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Lounge Jazz Vocals

Lounge Jazz Vocals is mellow easy listening music perfect for any bar or lounge setting. The earliest forms of lounge music appeared in the 1920s and 1930s, known as "light music". Lounge music, in the traditional original sense, refers to music played in the lounges and bars of hotels and casinos, or at standalone piano bars, where people wanted to eat and chat, and have live music that wouldn't be too demanding or too intrusive. This sub-genre here presents this form of Lounge music, including singing by male or female vocalist or small vocal group accompaniment.

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I'M THROUGH WITH ROMANCE   (by Right Track )  Composed: 2011
50's style jazz/pop vocal on this bittersweet song expressing disillusionment with love. Performed in a lounge style with an acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums line-up, this track would be right for a lost love but ready to try again situation! Also right for lounge/cocktail bar background music, Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

JACK AND MARILYN   (by Brenda Elthon )  Composed: 2013
Huge, old Hollywood rat pack style live jazz band heart-broken love song with Grammy winning male vocal lead and sexy, tender trumpet solo interludes. Like a trip to old Las Vegas, with soft live drum brushes on top hat and snare, and lush orchestral strings. Clean, but suggestive lost love lyrics. Male Vocals, Soundalikes, Frank Sinatra

CHANGE MY PLANS   (by Jonathan Swanson )  Composed: 2005
An elegant jazz ballad featuring lush, poignant lyrics by a female singer with a most beautiful voice. Cues and interludes for Sex In The City, Soap Operas and Films depicting the realization the affair is over. Heartbroken but moving on, making changes to go forward, Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

HANGNAIL   (by Winthrop Brookhouse )  Composed: 2012
cool jazz quartet with clarinet lead. Melody is light and playful. Nice B section release with piano improve. 4/4 meter and multiple keys moving in circle. Background Lounge traditional jazz cinema TV good for light comedy theme or friends walking in Central Park. Instrumental, Jazz, Cool Jazz

MY HEART   (by Homemadesoul )  Composed: 2011
This song is very somber and a heart has been broken. It features a solo male vocal accompanied by piano which creates a lounge. This song could be used perfectly in a scene of heartbreak or in a lounge scene in which something serious about heartbreak is being discussed or portrayed. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

NOW AND AGAIN   (by Scot Crandal )  Composed: 2011
Touching, intimate song about remembering a past lover. Features a strong, emotional male vocal accompanied by a beautiful, lush piano. Perfect for soap operas, ending credits, romantic dramas and nostalgic scenes. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

ANY DAY NOW   (by Scot Crandal )  Composed: 2011
A smoldering, building torch song about waiting for the right one to come along. Features intimate piano playing with a soaring male vocal. Sounds like Mel Torme or Michael Bublé. Could be used when a character longs for new love. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

NOW YOU'VE HEARD IT FROM ME   (by Scot Crandal )  Composed: 2011
Charming jazz song about having a crush on someone but not having the courage to talk to them. Features a light, upbeat piano accompaniment and a fun, male vocal. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

I WONDER WHOS KISSING HER NOW   (by Right Track )  Composed: 2011
This popular standard was written over 100 years ago! This recording gives it an easy going vocal treatment with a 30's style jazz guitar accompanied by bass and drums. The song has a timeless quality and would suit all kinds of lounge situations or romance reminiscence scenes. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

CAN'T SEEM TO FIND MY WAY   (by Scot Crandal )  Composed: 2011
Poignant ballad about the inability to move forward after a failed relationship. Male tenor vocal with emotionally-sung melodic lines with very smooth, rich jazz piano accompaniment. Perfect for soap operas, ending credits and reflective scenes. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

UNTIL YOU   (by Scot Crandal )  Composed: 2011
A fun, upbeat song about how life was dreary until I met you! Features a fun piano part with some unexpected twists in the jazz-like harmony. This song make you smile! Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

CONVERSATIONS FULL   (by Maris Lasmanis )  Composed: 2013
Melodic, romantic track on swinging base. Improvisation conversations between vibraphone and other soft accoustic instruments in style of 70 - ties. Choire is singing, too. Ray Conniff alikes. Instrumental, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

NO REGRETS   (by Scot Crandal )  Composed: 2011
Moving jazz song about not regretting a relationship that ended. Sincere male vocal with a haunting melody and superb piano playing make this song great for closing credits in romantic dramas and soap operas. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

SPARKS FLY   (by Kally O'Mally )  Composed: 2015
Warmth, a simple touch, attraction, affection and desire drive this simple and clear jazz vocal track. Soaring harmonies layered with piano and stand up bass, soulful, romantic, smooth, melodic, spark plug commercial, soundscape, documentary, trendy, new, suspense, thriller, psychological, Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

FALL   (by Milana Zilnik )  Composed: 2012
Jazz blues love song a la Aretha Franklin and Etta James about falling in love. Features electric and acoustic pianos, bass; and sensuous, passionate female vocals. Perfect for late night scenes, love making, romantic movie, live concerts, musicals, upscale urban lounge club or restaurant. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

AN ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE   (by Right Track )  Composed: 2012
Romantic 40's/50's standard style ballad that starts slow then swings. Ideal for 'love at first sight' and romance reminiscence scenes and Valentines Day! Nostalgic crooning swing style. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

WHEN YOU'RE BY MY SIDE   (by E.D. Kennaway )  Composed: 1982
A romantic jazz ballad, arranged for voice and piano only. True love, beautiful sweet and elegant. Falling in love, candlelight dinner, anniversary celebration. Elegant hotel bar, country club, big city allure, chic bistro or A-List setting. Museum gala, art opening, dreamy & memorable, Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

LOVE ME TOMORROW FEAT TIM KOSS   (by Eddie Caldwell )  Composed: 2011
Sultry, smooth piano piece, mellow, quiet Classic jazz/cabaret groove, great for scenes of elegant parties, sophisticated lovers, savoring wine, dinner music, muzak, restaurant, car commercials. adverts, infomercials, romance, love making, proposal, wedding music, big band, be bop,, Instrumental, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

FEELIN HIT   (by John Swanson )  Composed: 2013
Ooh baby I like what I see. Smoldering male jazz vocals with bluesy overtones. Sexy lyrics tell the story of a guy pursuing the object of his affections; a beautiful woman in suggestive dress. Tight jazz combo backing, Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

EXCEPTIONARY YOU - MID TEMPO   (by Steve Rice )  Composed: 2012
This song flatters a handsome gentleman irresistibly. A made up word highlights this retro Tin Pan Alley /Broadway style swing classic. Clever suggestive jazz vocals that drip with vampy fun and sass, Female Vocals, Jazz, Cabaret

TONIGHT MY LOVE   (by Ingvi Thor Kormaksson )  Composed: 2013
Spectacularly expressive and beautiful female vocals highlight this international multiple-award winning track (John Lennon Songwriting Contest, UK Songwriting Contest, Billboard Song Contest). Love song with Guitars, acoustic bass and percussion. Latin, smooth jazz flavored, richly instrumented. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

STREETLIGHT SERENADE   (by Right Track )  Composed: 2012
Very laid back small group swing jazz vocal track. Cool American Songbook standard style song based on the "September in the Rain" chord sequence given a male Billie Holiday vocal treatment. With nylon strung jazz guitar accompaniment this track could suit hip 40's/50's urban movie or radio scenes. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE?   (by Troy Kline )  Composed: 2009
A charming love song reminiscent of the 1930's. Do You Believe in Love? croons that question for your romantic scene, character exposition, honeymoon, vacation, wedding scene, proposal, first date. Romance and candlelight. Remember When Harry Met Sally? Casablanca? This tune sets the mood! Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

EVERY STEP OF THE WAY   (by Pat Lajoie )  Composed: 2011
Romantic Jazz Ballad about regretful love lost. Features female vocals, great saxophone and rhythm section. The vibe of this track is filled with blue emotion and would be very appropriate for a scene at a jazz club at 2am. or a character contemplating the major choices made in his/her life. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

LIFE IS STRANGE   (by Richie Milton )  Composed: 2008
Muted trumpet and hammond organ start this 50's style atmospheric jazz/blues/song. Then a female vocal in a torch song mode completes this late night New York vibe in a 1950's track. Sexy, smoky bar or lounge, mellow romantic scenes, tough love, hotel piano bar, film-noir, mellow laid back vibe. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

LOVE DOESN'T COST A THING   (by Troy Kline )  Composed: 2012
A charming bit of wisdom about love, delivered by an expert crooner. This gently swinging track features a classic jazz trio backing up Troy's vocal. Walking bass, tinkling cocktail jazz piano, brushes. "Love doesn't Cost A Thing" sounds like an undiscovered classic from the Great American songbook. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

TONIGHT WHEN I MET YOU - VOCAL   (by Troy Kline )  Composed: 2011
Good things do happen to late night neo-loungers! Troy Kline sings a song of changing romantic fortune. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

DEJA BLUE - VOCAL   (by Steve Rice )  Composed: 2012
Sultry and mellow, this gentle jazzy bossa-nova tells a tale of heartbreak again and again. Resigned but sexy, we can't totally believe that she's "through with deja-blue at last". Super sexy source music, as a feature or background. Classic upscale jazz vibe. Swanky nightclub or restaurant. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

I CAN'T HELP BUT WONDER - VOCAL   (by Steve Rice )  Composed: 2012
Classic sounding torch song about the mystery of falling in love. Think "Ella Fitzgerald sings the Cole Porter songook". Great romantic vocal feature with classic jazz atmosphere. Starts rubato with piano and vocal. Band enters gently at 1:06. Brushes, sophisticated swinging. Real instruments. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

GO DOWN SWINGIN'   (by Steve Rice )  Composed: 2012
I'm gonna go down swingin'. This jazz vocal burner has tons of attitude, presence, moxie and swing. Great for theme support of triumph over adversity, marching to your own drummer. Great vocals and a hot rhythm section. Classic retro jazz energy, rat pack swagger. Sports and jazz analogies. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

NOTHING HURTS LIKE THE TRUTH   (by John Swanson )  Composed: 2013
Compelling vocal jazz in slow swing. Powerful lyrics paint a stark picture about what can be one of the toughest things in life; facing the truth. Smokey male vocalist backed by bass, piano, brush drums lineup. Blues feel within jazz context. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

NOBODY HOME   (by John Swanson )  Composed: 2013
It’s an on again, off again relationship; you want on and she wants off. Medium swinging, funky fun jazz vocal song. Lyrics about sexy temptress that can’t be ignored, and can’t be trusted. Guitar and piano solos. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

THE STARS ARE LAUGHING   (by John Swanson )  Composed: 2015
Slow, emotional ballad with wistful male jazz/pop vocalist. Backed by easy swinging jazz combo. Piano solo. Singer laments the fact that the pretty stars in the nighttime sky are mocking him in his moment of pain over a lost love. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

LOVE SOUP (PANIC ENSEMBLE)   (by Roy Yarkoni )  Composed: 2011
Try this delicious soup of love, a warming duet for mail and female, with a martini in one hand you will want to hold your loved person in the other and dance this Bossa Nova song together. This song will make a smile in your face and surly at the end you will want to repeat it again and again. Mixed Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

WHEN LOVE HAS GONE   (by Steve Rice Productions )  Composed: 2014
Here's a beautiful torch song about heartbreak, sung by a great jazz vocalist. There's a light latin / bossa nova underpinning to this track and rich orchestration. Sax solo at 2:46. Sad and very pretty. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

WHAT'S IT TO YOU (VOCAL)   (by Steve Rice Productions )  Composed: 1992
A heartbreak song with attitude, this jazz torch song speaks the truth and puts him in his place. Influenced by the great bluesy torch songs of Billie Holiday, Harold Arlen and the Great American Songbook of the 30s 40s and 50s. Sophisticated, tasteful, classic sounding jazz vocals. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

SPEND TIME   (by BadaBing BadaBoom )  Composed: 1999
Jazz female vocal ala Ella Fitzgerald with jazz ensemble. Great for feature in a movie or tv scene. Great for live scene at a nightclub bar casino or cruise ship. Great for commercial advertising. Great for light comedy or relationship. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

WHEN YOU'RE LONELY IN NEW YORK   (by BadaBing BadaBoom )  Composed: 2001
Doris Day type Female vocal with big band accompaniment. Great for any tv dating show or movie about dating in NY. Great for movie and television feature or background music. Great for opening or closing credits for movies and tv. Surrounded by people but still feeling alone great piano and trumpet, Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

CAUSE NOTHIN' RHYMES   (by BadaBing BadaBoom )  Composed: 1997
Female Jazz vocal with a great ensemble band. Great for a live show scene. Great for a romantic scene in a movie or tv show. Great for showing the confusion that love sometimes creates. Great for opening or closing credits. Great for commercial advertising. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

LADY SINGS THE BLUES (NIGHT OWL MIX)   (by Malaya Blue )  Composed: 2013
Laid back and easy listening pop jazz track with soulful female vocals. A nostalgic trip down memory lane celebrating the great female jazz singers such as Billie Holiday. Features smooth electric guitar, classy piano. Works well in scenes involving a lounge singer, cocktail bar, late night radio, Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

BOURBON STREET   (by Malaya Blue )  Composed: 2014
Sultry and smouldering 1940's/1950's pop jazz song with a retro blues feel. Features smooth and sexy female vocals, bluesy electric guitar, cool muted trumpets, sassy saxophone, steady upright bass, and laid back lounge style drums. Great for scenes featuring Bourbon Street, New Orleans, film noir, Female Vocals, Pop, 50's Pop

DAWN   (by Malaya Blue )  Composed: 2013
A melodramatic Lounge Jazz song with a cool retro feel. Features Shirley Bassey style vocal, sultry piano, double bass, big band brass section, warm strings, muted trumpet and light brushes. Works well in moody scenes featuring dark streets, smokey cafe's, private eye, alleyways, film noir, gangster, Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

BITTER MOON   (by Malaya Blue )  Composed: 2013
1960's 'wall of sound' style pop-jazz track inspired by Phil Spector. Big and brassy with lots of attitude, features a diva style female vocal, sounds like Amy Winehouse, Etta James. The lyrical theme is great for scenes of betrayal, revenge, contemplation, anger, bitterness, sitting under the moon, Female Vocals, Soundalikes, Amy Winehouse

I'VE CRIED A LITTLE   (by Malaya Blue )  Composed: 2013
A beautiful pop jazz ballad that oozes class and sophistication. Features passionate female vocals and smooth electric guitar. Great for film and TV scenes involving chilled moments, relaxation, contemplation, affection, past memories, lost love. Also good for romantic comedy and movie theme credits, Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

MY HEART'S IN YOUR HANDS   (by Eric Gilchrist )  Composed: 2014
Upbeat 1940's jazz ballad. Features piano bass and drums with male vocalist. A song about being hopelessly in love and how the singer's feelings and emotions are in the total control of his lover. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

UNPLUGGED CHRISTMAS   (by Angela Predhomme )  Composed: 2013
Positive and warm, this catchy jazz - pop song about getting back to family and friends for the holidays rings true for so many of us; a delightful female vocal over jazzy piano sings about longing to give technology a much-needed break and looking forward to enjoying time with loved ones. Unplug! Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

LESTERS NECK   (by Gregory Domeier )  Composed: 2013
Laidback with a Cool Jazz feel, featuring a Funky electric guitar riff and light drums that create a confident mood. A cool and sophisticated guitar riff pairs with a slowly smoldering lead guitar to give the perfect touch of attitude. There is a close and intimate feeling to the "room". Instrumental, Jazz, Cool Jazz

GOODBYE (UNDER MOON)   (by Deep Sister )  Composed: 2013
Check out this smokey track featuring a silky smooth female vocal. Minimal Jazz arrangement... but still remains very dynamic. Sensual urban vibes combine with the late night realizations that things took a wrong turn and it's time to make a change. The perfect track for adult based situations. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

ALL ALONE - SEATTLE SOUL   (by Mark Dorricott )  Composed: 2012
Midnight soul lounge chillin' vocals (Pavithra Chari) set the mood. Big city late night jazz vibes, a dimly lit club, smoky, afterhours, sweet as honey and velvety smooth. Atmosphere and feel for a late night illicit liaison film scene or music for fashionable cosmopolitan boutiques, bars and clubs. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

JAZZ SKAT   (by Isaac Moore )  Composed: 2015
Acapella Rich and dreamy jazz vocal scat with a touch of class. Complex arrangement with rich sound and human voices similiar to the gospel band Take 6. Inspirational yet non descript. Male Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals
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Lounge Jazz Vocals

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