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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the StockMusicSite.com label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

The SoundSmiths (UK)
Based in the UK, The SoundSmiths create high-quality audio tracks for Film, TV, and Radio placements all over the world, and they provide content producers with premium background music. Their passion for composition, experience, and knowledge offer professional tracks that are perfect for countless media projects. From seasonal favorites to Hip Hop, uplifting Pop to Cinematic Orchestral strings, their eclectic love for music keeps The SoundSmiths fresh and relevant in an ever-changing industry.

From the Moment (USA)
Working out of busy music centers like Nashville and Orlando, John Eric Copeland is a veteran producer and the force behind From the Moment. Composing, arranging, and releasing hundreds of albums in the last 20 years, From the Moment specializes in Corporate, EDM, Jazz, Folk, Ambient, World, Rock, and Orchestral genres. They produce original tracks for clients in the U.S. and internationally. With a vast and growing catalog, From the Moment is the perfect choice for Film, TV, trailers, corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, and more.

Joao Queiros (Portugal)
Based in Portugal, composer João Queirós produces unique compositions that plunge into many styles of music to create a variety of sensations and emotions that embellish and complement media content. João specializes in film scores, soundtracks, presentations, logos, splashes, cues, corporate, commercial, ambiance, holiday, ring tones, games, motivational, video or audio sound beds, voice-overs, on holds, and retail background music.

Shawn Kelly (USA)
Based in Washington State, Shawn Kelly is an experienced and award-winning composer with a background in film composition and sound design for video games. His music has been featured in the short film "Kenosis" that won best picture at the Vancouver Film Festival. He also made the Dean's List for his music and sound design while attending Berklee School of Music in Boston. Shawn's unique blend of Dramatic, Orchestral, Cinematic, and Ambient styles creates music that compliments and amplifies their visual counterparts.

Howard Herrick (USA)
New Jersey-based Howard Herrick is an award-winning composer, musician, and producer who has written music for several major motion pictures and theatre productions, including My One and Only (2009), Vanishing on 7th Street (2010), Very Good Girls (2014), Nightlight (2015), Peter Pan 360 (2016). His music also placed in the television series American Beauty Star (2017-2018). He released a critically acclaimed solo Pop record in 2019 and a new album with his Electro-Rock band Frantic Vibe in 2021. Howard was named a 2019 IAOTP top producer.

Guy Middleton (UK)
Guy Middleton lives in the UK as an artist who was brought up in a Classical environment as a pianist and since then has always had an interest in writing his own material. He is currently writing in genres including Film Cues, Cinematic Orchestral, and Instrumentals in styles including Dramedy, Suspense, and TV shows.

Jonny Goode (UK)
An accomplished and professional Pop, Indie, and Acoustic Singer-Songwriter and music producer, UK’s Jonny Goode lives and works in the Norfolk countryside. He has performed on the European and London music scenes for ten years as an artist and engineer. He has released six solo studio albums and EPs. Having worked on countless projects in the role of producer/engineer, Jonny‘s experience and knowledge are potent partners to his talent, ear, and versatility.

Antonio Ciacca (USA)
Antonio Ciacca is an experienced and gifted pianist, composer, and conductor based in New York. His work ranges from Classical to Jazz with influences from both European and American traditions, allowing him to move fluidly among cultural environments. Through his extensive knowledge about Jazz and expertise and experience in the Jazz community, he is a wonderful musician as well as an educator. Antonio's compositions for Jazz big bands, orchestras, movie soundtracks, ballet, chamber ensembles, and solo piano have been performed worldwide.

Frank Freeman (UK)
Frank Freeman is a music producer based in the UK. Working as a producer and engineer with a wide variety of artists, he has developed an individual style and now provides high-quality productions spanning a variety of cool and hip genres. From Smooth Jazz played on a mellow afternoon in the park with birds chirping merrily to an intergalactic journey of orchestral elegance, Frank's dynamic arrangements provide the right atmosphere for TV, Film Trailers, interludes, product placements, reality shows, Facebook apps, radio, websites, and all new media.

Whipple Lopez (USA)
Whipple Lopez is a talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from Michigan. His works include everything from Orchestral and Dramatic cues to World, Pop, Electronic, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Funk, and Easy Listening tracks. Whipple's emotional and thought-provoking music is perfect for a variety of Film, TV, and Commercial applications. In addition to composing, Whipple performs in a Bayati orchestra, a Trop Rock group, and as a Jazz pianist.

Jordan Dykstra (USA)
Jordan Dykstra is a talented Brooklyn-based performer and composer. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from CalArts and a Master’s Degree from Wesleyan University. Jordan’s film music has been distributed by Sony, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, A24, PBS, and Magnolia and has been heard at numerous film festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, IFFR, Tribeca, TIFF, and Art Basel. In addition, Jordan’s chamber music has been programmed in venues around the world in places such as Tokyo, Reykjavík, Los Angeles, New York City, and Zürich, among others.

Mystk (USA)
Mystk is a talented professional composer and producer based in Southern California. Classically trained and college-educated, he spent many years studying composing, mixing, and producing in diverse genres. After more than 10 years of writing music, he has chosen to specialize in Hybrid and Orchestral scoring as well as Corporate Pop works. MYSTK's epic, cinematic, and dramatic tracks are the perfect choice for all clients, including for film, TV, advertising, or for independent content creators.

Andrae Hazard (USA)
Colorado Composer Andrae Hazard is an exceptionally versatile songwriter and producer with a strong, soulful and ultra contemporary sound. He has the refreshing ability to create music that successfully spans several exciting styles and genres. Music is his passion, and whether you're a fan of Gospel music, Smooth Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, RnB or even Country, Andrae's music will reach you! Check out his elegant, jazzy piano on "You," with lush male vocals weaving a story about dreams coming true. Talent abounds in each of Andrae's memorable tracks!

Terem Quartet (Russia)
Based in Russia, Terem Quartet was founded by students of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory’s Folk Instrument Department. The group first performed in public in 1986 and quickly became a phenomenon in the music world. They play soprano and alto domra, bayan accordion, and double bass, and they intertwine technical skill, depth of feelings, intelligence, and sparkling humor into each note. The Terem Quartet have created their unique style known as “Russian Crossover," or “Teremism," as Rock icon Peter Gabriel called it.

K-A-B (UK)
K-A-B is a composer, producer, vocalist, lyricist, and sound artist from the UK. She combines her skillset to create an original catalogue of music ranging from contemporary, avant-pop songs with vocals, to melodic underscores, to experimental soundscapes. She often creates music from her own field recordings and enjoys experimenting with technology and nature, such as using the electrical energy of organic materials to conduct midi notes via synthesizer. K-A-B’s artistic approach produces tracks with a unique edge and distinctive sound.

Rob Satori (USA)
Rob Satori creates film and television music from his studio in Sarasota, Florida. He credits Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Bernard Herman, Danny Elfman, and Thomas Newman as his influences. An accomplished and gifted Composer, Vocalist, and Pianist, he started his musical journey at seven. Deepak Chopra once said of Rob Satori's music, "... evokes a flood of emotions that soothe, stimulate, and balance the physiology all at the same time," and Wayne Dyer said, "Listen and luxuriate in these beautiful melodies."

Fred Bouchal (France)
Fred Bouchal is a gifted composer and producer from France who creates cinematic soundtrack scores for movies, trailers, video games, television, documentaries, advertisements, and for music lovers. He skillfully constructs a world of magic and heroic fantasy filled with powerful emotions and dramatic themes. From epic Orchestral and Electronic soundscapes to soulful piano pieces, Fred’s eclectic style covers several genres including Ambient and Classical.

Keith Methven (USA)
Keith Methven, a composer and musician from Southern California who trained at Berklee College of Music, has scored several award-winning short films. He is equally comfortable writing and producing in genres from Orchestral to Jazz, to RnB, Rock, and Country. His music will lift your project to a new level as it captures the mood and embellishes the emotions that evoke everything from comedic and playful, to dark and ominous. Keith’s tracks are perfect for TV, Film, documentaries, trailers, songs, cues, stings, advertising, and much more.

Keith Nolan (Thailand)
Irish-born Composer Keith Nolan has worked as a professional musician in the studio and in his own bands, including appearances at Blues and Jazz festivals throughout Asia and Europe. His relaxation and healing music has a textual and ethnic presence through the use of traditional Asian instruments and atmospheric pads creating a space for meditation and relaxation for devotional practices. Keith also composes Electronic, Chill-Out, commercial, and infomercial music for corporate businesses, hotels, and resorts.

Robert Nicholas Sallee (USA)
Joining us from California is Robert Nicholas Sallee whose music has been featured in award-winning feature films, MTV, CMT, CW, DC Comics, Freeform Shows, Airstream online, podcasts, web series, epic video games and streaming series. His expansive and prolific collection varies from uplifting piano scores and stirring string compositions to wildly emotional Indie Rock, catchy Pop tunes, and expansive Alternative Rock. Robert follows his melancholy high tenor wherever it leads him and creates exceptional sounds to elevate all media.

The Charlie Marshall Effect (UK)
Based in Newport, South Wales, The Charlie Marshall Effect is the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Leigh Perryman. Influenced by Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains, and Queens of the Stone Age, he honed his craft writing and performing with original artists Acid Tongue and DimJnrBrown. Leigh currently performs with South Wales’ dynamic band Skinflint. The Charlie Marshall Effect delivers deep tonal foot-stomping beats, layered with fiery ground-down guitars, guaranteed to enhance rocking media projects, Film, TV, Video Games, and much more.

Cool Smart Things (UK)
UK Composer Cool Smart Things delivers kinetic music with hip grooves, edgy guitars, funky horns, and deep thumping bass lines. Working in the Dance, Electronic, and Indie Rock genres, Cool Smart Things is garnering great reviews from all over the world, and their music has been featured in film trailers, TV themes, extreme sports footage, DVD's, aerobics media, and compilation CD's.

RGbeatz (Norway)
RGbeatz is a Norway-based composer, producer, and mixing engineer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He works with talented artists and musicians around the globe and is a mentor and co-founder of Best Beatmakers World. Innovation is at the forefront every time he approaches a beat, from mixing diverse genres and styles, to layering melodies with his voice. Through creative editing and mastering RGbeatz produces exciting original Hip Hop, Classical, Trap, Chill Hop, Acoustic Instrumental, Film Score, and Rock music.

Domenikus Straker (Spain)
Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Domenikus Straker is a composer, producer, drummer, and guitarist who weaves together genres like Ambient, Electronica, Techno, Cinematic, Dramatic, Soundtracks, Chill-Out, and Synthwave. His infectious grooves and sonic palettes won't leave you indifferent! His talents include designing awesome Sound Effects, beats, and loops, which he sometimes includes in his work. Domenikus has scored music for three Indie Video Games and three Short Films and designed SFX for many other projects.

Alex Mastronardi (Canada)
Alex Mastronardi is a professional musician, film and TV composer, recording engineer, and producer from Canada. He creates in a variety of genres and styles and specializes in a unique blend of Pop, Rock, Indie, Acoustic Americana, Cinematic, and Blues music appropriate for enhancing diverse multimedia projects. Alex is a talented songwriter, and he collaborates with various artists including the Canadian Soul Pop band The Commotions and Disero, a Dance and Electronic producer.

Kerry Russo (USA)
Based in Harper Woods, Michigan, Kerry Russo has been a sought-after oboist and English horn player for over four decades. His classical training and his passion are echoed and revealed as he creates meaningful, beautiful, and colorful sounds. His compositions range from haunting to quirky, but they are unfailingly affecting and evocative. We are delighted to feature Kerry’s unique and improvisational style of dramatic music for our clients and their diverse media projects.

Maria Milewska (UK)
Maria Milewska, a classically trained Composer, Vocalist, Producer, and Flute player from the UK, is a graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where she studied Creative Music Technology. She has co-written and been a featured vocalist for numerous Dance releases which gained worldwide radio play and recognition, as well as support from well-known DJ Armin Van Buuren. Maria's beautiful, haunting, and evocative Ambient, Cinematic, Orchestral, Chillout, Folk, and Jazz tracks are perfect for Film, TV, and multimedia projects.

goers (USA)
A composer, producer, and engineer, goers is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has curated an interesting niche in the music world that can be described as World, Hip Hop, and Electronic - think Odesza but more Hip Hop featuring Mongolian throat singers and Native American flutes. He arranges meditative sounds from around the world creating an eclectic assortment of global beats, rhythms, and timbre. Soul searching and curious, goers strives to provide inspiration and motivation through music that represents him and his groove.

Sjur Zeiner-Gundersen (Norway)
Sjur Zeiner-Gundersen was born in Norway in 1979, and shortly thereafter his parents brought him to the US, where he lived in California and Texas. He became fluent in English, and also took up an interest in the guitar -- his musical education beginning with some short lessons from his dad, and many hours spent studying the guitar work of legends like Eric Clapton. Sjur eventually took up an interest in songwriting and production, and today you can find him writing fantastic radio-ready Pop Rock songs with meaningful lyrics, crisp grooves, and memorable melodies.

Tom Lazarich (USA)
Born in Santa Barbara, Tom Lazarich is a fifth generation Californian, having grown up on the beaches of SoCal. He traveled the country as a member of an Air Force Band, then received his music degree at CalState Northridge in the heart of the LA Music Industry. He has numerous Concert Band works published, as well as songs and other works in various genres. He founded and now composes for his nine-piece group Tulgey Wood Jazz Band, composed of LA Studio Musicians.

Inochi (UK)
Inochi is a UK-based group that has been producing music in the Ambient, Electronic, and World genres for over 15 years. Inochi is a three-piece band really defining the UK and European sound of chilled but moving tunes. They were previously signed by The Average White Band and featuring Neil Taylor of Tears for Fears. Three-time winners of the Sound on Sound "Record of The Month" contest, Inochi have had tracks featured in many compilations on labels like Neurodisc, Toryumon, Asnazzy, and Sulphuric (Average White Band), among others.

Ori Shlezinger (Israel)
Ori Shlezinger is a talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from Israel who brings us great instrumental and vocal tracks in many different genres. Proficient on keyboards, guitar, and bass, he has composed music for TV, Film, and Radio, and has also produced full albums for other prominent artists. Ori writes in the Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Dramatic, Soul, RnB, and Electronic genres, among others, with moods ranging from dark and mysterious to positively inspiring!

Jayson Wayne Brown (UK)
Jayson Wayne Brown is a composer, Singer-Songwriter, filmmaker, photographer, and graphic artist based in the UK. His inspiration comes from the great Hollywood composers of film soundtracks such as John Williams and Hans Zimmer. His passion for music has helped him build a small team of musicians and composers who help him to produce a substantial number of high-quality tracks on a regular basis. He hopes one day to conduct an orchestra at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London. For Jayson music is his challenge – and his life.

Kirill Kharchenko (Russia)
Kirill Kharchenko is a composer and sound engineer from Russia with many years of experience in audio and video advertising, video presentations, trailers, and numerous media projects. His music spans a wide range of genres, styles, and moods, including Ambient, New Age, Future Bass, Disco House, Hip Hop, Rock, Chillout, Lounge, Folk, Acoustic, Indie, Epic, Cinematic, and many more. Kirill’s tracks are the perfect choice for new media content, Vlogs, Commercials, Film, Corporate, TV, and Radio productions.

Rob Cawley (Ireland)
Rob Cawley is a talented screenwriter, game designer, and composer based in Dublin, Ireland. Combining disparate genres and instruments with a Cinematic feel, Rob's approach is to evoke emotion and narrative first. His music has been used in high-end TV, film, promos, and in games. Rob also writes and produces film, TV shows, and games, which gives him a unique insight into what directors and producers are looking for when it comes to the appropriate music to accompany and enhance their individual projects.

Dale Sigley (Australia)
Dale Sigley is a producer based in Australia who excels in Soundscapes, Chillout, and World Music. The wonder of music for Dale is the mystical and universal way in which it moves the emotions, creating eclectic tapestries of sound that evoke moods and enhance visuals. This ability to create unobtrusive yet emotive tracks has placed Dale’s music in international food and culture videos, relaxation retreats, and travel documentaries.

Gus Major (USA)
Gus Major is a DJ and music producer based out of Oklahoma. Under the name Augustine Embeatz Sumo, he produced "Get Used To It" by Ice Cube on the Raw Footage album, which featured WC, and The Game. He also co-produced "Attitude" by Ras Kass featuring Royce da 5'9". He is also known for his 2014 Pop Dance single "On The Beat Beat. His production styles cover a wide range of energetic genres like Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, Indie Pop, and House. His music can be found on major streaming platforms.

Mary Sharon Moore (USA)
Oregon’s Mary Sharon Moore has been inspiring audiences, touching hearts, and changing lives with her spoken-word events and audio recordings for over 20 years. Her unique blend of wordcraft, voice, inflection, timing, sense of story and audience connection breaks open and redefines the spoken-word genre into a true art form. Her intimate tone invites listeners to discover and explore fresh insight, encouragement, and direction in life. Mary Sharon's warm and inviting spoken-word voice lends itself to reflection, choreography, and movement.

Joop van der Knaap (Netherlands)
Based in The Netherlands, Joop van der Knaap has been making Pop music for many years as a guitarist and keyboard player with various bands. After he stopped doing live performances, he began to concentrate on composing and producing original popular music. He creates high-quality acoustic environments with state-of-the-art hardware and software tools. Joop’s Pop, Ambient, and World tracks work well with TV, Film, motivational and upbeat projects, business presentations, commercials, YouTube videos, podcasts, infomercials, and new media.

Brian Rigsby (USA)
Louisiana’s Brian Rigsby believes that a project without the right music can be flat and boring and that music adds life, movement, emotion, and texture. Spicing it up with the final touch inspires audiences, creates a deep lasting impact, and makes the story truly resonate! Brian earned a B. A. in Jazz Studies, is a member of the Professional Composers forum, and is a musician, teacher, songwriter, composer, arranger, and producer. Brian has performed, written, and toured with Big Bands, Jazz Combos, Funk, Soul, Blues, and Rock bands.
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