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Composer Dewey Dellay won an IRNE for his music in Five by Tenn and the prestigious Elliot Norton Outstanding Design Award. Next, Music & Sound Design Award in The Women, 9 Parts of Desire, and Miss Witherspoon. Televison shows include Our America with Lisa Ling on OWN, National Geographic TV, Discovery Channel, and TV shows Date Patrol, America’s Spookiest Places, Cat House on HBO, and How to Clean Your House. Film credits: Haunted Lantern, Pearl Harbor–The View from Japan, and Chaos and Order.

Dewey Dellay’s impressive list of credits marches on. His music has also been included in commercials for Showtime, Marriott Hotels, Prilosec, Rogaine, Brothers P touch, Nuprin, Tampax, Imitrex, and many others. With almost 500 of his original compositions here, Dewey’s innovative new music always brings great excitement to the audio world. Today, Dewey divides his time between Manhattan and Cambridge, MA. He originally was a bassist and has played in such diverse settings as The Gary Burton Group with Pat Metheny, Ronnie Spector, and the MIT Chamber Orchestra. Now working as a composer, Dewey has written music for numerous national commercials along with having his music in many feature films and TV shows, as more fully described above. Shows composed for include "Our America with Lisa Ling" and many National Geographic Television shows.

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THEREMIN VITAMAN   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2010
Spooky therimin solo. Haunted House Horror flick movie trailer film credits soundscape background commercial advert toys r us creepy frightening ghosts goblins graveyard sounds crypt noises graveyard ambience scary music halloween music horror music scary song haunted voices dark night. Verry Eerie! Instrumental, Horror, Haunted Mansion
Preview Track
Full Track - Horror, Haunted Mansion
652236 1:09 Medium 109 USD $131.95  

DESERT BED   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Soft pensive drone with dudek wind instrument playing over it, Instrumental, Middle East, Middle-East
Preview Track
Full Track - Middle East, Middle-East
233407 1:46 Slow USD $138.95  

MY AFRICA - WORLD THEME   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2004
Exciting, tense African percussion with village chanting. World Beat, Globe Trekker, Travel Channel. Film and TV productions depicting dancing natives, tribal drums, festive celebrations, or intense action scenes. Movie trailer, film credits, underscore. upbeat travel. Mixed Vocals, African, African Traditional
Preview Track
Bed - African, African Traditional
168723 0:35 Med Fast 147 USD $117.95  

STORYHOUSE   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2010
Magical music, sweet light fun. Full Symphony Orchestra pizzicato & woodwinds percussion clarinet glock. Happy, playful, mischievous. Fantasy, magical fairytale, romantic comedy. Christmas & holiday family scenes, Santa coming soon, the elves busy at work at the North Pole. Wrapping presents playing, Instrumental, Dramatic, Whimsical Music
Preview Track
Full Track - Dramatic, Whimsical Music
324766 1:05 Medium 112 USD $202.95  

VOICE REDO SOFT FEMALE OPERA   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2004
Elegant opera beauty inspiring atmosphere. Calm and beautiful. Transporting, Female Vocals, Dramatic, Dramatic Operatic
Preview Track
Full Track - Dramatic, Dramatic Operatic
501965 2:56 Mixed 96 USD $318.95  

TAIKO TALKING -- PERCUSSION GROOVE   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2003
Drum groove action adventure building, Instrumental, New Age, Ethnic Fusion
Preview Track
60sec - New Age, Ethnic Fusion
168602 0:53 Medium 109 USD $147.95  

SPOOKY EERIE THEREMIN   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2007
Eerie spooky classic ghost mood... For haunted house, campy, creepy Halloween or Horror movie or video. Fun for scaring the kids. Excellent for your Crypt or Graveyard ambience or Dungeon echoes. Dark Humor sci fi paranormal occult or gothic creepiness. Empty haunted castle halls or torture chamber, Instrumental, Horror, Theremin music
Preview Track
60sec - Horror, Theremin music
267673 0:58 Medium 116 USD $91.95  

BONZAI CYCLES   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2009
Action adventure with Asian japanese overtones of a eru hu violin. Adventurous, bold, dramatic and powerful Japanese Music, perfect for Ninja battle scenes, warlords, Samurai, Yakuza documentaries, video games, opening credits, theme song, blockbuster Japanese movies, or intense romance. Instrumental, Asian, Asian Dramatic
Preview Track
Full Track - Asian, Asian Dramatic
471722 2:18 Medium 120 USD $192.95  

AYAYIYA - RETRO HARMONIES   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Female harmony, Female Vocals, Corporate, Corporate Pop Vocals
Preview Track
Full Track - Corporate, Corporate Pop Vocals
688874 1:15 Med Slow 89 USD $90.95  

AFRICA FLUTE SOLO FLUTE   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
wooden flute piece - vision, Instrumental, African, African Traditional
Preview Track
Bed - African, African Traditional
168694 0:44 Very Fast 171 USD $58.95  

YODEL HOP--YODEL GROOVE   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2004
Yodel funk. Totally weird and hilarious. Wonderfully inappropriate and silly and hence just perfect for an urban street scene, teens, tweens acting as crazy as you can imagine. Racing running, fast food, jumping rope, skipping school, playing hooky or driving your parents crazy. Hip & wild chaos, Vocal Samples, Hip Hop, Trip Hop
Preview Track
Bed - Hip Hop, Trip Hop
168684 0:39 Med Fast 142 USD $74.95  

FAST FORWARD   (by Dewey Dellay )
2.26 minutes of fast forward tape or video, fast rewind tape or video, zipping sliding. Wild, fabulously distorted, zooming along. Otherworldly Sci Fi out-of-body experience, back to the future. Galaxy travel, zany, disorienting and chaotic, speed of light almost. Electronic,
Preview Track
Full Track - Electronic,
267671 2:26 USD $19.15  

20S TO 40S - KINDA OLD STYLE   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Old school jazz quirky depression era old radio homey 1920 or 1930 romantic soft - good for ironic presentation, black and white film underscore, Instrumental, Jazz, Folk Jazz
Preview Track
Full Track - Jazz, Folk Jazz
168626 1:30 Med Slow 91 USD $113.95  

FAN FAIRDOM   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Majestic Mood Music. Epic Fanfare music. Hollywood Entertainment. Euphoric, Fantastic, Upbeat, Commercial, Production, News Theme, News Energize, Corporate Announcements. Instrumental, Americana, American Patriotic
Preview Track
60sec - Americana, American Patriotic
212691 0:53 Med Fast USD $80.95  

BREAKING NEWS   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Breaking news theme. Dramatic compelling modern and outstanding! Major broadcast networks, important Front Line stories, coverage of the President, world events. Grand majestic powerful theme song for opening or closing on news events of the day. Instrumental, News, News Music
Preview Track
30sec - News, News Music
168726 0:32 Very Slow 53 USD $91.95  

NEWS   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2006
A fantastic news type orchestral theme that has a majestic feel of excitement, travel, tension, and an elegance that translates imparting thoughtful information. Warm, epic, exciting, and a sense of importance that grabs the attention, builds nicely to a dynamic close. Regal, bold and sophisticated, Instrumental, News, News Music
Preview Track
30sec - News, News Music
212702 0:29 Slow 76 USD $111.95  

END OF PARADISE   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2009
Haunting evocative reflective and beautiful soundscape that evokes loss or regret. Instrumental, Dramatic, Contemplative Music
Preview Track
Full Track - Dramatic, Contemplative Music
324749 1:56 Med Slow 101 USD $239.95  

BUILDING INTENTZ CITEEZ   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2009
Angry dark action percussion that builds tension track. With distorted feedback screaming below building to target hit, Instrumental, Action, Intense Electronic
Preview Track
Full Track - Action, Intense Electronic
345629 1:11 Medium 120 USD $110.95  

TRAILER - QUIET WITH BUILD   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2004
Quiet with slow build to intensity, disturbing tension and suspense buildup climax action. Freaky slow horror, ramps up to bone-chilling pounding intensity straight to the end. Instrumental, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track
Full Track - Dangerous, Dark Music
168737 1:21 Fast 158 USD $124.95  

EAST HOP   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Middle East spritely groove that builds over time. This accents a sense of adventure and anticipation, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Middle East Hip Hop
Preview Track
Full Track - Hip Hop, Middle East Hip Hop
233408 2:11 Medium 120 USD $97.95  

ALPPY UNDERSCORE--YODEL ACCORDION   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Switzerland never sounded so fun. Quirky accordion bouncing along with a yodel here and there. Male Vocals, Cartoon, Yodeling
Preview Track
Bed - Cartoon, Yodeling
168629 0:24 Fast 152 USD $56.95  

DECK THE HALLS 1   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Christmas light orchestra. An elegant orchestral rendition of one of the world's most iconic and beloved Christmas tracks. Traditional family, children and friends celebrating with love and joy. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Ensemble
Preview Track
30sec - Christmas, Xmas Ensemble
169139 0:33 Mixed 86 USD $83.95  

SOPRANOSISH   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2007
Rock blues track with blues with a minimal male vocal interjects with Sopranos tv show theme overtones, filled with menace, mystery. For dirty low down crime scene, cop shows, CSI, Law & Order, The First 48, big city, dark alleys, mob families. Drugs, guns, funky, gritty intimidation, Male Vocals, Dangerous, Dark Music
Preview Track
60sec - Dangerous, Dark Music
584970 0:48 Med Slow 83 USD $89.95  

STAR STRUGGLES   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2006
Star Wars type theme, Instrumental, Dramatic, Regal Orchestral
Preview Track
Bed - Dramatic, Regal Orchestral
212712 0:44 Very Fast 180 USD $125.95  

ENLIGHTENING   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2010
Wondrous inspiring music that transports the listener. Soft elegant piano that builds to a deep intensely dramatic and energizing world beat. Inspirational, triumphant, and majestic. Good for beautiful travel scenes or a trailer. Instrumental, News, News Breakthroughs
Preview Track
Full Track - News, News Breakthroughs
425318 2:06 Medium 115 USD $142.95  

BROWNIES 2   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Orchestra pizzicatto and flute for a wondrous busyness. Great for travel. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music
Preview Track
30sec - Dramatic, Heartwarming Music
530190 0:33 Med Fast 132 USD $112.95  

FOX HUNT HORN CALL   (by Dewey Dellay )
Fox hunt call, English royalty, Roman announcement, kinda french horny, call, alarm (shakespeare),, Brass,
Preview Track
Full Track - Brass,
240559 0:27 USD $7.35  

WONDERTECH   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2006
Techno underscore that's great for information voice overs. Moves things along in a light beautiful and elegant way. Electronic, Progressive Electronic
Preview Track
Full Track - Electronic, Progressive Electronic
240396 1:44 Medium 120 USD $103.95  

DUDUK OF THE MIDEAST   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2007
solo middle eastern horn called the duduk playing an exotic tune, Instrumental, Middle East, Middle-East
Preview Track
Full Track - Middle East, Middle-East
247574 1:20 Very Slow 42 USD $102.95  

ST. JOAN END   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2009
majestic proud choir and orchestra theme, inspiring, climax, Dramatic, Regal Orchestral
Preview Track
Full Track - Dramatic, Regal Orchestral
324765 2:12 Medium 105 USD $261.95  

PRIDE OF OUR PAST   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2007
Proud but full of pain. Prideful music in the Band of Brothers vain. Military, Victory
Preview Track
Bed - Military, Victory
253463 0:55 Medium 106 USD $96.95  

PHARMATECH   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2006
Good medical graphic underscore. Exciting, rhythmic, cinematic, and beautiful music. Elegant, mysterious and moving, almost organic. Machines whirring, flowing data printouts & transfers, bustling ER, doctors coming and going. TV, Film production soundscape or futuristic documentary. Instrumental, Electronic, Ambient (pending)
Preview Track
Full Track - Electronic, Ambient (pending)
212705 2:35 Slow USD $131.95  

BUILDING SPEED   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
techno track that pumps while building speed, voices and zipping move it along, Vocal Samples, Dangerous, Edgy Music
Preview Track
30sec - Dangerous, Edgy Music
264121 0:24 Building 84 USD $73.95  

SPEAK TO THE CAMEL   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2006
Mid East percussion, Instrumental, Middle East, Middle-East
Preview Track
Bed - Middle East, Middle-East
233429 0:46 Med Slow 95 USD $64.95  

UH OH   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2006
Santori tremelo with ney flute on top, Instrumental, Middle East, Middle-East
Preview Track
Bed - Middle East, Middle-East
233432 0:41 Slow USD $61.95  

AL A   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Middle Eastern Singsongy violins drop start to move with percussion, dramatic action, Instrumental, Middle East, Contemporary Dramatic
Preview Track
Full Track - Middle East, Contemporary Dramatic
233400 2:12 Medium 126 USD $118.95  

MOVING EAST FINAL   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2006
Exotic worldly desert music with percussion. Expansive mood of adventure. Instrumental, Middle East, Middle-East
Preview Track
Bed - Middle East, Middle-East
233421 0:49 Medium 123 USD $73.95  

JINGLE BELLS SYNTH BED   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Short Jingle bed, Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Dance & Remix
Preview Track
30sec - Christmas, Christmas Dance & Remix
169142 0:35 Medium 118 USD $86.95  

FEATHER OF INDIA   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Delicate and beautiful sitar and childs voice to tabla beat. Intimate India, Instrumental, Indian, Indian Dramatic
Preview Track
Full Track - Indian, Indian Dramatic
212693 1:55 Medium 126 USD $175.95  

MY EUROPE (PIANO, MANDOLIN)   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2004
Majestic Europe theme that would be wonderful for travel of the area. Light adventure in an upbeat and joyous way. Very elegant, Instrumental, European, European
Preview Track
Full Track - European, European
168724 3:02 Medium 108 USD $182.95  

GOSPEL END   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2009
Warm piano waltz in a southern gospel style 3/4 soulful. Church, Female Vocals, Spiritual, Southern Gospel
Preview Track
Full Track - Spiritual, Southern Gospel
324750 2:02 Med Slow 80 USD $103.95  

HALLOWEEN 2   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2009
Beautiful, spooky Halloween or Horror music. Mystical scary theremin track. Dreamy frightening atmospheric moody. Movie trailer, film credits or soundtrack. Haunted castle, haunted house, ghosts, spirits moaning, beautiful echoes & creepy effects. Commercial, advert, promo to scare the Kids, Instrumental, Horror, Theremin music
Preview Track
Full Track - Horror, Theremin music
350473 2:19 Slow USD $184.95  

ITALIAN EURO--TENOR WITH STRINGS   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2004
This music immediately brings Italy to mind, in a romantic and beautiful tone. Great travel intro to Italy. Male Vocals, European, Italy
Preview Track
Bed - European, Italy
168712 0:41 Slow 69 USD $69.95  

SWINGIN' KAZOO   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2007
solo kazoo with a medium fast swing groove, New Age, Solos (Wind)
Preview Track
30sec - New Age, Solos (Wind)
247668 0:31 Very Slow 47 USD $45.95  

OH UH   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2006
Santori tremelo from the Mideast, Instrumental, Middle East, Middle-East
Preview Track
Full Track - Middle East, Middle-East
233424 1:26 Medium 128 USD $103.95  

LONELY FLUTE--SOLO FLUTE   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2004
Lonely flute. Tender spiritual and haunting. Desert landscapes, Native American pueblos, travel montage, morning or evening settings, echoes in canyon walls, nature, streams. Sentimental, nostalgic, yearning, loneliness. Peaceful day, flashbacks, second chances, starting over. Instrumental, Americana, Native American Contemp
Preview Track
30sec - Americana, Native American Contemp
168717 0:33 Med Fast 146 USD $89.95  

YOU CAN COUNT ON IT LONGER   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2011
A beautiful, majestic, and uplifting mood. Upbeat and positive. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music
Preview Track
Variation (This is a longer ver) - Dramatic, Energizing Music
482026 2:24 Medium 113 USD $250.95  
Preview Track
Full Track - Indie Rock, Alt Rock
169153 1:08 Medium 113 USD $106.95  

BUG BAR BRAWL--BIG SYNTH BAND   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Cartoon Big Band. Goofy and silly with sound effects, breaks in music, abrupt changes. Instrumental, Cartoon, Cartoon Electronica
Preview Track
Full Track - Cartoon, Cartoon Electronica
168634 1:31 Medium 124 USD $98.95  

JINGLE MARCH   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2006
Jingle Bells with a slick streamline club beat, Instrumental, Christmas, Christmas Dance & Remix
Preview Track
30sec - Christmas, Christmas Dance & Remix
240367 0:31 Med Fast 131 USD $68.95  

AARONICANA   (by Dewey Dellay )  Composed: 2005
Aaron Copland type jaunty music American adventure upbeat western or cowboy open country dramatic prairie excitement, Instrumental, Americana, American Patriotic
Preview Track
Bed - Americana, American Patriotic
212687 0:45 Medium 120 USD $64.95  
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Dewey Dellay

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