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Based in Texas, Mark S. Crocker presents beautiful soundtracks and catchy melodies that emotionally transport the listener into an imaginative other world. Working in genres ranging from Dramatic and Dangerous to Children and Spiritual, his creative style is a mix of cinematic flavor with both traditional and non-traditional instrumentation. Mark is a published choral arranger, composer, and concert artist, and he's provided background music for several websites and video productions. Over 600 of his songs are listed here at Audiosparx.

Mark S. Crocker has served as a local church Minister of Music for 39 years, and one of his songs recently won Honorable Mention in a Song of the Year contest.

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DIXIE   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Sweet rendition of a Southern favorite; Beautiful melancholic piano solo evolves & builds into an orchestrated piece; Perfect for all media: Use for civil war, memory flashbacks, reflection, historical documentaries, old southern culture, patriotic & political events, anything Americana; Radio ready, Instrumental, Folk, Traditional Folk

IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2013
Original Christmas song that shares the true meaning of the holiday with warmth & truth; Use as a solo in church pageants & worship, Christian films and documentaries, and concerts. Male Vocals, Spiritual, Contemporary Christian

COMMERCIAL MOOD #5 - 60 SEC.   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2013
This electronic pop track is what you are looking for! With a laid back, easy listening style & crisp sound, this is a perfect match for your 1 min. of promotion for anything from luxury cars & insurance to snacks, beverages, & fun times; Also use in game shows, video games, TV sitcoms, circus acts. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music

TWISTED   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2013
Build suspense & intrigue with this action impending multi-use track! Use in spy & espionage, high drama, murder mystery, CSI investigations, crime in planning or progress, impending doom, medical mystery, cliff hangers, chase scenes, hunted & stalked. Or use for hi intensity, dangerous circus acts. Instrumental, Dangerous, Edgy Music

BIG STORM COMING   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2013
The approaching storm brings powerful wind, big thunder, pouring rain. Dramatic emotional moody & sophisticated. For mysterious scenes depicting turbulent weather, apprehension or bad news. Stormy relationship, breaking up, 10 o'clock news, the ER credits underscore, games, safety equipment, shelter, Instrumental, Dangerous, Apprehensive Music

1 MINUTE CIRCUS   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2011
One minute of fun, happy music for use with circus & rodeo acts, carnival music, game shows, comedy capers, TV sitcom themes, video games, "America's Got Talent"-type acts (magicians, spinning plates, dog tricks, etc.); Great for websites & montage of funny sports videos or news clips. Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music

O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Fun, electronic, contemporary instrumental of the Christmas carol; Useful in a variety of mediums including TV, film, web sites, videos, documentaries, PSA, phone on hold, in store shopping, radio ready, nativity scenes; Ideal instrumental feature for Christmas TV show or film. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Electronic

WALKING IN MOONLIGHT   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2015
Soft romantic music with contemporary percussion; For a variety of scenes: walking on the beach, slow dancing, embracing a baby, enjoying moonlit skies, family play time, tender moments, wedding music; Also use with cooking, travel, & weather channels or documentaries & commercials; Great underscore, Instrumental, Pop, Easy Listening

AWAY IN A MANGER   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
You've never heard "Away In a Manger" like this; Mix together the simple melody of this classic carol with a stage band style & Latin percussion, & you get a fresh contemporary sound; Use in a variety of film & TV Christmas scenes, commercials, church programming, in store shopping; Radio ready. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Big Band

DISTORTION   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2015
Distorted electric guitar with a crunch heavy metal style. Makes for interesting music in sophisticated commercials advertising high tech, high end cars, smart phones, etc. Appeals more to younger audiences. Also use in web sites, videos, TV shows, documentaries, or political ad campaigns. Instrumental, Rock, Melodic Rock

WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
The traditional carol in a classical orchestrated instrumental arrangement featuring trumpet, pizzicato strings, brass, timpani, and cymbals; Ideal for a variety of TV & movie Christmas scenes, radio ready, in store shopping, church programming, phone on hold, documentaries, musical Christmas cards. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Ensemble

GOOD KING WENCESLAS   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
This popular Christmas carol has been "jazzed" up to make it fun & more contemporary: Perfect shopping, call no hold, & listening music for stores & radio; Use in cooking shows, weather & travel channel or in film, TV, videos, docs with scenes portraying holiday shopping, partying, hanging lights. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Electronic

INVESTIGATION   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Terrific CSI-type music; Electronics, brass, & heavy percussion combine to create anticipation, drive, & energy for investigative scenes; Think edgy background music for medical dramas, police & detectives, law & order, forensics, historical docs, mysteries, extreme sports, & contemporary westerns. Instrumental, Dramatic, Electronic Music

TIMELESS   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2015
Moments slowly pass by in anticipation of a deadline, mystery, or event; For scenes portraying inner reflection or time leading up to executions, a loved one's death, criminal acts, happenings; Mellow track great for mood transitions, dialogue underscore, historical docs, commercials, political ads. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music

CIRCLES OF WIND   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2015
Listen for the wind as it swirls around in gentle circles & creates a beautiful melody useful in any media: ad campaigns, weather documentaries, film, TV, videos, web sites, travel channel, radio ready; Feel good track for scenes with children, family, romance, scenic flyovers, happy times. Instrumental, Corporate, Corp. Pop Easy Listening

GOD REST YE MERRY HOMBRES   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
A contemporary Latin version of the classic carol "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"; Perfect for film, TV, documentaries, commercials, Christmas programs, in store shopping, phone on hold, radio bumper, church pageants, infomercials, cooking show, weather channel, web sites, videos; Radio ready. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Jazz Ens.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Great rhythmic, suspenseful, electro orchestra track for scenes with chasing, hunting, crime in planning or progress, or impending danger; Also use in TV, film, & docs with crime dramas, aliens, monsters, terror, underwater adventure, haunted houses; Sure to build electrical energy & scary seconds. Instrumental, Action, Impending Electro-Orch

60 SEC. OF HAPPY GO LUCKY   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2015
Fun carefree track useful in children's programming, game shows, sitcom themes, corporate conventions, ad campaigns, political ads, nature documentaries; Use also in fast paced commercials for kids toys, snacks, drinks, cars, entertainment, cruises, vacations; Exudes a laid back, easy going mood. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Country

MY HEAVENLY HOME   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Beautifully inspiring with lush strings, heavenly harp, mellow piano, & sweet voices; Use in scenes depicting dreams, out of body experiences, death of loved ones or pets, & gentle goodbyes; Evokes a sweet melancholy mood for both sad or happy blissful scenes; Video honor tributes, memory flashbacks, Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century

QUIET SOLITUDE   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Relax with this soothing track; Reflective & peaceful music for scenes involving memory flashbacks, sweet tender times, romance, children, babies, memory & anniversary tributes, Spiritual renewal, homecomings, gentle goodbyes, & thanksgiving; Use in web sites, videos, commercials, & documentaries. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music

SKIPPING WITH FRIENDS   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Picture children skipping down the sidewalk, skipping stones over a pond, a slinky worm, or worker ants; A fun simple melody for nature documentaries, children's TV, cartoons, corporate uses, ad campaigns, scene transitions, dialogue underscores, web sites, videos, PSA's, clowns, & political ads. Instrumental, Dramatic, Tender music

WITHOUT YOU   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Fun toe-tapping track that brings joy & fun to commercials; Great theme music for sitcom, romantic drama, game show, opening/closing/credits for movie or TV show; Radio ready; Fun wedding party entrance music; Sax and brass playfully combine to exude happiness & exhilaration for any scene or medium. Instrumental, Dramatic, Happy Music

90 SEC. OF FUNKY FUN   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2015
Hip track that will make the listener want to move or dance to. A perfect background to commercials promoting vacation fun, cars, beverages, snacks, cruises, etc. Track has a mildly funky style with a mix of sensual sax, driving percussion, & 70's guitars & bass. Useful in docs, web sites, & videos. Instrumental, Dance, Fashion House

A DEEPER LOVE   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
A haunting violin solo fills the listener with mixed emotions and passions; Perfect for scenes with romantic reflection, longing & separation, lost love, memory flashbacks, depression, heartbreak, missing someone, hope amidst difficult decisions, tragic news, sorrow & anguish, sympathy, nostalgia, Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music

ABUNDANT LIFE   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
A heartwarming & joyful track that evokes a mood of happiness, contentment, thankfulness, & pleasure; Perfect for enhancing a variety of scenes with children, family, romances, achievement; Use as opening or closing in film or in scenic fly overs, nature scenes, happy memory flashbacks, reunions. Instrumental, Dramatic, Tender music

ELECTRIC BUMPER   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Versatile electronic track useful as a radio bumper, jingle, or car commercial music for sophisticated audiences; Also use with game shows, videos, web sites, industrial documentaries, entertainment news, extreme sports montage, or as circus music; 2 sexy saxes evoke a flirtatious energetic sound. Instrumental, Dramatic, Electronic Music

PASSING TIME   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Great track to use between scenes, as project opener, closer, credits, or with memory flashbacks; Musically designed to enhance the passing of time & exude reflection of the past & anticipation of the future; Useful in fantasies & holiday/family programming as with children asleep waiting for Santa. Instrumental, Dramatic, Magical Music

THE BLESSED HANDS OF JESUS   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2010
A tender & sweet hymn that evokes a deep contemplation of Jesus & His blessed, nail-scarred hands; Beautiful track useful in church settings, pageants, movies, programs, videos with scenes emphasizing various parts of Christ's life (ministry, Garden of Gethsemane, Calvary); Full of warmth & emotion. Male Vocals, Spiritual, Traditional Gospel

THE LAST CHAPTER   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2015
Soft, elegant track perfect for media & scenes needing pleasant satisfaction, emotional relief or to inspire sympathy; Great for scene transitions & dialogue underscore or as a mood changer; Also for film credits, opener, documentaries, & commercials needing a light melancholy musical background. Instrumental, Dramatic, Hollywood Orchestral Epic

UNDERSCORE #6   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Excellent orchestration for sophisticated commercials promoting high end & expensive luxury items to a seasoned, upscale target audience; Also use in corporate meetings, political ads, weather channel, nature documentaries, scenic flyovers, video background music, or loop for news programming. Instrumental, Corporate, Corp. Pop Easy Listening

BEHIND EVERY CORNER   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Versatile danger music that evokes mild apprehension & suspense; Use in film, TV, or videos to set a mood of impending doom for scenes with criminal intent, spy & espionage, terrorism, hunted & chased, law & order, police & detective dramas, medical mysteries, battle preparation, CSI investigations. Instrumental, Action, Impending Tribal

COUNTRY BUMPER   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Simple, light melody makes a versatile track that can be used as bumper music between radio commercial and programming or as lead in music; Other corporate uses include music for web sites, internet videos, convention introductions, & host of commercials for products, fun times, beverages, children. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Country

SHEER PANDEMONIUM   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Intense track that exudes imminent danger; Excellent for scenes in crime dramas, spy movies, horror flicks, action shows; Use for investigations, terrorism, hunts and chases, battles, crime in planning or progress, aliens & monsters, evil schemes, psycho dramas, murder mysteries, mythological, Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music

SUMMER PLAY TIME   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Looking for a track with a summery fun sound? Picture happy music for strolling in the park, children swimming, family play times, vacation fun, road trips, memory flashbacks of joyous times, parties & celebrations, laughing; Use in commercials promoting cars, summer beverages, cruises, air travel. Instrumental, Corporate, Corp. Pop Easy Listening

UNDERSCORE #5   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Mellow easy-listening track for sophisticated commercials promoting high end luxury items to a seasoned, upscale target audience; Also use in corporate meetings, political ads, weather channel, nature documentaries, scenic flyovers, video background music; Beautiful sax solo occurs 1/2 way through. Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

VENGEANCE AND FEAR   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Build the anticipation with this scary soundscape; For horror & danger scenes involving monsters, aliens, murder mystery, crime in progress or planning, espionage, terrorism; Also use for Halloween features, Hitler documentaries, Hitchcock-like dramas, law & order crime shows, CSI investigations, Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music

BY HIM THEREFORE   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Fun & lively instrumental great for pre-K & Kinder children to dance & exercise to; A blend of Island and Big Band sounds; Use in Vacation Bible School as a musical opener for kids to march in with; Use in animations, as game show music, children's TV show, travel channel, or documentary music. Instrumental, Dramatic, Happy Music

GUITAR BUMPER   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Ideal as radio bumper between programming & commercials, as a jingle, or in web & radio commercial campaigns; Also use on weather, travel, or fashion channel, cooking shows, PBS programming, political ads, videos, web sites, conference & convention introductions, or a variety of corporate needs. Instrumental, Corporate, Corp. Pop Easy Listening

SHAME AND REGRET   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2015
Beautiful somber sounds. Flowing & smooth. Perfect soundtrack for scenes depicting loneliness, longing, sadness. mourning, depression, bad news, shame, hurt. Also works well with crime in planning, CSI investigations, detective shows, documentaries about wars & aftermath, or rise of dictators. Instrumental, Action, Impending Orchestral

SLOW DANCE   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Charming and romantic, this track is the perfect background for tender scenes with couples slow dancing, embracing, kissing, walking hand in hand or just being in love with one another; Excellent as mood enhancer with memory flashbacks, anniversary tributes, passionate love scenes, or lost loves. Instrumental, RnB, RnB Ballads

THE GHOST IN THE ATTIC   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
The perfect scary music for scenes with haunted houses, chases, evil schemes, impending danger, doom & gloom, terrorism, mysteries, aliens, monsters? Creepy, foreboding music to scare your listener with moments of high anticipation, sudden fear and lurking danger. Evil, satanic, paranormal, crime, Instrumental, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi Chase

APOLOGIES   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Inward reflection & soul searching best describe this "apologetic" track useful in scenes depicting such moods; Also great for scenes with lost loves, longing, sadness, difficult decision making, romantic breakup, asking for forgiveness, loneliness & separation, depression, sorrow & grief, & suicide, Instrumental, Dramatic, Sad Music

HIGHER GROUND   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2009
Fun pop style track that's sure to add vibrancy & energy to any scene or medium; The electronic melody mixes well with the brass backups; Great for use as an opener, closer, or theme instrumental in a romance, fantasy, comedy, game show, TV sitcom, drama, variety show, commercial, documentary, video, Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music

THE SHUFFLE BLUES   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2015
Swinging country track with a bluesy shuffle makes for a good musical background in modern scenes with cowboy clubs, bar settings, folksy rodeos, line dancing, mechanical bull riding, square dancing, or in scenes reminiscent of Civil War events, pioneer era, backwoods of Tennessee, western saloons. Instrumental, Country, Country Two-Step

MY LOVE FOR YOU   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Beautiful track that exudes emotion and passion with a classical touch; Perfect musical background for romantic films or TV, engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, happy loving scenes, reunions, military homecomings, fun times, family outings, tender times with children & pets, memory flashbacks. Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century

TRIBUTE   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Fast paced with plenty of playful rhythms & runs; Great for scenes with family fun times, children playing at the park or beach, vacations, camping, & highway cruising; Also use in commercials, nature & animal documentaries, sports montages, or vacation promotions needing energetic wholesome music. Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

UNDERSCORE #2   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Need an underscore to compliment scenes of bliss, dreams, reflection, longing, loneliness, inner peace, heaven, or Spiritual renewal? This track brings empathy and softly supports contemplative dialogue; Enlightening & meditative with slight new age sound; Great for time lapse & memory flashbacks. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music

UNDERSCORE #4   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
1 minute of smooth, flowing & soft, soothing music for a variety of uses including: commercials, corporate videos, underscore for scene dialogue, nature documentaries, vista flyovers, as game show or TV sitcom music, infomercial, for introducing speakers @ business meetings & conventions, animations, Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music

A GENTLE GOODBYE   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Lush underscore for dialogue or as a mood enhancer; Think sad "goodbye" scenes (to a loved one or deceased, send off to military or college, romantic breakup, giving in to renewal or change, burying a pet or friend, sweet memories); Also try reunions, coming home, Spiritual renewal, forgiveness. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music

CALM WATERS   (by Mark S. Crocker )  Composed: 2014
Think of a quiet gentle stream or a cool flowing waterfall; Useful in any film or TV scene needing sweet reflection, solitude, meditation, or memory flashbacks; Useful in documentaries, commercials, videos, web sites, phone on hold, in store shopping. or as wedding music for the bride's entrance. Instrumental, Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music
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Mark S. Crocker

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