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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the StockMusicSite.com label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Christian Larssen (Norway)
With a degree in Jazz Guitar from the Norwegian Academy of Music, Christian Larssen has worked as a professional musician since 2000. In recent years he also began doing work arranging and composing for media, and has written and arranged music for several Norwegian TV shows. Christian feels most at home when writing emotional and beautiful music inspired by the Norwegian scenery, but he's also capable of writing great and happy advertising music and powerful and energetic action music.

Sounds Of Odyssey (Spain)
Sounds Of Odyssey is a music project by Spanish composer Pablo Sánchez Acero. Blending traditional and modern elements, his music incorporates Classical, Ambient, and Experimental styles to create rich, emotional atmospheres. From beautiful pieces like "Doves," to the uplifting mood of "Summer," the music of Sounds Of Odyssey is perfect for film, TV, and multimedia soundtracks.

Alexander Falinski (Ukraine)
Alexander Falinski is a Ukrainian composer and producer who specializes in explosive, highly cinematic music. His Dramatic and Orchestral compositions often include Electronic, Rock, and other stylistic elements to create a uniquely contemporary sound. From the intense and mysterious "Initiation," to the sweeping adventurous "Restless Bay," Alexander's tracks are perfect for Film, TV, Video Games, and Advertising projects.

DeejayX (USA)
Since 2007, DeejayX of Arkansas has been producing in genres such as Hip-Hop, Trance, House, Pop, EDM, Trap and more. His work has been featured on Television shows such as MTV's "Pranked," and he has produced for a number of artists, including FloStorm and Maniac da God. DeejayX's experience with audio production, and as a highly skilled sound designer, makes him a versatile artist.

Karol Sabat (Poland)
Karol Sabat is a Composer and Music Producer from Poland with over 12 years experience. He has scored numerous computer games, movie soundtracks, and multimedia projects, with clients including Sony, JoWood, Lloyds Transport, Lincon Empic Multimedia, T7 Games, Gingerbread Studios, Play Publishing Company, ING Commercial Bank, Stamptex, and more. Karol specializes in Dramatic and Orchestral soundtracks that range from epic and adventurous to inspiring, mystical, and melancholic.

Steve Spicer (USA)
Based in California, Steve Spicer is an experienced studio musician who composes music of all genres and has played and recorded drums for many great Bay Area artists. From The House of Blues in Hollywood to Guitar Player Live in Livermore (drumming for top 10 guitarist Danny Jones), and opening shows for artists such as Dick Dale and Gary Hoey, he has performed with some of the greatest World Class musicians. Steve cites Nightwish, Karl Jenkins, Vangelis, Enya, and many brass band/classical compositions as his biggest influences.

Aaron Paul Low (USA)
Aaron Paul Low is an award-winning composer, producer, orchestrator, and conductor from New York. As a composer for advertising through his years at Sacred Noise, he has written for brands as Accenture, Dodge, and Nickelodeon. In his career as a composer, his work has spanned reality TV shows such as Project Runway to film festivals such as Toronto and Tribeca. From arrangements and compositions for pop artists to commercials that have aired during the Super Bowl, Olympics, and World Series; Aaron Paul Low is dynamic and alive.

Pakmanmusik (USA)
Steve Tirpak's music is smart and evokes emotion with commercial appeal. He has been composing music for major label recording artists who are signed to Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Capital, Epic, RCA and Columbia Records. After over ten years in the industry, Steve has released his own electronic dance music as “Pakmanmusik," drawing from his unique influences that truly make his sound one-of-a-kind! His music combines big drums and solid grooves with intelligent musical ideas consisting of strong melodies and fresh chord changes.

Steve Tirpak (USA)
Steve Tirpak is a multi-talented composer, arranger, and performer who plays trumpet and trombone. He has performed at many of the major jazz festivals around the world including The Saint Lucia Jazz Festival, The New Orleans Jazz Festival, The Montreux Jazz Festival and The Dubai Jazz Festival. His music draws from many musical styles and influences, most notably Quincy Jones, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Clifford Brown and Arturo Sandoval. Steve has released two solo jazz albums as a leader and has been featured on dozens of recordings by other artists.

Roger Kinder (UK)
UK artist Roger Kinder has over 30 years experience working as a gigging musician and composer, and more recently as a sound engineer and producer. He also collaborates with rcproject, which has been gaining attention in the US from the likes of Sony and Capital. Roger combines his writing talents with exceptional ability in the studio to consistently produce instantly catchy songs in the Rock, Pop, and Folk genres. His songs have airplay in North America, Europe, and the BBC.

Paul O'Brien (UK)
UK artist Paul O'Brien has hit the ground running with his career as a composer. He wrote music for Obama's ad campaign in 2008, and his score for the classic cycling film "Road To Roubaix" toured the world on the festival circuit and sold out the Barbican twice in London. Paul also scored music for WRI's 30th Anniversary Fundraiser event, which was attended by Mayor Bloomberg and raised over $1,000,000. Writing in the Dramatic, Orchestral, Rock, Jazz, Pop, and Ambient genres, Paul truly understands the relationship between image and sound.

Jonathan Thomas Stratman (USA)
Jonathan Stratman is a writer and producer of songs, jingles and music for film and video. He is an ASCAP member whose jingle credits include McDonald's Restaurants and Schuck's Auto Parts. Documentary works include "Living it Forever" (Lifetime Surfing) and "Messages from the Wall" (Viet Nam War Memorial). His arranging and producing partner is Nick Moore, formerly of the "Almost Live Band" (NBC), and keyboardist on their Tingstad and Rumbel New Age Grammy winning 2004 album. Both Jonathan and Nick live in the metropolitan Seattle area.

Thomas Scullion (Brazil)
Born and raised in Ireland, composer Thomas Scullion has lived in Brazil since 2011. After graduating with a degree in Music Composition and Technology, his music has been broadcast in the USA, Brazil, Europe, Australia, and even Japan. His composition styles range from Experimental Baby Synth music to straightforward tearjerking piano pieces. Thomas's credits include Malaria (2013) - Edson Oda, Eric (2014) - Herbert Bianchi, and Estou a Caminho (2012) - Herbert Bianchi.

Alan Berlin (Russia)
Alan Berlin is a professional composer, arranger, performer, and winner of numerous music festival awards. Working in the Dramatic, Classical, Comedy, Rock, Jazz, and Orchestral genres, his music is characterized by emotion and romanticism, much of which he learned through the study of great Classical works by Russian and West European composers. From hilarious and upbeat tunes, to beautifully melancholic solo piano and guitar pieces, Alan's music is perfect for highlighting a wide range of moods in Film, TV, and Commercial projects.

The Roz Bruce Infusion (UK)
The Roz Bruce Infusion is a uniquely inspired band of talented musicians. Lead-lady, Roz, is a formidable musician, playing her guitar like a female Hendrix (including briefly playing the instrument with her teeth), and yelping like Siouxsie (of the Banshees) at times. The band's style is guitar-mangling Alternative / Psychedelic Rock with songs lyrics often dealing with socially difficult situations and alcohol problems. A recent song creation, “Wicked While," is a particularly impressive frantic song.

Kirk McQueen (UK)
UK-based Kirk McQueen has been writing and producing music for many years and has vast experience working in a wide variety of genres. Specializing in Downtempo Lounge, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Nu Jazz, Soul, Funk, Nu Disco, Chillout, Latin Pop, and 80's tinged Pop, he creates a distinct and memorable sound. Kirk knows how to grab attention with warm harmonies and full-bodied melodies. As a former Polygram publishing writer, Kirk has worked at the music industry's highest level and collaborated with top songwriters around the world.

Daniel Trigger (UK)
Daniel Trigger is an original singer/songwriter from the West Midlands (UK), who plays melodic yet heavy stadium Rock. He blends down-tuned guitar riffs with soaring vocals and anthemic, widescreen choruses. His influences include Guns N Roses, Bon Jovi, Queen, AC/DC, or just about any of the classic stadium Rock acts! Don't let this guy pass by; Daniel is a one-of-a-kind artist with a professionalism like none other.

Michael Wright (UK)
Michael Wright is a singer-songwriter and composer from the UK, specializing in music suited to many Film, TV, and Media Projects. His Soundtrack and Cinematic works feature piano and acoustic guitar, with strings and cello embellishment. Michael's material is largely nostalgic and sentimental, and always tinged with elements of sadness and longing. This makes it appropriate for dramatic, romantic, and emotionally moving scenarios.

The Mispent (UK)
Given its intelligent, lush, upbeat quality, music from London-based band The Mispent is influenced as much by the widely diverse backgrounds of its members as it is by their musical tastes and talents. Band leader, singer, and songwriter Warrick Hayes was born in Rio, then “thrust" into the heart of 1980s England -- Post-Punk, Pre-Grunge, hard, cold, repressed New Romantic England. Sophisticated but cool, this is contemporary Rock with a Global warmth, from a breadth of experience that would be nearly impossible to attain in any other way.

Dermot O'Mahony (Ireland)
Dermot O'Mahony is a musician and composer from Ireland. He started composing music for Film and TV in 2009 and has written original scores for Independent Films such as "140," "Backstage," "Raise My Hands," "Joe & Sarah," and "Derelict." With a varied and eclectic output, Dermot spans musical genres from Neo-Classical to Contemporary Jungle, and Drum 'n Bass. Influenced by composers such as Max Richter, John Barry, and John Williams, Dermot's material is eminently suitable for Film and TV projects.

Complete Cycle (UK)
Complete Cycle is the name given to a collaboration between UK producer and composer Matt Hooper and guitarist and composer Emrys Baird. The duo specializes in creating contemporary instrumental pieces in many different genres like Pop, Rock, Ambient, and Easy Listening. Aimed at the Film, TV, and multimedia markets, their clients include SKY TV, National Geographic, Channel 4, MTV, Ableton Live, Cubase Pro, Modular Synths, Moog, Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, and NomadFactory.

Claudio Fiore (UK)
Claudio Fiore is a musician, producer, and DJ from the UK who creates different styles of music. He has been a drummer and percussionist for many years and exclusively uses Roland V-Drums, ProMark sticks, and Meinl & LP percussion. His music styles are Electronic-based and include Progressive, Tech, Funky and Deep House, Electronica, Ambient, Trance, Chillout, Dance (EDM), Lounge, Downtempo to Funk, Rock, and Pop. Claudio has been releasing music since 2011, and in Jan 2012 released his debut Chillout and Dance album "24Hours."

Steve Luck (UK)
Based in the UK, Steve Luck is an experienced professional musician and composer who has worked on over seventy five projects, including feature films, TV documentaries, short films, animations, and corporate films. In 2007, he won two awards from the Royal Television Societyin the UK for Professional Excellence in Music.. Steve is the founder of the Guild Of Northern Media Composers and a member of the music writers committee of the Musicians Union. He brings us music in the Dramatic and Orchestral genres, among others.

tuttkile (Serbia)
Based in Serbia, Djordje Marinkovic is a Belgrade Music Academy graduate who has been composing and playing Rock and Jazz music for over ten years. He is currently focused on writing and producing an array of music for film, television, and other media in genres such as Classical, Orchestral, Dramatic, and Corporate. Djordje is also a classically trained flutist who teaches at the high school level, and he is proficient on the guitar and piano as well.

Kyle Booth (UK)
Based in the UK, Kyle Booth has worked on a diverse range of media projects including film, TV, and promotional videos. His credits include the feature film 874 Miles (2014) and the short films Keepsake (2014), Orchard Road (2014), and Acts of a Vampiric Nature (2015). Over the years, Kyle has embraced and utilized Electronic, Orchestral, and Ambient elements within his music to create a unique and distinctive sonic palette. His influences include film composers such as Cliff Martinez, Thomas Newman, and James Horner.

Felix Carcone (France)
Felix Carcone is a young French composer and musician who started with Jazz guitar at the age of 15. After entering the university and conservatory to enhance his musical culture and technique, he received a scholarship to study at the famous Berklee College of Music for their new Master of Film Scoring degree. This interesting fusion gave Felix the chance to emphasize his style and musical personality while blending tradition and modernity. His orchestral tracks have a strong sense of melody and are ideal for TV, Cinema, and Advertising.

Leon Gene Walden Jr. (USA)
Leon Gene Walden Jr. is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and worship pastor/tech director who loves to record and create music. He works in varying styles and genres, from punchy Indie Rock to Electronica and edgy Dramatic scores. Being a worship pastor has taught Leon to collaborate well while working with a creative team and to be flexible while working with others. He also loves to meet talented and creative people. Leon's peers nicknamed him "Geno" a few years ago, and it has stuck.

Robert Nilsson (Denmark)
Proficient on guitar, bass, and keyboards, Robert Nilsson has been a performing musician in Denmark for over 30 years. As a composer, his emotive and melodic work has been featured on Danish TV networks like DR2 and TV2, and also by several ad agencies. With a style that can best be described as mellow musical landscapes with solid grooves, Robert's tracks incorporate Dance, Electronic, Latin, Jazz, Blues, and Rock genres. From the Bossa Nova-inspired "Brazil Mood," to the beautiful sound of "Silence," his tracks will delight and inspire.

Kat Epple (USA)
Emmy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated composer, synthesist, digital orchestrator, and flutist, Kat Epple, specializes in music for film and television. Her dramatic and provocative scores include a range of styles, moods and instrumentation, including orchestral scores, native world flutes, dramatic drum beats, new age ambient, historic period, sports montage, children's music, supernatural, comedy, electronic, and nature. Credits include: PBS, National Geographic, CNN, HIstory Channel, Apple Computers, WWE Smackdown, Guiding Light, Nova, Art of the Olympians, HGTV, and more.

Tam Malano (USA)
Tam Malano is an American composer, musician, and producer whose career spans two decades. Starting as a touring musician, he honed his craft as a producer and composer eventually winning multiple Clio Awards for commercials for clients such as Levi's and Coca-Cola. Tam's music covers a broad range from Cinematic to Rock, Blues, Jazz and R&B. Years of experience shine brightly within this artist captivating audiences with his talented creations. Do not let him slip past your radar!

Andrew Gower (USA)
Andrew Gower is a motivated artist from Nashville who considers himself a composer, producer, and engineer. He specializes in creating music for visual media with music being featured on Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer Mark Carroll's projects. Andrew's passion is collaborating with others to create the magic that happens when beautiful music is combined with stunning visuals.

Eldar Ibrahimovic (Romania)
Talented Croatian composer Eldar Ibrahimovic is an active drummer, composer, and audio engineer now residing in Romania. He has a long-time passion for Classical music and has composed orchestral arrangements for the past few years, releasing three beautiful, passionate albums. Combined with his love for audio engineering and production, where he has been active for around 15 years, Eldar's creative and inspiring Classical music ranges from quiet and emotional String Quartets to full-scale Epic Orchestral arrangements.

Mark Dobroth (USA)
Mark Dobroth is a multi-instrumentalist, studio musician, recording, and production artist and composer with a focus on Instrumental music that covers a wide range of genres. Styles include singer-songwriter Acoustic, Relaxing Meditative, Quiet Energy, Electronica-Chill, Rock, Jazz-Fusion, Percussion Cues, and Tension Cues for film/ and TV. Mark has performed in a variety of bands over his career which has given him a deep well of inspiration to create.

Emek Rave (USA)
A successful New York City professional bass player, Emek Rave produces and writes pieces that are a powerful reflection of the diversity, raw energy, and complexity of New York City itself. Classically trained and street-wise, Rave's music for art projects/installations, short films, and live performances is highly original but also finger-on-the-pulse current and universally communicative. Emek collaborates and writes for soloists and ensembles in Jazz, Electro-Pop, Classical/Orchestral, Gospel/Soul, and solo instrumental music genres.

Vuxelle Vume (Australia)
Vuxelle Vume is an exciting multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from South Australia. Inspired by everything from Tom Waits to scratching DJs and the Trip-Hop of the nineties, he likes to explore genres ranging from 40’s Jazz to 60's Soul, Modern Deep House Pop, and Hip Hop Jazz. Vuxelle produces both instrumentals and songs with scorching-hot vocals.

Jeff Lizerbram (USA)
California Composer Jeff Lizerbram began his career in the early 1990s, composing Orchestral music for Microsoft and Trimark computer games. Since then, he has been writing music for some exciting styles and genres, from heroic and pounding orchestral war music to mysterious Middle Eastern melodies, to catchy Pop tunes with a young hot-beat vibe. Jeff’s music packs a special vitality for Film, TV, Games, and a variety of other new media applications.

Michele Rene (USA)
California artist, singer and songwriter Michele Rene was reviewed by Jeff Weinstein (2013, 2014 Juror for the Pulitzer Prize in Criticism): "She is a sexy, waifish pop siren whose cherubic mermaid-allure is only surpassed by a rich, dulcet-toned voice whose sweet, velvety strains both attack the ear and soothe it simultaneously." Michele's voice has been described as angelic, distinct, and pure. She's fueled by natural talent, and a no-nonsense approach with an innate ability for creating trendy and beautiful melodies.

Collective Acoustics (USA)
Collective Accoustics consists of three composer/musician/engineers based in Philadelphia. This talented trio gathers often to improvise and tweak their sounds through vintage and custom built pre-amps, compressors, echoes, EQs, and delays. The happy results are some vibrant and exciting music that is equally at home in the jazz bin, a late night lounge, or film and television productions needing a hyper fix of mellow.

Richard Bowling (USA)
Whether Dramatic film or theatrical trailer, broadcast television or corporate logo, Texas Composer Richard Bowling's music quickly captures the heart and essence of a story. With great care and skill, each musical composition is crafted into an effective communication tool. Some are violent and vicious, while others are victorious and epic -- but from start to finish, excellence governs the entire process. With styles ranging from heartfelt to horror, or from dramatic to playful, Richard's music will provide your media project with a memorable impact!

Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn (UK)
UK artists Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn are experienced media composers with games and TV credits in the USA and Japan. Their compositions include Ambient, Dramatic, Japanese-style chilling soundcapes, Children's music, and Hollywood retro-comedy features. In the late 1980s, following years at Bradford University, they were members of The Escapement, a Bradford-based alternative band. Having worked together for 25 years, Geoff Harvey is a multi-instrumentalist and Chris Martyn provides the critical, painstaking production work and expertise in the latest digital techniques.
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