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Celebrity sound effects (actors, authors, musicians, politicians and more)

Sound effects and samples of various celebrity figures. Includes recorded sounds from historic celebrities in our past as well as contemporary celebrities.

  5  Celebrity Actors
  2  Celebrity Artists
  149  Celebrity Astronauts
  3  Celebrity Authors
  5  Celebrity Criminals
  1  Celebrity Emcees
  2  Celebrity First Ladies
  8  Celebrity Historic Figures
  4  Celebrity Journalists
  6  Celebrity Militarists
  2  Celebrity Models
  14  Celebrity Musicians
  24  Celebrity Politicians
  10  Celebrity Sports Figures and Athletes
  1  Religious Celebrities
  104  U.S. Presidents
  15  World Leaders

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Best Selling Celebrity Sound Effects Tracks
Lorin Swelk Pat Robertson On Drugs - Lorin Swelk
Leandro Mogni Marthin Luther King - Leandro Mogni
Ian Hubball Baby (Spoken) - Ian Hubball
Leandro Mogni Argentinian Ex President, Eduardo Duhalde - Leandro Mogni
The Producers Man On Moon - The Producers
Blazznet Talking Box Tell Me What You Really Want to Do 1b Lower - Voice Colin - Barry White Soundalike - British Male - Blazznet Talking Box
Hollywood Post Neil Armstrong: Houston, the Eagle Has Landed ... - Hollywood Post
The Producers Astronaut On the Moon - The Producers
Emmanuel Barack Obama Victory Speech Mp3 - Emmanuel
LoopMix Japanese Political Speech - LoopMix
Ultimate Sound Muhammad Ali's "I Am the Greatest" Poem - Ultimate Sound
Allyson Kitts Glenn Beck Tea Party Speech at the Menger Hotel April 15, 2009 - Allyson Kitts
David Harper Mj Signature Scream Dry - David Harper
LoopMix Japanese Political Speech 2 - LoopMix
Special Effects and Sounds Apollo Eagle Has Landed - Special Effects and Sounds
David Harper Michael Jackson Signature Scream Wet - David Harper
Special Effects and Sounds Apollo Rocket On Moon, Astronaut On the Moon - Special Effects and Sounds
Hollywood Post One Small Step for Man One Giant Leap for Mankind - Hollywood Post
Lorin Swelk Bushism 1 - Lorin Swelk
Ultimate Sound Neil Armstrong - One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind - Ultimate Sound
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