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The music of India includes multiple varieties of folk, popular, pop, classical music and R&B. India's classical music tradition, including Carnatic and Hindustani music, has a history spanning millennia and, developed over several eras, it remains fundamental to the lives of Indians today as sources of spiritual inspiration, cultural expression and pure entertainment. India is made up of several dozen ethnic groups, speaking their own languages and dialects, having very distinct cultural traditions.

  32  Bhangra Folk Music
  13  Carnatic Music
  279  Cinema | Bollywood
  15  Cinema | South Indian
  72  Hindustani Music
  637  Indian Dramatic Music
  230  Indian Electronica Music
  81  Indian Folk
  101  Indian Light Music
  11  Indian Music (pending categorization)
  51  Indian Percussion Ensembles
  191  Indian Pop
  32  Indian Spiritual Music
720  Indian World Fusion
  28  Thumris, Ghazals, Qawwalis, Sufi

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Best Selling Indian Music Tracks
Jonathan Atkinson Monsoon - Jonathan Atkinson
Steve Urwin Bollywood Club Mix (60) - Steve Urwin
Alec Makinson Calcutta Sunrise - Alec Makinson
Simon Wolfe Past Glory - Simon Wolfe
Jonathan Atkinson Bombay Hustle - Jonathan Atkinson
Suchitra Lata Kaatril Varum Paatae - Suchitra Lata
Chris Kitchen Sitar and Tabla Music for Indian Aps - Chris Kitchen
Arjun Sen Two Worlds (Underscore Version) - Arjun Sen
Stefan Bode Funky India - Stefan Bode
Steve Cornish Taj Mahal - Steve Cornish
Fowler and Branca Hindi Dance - Fowler and Branca
Architect of Sound ! Aos Bollywood Original 04-30sec - Architect of Sound
D. Silverstone Far Is the East - Full Length - D. Silverstone
Dewey Dellay Feather of India - Dewey Dellay
Michael Allen Starvation - Michael Allen
Solace Weeping Tree 120 Seconds - Solace
Fortuna Bonam Namaste No.1 - Fortuna Bonam
A-P-M Productions Sitar Big Beat - A-P-M Productions
Charlie Mac Modern Bollywood Music - Charlie Mac
Dan Morrissey Into the Netherworld - Dan Morrissey
Shafa Tribal Vibes - Shafa
Stefan Bode Funky India - Stefan Bode
Jennifer Hannah-Murphy Tales From the Ashram - Jennifer Hannah-Murphy
Steve Cornish Indian Journey (Loop) - Steve Cornish
Rik Roberts Beautiful India 30 Sec Instrumental - Rik Roberts
Suchitra Lata Kaatril Varum Paatae - Suchitra Lata
Cyril Baranov Shadows of India (Percussion and Sitar) - Cyril Baranov
Nelson Hinds Bombay - Nelson Hinds
Adagio Music Sinindi - Adagio Music
Vladimir Kalpin Long Awakening - Vladimir Kalpin
Akela Sun Secret Dreamtime - Akela Sun
Adam Skorupa Indias Charm - Adam Skorupa
Hassan Khan Pure Shanti - Hassan Khan
Silvia Marchese Chapati Dance - Silvia Marchese
Erik Haddad Life Dance - Erik Haddad
David Beard India Sunrise - David Beard
Really Free Music Rag - Bilias Khani Todi - Really Free Music
Logwood Productions Deep Desire - Logwood Productions
Abbas Premjee (LP) Drifting (Loop 02) - Abbas Premjee (LP)
Steve Urwin Bollywood Club Mix (15) - Steve Urwin
Gary Wolk Maharashtra - Gary Wolk
Oscar Salguero Radiant Melancholy Feat. Jyotsna (30 Sec) - Oscar Salguero
Bjorn Lynne Desert Nomads - Bjorn Lynne
Nelson Hinds Indian Sunrise - Nelson Hinds
Sandeep Khurana Asian Indian Bhangra Dance DJ Music India Desi Beats - Sandeep Khurana
Abbas Premjee (LP) Past Life (30-Secs Version) - Abbas Premjee (LP)
Brighter Note Happy Sitar Dance - Brighter Note
Music For TV and Games Don Swami - Music For TV and Games
After in Paris Bollywood 1 - After in Paris
Filmmusic Group Himalayan Piper: Indian Flute Ambience - Filmmusic Group
Shahin Badar Laila - Shahin Badar
Project 2020 Project Koka (Vocal Version) - Project 2020
Jasen Shawn Smith The Taj Ma Dance Hal (No Drum & Bass) - Jasen Shawn Smith
r-H Coil - r-H
David Hamilton Bollywood Boulevard - David Hamilton
David Hamilton Bollywood Boulevard - David Hamilton
D. Silverstone Far Is the East - D. Silverstone
Richard Hughes Destination India - Richard Hughes
Deep Jhakas - Deep
Shyam Vai Juneorc - Shyam Vai
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