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GATHER ROUND FOR CHRISTMAS (60SEC)   (by Alec Makinson )
An upbeat, glorious, celebration of Christmas. Busy, orchestral and original festive piece full of movement, warmth, fun and merriment. Really captures the spirit and excitement of the season. Perfect for promos, commercials and television theme. Various mixes and commercial length versions. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

SNOWY SLEIGH RIDE   (by Studio 1 )  Composed: 2010
An uplifting festive track, sparkling with wintery atmosphere. Bells ring out as the momentum builds up, flowing with a celebratory mood. Suggestive of riding on a sled through a snow-filled forest, it is ideal for Christmas and holiday season projects, advertisements, programmes, kids & families, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

THE ICE QUEEN (MAIN MIX)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2013
Lovely, magical, sparkling, snow-covered scene, with glistening icicles & falling snowflakes. Wondrous good fairytale with medium-slow movement & a flavour of Christmas. Light orchestral with boys choir. Perfect for animation, commercials, children, TV. Christmas & non-Christmas mixes and cuts, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CAROL OF THE BELLS   (by Joe Bergsieker )  Composed: 2011
Light, happy, upbeat version of Mykola Leontovych's Carol of the Bells conformed into a 60 second version to be the perfect fit for your Christmas production. Joyful funny playful sweet and innocent. Perfect to bring smiles to kids around the world. Spirited and jolly. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch., Mykola Leontovych

A CHRISTMAS MEDLEY   (by E.L. Mahon )  Composed: 2008
An orchestral arrangement of Christmas favorites written as a medley. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

PRESENTS NESTLED UNDER THE TREE   (by Paul Curtis )  Composed: 2009
A heart-warming and nostalgic Christmas track. Romantic strings, sleigh bells and chimes. Ideal for advertising, idents and promos, shopping programmes and general TV, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

ORCHESTRAL WINTER MAGIC   (by Matthew Reid )  Composed: 2012
A whimsical, fun. magical orchestral piece inspired by the Nutcracker full of tip-toeing chimney entrances and swooping, waltzing flights through Christmas Eve's night. Great for holiday specials, commercials or media involving magic or wide-eyed wonder. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

A CHRISTMAS WISH   (by Steve Barden )  Composed: 2010
A big, orchestral production that evokes everybody's favorite holiday season. Great music for those big Christmas holiday TV variety specials. It's heartwarming, festive & spectacular. Lush magical grand & soaring. Kids families excited about holidays. Shopping, hiding presents, glorious celebration, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS SLEIGH RIDE   (by Mark Bisson )  Composed: 2011
Joyful old fashioned Christmas sleigh ride for full orchestra with sleigh bells and piano the first magical snowy section returns after a reflective, slower middle section evoking a mountain pass under a starry sky. Ideal accompaniment to any sleigh ride footage or Holiday themed scenes in general. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS DREAMING   (by Joe Bergsieker )  Composed: 2009
30 Second Jolly Disney orchestral compilation perfect for holiday commercial. Playful and whimsical Strings, bells, trumpet, etc. with hints of some of your favorite winter wonderland holiday songs. Warm fun celebratory, uplifting and vibrant music. Sparkling vibrant and joyful. Families & kids, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH   (by Brockton James )  Composed: 2009
Very different arrangement of a holiday classic! Features an orchestra with light hand percussion. Leads played by oboe, strings, flutes and clarinet. Very suitable for most holiday moods! Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

A NEW BORN KING   (by E.L. Mahon )  Composed: 2008
Orchestral arrangement with soprano sax lead, trap set. Very soulful and haunting. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS MORNING   (by Liam Bradbury )  Composed: 2012
Beautiful, original, cinematic orchestral music to create the perfect mood for Christmas. This piece brings back childhood memories of the excitement of Christmas morning. Uplifting and sentimental. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CAREFUL CHRISTMAS MICE   (by Jay Yerkes )  Composed: 2012
This sweet orchestral piece with Christmas bells will fit the bill for any Holiday scene in any media. A feel good, happy song reminiscent of days when things were simple and free of complications. Great for scenes with families, friends, gifts, snow, frost and merry times. Celebrate giving. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

JINGLE BELLS VERSION BY JOE BERGSIEKER (30 SEC)   (by Joe Bergsieker )  Composed: 2009
Jingle Bells for a Light and Merry 30 second Orchestral Version for Christmas holidays, commercials, adverts, and family fun. Perfect for warming your customers' hearts. Kids and Mom and Dad will love the omm pah pah feel to this joyful, uplifting and warm track! Composed by James Pierpont. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

IN THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING FROM PEER GYNT SUITE   (by David Hamilton )  Composed: 2010
A very famous and well known production track for commercials, beautifully produced to add excitement to any presentation, commercial, or trailer. Funny and sneaky beginning accelerates and builds to a thrilling climax! Full orchestra on this versatile track suited for a wide range of uses. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch., Edvard Grieg

WHAT CHILD IS THIS? (GREENSLEEVES)   (by Eric Waters )  Composed: 2011
The Season of Giving comes alive with this Public Domain holiday classic. WHAT CHILD IS THIS will bring film scenes, web-sites, & TV/radio ads, that holiday sparkle & warmth so necessary. Beautiful, lush, & sentimental. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS   (by Mark Braga )  Composed: 2012
Wonderful christmas orchestral theme. Magic chimes, strings spiccato and beautiful cello solo creates funny "christmas shopping" and "holiday preparation" atmosphere. Best choice for corporate christmas promotions, television themes or commercials. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

ALMOST TIME FOR CHRISTMAS   (by Joe Pignato )  Composed: 2012
Celebrate the holidays with this warm and uplifting composition featuring a full orchestral palette. A wonderful track to set the mood for Christmas films, TV shows, commercials, parties and other productions. Epic and thrilling, grand and heartwarming. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CAROL OF THE BELLS (ALBUM)   (by Jason Bradley Livesay )  Composed: 2008
The famous Christmas carol with all the action and energy of ESPN football! Great for Christmas sports specials. Orchestral with big drums and rhythmic percussion. Loud and Proud -- hard-driving, over-the-top holiday track, super for commercials, lively promos and as an attention grabber, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

WHAT CHILD IS THIS?   (by The Crossing )  Composed: 2010
A simple, classic, and understated take on a renowned holiday composition. Regal woodwinds and tender orchestral strings. For classy, glorious, stately and traditional holiday themes, cultural theme songs or religious services. Elegant, sophisticated, sweet, caring, reverent, poignant & joyful. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

O HOLY NIGHT   (by Phyllis Sparks )  Composed: 1847
Solo harp melody performing famous tune with orchestral/ keyboard accompaniment. Classical traditional and simply exquisite rendering of O Holy Night. Serene elegant uplifting heartwarming and gentle music. Nostalgic sentimental delicate and loving. Beautiful magical TV or Film Christmas Special. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch., Adolphe Adam

JOY TO THE WORLD ORCHESTRAL VERSION   (by Joe Bergsieker )  Composed: 2009
Whimsical Disney type orchestral version of the beloved Joy to the World. Full version with three delightful sections of strings, woodwinds and brass. Joyful majestic and stately. Sweet playful and fun for families and kids all around the world. Great commercial for clothes toys & music instruments, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS MAGIC   (by Soundroad )  Composed: 2010
Celebratory, orchestral Christmas piece. Magical and mysterious atmosphere, light intro and triumphant finale. Good for corporate christmas promotions, television themes or commercials. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

THE CORNISH WASSAIL   (by Sean Patrick Hannifin )  Composed: 2008
An grand orchestration of an old Christmas tune. Filled with the bright sounds of bells and chimes mixed with a bold brass section. Perfect for creating an uplifting and exciting holiday atmosphere. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL   (by Liam Bradbury )  Composed: 2012
Beautiful brass-led arrangement of a classic Christmas song. Create the perfect festive mood with this piece. The brass creates a warm and sentimental mood. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS SLEIGH RIDE   (by E.D. Kennaway )  Composed: 2010
A charming, cheerful light-orchestral piece, depicting a sleigh or carriage ride. This homage to the light music of Robert Farnon and Leroy Anderson is ideal for the Christmas season and for anything requiring a festive flavour. Perfect for family and kids' films. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

HAPPY HOLYDAYS   (by Max DiCarlo )  Composed: 2007
Holiday time, Christmas happiness, fun, fun, fun! Stunningly beautiful Disney arrangement. High celebrations, rich family gatherings, sumptuous feasts, opulent gifts, champagne, roaring fire, snow falling, Macy's Parade, Toyland, Christmas Eve, Santa Claus, toys, fun for children. Divine! Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING   (by Robert Neary )  Composed: 2011
Wonderfully uplifting and climactic Christmas instrumental (Think Coke adverts), start with anticipation caused by sleigh bells/shaker and then a glockenspiel melody follows. Midway it builds with a choir and then french horns elevate the mood. at the ends it calms down with sleigh bells, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS   (by Liam Bradbury )  Composed: 2012
Beautiful, cinematic piece that captures the magic of Christmas. Creates an exciting and imaginative atmosphere, perfect to represent the excitement of children on Christmas Eve or Santa riding across the night sky on his sleigh. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies from the ballet The Nutcracker in its full orchestral glory. Exciting and perfect for Christmas holidays. A little mysterious and mischievous but tender and playful. Waiting for Santa, families & kids shopping, wrapping presents, filling stockings. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN   (by Bamford Stevens )  Composed: 2009
“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, a Christmas classic written in 1770, is presented as a fugue performed by orchestral strings and alto flute. Other familiar Christmas melodies are woven into the Baroque presentation. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

THE LITTLE CHRISTMAS STORY   (by Petr Kiselev )  Composed: 2013
This music is imbued with light sadness and nostalgia. Fact that you feel the quiet Christmas evening. Features gentle cello, mysterious celesta, excellent development. This fairytale tune can be used as a soundtrack to games, movies, children's events and more. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

JOY TO THE WORLD   (by Bryan Fusilier )  Composed: 2009
Joy to the World is a glorious, powerful, traditional arrangement of the Christmas Classic with full symphony orchestra. It is a big, bold arrangement with soaring brass and singing strings. Perfect for any and all things Christmas. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

SNOWING AT LAST   (by Jean Paul Zoghbi )  Composed: 2010
A grand, exciting christmas piece with full orchestra, bells and harp. This feelgood track translates in detail the real sense of the Magic of Christmas. Amazing, joyful, hopeful, very melodic and positive. Also good for adventure, fantasy, kids tv, children, family and romantic comedy, commercials. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

WHAT CHILD IS THIS ( EVERGREEN )   (by Laura Sanz )  Composed: 1865
Warm rendition of this Christmas Carol with Strings, Oboe, Bells, Flute and Harp. You could almost imagine Maid Marian and Robin Hood!. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Production | Calm Music, Christmas. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

A CHRISTMAS TALE   (by Christmas Music )  Composed: 2009
Christmas at comes to town! This is our yearly offering, an original Christmas themed classical track complete with tubular bells! What more could you want this festive season! Big bells, big orchestra, warm traditional and inspirational holiday music. Wholesome and inspiring. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

A NEW TRADITION   (by Brockton James )  Composed: 2007
Beautiful Christmas/Holiday melody in the classic tradition! Full orchestra with bells, counter melodies and nice dynamics! Suitable for any holiday-inspired scene, or romance, peacefulness, dream sequence, etc. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS TIME   (by Max DiCarlo )  Composed: 2007
Beautiful Classical Disney arrangement of Orchestral Christmas music with bells, chimes and elegant piano melody. High celebrations, rich family gatherings, sumptuous feasts, opulent gifts, champagne, roaring fire, snow falling, Macy's Parade, Toyland, Christmas Eve, Santa Claus, toys. Divine music, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

Tchaikovsky's Trepak (Russian Dance) from the ballet The Nutcracker in its full orchestral glory. Exciting and perfect for Christmas holidays. Exhilarating and building to a thrilling climax. Waiting for Santa, families & kids shopping, wrapping presents, filling stockings, cookies, mistletoe. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS   (by Don Carroll )  Composed: 2009
Classic Christmas song featuring full orchestra. Beautiful ethereal and dreamy. Sugar plums, mistletoe, and wintry snow falling outside as wonderful families and kids gather to celebrate the spirits of the holiday season. Elegant playful fun and sweet. Soaring bouncy vibrant and whimsical, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS SERENADE   (by Continental Productions )  Composed: 1996
Gorgeous orchestral Christmas enchantment, explores the magic of Christmas discovery from a child's point of view, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS   (by Chris Barry )  Composed: 2007
Festive, high-energy Choral/Orchestral Christmas Instrumental with joyful trumpets and horns lead. Infectious drum beat and hand claps, great heartwarming rhythm. Lovely for traditional holiday settings, family gathered by a roaring fireplace. Snow falling in moonlight for a Very Merry Christmas. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

MERRY CHRISTMAS   (by AudioQuattro )  Composed: 2010
A beautiful orchestral version of the famous Christmas & New Years song featuring glockenspiel, harp and pizzicatos. Comes with a very warm and festive feeling, full of emotions and anticipation. Elegant heartwarming with good cheer and seasonal blessings. Nostalgic classic magical tender & festive. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

A RIDE THROUGH WINTER   (by Really Free Music )  Composed: 2005
Crisp and vibrant strings, bells, shakers and percussion combine to produce a beautifully magical Christmas sleigh ride with Santa, through a winter wonderland. A sparkling track with a special snowy Xmas holiday feel. Also features guitar, bass, kit, and choral backing. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

SILENT NIGHT   (by Louise Heaney )  Composed: 2012
A beautifully simple arrangement of the classic christmas carol "Silent Night" for piano and strings. Calm, understated and tender. Perfect for under dialogue. Builds slowly and gradually. Modern, contemporary film score arrangement, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS   (by Peter Godfrey )  Composed: 2010
Vibrant, warm, joyful and uplifting Christmas orchestral track. Great for holiday scenes, shopping, playing in snow, families and kids celebrating, wrapping presents, mistletoe, Santa. Great trailer, commercial, in-store, infomercial, lively corporate presentation, Walmart, Target, roaring fireplace, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

A CLASSICAL CHRISTMAS   (by Christmas Music )  Composed: 2009
A beautiful classical traditional Christmas piece. Full of festive fun, yuletide joy, and Christmas feeling! This track is perfect for your next holiday and christmas advert campaign, xmas tv series, or holiday christmas special show. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

BETTER CHRISTMAS (60SEC)   (by Alec Makinson )  Composed: 2014
Light Orchestral sleigh ride through a snow covered winter scene. Mid-tempo, gently driving forward, perky & jolly, pretty & glistening, yet with a proud & stately feel. This is a great accompaniment for festive activity, audio visuals, multimedia & commercials. Commercial lengths & mixes, Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.

JINGLE BELLS - INSTRUMENTAL   (by Marc David Decker )  Composed: 2001
This is a classic Christmas favorite. Performed instrumentally with rich harmonies, seasonal colors. It is sure to put anyone that hears it in the yule tide spirit. It features woodwinds, percussion, strings, piano, french horn. Instrumental, Christmas, Xmas Orch.
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Christmas Orchestral

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