Editor's Choice Awards

Here you will find the best, most exceptional songs that our music editors have identified as being in a class by themselves. The songs listed below are each unique and special in their own way, and merit special recognition. The artists who have created these songs are also amazing in their own right, and we invite you to click on their artist name or graphic below to explore their music in more depth.

A LADY GAGA SONG - (by Abbey Scott)  Year: 2016
Abbey Scott (APRIL 2021)
Paying tribute to the genius of Lady Gaga, Abbey Scott's "A Lady Gaga Song" is high praise indeed. With elegant songwriting and lyrics, Abbey's heartfelt vocal sends a plaintive, emotional message to her amour about feeling trapped in a heart-rending Lady Gaga love song. This song is great for making a connection to Lady Gaga fans (the "monsters"), Gen-Z ad spots, and impassioned TV/film production scenes.   A Lady Gaga Song is the ultimate love song using Lady Gaga titles to paint a picture of a new romance. The feeling of falling in love, meeting the person you can't be without and no words can describe this feeling other than lyrics from a Lady Gaga song. Female Vocals, Pop, Ambient Pop
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track (New Romance Pop Song) - Pop, Ambient Pop  
806274 4:43 Med Fast 144 USD $301.95  

ZODIAC - (by Real Life Always)  Year: 2019
Real Life Always (MARCH 2021)
Zodiac by artist Real Life Always is a hot new Gen Z track with a supremely mellow and low-key flow. Logan Armstrong's impeccable vocals and production skills set a warm, inviting, dreamy mood, drawing listeners into a private, invite-only romantic space where lovers reside. Getting mad airplay on RadioSparx now, this song is a perfect fit for commercial ad spots as well as creative TV/film scenes of easy-going romance, reconciliation, and rejuvenation.   Cool, hip, and sweet - a male shares his feelings with his girlfriend as he tries to win her heart. Perfect music for Gen Z projects and lifestyle films. Young love is always a winner, and this is the perfect chill music for laid-back lounges, casual dining where time stands still for romance! Male Vocals, Pop, Gen Z
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track - Pop, Gen Z
969473 2:36 Slow 62 USD $89.95  

TOTAL CONTROL - (by Project 2020)  Year: 2009
Project 2020 (FEBRUARY 2021)
"Total Control" by Project 2020 is our Editors' Choice Award-winner for February 2021. With a rolling, flowing percussive vibe, this song mixes understated sensual male vocals with grinding-cool Hip Hop techniques and sounds to create one helluva sensual track. Receiving heavy air-play on RadioSparx, this song is also ideal for commercial promo spots and dramatic TV/film scenes emphasizing maximal user control, authority, and domination with an appealing combo of swagger, aptitude, and a bad-ass attitude.   A funky pop, R&B, Urban groove number available as a Vocal or Instrumental version. Staccato, steaming hot pumping rhythms, downtempo electronic hip-hop style arrangement with a dark edge. Male pop / RnB vocal. Street smart, innercity vibe, gang war, beefing, dark comedy. Male Vocals, RnB, Contemporary RnB
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
9 Mixes Available
376065 4:50 Med Slow 97 USD $114.95  

THE EVE OF NOWHERE: DELICATE TOUCHING AND DREAMY5 - (by Emlyn Ellis Addison)  Year: 2013
Emlyn Ellis Addison (JANUARY 2021)
Emlyn Ellis Addison's "The Eve of Nowhere: Touching and Dreamy5" is our January 2021 Editors' Choice Award-winner. Understated and sublime, this song is an uncanny fit for the present moment of dual pandemic and political exhaustion. This production shines with ultra-sparse keyboards and digital swells and effects, evoking a magical inner sanctuary that we all need to escape to from time to time to rejuvenate and prepare for what comes next.   A slow, delicate theme over moody, shimmering ambience and expansive string orchestra. Heartfelt, nostalgic and touching. In the vein of Thomas Newman's iconic track from "American Beauty", this is a meditative and thoughtful work that evokes reflection and nostalgia. What was to be tomorrow. Instrumental, New Age, New Age Electronic
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
5 Mixes Available
658382 2:04 Very Slow 75 USD $190.95  

HIGHWAY RADIO BABY - (by Conor James)  Year: 2020
Conor James (NOVEMBER 2020)
Highway Radio Baby by Conor James is the winner of our November, 2020 Editors' Choice Award. Conor is an AMAZING new composer and artist here and we're super-excited to bring you his fantastic music. Highway Radio Baby, a smoking-hot Piano Pop track, is exemplary of his top-notch writing and performing capability. With a silky smooth voice and phenomenal production skills, keep your eye on this artist and don't hesitate to use this track for any production needing a contemporary love song. Trending on RadioSparx now!   This is a sunny, feel-good, romantic anthem about wanting to throw caution to the wind and take things further. It could be used to accompany a visual of a sunny drive or a California run. It sounds glamorous and luxurious, so it could pair well with a shopping scene or expensive subject matter. Male Vocals, Pop, Gen Z
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track - Pop, Gen Z
1026848 3:32 Med Fast 130 USD $399.95  

SUNRISE - (by Jason Cullimore)  Year: 2015
Jason Cullimore (OCTOBER 2020)
Our Editors' Choice Award for October, 2020 goes to Jason Cullimore's "Sunrise", a magically delicious and epically brilliant orchestral fantasy piece. Fabulous for ad spots or productions needing a wondrous and breathtaking song to set a perfect mood, this song is ideal for kid's productions, Disney, and similar enchanted projects and productions.   An upbeat orchestral track with a joyously carefree feel. Could work in celebratory scenes or in places where characters are engaged in happy activities. Mixed Vocals, Dramatic, Happy Music
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
11 Mixes Available
762429 2:28 Med Fast 132 USD $148.95  

Greenlights has the low-down skinny on the fattest sound and style around. From its first beat, their song "Etched in Stone" parlays vocal samples into a freaky intro to their music and rap, setting the scene for a hyper-cool flow. As our September 2020 Editor's Choice Award-winner, this song is perfect for commercial projects needing a strong rap track, plus it's enjoying strong play stats on RadioSparx.   An old school Hip Hop beat with a New Age sound that pumps from hard-hitting drums. Lyrics are smooth with a message about how writing to music is in our blood and nature! A DJ cuts across a solid chorus with synth, violin, and organ smoothing out the hype bump of the snare drum and breaks. Male Rap & Vocals, Hip Hop, West Coast Hip Hop
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track (New Age Hip hop) - Hip Hop, West Coast Hip Hop
706648 4:14 Medium 115 USD $111.95  

M. I. A. - (by Boostylz)  Year: 2019
Boostylz (AUGUST 2020)
M. I. A., our Editors' Choice Award-winner for August, 2020, is a soulfully intense Hip Hop Trap song from Domonique Greene and Juan Peters. This talented songwriting team always impresses with their progressive techniques and relentless innovation. With brilliantly contrasting instrumentation and flowing vocals intertwined with rap, M. I. A. is perfect for urban productions needing a next-level music vibe that is at once edgy, beautiful, intense, and sensually provocative.   Female Vocals, Hip Hop, Trap
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track - Hip Hop, Trap  
937407 4:12 Medium 122 USD $96.95  

HEART OF A CHAMPION - (by Michael Levanios)  Year: 2012
Michael Levanios (JULY 2020)
Heart of a Champion by Michael Levanios is our epic Edtiors' Choice Award-winner for July 2020. A perfect track to celebrate the birth of a country and the patriotic hope for a free and fair upcoming 2020 election and new president. Featuring majestic orchestral brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion, Michael demonstrates an unparalleled mastery of the genre and this song. Perfect for Film, TV, ad spots and more.   Grand Inspiring Important Orchestral Fanfare honors the spirit of teamwork & triumph. Exciting uplifting energizing music for Sports, Olympics, great achievements, brave returning heroes & champions around the world. Film video adverts sports themes, opening credits, corporate branding, commercials, Instrumental, Sports, Olympics Music
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
2 Mixes Available
517964 3:10 Medium 120 USD $234.95  

BABY'S BEEN GONE - (by Cary Kanno)  Year: 2009
Cary Kanno (JUNE 2020)
Baby's Been Gone by Cary Kanno nails its place in our Editors' Choice for June 2020. This particular number is about a breakup and a man who still loves his ex despite how badly she treats him. It also features smooth male vocals and teen-spirit energy that anyone would want to dance to. It's a terrific song for a coming-of-age TV/film production. The mix of hip vocals with chilled but upbeat instruments creates an indie teen vibe, which many will be able to relate to.   a quirky song about a breakup and a person who loves his former girlfriend in spite of the fact that she treats him badly. Uptempo Pop flavoring, male vocals, with a touch of 1970's, 1980's rock in the vein of Simple Minds, the Cars, Blondie, etc. Male Vocals, Indie Rock, College Rock
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
2 Mixes Available
379603 3:17 Med Fast 132 USD $153.95  

JOKER AND THE FOOL - (by Five Empires)  Year: 2017
Five Empires (MAY 2020)
Five Empires struck gold with this tongue-in-cheek Pop Easy Listening vocal track. Featuring a steady pulsing drum and synth flow, Georgia Harris' vocal is elegant and captivating. Joker and the Fool can be heard on a few stations on RadioSparx and works great for dramatic TV and Film production.   Pop track with female vocals and a contemporary feel and sound, engaging vocals and classy production. This is a pop or dance track, using vocal samples to create the variation. Lyrics tell of a mismatched relationship. Piano at the core, classic pop synth elements, Female Vocals, Pop, Dream Pop
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
2 Mixes Available
874477 3:48 Med Slow 100 USD $152.95  

SEEING SMOKE - (by Caiti Patton)  Year: 2017
Caiti Patton (APRIL 2020)
Seeing Smoke by Caiti Patton is our Editors' Choice Award-winner for April 2020. This anthemic track is brilliantly-produced and performed with superlative vocals and instrumentation. Featuring a simmering, driving, yet fabulously understated rhythm track and epic choral vocals, this song is featured on RadioSparx and is an excellent theme song for TV/film production.   An epic, inspirational song that leaves the listener with a hopeful feeling from leaving something tragic behind. An organic sound with simple percussions mixed with electronic elements and hauntingly beautiful background vocals. The lyrics are universal and are related to a long, and hard journey. Female Vocals, Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
2 Mixes Available
879175 3:16 Medium 114 USD $163.95  

GET TO LOVIN - (by Tiffany Houghton)  Year: 2020
Tiffany Houghton (MARCH 2020)
Tiffany Houghton's "Get To Lovin" is our Editors' Choice Award for March 2020. A superlative example of contemporary production techniques, this song integrates Tiffany's masterful vocals into a highly creative and fun song that's rocking the charts on RadioSparx around the world. With a driving, infectious head-bouncing rhythm and sophisticated sequenced vocals, our clients and resellers are responding with massive enthusiasm to Tiffany's diverse and world-class catalog.   Love inspired pop song with female vocals. Falling deeper with someone. Perfect for 20-something romance, reality TV shows, millennial films, American documentaries, Easy Listening music for shops, malls, fashion, dining out, and more, Female Vocals, Pop, Dance-Pop
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
2 Mixes Available
983837 3:04 Medium 127 USD $191.95  

TREK ISTAN - (by Nigel Male)  Year: 2010
Nigel Male (FEBRUARY 2020)
"Trek Istan," by the fabulously talented composer Nigel Male, is our February 2020 Editors' Choice Award winner. With a way-chill slow-groove flow, this song is a superb example of contemporary Lounge/Chill combined with ethnic World influences. Great for exotic TV spots, world travel, and of course, everything about India, especially modern India.   A meditative homage to the exotic East, featuring haunting electronic riffs, chilled beats and hypnotic vocal chants. Ideal for documentary, adventure drama underscore, news reportage, Muzak, call waiting, video game, airline, travel commercial. Lonely Planet. Foreign correspondent, Al Jazeera. Vocal Samples, World Music, Indian World Fusion
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
3 Mixes Available
434719 3:57 Med Slow 80 USD $116.95  

KOREKTEMAN - HAITIAN KOMPA - (by Raoul Denis Jr)  Year: 2011
Raoul Denis Jr (DECEMBER 2019)
Korekteman - Hatian Kompa is our December 2019 Editor's Choice Award winner. Featuring a rousing, vibrant merengue style, Kompa (aka Compas, or Zouk) is an exciting music genre originating in Haiti and spreading throughout the Caribbean. Great for tropical and festive commercial promos and similar happy, celebratory scenes.   A hot Compas tune that will drive you to move your body even you don't know how to dance Caribbean music! Possibly suitable to any situation of hot and exotic party time. Fun, lively, youthful, exciting and powerful-you'll feel like you're really at the beach or Club Med line dancing. English lyrics, Instrumental, Tropical, Compas
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track - Tropical, Compas  
483554 5:44 Medium 114 USD $171.95  

FOLLOW THE STARS (EXTENDED) - (by Julien Moorrees)  Year: 2017
Julien Moorrees (NOVEMBER 2019)
Julien Moorrees song "Follow The Stars (Extended Mix)" won our November 2019 Editor's Choice Award. Driven by a pulsing, jamming, highly energetic beat and digital bounce, this song is brilliant in its intertwining flow of industrial trance beats with superlative digital sampling techniques. Perfect for the new Berlin Club Scene station at RadioSparx, Julien's club dance songs are masterful and set a very high bar.   An nice dance tune with powerfull pop influences getting it to the top. Musical melodies to keep the track original and different each minute. It has a very catchy melody that makes your production stand out. Great for (radio) commercials, tv shows and movies. Vocal Samples, Dance, Trance
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
2 Mixes Available
858919 7:35 Medium 128 USD $111.95  

ALTHOUGH AT THIS TIME - (by Bill Mather)  Year: 2017
Bill Mather (OCTOBER 2019)
Bill Mather's "Although at This Time" was selected as our Editor's Choice Award for October 2019 and has a wacky, silly vibe that's great for tweens, teens and 20-somethings' productions or ad spots needing a quirky, cool sonic identity. Also fun background music for various RadioSparx clients who have kids who like to bop around while shopping or grabbing a pizza or a burger while out with mom and dad.   Funky Electropop groove with a comic edge. Catchy for commercial or theatrical applications. Good for radio and PSA. Current dance /hop style. Underscore available. Mixed Vocals, Electronic, Electropop
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
2 Mixes Available
867354 2:13 Medium 125 USD $71.95  

INFO LEAKS - (by Ntinos Tselis)  Year: 2014
Ntinos Tselis (SEPTEMBER 2019)
Edgy and exciting, "Info Leaks" won our Sept. Editor's Choice Award for its superb suspense as it builds into a track that would work beautifully for a James Bond film, a Forensic File crime show, or equally well for a TV News theme song! Its elegance and anticipation make it a true winner!   Stunning electronic new age sounds mixed with orchestra conveys a bittersweet but hopeful vibe. Starts and ends with a short jingle. Modern but also old-timey. Like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream. Great opening scenes, dramatic film, documentary, commercial, spy movie, crime scene. Several tempos avail. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Ambient
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
3 Mixes Available
702445 1:27 Med Fast 137 USD $123.95  

DISASTER - (by Lilly Wolf)  Year: 2014
Lilly Wolf (AUGUST 2019)
Lilly Wolf's "Disaster" is our August, 2019 Editors' Choice Award-winner. This track is versatile for fashion retail, club/lounge, and ad production. With a fast 162BPM pace, the song moves quickly and powerfully mixes Industrial-Pop and EDM with clever lyrics that jive with the music like an elegant yet bittersweet jigsaw puzzle.   Female Vocals, Dance, Dance-Pop
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
2 Mixes Available
635117 4:30 Fast 162 USD $114.95  

YOU - (by Andrae Hazard)  Year: 2010
Andrae Hazard (JULY 2019)
Who can resist such a tender RnB love song that captures your heart in the first few seconds? Andrae's passion and tenderness won our July "Editor's Choice Award" for its charm and sophistication. Ideal for films, commercials, or streaming in clubs, restaurants, designer shops or for making sweet love.   Touching and emotional joint piano and electic piano introduction. Song builds with addition of hammond organ and string section. Chorus section of the song adds electric bass guitar. Unique trombone solo and small horn section in the second chorus complete this timeless masterpiece about love! Male Vocals, RnB, Smooth Soul
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track (Music for Making Love) - RnB, Smooth Soul
422917 3:25 Slow 62 USD $139.95  

SECRET TALKS - (by Stephen Daltry)  Year: 2003
Stephen Daltry (JUNE 2019)
Stephen Daltry's "Secret Talks" is a brilliant, dark, and mysteriously dramatic track fantastic for any creative TV/Film production needing to set an ominous, foreboding mood. Whether the scene is sad or suspenseful, this track is quite sparse leaving plenty of room for dialog without saturating the scene with music.   From smouldering embers a violin soars up, a flute hesitantly sounds, like a high bird hovering against the swirling air, edging upwards into the sky, strings rise in slow moving chords, building to a climax then dying away. Good for film drama, a treacherous journey, conflict, diving off a mountain, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Edgy
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track (Full Mix) - Dramatic, Calm Edgy  
937629 3:36 Very Slow 42 USD $196.95  

CAFE AU LAIT - (by Kirk McQueen)  Year: 2017
Kirk McQueen (MAY 2019)
Sensual and alluring, Cafe Au Lait from Kirk McQueen works well for international ad spots as well as creative TV/Film production. Enjoying substantial playtime on RadioSparx, this song is a rare combination of laid-back, flowing lounge music with provocative French vocal samples overlaid to create an arousing, pleasurable musical mood.   A smooth downtempo track with soft Rhodes, fat bass, brass swells and smoking lead guitar. Mellow vibes with sexy French spoken words. Exuding imagery of lovers lounging in the heat of the evening sun, lovemaking in naked sensuality. The perfect movie, romantic comedy, reality show, or sexy lounge. Spoken Word, Lounge, Neo-Lounge Vocals
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track - Lounge, Neo-Lounge Vocals
874486 3:59 Med Slow 95 USD $136.95  

INTERNATIONALISM - (by Rik Roberts)  Year: 2012
Rik Roberts (APRIL 2019)
As our clients grow around the world, we're honoring Rik Roberts' mystical Asian cue "Internationalism" with our Editor's Choice Award for April. Ethereal and mysterious, with his magical tabla, sarod, and strings, it's perfect for travel films, romance, or for streaming in Tiki Bars and beach hideaways.   A mid-tempo Asian fusion track blending Indian, Middle Eastern and Western sounds over a steady cruising beat, with tabla, sarod, strings, dulcimer, Rhodes organ, bass and Chinese flute. Evokes international ideals, for hotel chains, global brands, news, weather, cultural events, spa, on hold. Instrumental, World Music, Asian World Fusion
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
3 Mixes Available  
513694 3:33 Medium 120 USD $308.95  

SIMPLE PLEASURE - (by Bob Fine)  Year: 2016
Bob Fine (MARCH 2019)
Bob Fine's "Simple Pleasure" is the winner of our March 2019 Editor's Choice Award. With an exquisite, emotional folk fiddle lead, this song possesses an elegant and winding flow that captures the essence of a pleasurable journey. Perfect for both creative and commercial productions.   A lively, medium tempo track with a contemporary spin on the string quartet, featuring a solo Fiddle and light percussion with a pulsating Bass Drum and syncopated Viola and Cello accents. Works well for TV Advertising and underscore for Film and TV. Exciting, classy, elegant - flying, high energy. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track - Dramatic, Heartwarming Music  
839474 2:27 Medium 110 USD $160.95  

WITHOUT YOU - (by Eric Fletcher)  Year: 2009
Eric Fletcher (FEBRUARY 2019)
Reminiscent of the Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber Pop sound, Eric Fletcher's "Without You" just won our "Editor's Choice Award" for February. A catchy song with an infectious Hip Hop beat and sweet Boy Band-style vocals. A youth pouring his heart out for that one special person he's missing, this song would be great for commercials and promos for younger audiences. It's receiving heavy rotation on RadioSparx now, too!   Great Teen Pop radio-friendly Male Vocal singing an upbeat love song. Strings build to 00:12, where electric bass drops in for a heavy percussive feel, perfect for dance scenes and events. Reminiscent of Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. Professionally produced and performed by Lil Fletch. Male Vocals, Pop, Teen Pop
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track - Pop, Teen Pop
519110 3:46 Med Slow 100 USD $214.95  

I THINK I LOVE YOU - (by Linda Horwatt)  Year: 2014
Linda Horwatt (JANUARY 2019)
Linda Horwatt's "I Think I Love You" is a fab Neo-Retro Pop Rock track with a major Go-Go throwback influence. Enjoying heavy rotation on RadioSparx, this track sets an upbeat, fun mood with lots of flirtatious energy, making it the perfect track to launch a new Lipstick line, Pop-Tart flavor, or smoking hot new sedan! This song in your video leaves your audience say "I Think I Love You!"   Cute and quirky pop-rock track featuring female vocals. Retro/indie vibe still viable for Top 40 stations as well as alternative stations. Linda Horwatt makes this fun and edgy song unique. Female Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
2 Mixes Available
638423 2:25 Med Fast 140 USD $394.95  

WHISPER HORIZON - (by Martin Buitenweg)  Year: 2018
Martin Buitenweg (DECEMBER 2018)
Martin Buitenweg's Whisper Horizon is our Editors' Choice Award-Winner for December, 2018. Possessing utterly magical chord changes mixed with captivating melodies, piano, and orchestration, this song is transcendent. For commercials, this song is PERFECT for introducing a new perfume fragrance or a feel-good vacation paradise. Creatively, the possibilities are vast as this song evokes a timeless, elegant passion spanning the full range of Hollywood and Madison Avenue production.   A beautiful, soft, inspiring track centered around a piano accompanied by a deep sentimental orchestra. Elegant, heartwarming and melancholic. Perfect for a Hollywood romance, an evolving love story or tender flashbacks, film trailer opening or credits. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hollywood Orchestral Epic
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track - Dramatic, Hollywood Orchestral Epic
917621 3:06 Very Slow 55 USD $229.95  

ENDURING LOVE - (by Ingvi Thor Kormaksson)  Year: 2012
Ingvi Thor Kormaksson (NOVEMBER 2018)
Enduring Love has been named our Editors' Choice Award for November 2018. Featuring a superlative vocal performance by Eivor Palsdottir, this song captures a timeless, flowing, and sensually romantic mood. Now enjoying major airplay on RadioSparx, it's perfect for a select romantic moment in your upcoming film, TV, or media production.   Latin-tinged smooth ballad with certain rock elements. Fit for a romantic drama or any project appealing to sophisticated young adults. Dreamy and sensuous female vocals. Nominated for HMMA Awards; AC category 2013 & IAMA; International Accoustic Music Awards 2014. Performed by Latin Faculty. Female Vocals, Jazz, Smooth Jazz Vocals
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
Full Track - Jazz, Smooth Jazz Vocals
586074 4:10 Medium 114 USD $143.95  

THE MENACING FACTORY - (by Nery Bauer)  Year: 2009
Nery Bauer (OCTOBER 2018)
Intense yet playful, Nery Bauer's "The Menacing Factory" is our October 2018 Editor's Choice Award. Featuring a fun and rousing Dan Elfman mood with orchestral instrumentation and pounding kettle drums, this track is perfect for playful, intense Halloween production uses.   A mysterious piece of music with a dark edge, spooky yet somehow innocent. Orchestra, percussion & choir. Good for halloween, adventure & comic horror movies. Comedy mysterioso, circus, spooky carnival music. Silent film, campy video game, playful, quirky, mischievous, big fun, quirky, be afraid! Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
8 Mixes Available
414545 2:51 Med Fast 139 USD $192.95  

BARLOW'S OBSERVATIONS - (by Michael Hennig)  Year: 2010
Michael Hennig (SEPTEMBER 2018)
Our Editor's Choice Award for September 2018 could go to none other than this magical and captivating Neo-Classical epic by Michael Hennig. Alternating between the most rapturous intertwining concert ensemble passages and full-blown orchestral escalations, Michael has masterfully captured a rare combination of classical Hollywood Action, Film Noir, and Disneyesque shades in this stunning work.   An orchestral track with "film noir" in mind. Think of private detectives and mysterious ladies, but also of danger, horror and crime. From calm but tragic themes to eerie string glissando, brass and woodwind stabs, funeral organ and full orchestra stabs, this track has it all. Suspense assured. Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Type Play Track Info Catalog ID Min:Sec Tempo & BPM Price Control
3 Mixes Available
665667 5:13 Med Slow 80 USD $185.95  

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