RadioSparx Music For Business

Welcome to RadioSparx, the next-gen Internet music service!  Created specifically for businesses to use for background music in shops, restaurants, hotels, spas, chains and more, RadioSparx will enhance your brand's image and meet the diverse taste of your customers with the very best in 24/7 streaming Internet music programming.

Featuring the hottest music in the world from the AMAZING world-class composers, artists and orchestras at, RadioSparx is the result of a major development project bringing all of the best music together in 556 different music Stations for the perfect background music for your business.

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Here is what you will enjoy with Music for Business
  • Free 7-Day Trial Period - Play the music for the next 7 days free at no cost or obligation!

  • Low Monthly Fee, No Setup Fee - For only $19.95 per month (or less for multiple locations), this is the best value in the commercial background music industry to help you meet your business objectives.

  • No Long-Term Contract Required - Start with a monthly subscription to enjoy the full musical experience of each vibrant Station to see how it plays in your environment.
  • Fresh and Unique Stations - Our dedicated, professional music editors have listened to each track so you can enjoy an exclusive music experience to both entertain and amuse your clients each day. With new music added daily, and rotating often, each of our 556 Stations offers high-quality music to help enhance your business success.

  • Custom Stations - Subscribers can create their own music stations to play exactly the music tracks you want to play! You can start with one of our existing stations and customize it by adding or deleting tracks, or build up a new station playlist from scratch, adding in just the tracks you want to play.

  • 100% Royalty-free! - You never have to pay ASCAP, BMI or any other performing rights organization.  This feature alone can save your business thousands of dollars per year.  We pay our composers and musicians directly, and provide a direct license, which allows you to avoid paying performance royalties to any performing rights organizations or societies in your country.

  • Commercial-Free - Zero commercials means there's never any advertisements in your music stream! Your customers never hear your competitor's advertisements, they never hear any advertisements at all (unless of course you want them to! - see next item below).

  • Optional In-Stream Custom Ads - Upload custom audio advertisements to play for your clients. Schedule by minute interval (e.g. play every 30 minutes), with scheduled start/stop times during each day. For stores, this helps to inform your clients about daily specials, on-going sales and other helpful or time-sensitive information.

  • Continuous Music - Music plays continuously 24 x 7 on the Station selected on the home page.  You select the Station you want to listen to and can change the Station at any time.  Streams right to your computer via the Internet. 

  • Centralized Administration - Easy to use in multiple locations, with centralized account management.

Great Music

At, you’re always in charge of what music you listen to each day, with no complicated Playlist building required. Get continuous access to 556 music Stations, including:

  • Over 40 different Popular Music Stations featuring Pop Mix Vocals, Pop Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Rock, Classical, R&B, Dance, Club music, and much more!

  • Close to 20 different World Music Stations including Latin Tropical, French Café, Hawaiian, Chinese Pop, Chinese Traditional, Indian, Eastern European, Irish Pub, Reggae, Islamic Anasheed, and more.

  • Specialty stations featuring Classical Lite, Piano Music, Christmas music, Fitness Workout music, Kids Orchestral Magic, and other niche stations. 

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