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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the StockMusicSite.com label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Steven Cravis (USA)
The music of California composer Steven Cravis has been featured in the iOS, Android, and PS Vita Quell apps, as well as on the TV networks CBS, NBC, CNN, Animal Planet, and Matchroom Sport (UK). Working in the Dramatic, Orchestral, Rock, Pop, Electronic, World, and Corporate genres, he produces music that artfully blends high technology with sound composition skills. Steven's music is perfect for a variety of platforms, including Film, TV, Commercials, Games, and Multimedia projects.

Jam Central (Australia)
Based in Australia, Jam Central has been involved in media for over 20 years now. This highly respected producer and arranger has worked for many top studios, leading to two Outstanding Production Awards. Jam Central also received a nomination for Best Album in the Australian Music Awards in 1990 for a contemporary instrumental album featuring guest Australian musicians. Over the last 20 years, Jam Central has provided music for film, television, exhibitions, commercials, and many corporations, as well as music for theatre and the arts.

Jeremy Moss (USA)
Jeremy Moss is a music composer, producer, and sound engineer living in the eastern United States. He has composed hundreds of pieces throughout the years with many of his works being found in commercials, radio and Internet spots, and featured in multiple drama productions. Jeremy has many musical influences and composes in different styles ranging from Classical to Jazz to Funk. He has the ability, experience, and passion for giving any client just what they truly need to breathe life into any project.

Nicki Kris (USA)
North Carolina Singer/Songwriter Nicki Kris is influenced by genres like Country, Soul, Americana, and Electronica, and delivers a blend of dynamic songs with a popular crossover appeal. While exploring various musical styles through the years, she has been awarded multiple Official Grammy Ballot placements in several songwriting and performance categories, as well as several Film and TV placements. While reminiscent of Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield, and Pat Benatar, Nicki's powerful Diva-style voice and songwriting are distinctly modern.

Deke Flash (Canada)
Deke Flash (Derek Bowen) has been writing, playing and producing music for over two decades. From his early beginnings as a singer/songwriter performing in bands, he has over 50 published songwriting credits. Deke is currently producing and helping to develop new artists. His free time is now spent composing instrumental music for labels, film, TV, and video. Deke's main music styles include Pop, Rock, and Orchestral Hip Hop.

Jeremy Radjenovich (USA)
Jeremy Radjenovich is a songwriter, composer, and producer living in Minnesota. He started his first band in 1970 at the age of 14 and has embarked on many musical projects since then. He spent ten years as a pro jingle producer, creating tracks for many Midwest clients and garnering two national awards. Jeremy also produced both themes for the Minnesota Twins World Series championships, one of which was licensed by ABC Sports. Jeremy's songs have been covered by local artists, and he has a song published by Wrensong Music in Nashville.

Bret Alexander (USA)
Bret Alexander is a songwriter and producer based in Pennsylvania. His band The Badlees were signed to Polydor/A&M in 1995 with Bret as the principle songwriter and guitarist. They had two hit radio singles called "Fear Of Falling" and "Angeline Is Coming Home" in 1996. Bret went on to produce artists like Breaking Benjamin, The Badlees, and Darcie Miner. His work has been featured on The Winter Olympic Games, MTV, The Real World, Extra, The VMAs, Days Inn, and various films such as Boys And Girls, All In Time, and Heroes of Dirt.

Crystal Drive (USA)
Crystal Drive creates dynamic music for media out of Nashville, TN. Their content has been featured on networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, TBS, E!, MTV, Lifetime, Discovery, Big Ten Network, TLC, History, Bravo, Animal Planet, Spike TV, Golf Channel, and FYI. Their music has also appeared in advertisements for Dunkin' Donuts, Vistaprint, and 1800 Tequila. With music in genres like Hip Hop, Dramatic, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Corporate, and more, Crystal Drive's hot tracks could hype up your next high-energy promo or TV commercial...

Joseph Nimoh (USA)
Joseph Nimoh is a versatile music producer based in Tennessee. He was educated at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and his music covers all genres from R&B, Jazz, and Gospel to Classical music. Joseph’s compositions are majestic, ever passionate and soaked in genuine emotion. You can expect nothing short of irresistible and infectious music from him, having produced several local artists, especially in the Gospel/Christian music industry. His credits include BB Arthur's "You are Great," as Producer, Arranger, and Pianist.

Ilia Eshkenazy Jossifov (Israel)
Ilia Eshkenazy Jossifov is a Tel Aviv-based composer who has been immersed in music for most of his life, scoring over ten films and writing many compositions for television broadcast and stage. After finishing his music studies in Germany, he joined the State Opera of Berlin in 2000 where he performed under the musical direction of Daniel Barenboim and other well-known conductors for the following 15 years. After moving permanently to Israel, Ilia is mainly performing, composing and responsible for the musical education of young children.

Anthony Cormican (USA)
Anthony is a US-performer and composer. He has engineered, produced and mixed over 100 albums. He has performed at Madison Square Garden and played for troops in Afghanistan. He is known for his virtuoso guitar playing and powerful singing. He has earned gold and platinum records and has written a wealth of compositions in all styles. He currently has tracks in shows on ABC, FOX, MTV, Disney, and Paramount to include Birds of Tokyo - Universes and Birds of Tokyo - Broken Strings (Both Gold status) and Tropscore Top Ten Best Film score 2014.

John Herberman (Canada)
John Herberman has been involved in producing music for TV and film for over 25 years. During that time, he has become known as a multi-faceted composer with a deep orchestral background and a strong dramatic sensibility. As a recording artist, composer and producer, John has over 40 albums to his credit, with 6 Gold records and 3 Juno nominations. He has recently been working as an orchestrator on such films as A Million Colours, French Immersion, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, and Winnie, starring Jennifer Hudson.

Alan Peter (Norway)
A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Alan Peter has been writing Pop, Jazz, and Classical music since he took up the guitar at 16 years of age. He was piano/keyboard player and co-songwriter with Irish Alternative Rock band Woodstar, who in 2001 signed with EMI Parlophone to release the critically acclaimed EP "Time To Bleed," produced by Ben Hillier (Depeche Mode, Doves). This was followed by the "Life Sparks" LP in 2002, produced by Richard Rainey (U2, Clannad) and Stephen Street (The Cranberries, The Smiths, Blur).

Connor B. Fitzgerald (Germany)
Connor B. Fitzgerald is an Australian musician currently living in Berlin. He has worked for 8+ years as a session musician playing keyboards, drums, bass, and guitar on more than 30 studio albums, and he's toured with some of Australia’s biggest artists. When he's not busy recording or touring, Connor also makes music for TV, games, and movies. From gentle ballads to exciting music for battle scenes, he works in the Rock, Pop, Indie, and Dramatic genres, among others.

Dan Morrissey (LP) (UK)
Dan Morrissey has been a musician, songwriter, and musical obsessor for over 30 years. Having played classical piano, flute, and euphonium from the age of 11, at 16 he discovered AC/DC and everything went wrong! Deciding to teach himself Rock guitar was the best decision ever made, and he's been doing it ever since. He's played in many pro and semi-pro bands over the years, including Tantric UK, Atomgod, and God's Little Joke. This has lead him to tour the UK and US extensively, and he's recorded over a thousand tracks.

The Schmidt Brothers (USA)
The Schmidt Brothers is a composer, songwriter, performer, and producer duo from Tennessee. Consisting of Dane Schmidt and Jordan Schmidt, their music spans acoustic guitar duos, singer/songwriter type material, acoustic ambiances, and earthy nu-folk music. They continuously tour and record locally, and also work as session musicians and recording engineers for other artists.

Gushito (Poland)
Kamil Guszczinsky, aka Gushito, is a Polish DJ and music producer from Poland, where he completed his education at the Poznann School of Sound. He continually produces music for other artists as well as composing and producing his own work, which is often influenced by Deep House, Groove, and Jazz vibes.

Iouri Sazonov (LP) (Canada)
Composer Iouri Sazonov writes and produces music for broadcast and commercial releases. He has been involved in a wide range of productions, from film scores and TV programs to major record label releases. Iouri has also composed radio themes and jingles for the US and Canadian Networks, German radio and TV, and various Russian radio and TV stations. Iouri has 3 Juno nominations and his name as producer and arranger/orchestrator has appeared on dozen of movies and over 120 record releases for major labels such as EMI, BMG, and Sony.

Arjun Sen (India)
The iconic Arjun Sen is a guitar player and composer from India who has worked on various projects including short films, documentaries, series, plays, exhibitions, and more. As a guitar player he regularly plays with HFT (Jazz Fusion) and The Great Society (R&R, Blues, Reggae). We think Arjun's "Common Ground," with its exotic Alaap chanting, is the most sensual track on our site! Arjun currently brings his beautiful music to us from his village home in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Adolpho Marques (Spain)
The young and talented Adolfo Marques was born in Spain in 1973, and has been playing guitar and keyboards since the age of 8. He has played in a wide variety of bands in Spain and abroad taking in such styles as Pop, Rock, South American Folk, Spanish Folk, etc. For the past three years Adolfo has been composing and producing music for audiovisual content such as cinema, commercials, documentaries, etc.

Gayle Ellett (USA)
Performing for 35 years, including on over 90 CDs, USA Composer and multi instrumentalist Gayle Ellett’s compositions appear in film and TV soundtracks, award-winning CDs, commercials, art installations, animation, computer games, and numerous corporate applications. Recently featured in Brad Pitt’s Year of the Dog, other film projects include Get Smart, Kiss the Bride (with Tori Spelling), The Devil's Muse (Dir. Ramzi Abed), Out Of Left Field, Combover, Los Gringos, etc. Gayle is airing on 20 USA television networks, and has charted on Billboard with his award-winning music.

Phil Panton (UK)
Phil Panton is an established composer from England. In his recording studio, he professionally creates and produces for artists, bands and himself. He has had work and mixes played on radio stations including BBC Radio 2, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing. Phil began writing and producing commercial and TV music for brands like Specsavers, Lidl, AirBNB and CW Network. Having performed as a session musician at festivals like Y Not + Secret Garden Party, Phil has also played at landmark venues including the Hammersmith Apollo and Ron.

Matt McLellan (Canada)
Matt McLellan is a Canadian musician and composer who began writing music at the age of seven. Having witnessed the rise of the video game industry, he was inspired by the music that it produced. As a performer, he studied many genres of music including classical, jazz, and rock. He has composed music for film, multimedia, video games and his solo albums. Matt enjoys the production side of music and has worked as a sound engineer for various groups and bands. Matt's music reflects his fascination with electronic and ethnic music.

Bobby Cole (LP) (UK)
Bobby Cole is a British music composer, sound designer and songwriter. He composes in a wide range of genres to include Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Epic. He is adept at creating exciting, dynamic and evocative music that blends Contemporary Orchestral sounds with Modern Electronic hybrid influences. Bobby is a passionate individual who likes to jam combining beats and tunes that speak to the heart and soul. He is a professional artist who creates exciting and unique sounds.

Andreas Adler (Norway)
Andreas Adler composes cinematic music and started his career as composer for short films and adventure games. Part of his portfolio is the soundtrack to the feature film "Black Forest" as well as several international corporate projects for which he provides music and audio direction. He is also the founder of a large group of game audio pros from Europe and the United States.

Tobias Voigt (Germany)
Christian-Tobias Voigt is a Berlin-based composer, music producer and sound designer whose elaborate creative portfolio stands for versatility, originality, and authenticity. In over 10 years of professional experience, he has provided original music to award-winning productions in TV, film, new media and advertising.

Istvan Voros (Hungary)
Istvan Vörös is a composer and musician from Hungary. He started to learn music while still in pre-school, starting with classical piano, but then quickly progressed to light music, teaching himself along the way. With friends he formed a band and later played keyboards in an RHCP tribute band and a few other formations. For many years he worked in different bands as a sound technician as well as a DJ.

Jared Chance Taylor (USA)
Composer, vocalist, and band director Jared Chance Taylor draws inspiration from a vast repository of music to create raw, potent, and meaningful art. Jared has composed for a number of film productions, including those of Miniac Films and Red Flag Productions. His work has been showcased at a number of film festivals including the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, Manifest Showcase, QFest NJ LGBT Film & Digital Media Festival, and Reel Stories Film Festival.

Kevin Woods (LP) (USA)
Kevin Woods is based in Philadelphia, USA. He is a classically trained musician with over 20 years of experience writing and producing electronic music. Constantly exploring and evolving his concepts of creativity; his signature style is a spirited combination of syncopated rhythms, synthesizer lines and orchestration. Kevin's music has appeared on various commercial broadcasts on television networks such as ABC - Sports, Discovery, Velocity and the Tennis Channel.

Ross McLean (Japan)
Tokyo-based composer Ross McLean began his career releasing records through labels such as Tru Thoughs & Bastard Jazz under the artist name Mawlgee. He later developed an interest in soundtrack music which led to the release of his album Habit Forming, on German label Mille Plateaux. Since venturing into the world of production music in 2011, his compositions have been used in global advertising campaigns for clients such as IKEA and Nokia. Ross’s music spans multiple genera, from Rock to Pop, Ambient to Metal, and Electro to Classical.

William J. Furner (USA)
William J Furner (aka Bill Furner) has been playing guitar since the Beatles became popular. He began playing in small bands, eventually doing solo work at restaurants and cafes like the Bluebird Cafe in Tennessee where he performed for a year. William has a passion for recording instrumentals using different guitars to include a Martin and Santa Cruz Om/Pw Acoustical and an Advanced Classical. He enjoys composing finger-style guitar solos, Pop hit songs, creating backup arrangements, and singing baritone for original and Folk style songs.

Shockwave-Sound Royalty Free (Norway)
Shockwave-Sound Royalty Free is the artist name for a collective of musicians working to create new, original recordings of public domain works and Classical works. Led by composer and producer Bjorn Lynne out of Norway, Scandinavia; Shockwave-Sound Royalty Free is not really about one person or one location, but a team of talented performers and producers working together to produce awesome recordings of Traditional Works, Nursery Rhymes, Classical masterpieces and solo Piano, Lounge, and Mood music.

Vadim Chaimovich (Germany)
Playing the piano is Vadim Chaimovich's passion playing Classical music, from Baroque to Modernism. Impressively his performances have been viewed over five million times on YouTube and newspaper critics praise his interpretations deeming them "sensitive and expressive," "intelligent and powerful." He is a graduate from two conservatoires of music and received prizes at the Schubert Competition in Dortmund (Germany) and the William Kapell International Piano Competition (USA). Vadim's recordings appeared in the short "Killing Time" (2015).

Paul McLinden (LP) (UK)
Paul Mclinden is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Glasgow, Scotland. Mclinden composed the music for 2015's BAFTA Winning documentary 'The Bridge: 50 Years Across The Forth' for the BBC. Film credits include Warner Bros' "Gangster Squad" starring Sean Penn, Cannes Film Festival's Jury Prize-winning film "Polisse", "Return To Zero" starring Minnie Driver, and Irvine Welsh's "Acid House". Television credits include CSI, CSI New York, CSI Miami, Nikita, One Tree Hill, The Fosters, and many more.

Allister Brimble (UK)
Allister Brimble began in the world of video games creating music for some of the biggest selling titles of all time. His first projects for the UK publisher Team 17 on the Amiga computer have gained somewhat of a following with games players, and recently he won Kickstarter backing to re-create all of these tracks as modern originals. Allister went on to produce the music for hit titles such as Driver for the Playstation and Roller-coaster Tycoon for the PC, both selling over 10 million copies.

Anthony Putson (UK)
Anthony Putson is a UK-based composer and sound designer who's been active in the video game industry since 1994. He has worked on nearly 200 projects in this time, covering many styles and genres of music for some of the biggest developers and publishers worldwide.

Anthony Scott Alexander (USA)
Composing music for all media types, Anthony Scott Alexander has earned numerous credits in TV and advertising. His work ranges from Modern Rock and Pop to Ambient Electronic and Dramatic themes. Anthony's main instruments are keyboards (synthesizers, piano), drums, bass, and guitar. Besides writing music, he also does sound design, audio editing, and video editing.

Barry Gilbey (UK)
From early beginnings running and developing the Choo Choo label to worldwide DJ and live performance tours with Mara (including residencies in Moscow, Lithuania and the UK), as well as writing music for countless TV shows, Barry Gilbey has remixed and worked with the very best. He boasts writing credits alongside artists as diverse as The Human League and BT (Brian Transeau), and a truly epic discography and remixography.

Dane Forrest Obuchowski (USA)
Dane Forrest Obuchowski is an American musician, songwriter, and composer based in Nashville. His credits include song cuts with Tyga and The Wanted, numerous TV placements, and he was a member of The Scene (Selena Gomez) from 2010-2013.

Dave Blomberg (UK)
Based in the UK, Dave Blomberg is a guitarist and songwriter who has worked as a session guitarist for many years in both the UK and the USA. In 1993 he joined the Bradford-based band New Model Army. During more than 12 years with the band, he played all over the world including many tours of Europe, the USA, and Canada, as well as appearances on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 5 sessions, TV, and numerous festivals including the Glastonbury Festival. Dave writes different styles of music that are often based around guitar riffs and melodies.
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