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Home: Fort Bragg, California USA   

California Composer David M Brown spent many years as a teacher and performer before eventually recording over nine CD's of original music. As a native of New Orleans, David became well versed in traditional jazz, but you will also find him composing in styles ranging from Rock and Pop to Swing and Middle-Eastern music. With a unique array of instruments like the guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and bouzouki, David's music is hot, funky, and guaranteed to make you feel good!

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OVERTURE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Overture for a Broadway show variety of moods from happy to melancholy, Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music
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SOLSTICE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Zappaesque dissonance and cluster chords add spice to this hauntingly beautiful mood piece, with gorgeous clarinet and soprano sax and melodic Gypsy nylon string guitar. For love scenes, thoughtful moods. Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Fusion
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CLOUDS   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Dramatic, ominous orchestral piece that evokes a dark, moody atmosphere yet has a tension-building rhythmic drive leading to a powerful ending. Instrumental, Dramatic, Magical Music
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ACCELERATION OF CHANGE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2012
Driving bass and ethereal organ begin this fast 5/4 melody, then soaring guitar leads into the dramatic ending, which dissolves into the sound of rain and wind. For movement, uplifting moods, chases, montages, travel scenes, etc. This could also be used in scenes with a certain "tech" edge. Instrumental, Rock, Rock Fusion
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DANCE TUNE IN A MINOR   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2009
60's tiki fun lounge rock, soulful sax and throbbing organ, searing wild lead guitar; people having fun dancing and working together for family outdoor activities, Instrumental, Rock, Rock Fusion
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ROMANTIC MOMENT   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Romantically captivating Hollywood orchestral piece that builds from a plaintive, longingly sensual beginning through a long rise to a climactic, dramatic finish. Perfect for the big love scene, the first meeting, or even mature and deep older love. Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music
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FUGUE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Royal procession with rich organ sounds, Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century
Preview Track

HEY PRELUDE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Four part classical style counterpoint on flute, guitar, organ and bass; could be both serious and religious in tone - or is it cool roller skating music? Instrumental, Rock, Progressive Rock
Preview Track

B MINOR INVENTION   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Bach-like baroque 2 part invention on harpsichord, like it was written in 1750... or yesterday. Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century
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MARCH ONE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Marching Band, Instrumental, Dramatic, Hectic Music
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SCHMALTZ WALTZ   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Romantic waltz with a quirky carousel-like feel, Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century
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FOG   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Pretty but moody piano mellow sounds evoke happy times triumphing over tough times. Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century
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P.M.I.   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2009
From the opening steel guitar glissando to the measured noise, this is no run of the mill melody! Intricate bluesy unison lines snake in and out of near-chaos and post-industrial sounds, yet the beat goes on. Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Rock
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51 ORCHESTRATION   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Futuristic - or ancient - orchestral sounding piece with an offbeat but moving rhythmic feel, with a bit of guitar, very moving and unique. Violins and drums mixed with evocative woodwinds. Instrumental, Dramatic, Magical Music
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AN ORIENTAL MODE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
solo piano and strings with relaxing yet uplifting mood. Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century
Preview Track

READY TO LIVE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Faced with the challenge of living life without the help of drugs, bad home life, the female singer wants to shed old problems, restrictions and live life fully and become what she is supposed to be. Sung in a theatrical rock style inviting others to live life fully, for movie, TV, corporate use. Female Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock
Preview Track

BALLAD FOR US   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Sweeping haunting ballad with several exciting texture and color changes; strong emotional melodies on sax and guitar, played with passion. Conjures up love scenes, montages, an anniversary or love looking back, new love, any sort of attraction with depth and commitment. Sophisticate, suave, smooth, Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz
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MERCURY IN RETROGRADE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2009
Old-school funky dance groove features a driving bass, sinuous sax and slinky guitar, great for traveling music, walking scenes, selling pain relievers, establishing a quirky cool character dramatic movie or TV, law and order, Instrumental, Rock, Boogie Rock
Preview Track

PHRYGID AIRE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Hot tenor sax and brilliant guitar team up for special music journey, with subtle world music overtones in a rock setting. This is a soundtrack or theme for a fantasy, travel, history or even a food show, for video games, commercial or artistic use. Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Rock
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WINTER SNOW   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
A traditional, warm family inspired symphonic picture of winter, with a spiritual touch of organ and choir adding to the rich mood of happiness and contented peace. Visions of old-fashioned Christmas, holiday cheer, home and hearth come to mind with this heart-warming music. Vocal Pads, Dramatic, Happy Music
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NAGHMA -2   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2009
Afghan, Klezmer and rock influences meet in this unique piece, featuring wailing clarinet, screaming guitar, pulsing organ and a hot 3/4 beat. Instrumental, Rock, Rock Fusion
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CHANGES   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2012
Uplifting chant-like anthem, male and female vocals, with strong guitar leads, with several changes in texture and sound. The words are about the changes we all see and need to bring peace and healing to earth. Mixed Vocals, Rock, Rock Fusion
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ENGLISH DANCE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Beautiful dance right from the pages of Jane Austin, elegant and sensual, with more than a touch of Handel. Delightful melody with many changes of orchestration with oboe, flute, harpsichord, strings, and a noble kettle drum, leading up to sweeping dramatic ending. Also for royalty, knights, etc. Instrumental, Classical, Classical
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JACK BLOWS IT   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Contrasts of 60's quirky pop instrumental with avant-garde harmonies make for an unusual fun tune; with soulful sax solos over Motown/Stax style soul grooves. Could be great for commercials, anything from beer to sports, cars to medical care. Instrumental, Rock, Progressive Rock
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WALLS INTO DOORS   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Heavy 70's Led Zep style rock riff on distorted guitars, male vocal, driving beat and psychedelic organ come together to explore seeming contradictions in life and the reality of equality. Male Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock
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GUITAR MELODY IN B MINOR   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2009
Multi-section prog rocker, with tubular bell accenting 4 different lead guitars over churning bass and drums. Laser light shows, smoky rooms, spaced out freaks, cool music. Very dramatic, lots of contrasts. Instrumental, Rock, Progressive Rock
Preview Track

NEUTRAL GROUND   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Sweet country rock with acoustic guitar and mandolin leads modulating up with soulful electric guitar for an exciting ending. Great for nostalgia, family, new love, beer, sports, Southern foods, nature, environmentalism, even having a tiny religious touch in style and background organ. Instrumental, Rock, Southern Rock
Preview Track

THE WATCHER   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Not liking what you see going on in the world? Male vocals express this feeling in a heavy retro psychedelic hard rock band setting, with organ and sax adding energy. Perfect song for political commentary, social investigation, TV or movies, History channel, anywhere eyes are open. Male Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock
Preview Track

METAL PRAYER   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Hard rock - Heavy Metal style music with a metaphysically spiritual and uplifting twist. All the powerful rock guitar, organ, drum and bass rhythms of the genre are used for chakra alignment and balance of the subtle bodies in the form of a prayer to the universe and the higher self. Male Vocals, Rock, Heavy Metal
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CHANGE TRIUMPHANT   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2012
A quirky but happy melody with an unusual mix of bass, sitar, effects, ratchet, slide whistle, and percussion, with a wide range of applications whenever a unique light-hearted mood is required. Instrumental, Rock, Rock Fusion
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Symphonic version of the "Folksong" theme, with sweet strings, woodwinds, majestic horns, in a classical orchestral setting. The touching, gentle but bittersweet melody could be used in many dramatic situations, love scenes, video games, etc., as it is current but invokes a distant haunting past. Instrumental, Dramatic, Heartwarming Music
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MR Z   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
As if it was right out of a Jane Austin story, an original Country Dance for full orchestra, with a lively melody that shifts from a humorous but slightly edgy theme to a happy bright melody all the while beckoning you to join the dance. Gorgeous strings, lush woodwinds, noble brass, etc. Instrumental, Classical, Classical
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PRINCE AND THREE FATES   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2012
A small ensemble style "takht" group, playing in a older classic Arabic style with only one player per part, as in the bands used until the development of the "modern" Arabic orchestra. This is a slow, meditative but danceable piece led by the nay flute. Instrumental, Middle East, Middle-East
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SATIN SHEETS   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Beautiful sax and sweet jazzy guitar create a romantic mood, ideal for soundtrack use; invokes cool 70's nightlife with a modern twist, good for fine wine, liquors, spirits, gourmet food and chocolate, a singles scene or an anniversary, dances, parties, intimate encounters - even selling Viagra. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Preview Track

THE CONICAL BRASS ORACLE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Wild sax and slashing guitar lead this funk rock fusion romp, with driving bass and drums; King Crimson meets the Star Wars bar band; futuristic music that's still fun. Video games, movie or TV theme, commercials, industrial use. Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Fusion
Preview Track

BACK HOME   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Late night cool jazzy organ and bass with hot sax and slinky guitar, smoky nightclubs and classy dames! Creates an mellow bluesy atmosphere reeking of fine tobacco, chocolate, the best in wine, beer and all sorts of vodka, gin, scotch, bourbon and tequila. Highbrow but still earthy and funky. Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Fusion
Preview Track

FANFARE 2   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Fanfare for royalty parade, Roman empire, or any pompous event. Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century
Preview Track

BACK WHERE WE CAME FROM   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Open tuned acoustic guitar along with groovy clarinet and rhythm section starts off in a earthy folk groove, then gets more exotic melodically as a rolling beat builds; sounds very American, then adds a few odd notes Moody, a little quirky, for soundtrack, loops, commercials, anything a bit exotic. Instrumental, Folk, Progressive Folk
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NEW DAY   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2009
A fusion of Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms with rock, featuring exotic clarinet, magic carpet guitar and slap bass; lots of contrasts from driving to tender to "where's the snake?". Instrumental, Rock, Progressive Rock
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FOLKSONG FROM AN IMAGINARY LAND   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Unique fusion of East and West, mixing instruments from everywhere for a new sound with a beautiful melody, intricate but catchy rhythm, creating a mood that is either ancient, futuristic , or both. Movies, TV, History channel, video games, anyone looking to enter a special musical world. Instrumental, Middle East, Contemporary Dramatic
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CURRENTS   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Hot lead synth sounds bring the classic ELP sounds of the 70's to today; with spacey organ and kicking bass and drums too. Oddly happy melody with oddball bridge, great for TV or Movie theme or scene, for video games, particularly futuristic ones, driving, auto commercials, medicine. Instrumental, Rock, Progressive Rock
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HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
A wryly humorous social protest song that could have been on Magical Mystery Tour, with psychedelic slide guitar and George Martin style strings and horns. Male and Female shared vocals, modern recording with a nod to the 60's, ideal for news, movie scenes, documentary, humor a la Daily Show. Mixed Vocals, Rock, Psychedelic Rock
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CROSSCURRENTS   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Textural interplay between spacey guitars and soaring sax a la Pink Floyd; sensitive arrangement with two climaxes and dramatic ending. For romantic scene in TV or Movie, love lost, love gained, thoughtful, hopeful moods - also for scenes involving ideas, concepts, morals or honor. Instrumental, Rock, Progressive Rock
Preview Track

MEMORY OF KYOTO   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
A jazzy impression of Japan, a new exotica number! With shakuhachi- like flutes, kabuki shamisen, quirky bass and guitar, gongs, everything but a real Geisha. Inspired by our 1982 trip to Japan, it has humor and adventure rolled up like a sushi roll. Selling sake or anything Japanese? Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Fusion
Preview Track

FANFARE 1   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2011
Regal classical fanfare for procession, royal court, nobility, etc. Instrumental, Classical, 21st Century
Preview Track

TOO CUTE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
A snappy swinging melody on sax, with a surprise rhythm change to a funky Latin influenced middle section on soulful guitar. Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Fusion
Preview Track

THE LOST JOBIM TUNE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Bossa Nova in the classic Jobim-Getz style, with nylon string guitar and jazz guitar, smooth sax, and that infectious rhythm. Instrumental, Jazz, Latin Jazz
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SOUL HI JAZZ   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Soulful sax and expressive electric guitar with bass and drums bring Middle Eastern Belly Dance rhythm and melody into a rocking party groove. Arab or Muslim in America? Rockstar in Egypt? This is the sound - and for olives, hummus, pita bread, exotic clothes, perfumes, Travel or History channel. Instrumental, Rock, Rock Fusion
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SMOKIN' POT   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2010
Screaming hard rock guitar licks frame female vocals decrying the inconsistency regarding legal and illegal drugs. Good for drug news/documentary tv scene. Female Vocals, Rock, Hard Rock
Preview Track

THIRSTY FOR LOVE   (by David M Brown )  Composed: 2009
Theatrical, showy dramatic rock song; Queen style with with female lead and backups..."Princess"? Is it a heart-wrenching plea for love that got away or an over the top comic romp, or both? Moves from pathos to humor and back. Wacky kazoo solo. Female Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock
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David M Brown

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