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Emergency sound effects (fire, police, ambulance, sirens, alarms and more)

Emergency response and related sound effects including fire, police, and more.

  3  911 Emergency Calls
  69  Alarms / smoke and fire alarms
  18  Courtroom sounds
  5  Emergency | Firetruck Volvo F12 sound effects
  12  Fire extinguisher sounds
  77  Fire truck and ambulance sounds
  2  Handcuff sounds
  69  Jailhouse and Prison sounds
  156  Police sounds
  334  Siren sounds

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Best Selling Emergency Sound Effects Tracks
Special Effects and Sounds Old Police Siren - Special Effects and Sounds
Mark Hewer Siren - Mark Hewer
Sound Jay Ambulance and Fire Truck 01 - Sound Jay
Martin Kittappa Sirens - Martin Kittappa
Morning Sky Sound Siren By Distant Two Tone Jo - Morning Sky Sound
Special Effects and Sounds Ambulance Siren Emergency Response - Special Effects and Sounds
Toxic Bag Productions Sirens-Emergency Vehicles Respond, City - Toxic Bag Productions
Angela Waye Smoke Alarm - Angela Waye
Charlie Mac Police Siren - Charlie Mac
John Leonard Ny Police Siren Approach & Stop - John Leonard
The Producers Old Fashioned Police Siren 002 - The Producers
Music And SFX Air Raid Siren Start Up, Run and Power Down - Music And SFX
CMMP Sound FX Steady Police Siren - CMMP Sound FX
Pete Bax Siren Warning of Explosion - Pete Bax
Big Fat Audio Police Sirens - Big Fat Audio
Audi_Yo Fire Extinguisher Varied Blast - Audi_Yo
Aaron J Curtis Prison Break - Aaron J Curtis
Morning Sky Sound Distant Police Siren 1 Jo - Morning Sky Sound
Catch 22 SFX Air Raid Siren (All Clear) - Catch 22 SFX
Bjorn Lynne Police Siren Steady 03 - Bjorn Lynne
The Producers Ambulance- City Atmosphere 03 - The Producers
Ultimate Sound Air Raid Siren - Ultimate Sound
Nick Voronchikhin Siren - Nick Voronchikhin
SFXsource A Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Long 01 - SFXsource
Solfeggio Shaman Police Siren Long Pass - Solfeggio Shaman
Hollywood Post Air Raid Siren - Hollywood Post
X-Ray Sound Studios Multiple Sirens - X-Ray Sound Studios
Pete Bax Warning Siren - Pete Bax
Darksparcs Police Siren Chirps - Darksparcs
Bjorn Lynne City Sirens - Bjorn Lynne
Vagabond Beach Accident, Bomb, Crime Scene (Emergency/Sirens) - Vagabond Beach
Aaron J Curtis Approach Warning Detection Alert - Aaron J Curtis
Mario Pompetti Crime Scene Investigator - Mario Pompetti
Ian Hubball Electronic Alarm 2 - Ian Hubball
Philip Shorey Polish Siren - Philip Shorey
Jonathan Carlile Car Alarm, Loopable - Jonathan Carlile
Mario Pompetti Police Radio - Mario Pompetti
The Sound Experience Door Locks Jail - The Sound Experience
X-Ray Sound Studios Courtroom Crowd - X-Ray Sound Studios
Mark W. Curran Fire Alarm - Mark W. Curran
Audiofruit Alarm in Public Building - Audiofruit
Emmanuel Prison Door Closed (1) - Emmanuel
Toxic Bag Productions Sirens-Emergency Vehicles Respond, City - Toxic Bag Productions
Emmanuel Metro Police Siren (3) - Emmanuel
John Lundsten K80 Siren Wail Police Older American USA Style {No Traffic - John Lundsten
SFXsource A Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Long 02 - SFXsource
SAE Police Ems Vehicles Arrive W/ Many Sirens - SAE
Hollywood Post Police Party Crash - Hollywood Post
Sound Jay Fire Truck 01 - Sound Jay
Vance Audiotronics Door Jail Open Close Ext - Vance Audiotronics
Vance Audiotronics City With Approaching Siren - Vance Audiotronics
The Sound Experience Hospital Emergency Department - The Sound Experience
Justin Van Hout Lockdown alert - Justin Van Hout
Ian Hubball Emergency Alarm - Ian Hubball
Solfeggio Shaman Police Siren Long Pass City - Solfeggio Shaman
Darren W. Chamberlain Air Raid 2 - Darren W. Chamberlain
Martin Kittappa Ambulance 1 - Martin Kittappa
Audi_Yo Fire Extinguisher Longer - Audi_Yo
Cenoura Roxa Police Siren 1 - Cenoura Roxa
Vagabond Beach Fire Truck (Driving With Sirens On) - Vagabond Beach
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