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Dreaan USD $42.00
Epic film score in 2 main movements and lots of variations. Ideal for adventure and action movies. The Doors of Time (part I) is sweeter and slower with a Lawrence of Arabia atmosphere into it; the Doors of Time part II has a faster and more complex structure, with a slow, intense and romantic end.
Dreaan USD $41.00
Dark and obscure atmospheres, night, fog, black rain, dangerous landscapes, cold wet wind, icy air. This track evokes wait and anxiety and fits perfectly with spooky settings announcing dramatic events. Let this music enhance your scenes. Perfect for action movies, crime, thriller or spy stories.

Dreaan USD $11.00
Are you a dance producer? Are you searching for an extra mark to add to your dance tunes? House, Trance, Techno... this is a DRUMLOOPS PACK YOU MUST HAVE! 10 folders born to make your life easy. Just put them into your arrangement and that's all. Hey these pushy loops are perfect for your next tunes

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