounge/Chill mix of breathy vocals and alluring instrumentals. Featuring chilled Down-tempo, Ambient, Buddha Bar, Lounge, and Electronica you hear in fashionable boutiques, bars, and clubs in NYC, London, Tokyo, Ibiza, etc. Perfect too for VIP lounge areas in hot dance clubs.

Genres: Dance, Electronic, Chillout, Neo-Lounge, New Age, Hip Hop and Acid Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
World Lounge World Lounge
Edgy, inspired, trendy, and chilled, with a diverse and progressive fusion of contemporary World Music, World Jazz, Ethnic Electronica, and similarly lush chillout tracks. Offers a sophisticated ambiance and global flair that resonates with savvy, well-traveled clients..

Genres: Brazilian Music, Electronic Music, World Fusion, World Jazz, Jazz Music New Age Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Mediterranean Nights Mediterranean Nights
An alluring, tranquil mix of Italian, Greek, and Spanish music, perfect for Mediterranean-themed restaurants, hotels, and lounges with an international clientele -- a chilled ambiance for upscale dining or leisurely shopping.

Genres: Classical Guitar, Dramatic Music, European Music, Latin Music, New Age Music, and Mediterranean.     Format: Instrumentals
French Café French Café
Light and playful French-style music of a Bohemian nature -- Gypsy, Manouche, and Continental Jazz, featuring vocals and instrumentals. A vivid and charming ambiance for French cafés, bistros, restaurants, wineries, and shops from Paris to Bordeaux to Côte d'Azur.

Genres: European Music, Jazz Music, Gypsy Jazz, French Pop and French Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Chilled New Age Jazz Chilled New Age Jazz
Chilled and tranquil Jazz with a New Age Zen quality -- perfect for a mellow rainy day or late nights at the club, lounge, or afterparty. Calm and serene, this alluring mélange of magical music will melt away all your stresses and worries. Sweet pleasure awaits you...

Genres: Dramatic Music, Calm Mellow, Chillout Jazz and New Age Jazz.     Format: Instrumentals
Tiki Bar Lounge Tiki Bar Lounge
Welcome to the Tiki Bar Lounge and an uber-chilled Tropical Paradise, where cool ocean breezes beckon. Lush Polynesian Music, Jazz Exotica, and light Hawaiian music help fashion a playful Luau and poolside party mood -- and great for the Happy Hour, too. How about a Mai Tai or Rum Punch?

Genres: Jazz Exotica, Whimsical Polynesian, Electronica, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music, Tropical Latin Music, and Pop Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
TGI Happy Hour TGI Happy Hour
Perfect music for the swinging Happy Hour crowd -- a hot mix of sassy vocals and instrumentals! Pop, Bossa Nova, Jazz, World Fusion, and a touch of bangin' Hip-Hop -- great beats for networking, selfies and flirting. Wine, beer, mojitos, and burgers -- Set 'em up, Joe...

Genres: Brazilian Music, Corporate Music, Dance Music, Electronic Music, Jazz Music and Pop Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
After Hours After Hours
Calm, sophisticated and mellow, a sweet mix of mostly instrumentals that include Jazz Piano, Chill, Neo-Lounge, Smooth Jazz, light Chicago Blues, etc. Perfect for hotel bars, late-night lounges, and chic restaurants -- for chilling out after a busy day or a night on the town.

Genres: Soul, Jazz, Chillout, Lounge     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
After Hours Latin Mix After Hours Latin Mix
A tender Latin vibe for lovers of slow Latin Jazz, light Boleros, sensuous Rumbas, Bossa Novas, and Tangos. Relaxing and exotic, an embrace of sensuous Latin sounds, perfect for fine dining, hotel bars, nightclubs, cozy cafes, and trendy shops for guys or gals.

Genres: Latin Jazz, Slow Boleros, Rumba, Bossa Nova, Tango, and more     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

5 - Latin Music
Cuba Libre Cuba Libre
The Cuban Revolution evolves with "Cuba Libre" -- a sizzling mix of tempos and Rumbas, Boleros, Salsas, Mambos, and a fusion of Afro-Cuban and Latin music for free-spirited clients at Latin clubs, Tropical lounges, trendy shops, chains, restaurants, and more.

Genres: Latin Music, Tropical Latin, Latin Jazz and Reggaeton.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Latin Easy Listening Latin Easy Listening
Latin Pop-oriented music with a chilled and mellow vibe. Offering a lively, edgy glam, it features both Latin instrumentals and Spanish vocals in a variety of styles, this music is perfect for niche hotels, fashion boutiques, restaurants, cozy cafés, espresso bars, shops, and chain stores.

Genres: Latin Easy Listening, Latin Pop Ballads, Spanish Music and Latin Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Latin Pop Vocals Latin Pop Vocals
Contemporary Spanish language vocals in the Pop, Electronic, Dance, Rock, Indie Rock genres. Checkout the hot talent from our Latin Music artists!

Genres: Latin Music, Latin Pop, Latin Pop Ballads and Latin House.     Format: Vocals
Latin Hot Mix Latin Hot Mix
Contemporary club- and dance-oriented Latin music including Latin House, Reggaeton, spicy Latin Pop and more. Featuring hot Latin music artists and bands from the US, Latin America and Europe, this station is great for nightclubs, discos and house parties!

Genres: Dance Music, Hip Hop Music, Latin Music, Reggaeton Music and Latin Rap and Hip Hop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Spanish Guitar Spanish Guitar
Tranquil yet provocative Spanish guitar to warm even the coldest of days! Passionate and playful vocals and instrumentals set a tranquil and romantic mood. Perfect for intimate dinners, quiet restaurants, or chilling out in upscale venues.

Genres: Classical Guitar, Latin Music, Spanish Guitar, Flamenco, Bossa Nova and Brazilian Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Latin Tropical Latin Tropical
Laidback and alluring Latin vocals and instrumentals perfect for sunny travel themes, resorts and entertaining. Enjoy a party vibe with lively mid tempo Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Calypso, Afro-Caribbean, and other happy and festive music.

Genres: Tropical Latin Music, Latin Jazz, Brazilian Music, Latin Pop, Samba and Salsa.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Latin Folk Latin Folk
Traditional and Folk Latin vocal music, ideal for old-world Spanish restaurants and similar settings

Genres: Latin Music, Latin Folk Music, Mariachi and Spanish Music.     Format: Vocals
Caribbean Tropical Caribbean Tropical
Tropical fun at its finest, with family-friendly vocal and instrumental Calypso, Tropicalia, Steel Drums, Tropical Rock and more. Perfect for Caribbean restaurants, sunny beach music, poolside, piña coladas, and festive pool parties.

Genres: Tropical Latin Music, Caribbean, Calypso, Steel Drums, Reggae and Tropical Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Flamenco de Pasión Flamenco de Pasión
Elegant and driven, passionate and fiery, Flamenco music is one of the oldest and most striking forms of Latin music. Here you will find a brilliant collection of Flamenco music from the Spanish masters of the art.

Genres: Latin Music, Flamenco and Spanish Guitar.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Southwest Grill Southwest Grill
Festive, flavorful and rousing vocals and instrumentals blending the old Southwest with a contemporary South-of-the-Border Spanish flair. Spicy Tejano, wild Corrido, Ranchera, and other lively Tex-Mex music.

Genres: Latin Music, Tejano & Tex-Mex, Spanish Music, Mariachi Music, Flamenco Music and Bolero.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Mexican Restaurant Mexican Restaurant
A festive mix of vocal and instrumental Mexican music perfect for restaurants and chains. Mariachi, Salsa, Spanish Guitar, Latin Pop, and Latin Easy Listening music set a vibrant, upbeat mood for trendy Mexican-style dining, Happy Hour, celebrations and great times with friends and family!

Genres: Latin Music, Tropical Latin Music, Latin Folk, Latin Jazz and Latin Easy Listening.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Latin Restaurant Latin Restaurant
A festive, swanky mix of light vocal and instrumental Latin music perfect for Hispanic-themed restaurants and retail. Our chilled Salsas, Rumbas, sensual Boleros, Spanish Guitar, and Latin Pop set a vibrant and warm mood for trendy Latin dining, hotels, cozy cafes, boutiques, and family-friendly venues

Genres: Latin Pop, Spanish Music, Tropical Latin Music, Latin Jazz, Flamenco and Latin Easy Listening.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Tango Tango
Sensual and dramatic, passionate and striking, Tango music is the epitome of romantic Latin dance music. Listen to the masters of Tango as they take you on an epic sonic adventure through the realms of this exotic musical art form.

Genres: Latin Music, Tango, Tangotronica and World Fusion.     Format: Instrumentals
Brazil Party Mix Brazil Party Mix
Festive Brazilian music for Carnival and New Year's celebrations -- sizzling MPB, Samba, Electro, Bossa Nova, Rock, Rap, and more. Fun, fast tempos for the trendy Lapa and Copacabana hipster clubs, restaurants, and fashion boutiques. Vamos Fazer Festa! Let's Party!

Genres: Samba, Bossa Nova Jazz and Música Popular Brasileira.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Music of the Andes Music of the Andes
Journey to South America and walk in the footsteps of the Incas to a destination back in time. Featuring the music of Andean cultures with indigenous instrumentation including pan flute, charango, drums, and proud vocals from the descendants of the Incas. Perfect for special events and fiestas.

Genres: Latin Music, New Age Music and World Fusion.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

6 - Jazz Music
Smooth Jazz Smooth Jazz
Instrumentals that favor slick production, soulful melodies, and groovy rhythms, this station is a blend of Soul Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Hip-Bop, as well as traditional Smooth Jazz styles. Superb musicianship and masterful production finesse offer up an avant-garde Jazz station built to impress!

Genres: Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz, Soul Jazz, Jazz-Funk and RnB Music.     Format: Instrumentals
Acid Jazz Acid Jazz
Acid Jazz combines Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop with additional influences from Soul, House, and Disco. Perfect for trendy bars, art galleries, dance clubs, wine bars, and after-hours fun. Mellow moods and sensual rhythms set the perfect tone for a laid-back urban vibe.

Genres: Acid Jazz, Neo-Soul, Funk, Electronic     Format: Instrumentals
Nu-Jazz Nu-Jazz
This is NOT your granddad's Jazz! Welcome to the hottest new avant-garde Jazz styles to emerge from the US and around the world. A departure from traditional Jazz, Nu-Jazz incorporates multiple new music styles to create smoking-hot new sounds.

Genres: Jazz Music, Nu-Jazz Jazz-Funk, Acid Jazz, Chillout Jazz and Jazz Fusion.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Lounge Jazz Lounge Jazz
Mellow and sublime Jazz that's perfect for the late-night scene and cocktail time in wine bars, restaurants, country clubs, hotel lobbies, vintage shops, and more. Finesse the moment and charm your clients with these sophisticated, romantic instrumentals and vocals.

Genres: Lounge Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz, Swing Ensembles, Jazz Waltz, Cool Jazz and Chillout Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Electro Swing Electro Swing
Smoking hot music fusing Swing styles with contemporary genres including House, Hip Hop, EDM and more. Connected with a revival of interest in Swing dances like the Lindy hop, this station is a new twist on vintage music, fashion, culture and style a la Boardwalk Empire and Great Gatsby.

Genres: Jazz Music, Nu Jazz and Electro Swing.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Kings of Swing Kings of Swing
Rousing Swing Jazz instrumentals in various formats, including Big Band and smaller ensembles. Quick, hop on the dance floor and get your sweet feet moving to the frenzied groove of this fun station. From mellow trios to powerhouse bands, this is an extremely lively mix of Swing Jazz.

Genres: Jazz Music, Swing Ensembles, Big Band and Lounge Jazz.     Format: Instrumentals
Bebop Jazz Bebop Jazz
For true Jazz aficionados, this is a hot mix or Bebop and Hard Bop. Featuring jazz virtuosos and improvisation, this is music straight out of the Golden Age of Jazz when cats like Bird (Charlie Parker) and Dizzy Gillespie reigned supreme.

Genres: Bebop, Hard Bop, Modern and Swing Ensembles.     Format: Instrumentals
Cabaret Jazz Cabaret Jazz
Calm quiet Cabaret Jazz, both instrumental and vocal, featuring light instrumentation, perfect for restaurants, cafes and nightclubs for background Jazz music for an audience at tables often dining or drinking.

Genres: Jazz Cabaret Music, Lounge Jazz, and Smooth Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Jazz Vocals Jazz Vocals
Swinging-hot Jazz vocals, featuring some of your timeless favorite Jazz standards as well as all-new compositions by new and emerging artists. Check out our singers from around the world and enjoy a vocal twist on Jazz!

Genres: Jazz Music, Lounge Jazz Vocals, Big Band, Swing Ensembles and Smooth Jazz Vocals.     Format: Vocals
Modern Jazz Modern Jazz   NEW  
Modern Jazz includes various styles of Jazz that have evolved since the early 1940s and are marked generally by harmonic and rhythmic complexity, emphasis on chord progressions rather than melody, a tendency to draw on classical forms and styles, and eclectic, allusive melodic tags in improvisation.

Genres: Modern Jazz, Swing Ensembles, Jazz Waltz, Jazz Fusion, Cool Jazz and Chillout Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Gypsy Jazz Gypsy Jazz
Gypsy Jazz (also called Manouche Jazz, Gypsy Swing, and Hot Club Jazz) is a lively music style attributed to guitarist Jean "Django" Reinhardt in the 1930s, originating in France. Cool and bouncy, summery and fun, guaranteed to create a swinging mood!

Genres: Jazz Music, Gypsy Jazz, European Music and Comedy Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Boogie Woogie Boogie Woogie   NEW  
Lively Swing and Boogie Woogie music from the jumping-jiving '30s-'40s era and World War II culture. Fun for retro shops and clubs, with a mix of Swing, Boogie, Stride, Jump, and Continental Jazz in the style of The Andrews Sisters, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, and more.

Genres: Boogie-Woogie, Big Band, Swing Ensembles, Lounge Jazz and Piano Blues.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Latin Jazz Latin Jazz
Sultry, soulful, Latin Jazz is great for clubs, trendy restaurants, ballroom dancing, or lively entertainment. Hot percussion includes congas, bongos, timbales, and maracas, plus tasty brass and occasional strings and woodwinds -- a spicy combo of Jazz and Latin themes.

Genres: Brazilian Music, Bossa Nova Jazz, Latin Jazz, Latin Waltz, Samba and Afro-Cuban Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Jazz Piano Jazz Piano   NEW  
Let the Jazz Piano flow like a breeze in summer, as cool caresses linger into the night, intertwining sweetness as the notes breathe life with sentimental melodies that manifestly matter. Perfect for hotels, lounges, casual dining, service centers, and general retail.

Genres: Jazz Music, Lounge Jazz , Jazz piano and Swing.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Ragtime Jazz Ragtime Jazz
Our rousing big-city Jazz features piano, syncopation, and challenging rhythms. Fun and flowing, Ragtime peaked in Europe and America in the 20's but regained popularity in the 70's, thanks to a revival of Scott Joplin's music. Great for Sunday brunch, art shows, vintage shops, and laid-back Jazz clubs.

Genres: Jazz Music, Ragtime, Boogie Woogie and Dramatic Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Jazz Chillout Jazz Chillout   NEW  
Perfect Jazz music for chilling out at the club, a snazzy café, or a laidback hotel bar. A cool mix of Lounge, Progressive, Acid, New Age, and various other Jazz forms -- all to create a warm, relaxed experience for cocktails and a touch of flirtation...

Genres: Smooth Jazz Music, Lounge Jazz, Chillout Jazz, Acid Jazz and Nu Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

7 - Indie Music
Indie Pop Vocals Indie Pop Vocals
Family-friendly light vocal Indie Pop and Indie Rock ideal for fast-casual dining and retail shops needing easy-going, nonintrusive, jangly, summery music. Showcasing exciting contemporary artists to entertain your clients with music that's suitable for all age groups.

Genres: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Rock Music, Acoustic Pop, Alternative Pop and Singer/Songwriter.     Format: Vocals
Emo Emo
Neo-gothic swirling Emo music for post-modern urban vampires, Suicide Girls, and a Hollywood state of mind. Ready for a walk on the darker side? Emo is for you. Featuring a mix of instrumental plus vocal Indie, Electronica, Rock and Alt music for progressive alternative shops and clubs.

Genres: Indie Rock Music, Rock Music, Alternative Pop and Electronic Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Indie Rock Vocals Indie Rock Vocals
Straight up Indie Rock with an edge from some of today's hottest new, independent, and emerging artists and bands. Independent and rebellious, these DIY rockers deliver some of the tastiest Indie Rock you'll ever hear! Perfect for bars, restaurants, pool halls, bowling alleys, happy hour and more.

Genres: Indie Rock, College Rock, Grunge     Format: Vocals
Alt Pop Alt Pop
Alternative Pop is a cool and progressive music that has a pop edge but with an alternative, counter-culture vibe. Alt Pop works great for progressive, non-mainstream venues that are not concerned with pleasing a general audience and that like to push musical boundaries to the edge.

Genres: Electronic, Pop and Indie Rock.     Format: Vocals
Punk and Post Punk and Post
**Caution: Explicit Language** An intense mix of hardcore Punk, Post-Punk, Power Pop (a la Green Day) and similar music with an unparalleled forcefulness.

Genres: Indie Rock Music, Rock Music, Ska Punk and Pop Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

8 - Dance Music
Club Frequency Club Frequency
Cool, fun, flirty and sassy! Hot and trendy dance club vocals and instrumentals that are always fresh, progressive and ahead of the times. Get the dancing started with cool adult-oriented music with a definite dance edge -- music for the hip, fashionable, big city club scene.

Genres: Corporate Music, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, R&B and Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Ibiza House and Trance Ibiza House and Trance
Hot-Hot Trance, House, Rave, and Balearic nightclub tracks with a four-on-the-floor rhythmic pounding -- perfect for dancing the night away. Featuring the sounds of Ibiza DJs and Remixers, this music will get your party moving and grooving. For VIP clubs, catwalk, and popular urban nightspots.

Genres: Dance Music, Deep House, Electro House, Hip House, Latin House and Pop Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Fashion House Fashion House
Stylish fashion-centered music for retail environments and runway shows. Cool and trendy, but not too intense. Featuring a lively mix of Deep House, Chilled Ibiza, Breakbeat, and Alt Pop, music with a sexy beat and a chill club vibe that won't melt your speakers. It's so Champagne, Caviar, and Fashion.

Genres: Deep House, Dance, Electronic     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Club Dance Strobe Club Dance Strobe
Our bangin'-hot Club music offers House, Pop/EDM, Trance, and Breakbeat tracks with a high-energy mix of instrumentals and sexy vocals. With a club-banger urban vibe, Strobe showcases emerging artists and our sought-after nonstop Club DJs.

Genres: Dance Music, House, Techno, Trance, Electronic and Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Club Disco Club Disco
A great mix of classic Disco and Nu-Disco, perfect for nightclubs, parties, receptions, and discotheques from New York to Milan to Tokyo. Features both instrumental and vocal disco music with an appeal to all age groups. Get the dancing started now!

Genres: Classic Disco Music, Nu-Disco, Dance Pop, House, Pop and R&B.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Club Erotica Club Erotica
**Caution: Explicit Language** Adult-oriented club music with a sensual or sexy erotic theme, good for strip clubs, adult clubs, pole and lap dancing. Get'cha freak on with these hot, erotic club bangers.

Genres: Electronic Music, Dance, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Indie Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Reggaeton Fever Reggaeton Fever
The masters of Reggaetón bring you a wicked set of bangin' club tracks here in a hot new station! Blending a sound from the West-Indies with Latin, Hip Hop and RnB, Reggaeton will make your hips shake with a fever.

Genres: Reggaeton Music, Hip Hop Music, Latin Rap and Hip Hop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Techno Techno   NEW  
Techno emerged from Detroit in the late 1980s and spread around the world. Melding Chicago House, Funk, Electro, and Electric Jazz with Electronic music, this cool dance music plays in nightclubs and discotheques from New York to Bangkok, London to Berlin and more.

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic Music, Pop Music, Electro, Techno and House music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Alternative Dance Alternative Dance
Hot sexy music with a dangerous dance beat, this is the music you hear at the vampire clubs, perfect for gothic, alternative, hardcore scenarios where an edgy intensity is the kill. With a wild mix of Electro, Indie, Alt, Goth, and related styles, this music is not for the timid or meek.

Genres: Dance, Indie Rock, Electronic and Alt Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Space Disco Space Disco   NEW  
Space Disco is dance club music inspired by sci-fi flicks such as Star Wars, Solaris, Close Encounters, and more. Perfect for alien off-world clubs and discotheques with freaky cyborgs, aliens, and robots bumping and grinding. Yeah, it's happening somewhere in the universe right now!

Genres: Science Fiction Music, Space Disco, Space Dub and Dance Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

9 - RnB Music
Urban Vibe Crossover Urban Vibe Crossover
Customers on the go NEED this! Hot Urban Contemporary vocals and a sweet mix of Rap, Hip Hop, and soulful R&B rhythms, Motown, Classic Soul, and Reggaeton. Great for urban and suburban clubs, funky fashion shops, food courts, convenience stores, petrol and gas stations, 7-11's, and Quick-Stops.

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic Music, Hip Hop Music, Pop-Rap, Pop Music and RnB Music.     Format: Vocals
Retail Hot Mix Vocals Retail Hot Mix Vocals
Step up your game with a spicy, edgy mix of vocal RnB, Pop Rap, Hip Hop, Dance Pop, Reggae/Dub, and more. Great ambiance for progressive urban retail shops, trendy fast fashion and in vogue accessories stores. Lively, exciting grooves for teens and a young adult clientele.

Genres: Dance Music, Hip Hop Music, Indie Rock Music, Pop Music, R&B and Rock Music.     Format: Vocals
RnB Pop Vocals RnB Pop Vocals
Cool contemporary Urban Beatz and breathy vocals for foxy fashion shops, catwalk, casual dining, and adventurous late-night bars and lounges. RnB, Urban, and Soul music with a modern edge and a smokin' chilled vibe. Click now to groove with the flow and rhythm, the lush harmonies and sexy-hot lyrics.

Genres: RnB Music, Neo-Soul, RnB Pop, Soul music, Smooth Soul and RnB Ballads.     Format: Vocals
Soul Station Soul Station
Life got you down, Baby? These mellow instrumentals and vocals offer a sparkling essence and cool rhythms to chase off those dreaded blues. Flowing melodies, sensual lyrics, and a mix of warm, urban Neo-Soul and Smooth Soul could be just what the doctor ordered. Shopping, clubbing, dancing, whatever...

Genres: RnB Music, Smooth Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop Music and Pop Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Dr. Funkenstein Dr. Funkenstein
When Dr. Funkenstein makes a house call, people come ALIVE. His slick grooves, crazy raging and sick level of hipness make you wanna bark at the moon. Get jumping now with Dr. Funk's raucous mix of Hip Hop, Funk Rock, and RnB -- for sports bars, ragers, arcades, and rowdy nightspots.

Genres: Funk Rock Music, Rock, R&B, Funk, Electronic and Hip Hop.     Format: Vocals
Hip Hop Zone Hip Hop Zone
Big-City Beatz for Boyz n Girlz and urban messages from underground clubs and innercity artists from around the globe. For an urban rhythmic punch, enjoy a funky, dark mix of rollin' Rap, chillin' Hip Hop, Dirty South, and East and West Coast tracks. Lots of gritty glam and glitz in the Hip Hop Zone...

Genres: Hip Hop Music, Party Rap, Rap, Pop-Rap and Hip Hop Soul.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Motown Kickdown Motown Kickdown
Need a Motown Sound fix? Check our soulful tribute to legendary stars like Marvin, Stevie, Diana, Gladys Knight, MJ, and other classic RnB icons. A big blast from the past, these lively 60's and 70's club-bangers and slow-jam ballads will jazz up laid-back cafes, retro shops, and other nostalgic venues.

Genres: RnB Music, Southern Soul, Detroit (Motown) Soul, Soul music and Funk.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

10 - Fitness Music
Tasha Z Cardio Workout Tasha Z Cardio Workout
Ideal for a fast-paced cardio workout, Tasha Z sets the tempo for this pulse-pounding non-stop sweat-inducing workout station. How many songs can you do? Start with a few, and over time, work up to a full 60-minute workout set. You're only 21 days to a trim, fit body that will impress anyone!!!

Genres: Dance Music, Deep House, Electronic Music, Pop Music, Pop/EDM and Techno.     Format: Vocals
Workout Modern Workout Modern
Mid to up-tempo contemporary vocals and instrumentals with a solid beat, perfect for fitness and cardio workouts. A hot blend of Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, and RnB -- fun and sassy music to inspire dancing, stretching, jumping, and working out the kinks!

Genres: Corporate Music, Dance, Electronic, R&B, Alternative, Pop, Hip Hop and Jazz.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Dance Workout Dance Workout
Feel the rhythm intensity on this station, perfect for a jamming cardio workout session. Featuring both instrumental and vocal music, these dance tracks will give you an awesome aerobic session! Mostly in the 120 to 140 BPM range.

Genres: Corporate Pop Electronic Music, Dance-Pop, Dance, Electropop, Pop and House.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Workout Rock Workout Rock
Mid to up-tempo rock music perfect for pumping iron, features a set of Hard Rock, Modern Rock, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Electro-Rock, Indie Rock and more. Lose yourself in this powerful rock music as you feel the burn.

Genres: Hard Rock, Modern Rock, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Electro-Rock and Indie Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Strength Fitness Training Strength Fitness Training
Great music for weightlifting and related strength training. Featuring a mix of Pop, Electronica, Dance, Rock and more. Perfect for repetition conditioning exercise, this music is great for pumping iron. Stay focused, feel the beat, pound those reps!

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic Music, Pop Music, Rock Music and Indie Rock Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
EDM Workout EDM Workout
Electronic Dance Music - EDM -- is great for the party or workout and fitness! Perfect for gyms and in-store athleisure shops selling apparel and accessories for their enthusiastic get-in-shape clients. Hot and trendy music from our DJs and Remixers around the world.

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic, Pop, Pop/EDM and Corporate.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Pole Dancing Pole Dancing   NEW  
Hot music for the latest Sports Fitness Craze: Pole Dancing! Dance studios, classes, and exhibitions are popping up around the globe (DC, LA, London, Tokyo, Paris) -- and featured recently on “Australia’s Got TALENT.” Exotic and energizing music for fierce fun, fitness, and sizzling workouts.

Genres: Dance Music, Hip Hop, Electronic Music, Pop Music and RnB Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

11 - Rock Music
Pop Rock Vocals Pop Rock Vocals
Pop Rock mixes a catchy Pop vocal style with upbeat drums/bass/guitar-driven Rock songs. Featuring radio-oriented Pop Rock tracks with a bold and confident energy, this station works great when you need a youth-oriented mix of sex appeal and a rockin' attitude!

Genres: Indie Rock Music, Pop Music and Rock Music.     Format: Vocals
Modern Rock Vocals Modern Rock Vocals
Powerful edgy alternative Modern Rock and Roll from some of today's hottest emerging, independent, under-the-radar Rock bands. If you bold and powerful modern Rock vocal music with a hard-hitting feel-good vibe, this station is for you!

Genres: Indie Rock Music, Rock Music, Modern Rock, Hard Rock and Pop Music.     Format: Vocals
Melodic Rock Vocals Melodic Rock Vocals
Melodic vocal Rock music with a vibrant sound, from Indie to Alt, from Classic to Modern, this station will warm and entice the Rock lover in you.

Genres: Pop Music, Rock Music, Singer/Songwriter and Indie Rock Music.     Format: Vocals
Alternative Rock Alternative Rock
Explore the darker side of Rock here, with a mix of Hard Rock, Goth, Alt, Modern, and Experimental, this station works well for alternative retail stores with a focus on alt fashion, tatoos, music, or similar progressive, counter-culture scenarios.

Genres: Indie Rock, Hard Rock, Industrial Rock, Alt Rock, Grunge and Experimental.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Classic Rock Classic Rock
Special songs and music from the Golden Age of Rock and Roll, featuring hot, rocking vocal and instrumental Rock tracks from the lively 1970s and 80s. Heat it up with tunes featuring both memorable lyrics and jamming guitars, bass, and drums!

Genres: Classic Rock Music, 1970's Rock, 1980's Rock, Hard Rock and Pop Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Heavy Metal Heavy Metal
**Caution: Explicit Language** The baddest, boldest, hardest-rocking station on the site, turn it up to eleven with click of your mouse. Rock out with these masters of mayhem if you dare with a mix of vocal and instrumental Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Shred, Modern Rock and Alt Rock.

Genres: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Thrash Metal, Modern Rock and Indie Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Instrumental Rock Instrumental Rock
Purely instrumental Rock music for when words are just too much! From hard rocking tracks to flowing melodic jams, this Rock music will set your mind free and your body will follow.

Genres: Corporate Music, Rock, Indie Rock, Pop and Alternative Rock.     Format: Instrumentals
Blues Rock Blues Rock
A great down-home soulfulness that you will feel as these vocals and instrumentals entertain you. A mix of contemporary sounds that personify Blues Rock. Now's the time to get mellow (or shake, rattle and roll) until the lights go out ... but why stop there?!

Genres: Blues Rock, Modern Electric Blues, Chicago Blues and Country Blues.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Surf Rock Surf Rock
Grab your surfboard, the waves are up and this music is the fire to light your tiki torches! Great for surf shops, clothing shops, pool areas at hotels, and beach party themes. A nice mix of lively vocals and instrumentals will keep you entertained from sunup to sundown!

Genres: Surf Rock, Rock Music and 1960s Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Roots Rock Roots Rock
A great mix of vocals and instrumentals in Folk, Blues and Country music, including Country Rock and Southern Rock, this is music from the Heartland. Mellow music with catchy lyrics will bring back memories of Rock's origins.

Genres: Blues Music, Country Music, Rock Music, Country Rock, Southern Rock and Folk Rock.     Format: Vocals

12 - Tribute Stations
David Bowie Tribute David Bowie Tribute
As a young British subversive, David Bowie played with 60's and 70's verities about gender, identity and Rock & Roll itself, insisting that truth was nothing but another mask. His stagecraft as Ziggy Stardust, the flamboyant Master of Masks himself, inspired these original compositions...

Genres: Indie Rock Music, Pop Music, Rock Music and Sound-Alikes Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Prince Tribute Station Prince Tribute Station
Dedicated to Prince, this station features original music by artists around the world inspired by the music of Prince. Featuring a cool mix of RnB, Funk, Funk Rock and more.

Genres: RnB Music, Prince Soundalikes, Hip Hop Music and Funk.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Miles Davis Tribute Station Miles Davis Tribute Station   NEW  
Miles Davis was the 20th Century's Coolest Jazz Cat! His 50-year career, 8 Grammies, 32 Nominations, and scores of International Awards inspired our artists and generations of Jazz icons. His innovative Jazz Trumpet and contributions to Cool Jazz, Bebop and Funk always assured sold-out concerts.

Genres: Jazz Music, Modern Jazz, Swing Ensembles, Smooth Jazz, Lounge Jazz and Bebop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
1990's Flashback - Pop, Soul, RnB, Dance 1990's Flashback - Pop, Soul, RnB, Dance   NEW  
Soulful 1990's Pop and Dance music featuring a cool decade of inspiration from Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, Boyz II Men, MC Hammer, and other musical icons. Click now to get your sweet Club Groove on with a lively mix of tempos.

Genres: Pop, Dream Pop, Dance, RnB, Funk, Synthpop     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
1990's Flashback - Rock & Roots Music 1990's Flashback - Rock & Roots Music   NEW  
Rockin' Good Times from the 1990's -- Bringing back great memories of Indie and Heavy Metal "Hair Bands", this station explores Classic Rock sounds made famous by Nirvana, Creed, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Sound Garden, Alice In Chains, and other fab Rockstars.

Genres: Hard Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Roots Rock     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
1980's Flashback - Pop, Soul, RnB, Dance 1980's Flashback - Pop, Soul, RnB, Dance   NEW  
Discover the GREAT, captivating 1980's music... It's all here: Lively Pop, Dance, Funk, R&B, and styles influenced by icons like Prince, Madonna, MJ, L.L. Cool J, and Lionel Richie -- if you're missing the 80's, these vocals and instrumentals are for you!

Genres: Soul, R&B, Pop, Dance, Jazz and Electronic     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
1980's Flashback - Rock & Roots Music 1980's Flashback - Rock & Roots Music   NEW  
Shredded guitars and a raucous, outrageous decade -- our 80's station includes energizing vocals and instrumentals ranging from the styles of Pink Floyd to Queen, and Styx to The Smashing Pumpkins, the Goo Goo Dolls, and everything in between.

Genres: Hard Rock, Indie Rock, New Wave, Roots Rock, Melodic Rock     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
1960's Flashback 1960's Flashback
The Age of Aquarius is back! Set your spirits free and become one with the music. Vocals and instrumentals to celebrate the dawning of the Age of Social Awakening and Free Love -- turn on and tune in to a lively mix of 1960's Rock, Pop, Go-Go, and Hippie Music!

Genres: 1960's Rock, Pop and R&B     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
1950's Flashback 1950's Flashback
From the days of Elvis, Chubby Checker and Fats Domino, 1950's Rock is a throwback to a simpler era. Check out our fun instrumentals and vocals like Rock, Doo-Wop, Rockabilly and Folk Rock -- great for vintage shops, theme parties and class reunions.

Genres: 1950's Rock, Doo-Wop, Country Rock, Folk Rock, Pop and R&B     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

13 - Country Music
Roadhouse Roadhouse
Roadhouse brings you a truckload of fun-loving Blues, Southern Rock, and Outlaw Country music. Characterized by a heavy emphasis on lead guitar arrangements within the songs, this station captures a distinctly American heartland mood.

Genres: Blues, Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Country Rock, Folk Rock and Southern Rock.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Country Life Vocals Country Life Vocals
Hot Country vocal music with soulful songs that speak to the Heartland. Lots of guitars, catchy lyrics and varied rhythms, featuring a mix of traditional and contemporary Bluegrass, Country Pop and more. Great swinging fun!

Genres: Country Music, Country Rock, Country Pop, Contemporary Country, Alternative Country and Traditional Country.     Format: Vocals
Country Instrumentals Country Instrumentals
The ultimate instrumental Country music station, featuring traditional and contemporary tracks from the hottest rising stars in Nashville and the Country music scene. A great mix of catchy and memorable toe-tapping, barn dance, honky-tonk, and more, for your listening pleasure.

Genres: Country Music, Country Pop, Bluegrass, Country Rock, Traditional Country and Contemporary Country.     Format: Instrumentals
Americana Vocals Americana Vocals
Contemporary vocal American roots music styles including Blues, Folk, Country, RnB, Roots Rock, Bluegrass, Folk-Jazz, Alt-Country, and Singer-Songwriter. Great Americana music perfect for any setting -- family-friendly, playful and often a bit lively.

Genres: Americana Roots, Blues, Folk, Country, Roots Rock and Singer-Songwriter.     Format: Vocals
Americana Instrumentals Americana Instrumentals   NEW  
Instrumental American roots music styles including Blues, Folk, Country, RnB, Roots Rock, Bluegrass, Folk-Jazz, Alt-Country, and Singer-Songwriter. Great Americana music perfect for any setting -- family-friendly, playful and often a bit lively.

Genres: Americana Roots, Country, Blues and Folk.     Format: Instrumentals
Blues Blues
Our Blues will touch you deeply with this great tradition that originated in African-American communities in the Deep South of the US. With a hot mix of Chicago, Delta, Texas, and a variety of other down-home Blues forms, we guarantee you'll feel it in the bottom of your heart.

Genres: Chicago Blues, Delta Blues, Texas Blues, Country Blues and Modern Electric Blues.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Acoustic Guitar Acoustic Guitar
Brilliant acoustic guitarists showcase their skills, taking you on a mesmerizing journey via their musical storytelling abilities. Features instrumental Acoustic Pop, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Country, and Melodic Rock music.

Genres: Acoustic Pop, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Country, Melodic Rock and Dramatic.     Format: Instrumentals
Alt Folk Alt Folk
A down home station featuring a sweet mix of vocal and instrumental Contemporary Folk, Folk Pop, Folk Rock, Folk Ballads, Folk Singer/Songwriter, and more. Tap into the roots of America right here and enjoy the savory music!

Genres: Country, Folk, Rock, Pop, Americana and Singer Songwriter.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

14 - Classical Music
Classical Light Classical Light
Elegant, light, and airy instrumentals by both classic and contemporary composers. Sublime and calm yet capricious and amusing, perfect for high-end shops, restaurants, afternoon tea, or hotel lobbies greeting guests from afar. Sophisticated and tranquil, music to lift your spirits in vibrant ways.

Genres: Classical Period Music, Classical Piano, Romantic Period, Baroque Period and Dramatic.     Format: Instrumentals
Classical & Jazz Leisure Mix Classical & Jazz Leisure Mix
A luxurious, upscale mix of Classical and Lounge Jazz music, very refined, perfect for the discerning tastes of professional clients. Great for use in retail, financial, legal, and professional offices where tradition and class are paramount.

Genres: Dramatic Music, Classical Piano, Romantic Period, Lounge Jazz, Swing Ensembles and Chillout Jazz.     Format: Instrumentals
Classical Piano Classical Piano
Timeless solo classical piano tracks, perfect for serene, sublime relaxation.

Genres: Classical Piano, Romantic Period, Classical Period, 21st Century and 20th Century.     Format: Instrumentals
Renaissance Faire Renaissance Faire
The best of early European Classical music from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance periods. Perfect for fairs, museums, galleries and any location wanting to capture the perfect essence of early Classical music as played throughout Europe.

Genres: Classical Period, Renaissance Period, Medieval Period, Dramatic Music and European Music.     Format: Instrumentals
Opera Delight Opera Delight
Exciting and vibrant Light Opera music - Revel in the vocal magic of these masters of Opera! Breathtakingly beautiful, these timeless classics are performed by world-class singers. Romantic arias from Mozart to Handel, Bizet, Rossini, etc., sets a sophisticated and elegant mood.

Genres: Classical Music, Dramatic Music, Japanese Opera, Romantic Period, Classical Opera and Baroque Period.     Format: Vocals
Classical Serious Classical Serious   NEW  
Discover the more intense and dynamic side of Classical music here with epic, soaring orchestral pieces. Perfect for personal listening, not for playing in retail settings generally. Includes music from Beethoven, Bach, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and other timeless famous composers.

Genres: Classical Music, Baroque Period, Classical Piano, Romantic Period, 20th Century and 21st Century.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Erik Satie Tribute Erik Satie Tribute   NEW  
Erik Satie's melancholy music is perfect for chic restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, or a rainy-day romance. Living in Montmartre from 1885 to 1925, Satie was described as a high society rabble-rouser and a musical purist and was close friends with Man Ray, Stravinsky, Picasso, and Diaghilev.

Genres: Dramatic Music, Classical Music and Dramatic Solo Piano.     Format: Instrumentals

15 - New Age Music
Relaxation Spa and Massage Relaxation Spa and Massage
Dreamy instrumentals for relaxation and reflection. Scented oils, candlelight, a Swedish body massage or chilling under a steamy St. Tropez sun. Vibrant and mellow, each song nourishes the soul. Many tracks are long with a 5 to 10 minute duration, and even longer, for a sustained blissful mood.

Genres: Dramatic Music, Electronic Music, New Age Music, Meditation and Atmospheres.     Format: Instrumentals
Healing Music Healing Music
Immerse yourself in rich, dappled layers of gentle, uplifting music that will help transcend life's daily worries. This therapeutic music is perfect for clinics, hospitals, waiting rooms, doctors, healers, therapists, and various wellness-related retail settings.

Genres: Dramatic Music, Electronic Music, New Age Music, Pop Music, Meditation and Folk.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
New Age Relaxation New Age Relaxation
Supremely mellow, this New Age instrumental music will help you transcend the daily stress in your life. Relax and unwind, take your mind off of your troubles and enjoy this tranquil New Age music

Genres: Dramatic Music, New Age Music, Meditation, Nature, Corporate Music and Ethereal Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Piano Music Piano Music
Elegant solo piano music in various genres, from light and airy to poignant minimalist tracks. Beautiful, soothing melodies to enhance any setting. Joyful, uplifting and relaxing melodies will bring pleasure and richness to many venues.

Genres: Classical Music, Dramatic Music, Jazz Music and New Age Music.     Format: Instrumentals
Space Station Space Station
Explore the Galaxies and Stars - Transcend your earthly bonds and enjoy ethereal Space Music, perfect for planetariums, theme parks and space museums. Featuring a mellow mix of music and spacey sounds, this station will take you out of this world into the next realm.

Genres: Dramatic Music, Electronic Music, New Age Music, Meditation and Science Fiction Music.     Format: Instrumentals
Water World Water World
Venture to a mystical magical place underneath the waves, where life exists totally underwater. Perfect for aquariums, museums, theme parks and more, this music sets the perfect mood for an underwater or underseas adventure.

Genres: New Age Music, Science Fiction Music, Meditation, and Atmospheres.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Tropical Bird Paradise Tropical Bird Paradise
In bird paradise, discover the harmonic interplay of birdsongs with the ambient sounds of nature. Tranquil and sublime, primal and inspiring, this ambient station will transport you to a tropical rainforest in the heart of the Amazon where birdsongs fill the air.

Genres: Bird Sound Effects, Bird forest and Bird songs.     Format: Instrumentals
Soundscapes Soundscapes
Relax, relate, and reconnect with world-positive music that transcends and reinvigorates your soul. Perfect for spa, massage, and relaxation, this station will transport you to a beautiful place of mind. Features New Age music with a digital-electronic production style.

Genres: Dramatic Music, Electronic Music, New Age Music, New Age Electronic and Meditation.     Format: Instrumentals

16 - Electronica Music
Drum n Bass Drum n Bass
DnB is hip electronic music characterized by fast breakbeats with heavy bass lines. An offshoot of the UK rave scene in the early 90s, DnB has evolved and merged with other genres. Let the masters of DnB put you in a cool frame of mind with their musical finesse.

Genres: UK Bass Music, Drum and Bass and Electronic.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Ambient + Electronic Ambient + Electronic   NEW  
Perfect ambient and electronic background music for avant-garde outlets and designer boutiques catering to stylish clients standing out in a unique style. This music is the soundtrack for a contemporary and progressive lifestyle.

Genres: Corporate, Dramatic, Electronic Ambient, New Age, Ambient Pop and Chill-out.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Dubstep Station Dubstep Station
Check these ridiculously sick grimy grooves from the trendsetters around the world, bringing you tightly coiled Dubstep music with phat wobbling synth basses, digital drones, grinding effects, glitched-out samples and more. Stoked? Dubstep is for you!

Genres: Electronic Music, UK Bass, Dubstep and Dubtronica.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Electronica Maxima Electronica Maxima
Electronic music for a cool club setting with a kickin', edgy digital groove that will resonate with your 20's and 30's crowd. Featuring a hot mix of Ambient, Psybient, Hip Hop, Big Beat, Breakbeat, and Industrial -- this music's perfect for hardcore Electronica fans. Let's get the Party started!

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic, Chillout, Big Beat, Breakbeat and Electro-Industrial.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Electro Effect Electro Effect
Featuring the hottest Electro music from trend-setting electronic musicians around the world, this station has a mix of instrumental and vocal music in various different Electro subgenres.

Genres: Dance Music, Electronic, Pop Music and UK Bass.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

17 - Dramatic Music
Spies & Double Agents Spies & Double Agents   NEW  
Jumping from planes, chasing bad guys, or chilling in the Casino Royale with a hot blonde and a sexy agenda, our Spies & Double Agents offer funky chills and edgy thrills. Shaken or stirred, perfect music for trendy guy places, whiskey bars, taverns, tattoo shops, theme parks and parties.

Genres: Spy Themes, Cool Jazz, Action Thriller, Bond Soundalikes, Funk, Edgy Mystery     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Twin Peaks Tribute Twin Peaks Tribute   NEW  
Music for the Avant-Garde – Murder, melodrama, campy Jazz, twangy guitars, and noises that go BUMP in the night. The original 90's Twin Peaks TV series inspired Showtime and a cult status driven by bizarre events, oddball characters, sleuthing, and the supernatural. Can you dig it?

Genres: Dangerous Music, Dramatic Music, Indie Rock Music, Jazz Music and Pop Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Hollywood Romance Hollywood Romance
Romantic Orchestral music reminiscent of Award-winning film scores like "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" or "Dr. Zhivago" where lovers meet and act on impulse. Rich, luxurious and tender, these lush, emotional melodies will reawaken dreams of true love.

Genres: Heartwarming Music, Romantic, Dramatic, Calm Mellow and Ethereal.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Edgy Film Noir Edgy Film Noir   NEW  
Think Bogart and Bacall, and Hollywood’s dark secrets and gritty glitz and glamour. Dangerous, smoldering and mysterious -- for racing down a rain-slicked highway at 3 a.m. or chasing a lost lover. Film Noir music will chill and clarify distant memories, for thrill seekers and edgy, laid-back venues.

Genres: Dramatic Music, Dangerous, Jazz, and Edgy.     Format: Instrumentals
Mystery Music Mystery Music
Our superb Orchestral tension takes you on a frightful journey. Great for Murder Mystery dinner theatres and dark, adventurous pubs, galleries, or theme events. Theatrical, sometimes gruesome, dim the lights and think PBS and BBC crime dramas like The Coroner, Silent Witness, Endeavour, and Sherlock.

Genres: Action Music, Dangerous Music, Mysterious Music, Contemplative Music and Dramatic Music.     Format: Instrumentals
Anime Postcards Anime Postcards   NEW  
Beautiful, emotional and romantic music evokes a magic spell of sad love stories in Anime style. Lyrical, tender and delicate but tinged with an ethereal sadness to touch the corners of your heart. Music for when it's raining outside or inside. Great timing, since Netflix plans a 30-title Anime series.

Genres: Romantic, Whimsical, Sad, Ethereal, Piano Solo     Format: Instrumentals
International Geographic International Geographic   NEW  
Lovely evocative music with a Nature theme featuring New Age, Relaxation, Soundscapes, Healing Music, Water World, and Tropical Birds. For Adventure gear stores, Jungle resorts, Safari and Hiking Tour operators, Hostels and intrepid B&Bs. Enjoy an exciting date with Nature!

Genres: New Age, Relaxation, Soundscapes, Healing Music, Water World, Native American Contemporary Dramatic and Dramatic.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

18 - Theme Park Music
Action Thriller Action Thriller
Perfect for Theme Parks, and Laser Tag and Paintball arenas. A constant blast of pounding Thriller music awaits you with a hot mix of high-energy, high-impact, contemporary digital Electronic music you'd hear in Action Films and TV Crime shows. Intense and wild, get ready for a non-stop adrenalin rush!

Genres: Action, Dangerous, Military, Rock, Electronic and Dramatic.     Format: Instrumentals
Action Intense Action Intense
Super-intense action tracks perfect for rapid-action film and TV production, gameplay, theme park experiences, and similar industrial-strength music intensity.

Genres: Action Intense, Electro-Orchestral, Dramatic and Dangerous Edgy.     Format: Instrumentals
Orchestral Action Orchestral Action
Exciting Orchestral Action-oriented music to accompany game action for multi-purpose Theme Park uses, including Pirates, Knights-in-Armor, European, Superhero, Villains, and other similar types of cinematic, dramatic themes.

Genres: Action Music, Danger, Military, Action Thriller, Hollywood and Sci Fi.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Action Adventure Action Adventure
For high adventure, this is the perfect music for exploring, discovery, letting the wind catch your sail and take you to far-off places around the globe. Featuring a mix of more traditional adventure music, this is perfect for classical pirate, revolution, knights in armor and more!

Genres: Action Intense Orchestral, Corporate, Dramatic, Dangerous and Military.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Science Fiction Science Fiction
Warp to the future and check this HOT station for Sci-Fi-themed amusement park attractions. Perfect for Avatar, Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Close Encounters, ET - the future is now! So strap on your goggles and prepare to beam on up!

Genres: Dramatic Music, Science Fiction Music and Electronic Music.     Format: Instrumentals
Dark Suspense Dark Suspense
Dark and edgy music perfect to bring a chill to your spine and keep you guessing about exactly what is coming next. Sets a great mood for theme park attractions needing an uneasy sense of suspense.

Genres: Action Music, Dangerous Music, Edgy Music , Horror Music, Mysterious Music and Dark Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Halloween Horror Halloween Horror
All the creepy scary horrific music and haunted soundscapes you could ever want! Perfect for haunted houses, amusement parks, parties, and events. This is a fright-fest of skin-crawling thriller, horror and terror music and ambiance.

Genres: Dangerous Music, Edgy Music, Dramatic Music, Horror and Halloween Horror Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Halloween Pop Halloween Pop
Perfect for retail and theme park uses, this Halloween Pop music is not overly intense, good for frolicking funny seasonal use during the run up to Halloween!

Genres: Horror Music, Monster Pop and Halloween Horror Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Pirate Adventures Pirate Adventures
Dangerous and exciting, our Pirates Music is well-suited for epic, bounding cinematic production and Theme Park adventure attractions. Vibrant, booming orchestral scores set for high-seas action, boarding raids, and open naval warfare between Forces of Good and Evil...

Genres: Action Music, Dramatic Music and Action Theme Pirates.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Pirate Songs from the Seas Pirate Songs from the Seas
Stroll ye into Pirate Town and savor the rustic, folksy Sea Shanties as sung by pirates themselves. This rousing, bawdy mix of vocal and instrumental sea-faring music will amuse and delight! Ye never know what them pirates be up to, so ye best guard your pockets and guard your Rum even closer.

Genres: Folk Music, Sea Shanties and Pirate Songs.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Native American Spirit Native American Spirit   NEW  
Fly with the spirit wind to travel on the path of our native ancestors. From windswept canyons in New Mexico north to the Dakotas, this evocative music honors the earliest peoples of North America. Perfect for Pueblo trading posts, cafes, art galleries and shops featuring Southwestern themes.

Genres: Native American Contemporary Dramatic, New Age Music, Native American Ethnic Indian, Nature and Atmospheres.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

19 - World Music
Italian Casual Dining Italian Casual Dining
The perfect music for casual Italian dining. Elegant and inspiring, we set a serene mood with a passionate blend of music from the masters of Italian music, featuring both instrumental and vocal tracks. From Palermo to Rome, Tuscany and Venice, discover the magic of Italian music!

Genres: European Music, Italian and European Folk.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Bossa Nova Bossa Nova
Smooth and cool, with a hint of romance, check out these lively, chilled Bossa Novas and Bossa Nova Jazz! A style of Brazilian music created by composer, pianist Antonio Carlos Jobim in the 1960's, his music enjoyed a huge audience and inspired Jazz and Pop musicians and singers around the world.

Genres: Bossa Nova Jazz, Latin Jazz and Brazilian Bossa Nova.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Italian Festive Italian Festive
Festive Italian traditional and folk music including upbeat and rousing music for dancing, parties and merriment. Perfect for busy, fun, and vibrant Italian restaurants and pizzerias.

Genres: European Music, Italian Music and Greek Traditional.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Música Popular Brasileira Música Popular Brasileira
Música popular brasileira (aka Brazilian pop music) or MPB is a trend in post-Bossa Nova urban popular music in Brazil that revisits typical Brazilian styles such as Samba, Samba-Canção and Baião and other Brazilian regional music, combining those with foreign influences, such as from Jazz and Rock.

Genres: Brazilian Music, Samba-Reggae, Bossa Nova, Samba, Jazz Music and Música Popular Brasileira.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Greek Traditional Greek Traditional
Traditional Greek Folk music and timeless favorites, both instrumental and vocal. Perfect for Greek restaurants, festivals, parties, travel-related venues, fashion, and traditional celebrations. A sweet blend of tempos to entertain any age group.

Genres: European Music, Greek Traditional and Greek Contemporary Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Greek Pop Greek Pop
Discover exciting and exotic Greek Pop music, featuring vocal Pop music from some of Greece's hottest emerging music artists.

Genres: Greek Contemporary Pop, European Music and Greek Traditional.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Reggae World Vibe Reggae World Vibe
Cool vibrant Reggae music, both vocal and instrumental. Simple, rocking harmonies with flowing drums and an island vibe. Sunny SKA and bouncy rocksteady rhythms -- Bob Marley would be proud! Tap into the world harmony and become one with the cool music vibe.

Genres: Reggae Music, Reggae-Pop, World Fusion and Reggae-Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Hawaii Magic Hawaii Magic
Hawaiian Music with a lush and inviting island flair that includes styles like traditional, contemporary, Pop, Jawaiian, and Ukulele. With both vocal and instrumental tracks, you will enjoy a unique Pacific coastal richness and splendor.

Genres: Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music and Easter Island Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Celtic Bliss Celtic Bliss
Exciting traditional Celtic music of Ireland, Scotland, Cape Breton and Brittany, featuring both vocal and instrumental music. Enjoy a vibrant mix of serene, tranquil, rousing and progressive Celtic music.

Genres: European Music, Irish, Scottish, Dramatic and Folk.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Irish Fever Irish Fever
A vibrant mix of Irish Traditional and Folk music with lots of fiddles, flutes, penny whistles, and occasional light bagpipes. Lively instrumentals and a blend of lush and nostalgic vocals, with a few Irish Reels and Jigs to entertain you royally!

Genres: European, Irish, Scottish and Folk Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
African Safari African Safari
Venture into the heart of Africa on an amazing safari! Into the wilds you go with ethnic drumming, tribal dancers, bush beaters, big game hunters, fighters, and warriors – Take a walk on the wild side into our African Safari!

Genres: African and World Fusion.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Eastern Europe Eastern Europe
Traditional and contemporary Eastern European music. Lively, vibrant instrumentals and soulful Pop vocals. Complex rhythms, ethnic influences, Polkas and Club music with influences going all the way back to the Ottoman Empire.

Genres: East European Music and Dance Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
World Traveler World Traveler
A world of exciting, exotic vocal and instrumental music from around the globe, featuring a calm mix of World music with a New Age vibe. Includes music from Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Polynesia, and more.

Genres: World Fusion, Asian Music, Dramatic Music, Electronic Music, European Music, Indian Music, Latin Music and New Age Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
World Fusion World Fusion   NEW  
A lively mix of instrumentals with a few catchy vocals from Macau to Delhi, and Lisbon to Dubai -- perfect for fashionable boutiques, restaurants, and hotels with a worldly mix of clientele. Music that's off the beaten path but still fun for trendy music trekkers...

Genres: World Fusion, New Age Music, Jazz Music, Electronic Music, Pan-World Fusion and Middle-Eastern World Fusion.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
African Pop African Pop   NEW  
Vibrant and upbeat African Pop with a progressive style that offers a contemporary finesse and cool flow. Great for fashion shops, clubs, cafes, and malls with lively instrumentals and pulsing vocals -- a sizzling combo of Africa's leading bands and hot singers...

Genres: African Pop and World Fusion.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Oktoberfest Oktoberfest   NEW  
Celebrate Oktoberfest in a rousing and festive style with this authentic German and Austrian music. Ready to drink beer and enjoy delicious German food? You've come to the right place! Spaß und spannende Musik aus Deutschland und Österreich!

Genres: European Music, German and Folk Music.     Format: Instrumentals

20 - Asian Music
Asia Mellow Asia Mellow
Travel to a World of Dreams -- Nepal, Kilimanjaro, Mumbai, Malaysia, Japan, China, and other exotic ports of call. Discover the serenity of mystical floating bells and the allure, mystery, and eroticism of these elegant melodies from afar.

Genres: Asia New Age, Chinese, Japanese and World Fusion.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Chinese Traditional Chinese Traditional
A luxurious mix of Traditional Chinese music filled with leisurely elegance, warmth, and mystery. Gentle Folk Tales from the hinterlands with indigenous and exotic instruments like the Pipa, Erhu, Qin, and Guzheng -- all created by our modern master composers for your listening pleasure...

Genres: Asian Music, Chinese Dramatic and Chinese Folk.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Chinese Pop Chinese Pop
A lively, memorable and exotic mix of updated Contemporary Chinese vocals and instrumentals to enhance modern times and commerce. Vibrant and alluring melodies with a charming edge and a beautiful and welcoming entertainment value.

Genres: Chinese Pop and Asian Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Chinese Contemporary Chinese Contemporary
Drop into the Heart of Today's China with these contemporary, heartwarming songs, both instrumental and vocal melodies. A vibrant mix of Chinese New Age, Chinese Chillout, and light Chinese Pop to entertain all ages. Creates an elegant ambiance for malls, galleries, fashion shops, and fine dining.

Genres: Asian Music, Chinese Dramatic, Chinese New Age and Chinese Pop.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Chinese New Year Chinese New Year
Exciting energetic music for Chinese New Year and celebration festivals. Celebrated widely around the world Chinese New Year is a joyous occasion for families to come together, eat, drink and celebrate good times and good company!

Genres: Asian Music, Chinese Folk Ensembles, Chinese New Years and Chinese Dramatic.     Format: Instrumentals
Japanese Traditional Japanese Traditional
Enjoy calm, tranquil Traditional Japanese ethnic music as played in Tokyo, Yokohama and around Japan, NYC, London, etc. Perfect for avant-garde fashion houses, boutiques, galleries, museums, trendy fusion restaurants, tea houses, Japanese sushi and steakhouses, and similar Japanese-themed settings.

Genres: Japanese Music, Japanese Traditional Folk Music and Japanese Dramatic Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Samurai Legends Samurai Legends
Japan’s noble and brave Warrior Clan and their clashing swords dominated Japanese society until 1868 when feudalism was abolished. We honor this ancient culture with a flourish of Asian and Japanese music flowing with epic drama and beauty. Perfect for museums, galleries, and special theatrical events.

Genres: Japanese Music, Japanese Dramatic Music and Dramatic Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Vietnam Dance Vietnam Dance   NEW  
Savor exciting and pulse-pounding Club/Dance music from numerous Vietnamese artists. From Ho Chi Mihn to Hai Phong, this is the cool Dance and Dance Pop music that is perfect for playing in restaurants, fashion retail, clubs and more.

Genres:     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Vietnam Pop Vocals Vietnam Pop Vocals   NEW  
The Power of Pop is clearly evident in Vietnam - Stylish and cool, compelling and hot, these artists set the pace when it comes to tasty Pop Vietnamese vocal music.

Genres:     Format: Vocals
Vietnam Pop Ballads Vietnam Pop Ballads   NEW  
Tranquil and romantic, these Pop Ballads from Vietnam set a tender, heartfelt mood. Missing your love and ready for a soulful reunion? These songs will set the right mood for love!

Genres:     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Vietnam Vocal Mix Vietnam Vocal Mix
A cool mix of beautiful and evocative contemporary Vietnamese Pop, Pop Ballads, RnB vocals and more, perfect for chic clubs, fashion venues, urban settings, restaurants, boutique hotels, and any business with a Vietnamese clientele.

Genres: Vietnamese Music, Vietnamese Contemporary Pop Ballads, Vietnamese Dance, Vietnamese Dramatic, Vietnamese Hip Hop and Vietnamese Pop Vocals.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

21 - Indian Music
Tranquil India Tranquil India
Supremely tranquil music of India, perfect for spa, relaxation, meditation, healing, and reflection. Transport yourself across space and time to a calm and peaceful place in the universe. Nice for a scenic cruise down the Ganges or enjoying a hot cup of Masala Chai in a sweet hotel bar or lounge.

Genres: Indian Music, World Fusion, Indian World Fusion and Indian Light.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Indian Pop / Bollywood Indian Pop / Bollywood
An exciting mix of lively vocal and instrumental Indian Pop, Bollywood styles, Bhangra Pop, Indian World Fusion, and Electronica. Venture deep into the heart of Mumbai and discover the vibrant, sizzling music emanating from India's contemporary Pop music culture.

Genres: Indie Pop, Bollywood, Indian World Fusion, Bhangra Pop and Electronica.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
India Connect India Connect
A sweet mix of traditional and contemporary Indian music perfect for retail, fashion, and market venues, galleries, and museums -- or to enjoy afternoon tea or casual dining. These vocals and instrumentals will charm you with their exotic, mesmerizing sound and magical allure... India, here we come!

Genres: Indian Music, World Fusion, Indian Pop, Indian Dramatic and Bollywood.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
India World Lounge India World Lounge
An exotic mix of the finest Indian World Fusion, Indian Lounge, and Indian Electronic spins a trendy vibe for fashion shops, galleries, hotel bars, and lounges like Buddha Bar or similar. Noshes, cocktails, and chillout club music create the perfect laidback atmosphere for best friends or lovers.

Genres: Indian World Fusion, Indian Lounge, Indian Electronic and Indian Dramatic Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Indian Classical Indian Classical
Deeply spiritual and believed to be a divine art, Carnatic and Hindustan music, with its exotic Persian influence, depicts the Indian soul in its full magnitude. With supreme prowess, respect, and passion, our artists follow the melodic structures and improvisational nature of ancient Indian Classical.

Genres: Indian Music, Carnatic and Hindustani.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

22 - Middle East Music
Arabic Pop Arabic Pop
Contemporary Arabic Pop music, featuring rousing vocal tracks from throughout the Middle East, as well as a cool mix of Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic and Dance instrumentals with a Middle Eastern vibe.

Genres: Arabic Pop Vocals, Middle East Contemporary Instrumental, Ethnic Electronic, Ethnic Dance, Middle East Hip Hop     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Islamic Anasheed Islamic Anasheed
Anasheed is Islamic vocal music that is either sung a cappella or accompanied by percussion instruments and does not contain any keyboards, string, wind, or brass instruments. Safe for use in hotels and other places where Islamic restrictions on music are observed.

Genres: Anasheed traditional, Anasheed contemporary     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Middle Eastern Vocals Middle Eastern Vocals
Exotic music of the Middle East, with Arabic, Persian and North African influences, featuring a mix of traditional and contemporary Middle Eastern vocal music. Engaging with an exciting swirl of mystery and sophistication.

Genres: Middle-Eastern     Format: Vocals
Middle Eastern Instrumentals Middle Eastern Instrumentals
Exotic instrumental music from the Middle East, featuring music from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and many other countries in the region, including great Bellydance from Hossam Ramzy, the master of percussion.

Genres: Middle East Music, World Fusion, Lebanese Music, Egyptian Music, Bellydance Music and Middle-Eastern Contemporary Dramatic.     Format: Instrumentals
Belly Dance Belly Dance   NEW  
Exotic and provocative, with beguiling rhythms, enchanting melodies, and timeless sensuality. Dating to ancient times, with dancers who seem to shimmer and float, this music's perfect for upscale hotels, restaurants, shops, and dance classes from Cairo to Istanbul, Dubai, and beyond...

Genres: Bellydance Music, Arabic Pop, Turkish, Middle East World Fusion     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Israeli Folk and Contemporary Music Israeli Folk and Contemporary Music
Traditional Yiddish Folk songs and lively Hebrew tunes to make your heart sing! Great for shops, boutiques, or restaurants with clients who love clarinets, accordions, violins, and the beloved klezmer music. Family celebrations, parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Shabbat Feasts, and more.

Genres: Middle East Music, Klezmer, Jewish Folk and Israeli Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

23 - Kids Music
Wizard's Magical Mischief Wizard's Magical Mischief   NEW  
A tribute to J. K. Rowling's lively Harry Potter tales of Wizards and Witchcraft -- Little Wizards can enjoy an exciting journey to try and save Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny! Special fun for the holidays in toy stores, costume shops, theme parks, school events, kids' parties, playdates, and games.

Genres:     Format: Instrumentals
Kids Fun Zone Kids Fun Zone
Fun and playful music for a Nickelodeon-kind-of-mood, for kids around the ages of 5-to-8. Great for romping around, play dates, birthday parties, and an all-around fun-fest! Mostly instrumental with a few vocals, this music will amuse and entertain the kids while they play, shop, eat, or just hang out.

Genres: Cartoon Music, Children's Music, Nursery Rhymes Music, Comedy Music, Dramatic Music and Pop Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Tween Kids Club Tween Kids Club
A crazy fun mix of vocal and instrumental kids Dance, Tween Pop, Tropical, Circus, Carnival, and more. Perfect for kid-oriented theme parks and venues, amusement and gaming centers, parties and more! Wild, wacky, and fun!

Genres: Cartoon Music, Childrens Music, Comedy Music, Dance Music, Dramatic Music, Pop Music and Electronic Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Orchestral Fantasyland Orchestral Fantasyland
Whimsical and Magical Kids Music! Think Disney World, Theme Parks, elegant and sophisticated orchestral music for children's attractions and amusements. Swirling, optimistic and uplifting music for Kids retail and Pizza Parlors, skating, school events, celebrations, parties, and play dates.

Genres: Orchestral Children's Music, Magical, Fantasy, Whimsical, Happy, Heartwarming and Dramatic.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Bubblegum Tween Pop Bubblegum Tween Pop
Bubblegum Tween Pop (also known as Bubblegum Rock, Bubblegum Music, or simply Bubblegum) is a genre of Pop music that appeals to tweens and teens. Fun and playful, even a little bit silly at times, this music is perfect for kids restaurants and fashion stores, shopping or just goofing off.

Genres: Pop Music, Teen Pop, Tween Pop, Dance Pop and Pop Rock.     Format: Vocals
Toddlers Tunes Toddlers Tunes
Music for very young kids between 1 and 5 years of age, this station is great to play for playtime recess, parties, any time fun time!! Featuring a mix of instrumentals and vocals, this music is all about letting the kids have a great time with the perfect music to make it as fun as a barrel-o-monkeys!

Genres: Cartoon Music, Childrens Music, Nursery Rhymes Spoken or Sung, Corporate Music, Dramatic Music and Lullabies.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Circus and Carnival Circus and Carnival
Step right up to witness magical wonders of the known universe, with the most spectacular Circus and Carnival music known to man!! You will hear frolicking polkas, crazy clown music, and the most exciting and scarcely imaginable music for the Big Top!

Genres: Circus Music, Clown Music, Carousel Waltz Music and Amusement Park Music.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

24 - Spiritual Music
Transcendental Meditation Transcendental Meditation   NEW  
Transcend your earthly bonds as you transport yourself to a dimension beyond space and time. Let this music be your guide as you pass beyond all thoughts and become a traveler on the supernatural plane of consciousness.

Genres: Electronic Music, New Age Music, Meditation and Atmospheres.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals
Contemporary Christian Music Contemporary Christian Music
CCM is a genre of modern popular music which is lyrically focused on matters concerned with the Christian faith. It has diverse music influences from Folk, Gospel, Pop, Rock, Soft Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop, and more.

Genres: Spiritual Music, Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock and Inspirational.     Format: Vocals & Instrumentals

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