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Percussion loops (bongo loops, conga loops, timbale loops, tamborine loops, etc.)

Percussion loops of all variety

  20  Bongo drum loops
  60  Brazilian percussion loops
  47  Miscellaneous percussion loops
  2,337  Percussion loops
  338  Shaker loops

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Best Selling Percussion Loops Tracks
Jono Booth African Rhythm Pack - Djembe & Shakers (100bpm) - Jono Booth
Simon Stockhausen Wood and Metal Percussion Loop - Simon Stockhausen
JP Sound Design Shaker Loop Goldeggb 84 Bpm - JP Sound Design
Ultimate Sound Cool Percussion Loop - Ultimate Sound
Urban Arts Entertainment Shaker Loop Cast 115 Bpm - Urban Arts Entertainment
Carlos Carty Saya Mix Perc 92bpm - Carlos Carty
Mahesh Jayawardana Sri Lankan Traditional Drum Percussion Loop - Raban Instrument Loop - India New Year Drum - Mahesh Jayawardana
JP Sound Design Percussion Loop Bolero 87 Bpm - JP Sound Design
Utopian Motion Shaker Loop 44chekere 128 Bpm - Utopian Motion
Leeder Sound FX Shaker Loop Sambacan 96 Bpm - Leeder Sound FX
Ultimate Sound Drum Beats - Ultimate Sound
Catch 22 Loops Huge Powerful Acoustic Drum Loop 140 Bpm - Catch 22 Loops
Audiofruit Bodhran Marching Rhythm - Audiofruit
Utopian Motion Shaker Loop Shakera 80 Bpm - Utopian Motion
Eaglestone Music Dueling Stereo Congas Live - Eaglestone Music
Simon Stockhausen Big Toms and Handcymbal Groove - Simon Stockhausen
E.L. Mahon Island Breeze Rythm Loop - E.L. Mahon
Urban Arts Entertainment Shaker Loop Bossa 120 Bpm - Urban Arts Entertainment
Jono Booth African Percussion Rhythms (95bpm) - Jono Booth
Eaglestone Music Conga Solo Live - Eaglestone Music
Leeder Sound FX Shaker Loop Rainshkb 108 Bpm - Leeder Sound FX
Hollywood Post Rhythmic Synth Percussion - Hollywood Post
Carlos Carty Bombo Leguero Double 84bpm - Carlos Carty
Hollywood Post Alien - Hollywood Post
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