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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Lori Kelley Gold - Lori Kelley
Adagio Music Feel the Heat - Adagio Music
The Whole Bolivian Army Bitch in a Volvo - The Whole Bolivian Army
Daniel's Window Follow and Believe - Daniel's Window
Anthony Hugh Jesus Paid It All - Anthony Hugh
Abbey Scott Dancing in the Stars - Abbey Scott
Leah Faegre Shining in My Hair - Leah Faegre
Technetium Run Away - Technetium
Rikah Everything Is Changing (J Matthew & O Salguero) - Rikah
Really Free Music Kata Noi - Really Free Music
Katey Laurel No One Else (Acoustic With Percussion) - Katey Laurel
Shelley Jacobson Get It Good (Vocal Mix) - Shelley Jacobson
Linda Horwatt Darling - Linda Horwatt
Antoinette Tredanary You're Gone - Antoinette Tredanary
Larry Warren We're Getting Married - Mix 3 - Larry Warren
Ron Komie The First Noel Vol 5 - Ron Komie
Mays & Corn And So [60sec] - Mays & Corn
MJ12 I Don't Believe - MJ12
A Steady Vertigo Escape - A Steady Vertigo
SuperWeaponDanceParty Chainsaw Murderers Love Whores - SuperWeaponDanceParty
Robert Dellaposta I Only Slipped - Robert Dellaposta
Jo Masino Fiesta Latina (Vocal) - Jo Masino
Carsten Holscher The Happiest Place to Be - Carsten Holscher
Arrow Casino Tell Em - Part 1 No Drums - Arrow Casino
Shafa Friendship Song "Dosti" - Shafa
DJ Skillmaster Come Closer (30 sec) - DJ Skillmaster
Kevin Reardon All the Love (Your Heart Can Hold) - Kevin Reardon
Phil Panton Midnight Shuffle (Stinger 03) - Phil Panton
Franco Pellegrini Inventándote (Inventing You) - Franco Pellegrini
Stefano Fucili Anima - Stefano Fucili
Julian Scott Mafiosi Cinematic Mix - Julian Scott
Ram Wong Num Suphan Fanfueang - Thai Local Dance Song - Ram Wong
Bendaly Family Seni Bitsabea Seni (Year Raced Year) - Bendaly Family
Bartok Music Gregorian Chant 7 - Bartok Music
David Gosnell Occult Voices - David Gosnell
Artur Bayramgalin Matreshka - Artur Bayramgalin
Arjun Sen Common Ground (Pad & Vocals Only Version) - Arjun Sen
Baron Chase Baronlamba - Baron Chase
Mataika Huri (Hand) - Mataika
Estudiante Regresar - Estudiante
Deep Dakhma - Deep
Torfi Olafsson Me and the Nation (þjóðin Og ég) - Torfi Olafsson
Douglas Nicholson Dark Skies - Douglas Nicholson
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Wicked Ear Candy Santa.Com (Male) - Wicked Ear Candy
Jeff Iantorno A Tisket a Tasket (Child Solo Vocal) - Jeff Iantorno
Dream Valley Music Like a Bird (Flying High Remix) (Vocal Version) - Dream Valley Music
Code Switcher Don't Walk Away From Me - Code Switcher
Carlos Estella Bloodiness of War - Carlos Estella
HarpString Productions Jingle Bells - HarpString Productions
Ori Vidislavski Child at Night - Ori Vidislavski
Akela Sun Corporate Trailer Dreaming - Akela Sun
Matthew Reid Bloodcurdling Sting 3 - Matthew Reid
Thomas Beckner Witch Pumpkin - Thomas Beckner
Bjorn Lynne Hazard Dream Child (30-secs version) - Bjorn Lynne
Steve Willoughby Up Is Better Than Down (Children) - Steve Willoughby

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Featured Artist

Mish O'Neill

Mish O’Neill has released her happy human spirit through her latest batch of fun tunes. Her music is honest and simple, reflections of the energy she observes around her, and of the energy within. Her ability to laugh at herself is easily conveyed through her songs, as is her acceptance of her imperfections! Mish is an energetic, vibrant performer with zest for life taken not so seriously! Her music should inject your soul with inspiration and a view that reality does not bite, but is a continual life lesson that should be embraced.

What Will Be Will Be
Won't you sit with me for a while? Live for the moment. Sunny folk pop song with delightful girl vocal. Laugh our cares away. Good times, road trip, teen drama, 20 something drama, travel...

Better Than the Boys
Funny female pop song with cabaret jazzy piano. Mish sings to her new perfect boyfriend. She remembers how her previous boyfriends behaved badly. Like a vain model or wannabee rockstar: f...

Bully Boy
Mish sings a gentle song to a young boy who's a bully at school. She tries to get him to change his ways and get along with other people. She wants to be his friend, wants to understand h...

Barebones ballad, sung from her heart. A lonely guitar plucked by childlike fingers. Mish wrote this song at night by a campfire in the middle of nowhere. She sounds like the ghost of a g...

Boys Can Get Lost
Absolutely freaking insane female pop song with kazoos! She's a girl who wants to be free and play in a band. She doesn't want to cook dinner for a man. Boys just seem to get in the way. ...

Tripping On My Heartstrings
Friendly indie pop song with delicious girl vocals. All of a sudden she's excited with the thrill of falling in love with a stranger. She didn't expect this. Happy acoustic guitars. Fast ...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
piccadillyCircus Muddy Blood and Lemonade (Loop, Extended) - piccadillyCircus
Reckless Deriver So Stoopid - Reckless Deriver
Ram Wong Num Sao Loikrathong - Thai Local Dance Song - Ram Wong
Suzanne's Band Ice and Fire - Suzanne's Band
Luke's Father Misty Mornings (Short Version) - Luke's Father
Erin Elkins Christmas in New York Duet - Erin Elkins
Kate Carpenter The Mommy Song - Kate Carpenter
Crista Carroll I've Arrived - Crista Carroll
Botabateau Happy Indie Travel (Full Length) - Botabateau
Code Switcher Boom Boom - Code Switcher
The Gold Needles I Get the Pressure - The Gold Needles
Larry Warren Long Ago Far Away - Larry Warren
Dry Men Better - Dry Men
Bjorn Lynne Shanti Mantra - Peace Invocation (Vocal version) - Bjorn Lynne
John Cox Release Me From the Past - John Cox
Tim Datailor Silken Harmony (Smooth Jazz Vibes) - Tim Datailor
Masterwerk Cover Me - Masterwerk
Spirograph Sounds Inspirational, Motivational, Corporate, Uplifting - Cloud7 - Spirograph Sounds
Stephen Buzzell Open Up the Window - Stephen Buzzell
Strannik Strannik - Save Me (Short Version) - Strannik
Thos Brown Back to Life - Thos Brown
Bom Beijo Cruise and Kush - Bom Beijo
Strange World Music He's Got Boots and Baggy Jumpers - Strange World Music
Ugo Pisanti-Hewlett Dawn | Dreamy Pluggnb X Pop - Ugo Pisanti-Hewlett
Guille Pareja Funky House - Guille Pareja
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