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Original Sounds USD $99.35
Get the authentic sounds of Tokyo City in this library from Original Sounds. It features everything from sounds captured in the city centre, busy streets, pedestrian streets, parks, residential areas, trains and subways. Exterior and interior ORTFstereo recordings captured at different times of day.
Original Sounds USD $75.00
USEFULL soundpack of sounds of countryside, like nature ambiences, insects, birds, forest workers, village ambiences, streams, animals like cows, wild boar, wild goose, dogs barking in the valley at night and crickets. Human activity in cowshed, lumberjacks and woodcutters, tour de France Bike race

Original Sounds USD $58.00
Powerfull motor engine idling, accelerating, stopping, discussions via VHF communications, cabin's roomtone, waves splashing, anchor dropped and weighed, mainsail hoist up, ropes creaking and squeaking, winch, furlers and genoa's flapping and raising, sailboat's interior with light swell. Stereo.
Original Sounds USD $49.15
Here's a soundpack about docks. Containers dropped, trucks loaded with cranes, sirens, alarm, steam, huge pieces of metal creaking and scraping. And lots of loud impacts with nice reverb in container's ship. Enjoy that industrial atmosphere! All Recordings in Stereo AB ORTF in Dunkerque, France.

Original Sounds USD $39.95

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