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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the StockMusicSite.com label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Kinsey's Razor (USA)
Kinsey's Razor is the project of Montana-based composer and musician Chris M. Shields. His music is guitar-driven with influences across multiple genres including Hard Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Classical, and Pop. Kinsey's Razor delivers well-produced tracks for TV, Film, and commercials that are far-ranging in styles from EDM and Heavy Metal to piano-based compositions and clean, jazzy instrumentals. He has proudly released two studio albums titled "Lines of Sanity," and "Devil Inside."

Greg Conrad (USA)
Based in North Carolina, Greg Conrad is an award-winning composer who has scored a host of Film, TV, Commercial, and Corporate productions. His music can be heard on numerous shows, including Food Finds (Food Network), Top 40 Moments of NASCAR (CMT), Deck The Yard (DIY), The Kyle Petty Charity Ride (Speed Network), and Raggs Kids Club -- a children's series that airs on several continents. Greg has also had music featured in the film "Among Brothers" and he scored the short film "Road Trip - Bobby Phills Foundation," which earned two awards at the NYC International Film Festival.

Jaksanapong Tilapornputt (Thailand)
As a music composer in the video game industry, Jaksanapong Tilapornputt has been working with major game developers in Thailand for several years. He has written music in many styles for a wide range of games, including the Action/Fantasy titles Take2Heaven and Let's Go Xplorer, as well as the iOS games TapArmy and Animath. Jaksanapong brings us game-themed instrumental music perfect for iOS, PC, and all other platforms.

Matt Macpherson (Canada)
Canadian artist Matt Macpherson has extensive experience in music for film, TV, radio, and other promotional media. Working in the Dramatic, Electronic, Orchestral, and Hip Hop genres, his music has a cool, dark, mysterious, and catchy sound. Matt has also won two Niagara Music Awards for Instrumental Artist of the Year (2013) and Songwriter of the Year (2011).

Nigel Bellis (USA)
Romance and passion, often with a Latin or Classical vibe, are at the very heart of Nigel Bellis' music. He won a coveted music scholarship studying Classical piano in the UK before embarking on a musical career that has been successfully intertwined with his work as a TV producer. Nigel has had hundreds of incidental and title themes broadcast around the world in a wide range of programs. Now based in New York, he remains a prolific composer, fully orchestrating and recording tracks that are designed with movies and TV in mind.

Ronaldo (USA)
Ronaldo's musical career began in the mountains of Northern Guatemala, where he started playing the guitar at the age of seven. His music features beautiful guitar work influenced by Mayan, Classical, Flamenco, and Latin styles. Ronaldo is currently writing music for Robert Orci, producer of Hawaii Five-0, Scorpion, and Sleepy Hollow. He also had a song used in the movie Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

JFX Sound (UK)
Based in the UK, JFX Sound is led by highly acclaimed, BAFTA award-nominated sound designer John Foster. His superb sound effects library is filled with beautifully captured wide-stereo recordings of oceans, winds, rains, rivers, ships, rural bird atmospheres, trains, market crowds, carnivals, and much more. John has been sound editor on over 30 films, and he has provided effects/design to BBC, Goldcrest, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Merchant Ivory, Monty Python, Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same, The Children of Technology, Comic Strip, David Bowie, Ubisoft, and Disney.

Joe Dietz (Germany)
Based in Germany, Joe Dietz is a prolific composer, arranger, and producer working in the Pop, Rock, Electronic, RnB, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, and Dramatic genres, among others. He's received numerous accolades, including the “Runner Up” Award for the “Song of the Year - Song and Lyric Competition," an “Honor Award” for “The Great American Song Contest," and a “Collective Works Songwriting Award” for “Song of the Year Songwriting Contest." Joe releases music for Radio, TV, and Film productions, and he's also been a producer on several Pop, Rock, and Folk albums.

Raphael Begosso (Brazil)
Raphael Begosso has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition and Conducting from Universidade Estadual Paulista, the best Music University in Brazil. As a top student of his class, he was granted a scholarship from CNPQ and was invited to join a scientific research group called PET. Raphael has worked as a director, arranger, and producer for many vocal groups and choirs. His group CantaMais performed around São Paulo and was invited to appear on a TV show called Programa do Jô. He is heavily influenced by orchestral action film scores.

Robin Wiersbin (Germany)
Robin Wiersbin is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Germany who's fascinated by different kinds of music and has studied bass and piano, graduating with a degree in Popular music. Over the past years, he has gained experience as a live and studio musician in a broad spectrum of musical genres (Jazz, Rock, Funk/Soul, Orchestral music, choirs, and musical productions). Robin's long-lasting experience shines through in every single note of his playing, delivering emotional depth and musical craftsmanship to his audience.

Urbanic Project (Germany)
Producing and remixing for well-known artists like NAS, Justin Timberlake and Willie Joe has put this team on the map to do great things. Urbanic Project is M. J. Jackson and DJ Drastic, two highly respected music producers in the industry. They stay up-to-speed with RnB's crazed urban eruptions creating with feverish perfectionism. Urbanic Project is geared toward people looking for the authentic urban sound, but they also include genres of Hip Hop, Soul, and Club songs ready to get things blazing.

Jay Stapley (UK)
Jay Stapley came to London in 1978 after playing in local bands in the Kent/Sussex area. He became one of London’s best-known session and gigging guitarists. Jay has worked with diverse artists and producers on projects ranging from “Withnail & I”, a British black comedy film, to international tours with Roger Waters and Mike Oldfield. He has collaborated on albums for Suede, Toyah, Scott Walker, and others. Jay composes and produces in a wide range of musical genres, including Classic Rock, Blues, Americana, Country, Folk, and Electronica.

Goran Dragas (Croatia)
Based in Croatia, Goran Dragas is a composer who writes everything from epic Orchestral and Dramatic cues to modern Electronic, World, Pop, Rock, and Latin music. He is currently working as a composer for a major music agency based in England that specializes in high quality music for Hollywood movie trailers, and he also writes for indie games.

Zamza (Russia)
Zamza is a Russian-American music project incorporating the American singer Frankie Coppola, the Russian producer and composer Max K., and the Russian guitarist Serge Tarakhteyev. With their feiry guitars and hot, smokey vocals by Frankie, these Russian rockers provide a dynamic new sound in Pop, Rock and Funk -- all great for TV and Film where youthful angst may rule the day. Their contemporary lyrics are so fresh they seem ripped from the headlines of today's male and female relatioships. With two albums behind them, Zamza is a band to watch as they climb the charts.

Jonathan Hendrickx (Netherlands)
Jonathan Hendrickx is a Dutch production company that specializes in media composition. They strive to create unique music and sound that fits every situation, may it be for online advertising, radio, television, game or film. A duo that is aims to be the number one creator of unique and refreshing pieces of music! All of Jonathan Hendrickx music is recorded live in their house recording studio, which gives every piece of music to leave the studio a REAL feel. They have worked with top brands like Continental, BMW, and Marriott.

Anthony Belluscio (USA)
A US-based artist, Anthony Belluscio is a classically trained composer who has been composing for independent films since 2008. He specializes in high-impact Orchestral and Electronic/Orchestral hybrid music while enjoying exploring the Chill/Lounge genres. With a flair for melody and cinematic impact, Anthony's music has been used in more than 20 movies distributed worldwide, including Sculpture (distributed by Camp Motion Pictures) and Paranormal Captivity (distributed by Wild Eye Releasing). He is a delightful musician who delivers!

Felix Manzi (USA)
US Composer Felix Manzi has almost 20 years of experience in music. With international touring under his belt, Felix focuses on producing high-quality music, expressly made for use in media. His goal is to create music that will greatly enhance the story or central message of a project. He has a bachelor's degree from the University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA) in music performance. Felix writes music with creative styles ranging from Cinematic Trailer music to Quirky Underscore and includes Instrumental to World Pop Rock and Acoustic.

Rick Ariail (USA)
Illinois Artist Rick Ariail is an award-winning composer, keyboardist, singer, and producer who has recorded with icons like Herbie Hancock and Peaches and Herb. With an impressive list of clients, including Coca-Cola, Marshall Field, Miller Beer, Masterlock, and PBS, among many others, Rick is a seasoned pro in the commercial music scene. He was also an integral part of the team that developed a groundbreaking synthesizer in the early 80's called "The Prism," which carried a $40,000 price tag at the time. Rick's genres include Pop, Rock, RnB, Country, Spiritual, and New Age.

Nik Davies (UK)
Joining us from the UK, Nik Davies is a talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, and lover of all types of music. He specializes in making quality music and soundtracks for media using EDM, Folk, Jazz, Country, and Acoustic genres. Adept at harnessing the deep tones of real instruments in his recordings, Nik is equally at home with electronic music creation. Check out his cool compositions, which have been featured across the globe in TV, film, advertising, games, and apps.

Carl Schonbeck (Italy)
Currently based in Italy, Carl Schonbeck is an American composer and multi-instrumentalist with over 25 years experience. His material combines the eclectic spirit and melodic innovation of Classic Rock, Jazz, and Blues with a cinematic approach that is perfect for today's soundtrack applications. Carl's work has been featured in Italy's "Le Iene" TV show, Oxygen's "Bad Girl's Club," TruTv's "Container Wars" and "Storage Hunters," as well as in ad campaigns for the Sherwood Forest Brewing Company. He has also collaborated with Grammy-winning producer Scott Mathews.

Robert Syvret (USA)
Robert Syvret likes to consider himself a Sonic Chef who loves cooking up new recipes that are tasteful and always have the right amount of "hot sauce." While his love for music resides in Rock, Robert listens to every style and genre of music imaginable so that he can use those inspirations to create new and exciting pieces. His work involves producing, writing, and recording songs for bands to include the albums The Time Travelers LP - (Jazz Rock Fusion), Dave Reese Yeah! EP - (R&B and Funk), and Michael Hoover EP - (Alternative Rock).

Daniel Knowler (UK)
Daniel Knowler is a guitarist, songwriter and sound artist from the UK. He is a member of the Noise Rock band "The Infinite Three," and has performed as a member of "Cindytalk." Daniel's impressive background includes providing vocals and lyrics for the Avant-Rock trio Slunq, releasing Ambient/Drone/Noise music as Sweetie, the founding member of the UK Rock band Leisur Hive, and he recently released a new instrumental solo album. His work has also appeared in film and video projects to include a Douglas Caldrow's short film.

Intoxilectronic (USA)
Intoxilectronic is a fantastic group of US-based musicians and composers who blend classic and cutting edge sounds. Working in the Dramatic, Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Funk, Soul, Latin, Electronica, and Corporate genres, their grooves and themes are performed by the very best instrumentalists available. From the uplifting mood of "Steppin Happy," to the sleek retro style of "Happy Funkster," Intoxilectronic's tracks will help make the scene for your next Film, TV, or Advertising project.

Irina Radosavljevic Arina (Serbia)
Based in Serbia, Irina Radosavljevic Arina creates music that knows no boundaries. Drawing on both her ethnic roots and a variety of outside influences, she writes everything from Electro Swing and Latin music to Pop, Dance, Funk, Jazz, Orchestral, and Dramatic pieces. Whether you're looking for some fun and sexy music for an advertising campaign, or a dramatic and mysterious underscore for your film, Irina's diverse catalog is sure to please!

Lewis Smith (UK)
Based in the UK, Lewis Smith has performed at many Jazz and contemporary music festivals in Europe for over 20 years, including the Glastonbury Festival on its Jazz/World stage. He has also performed on numerous television and radio productions. After performing in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, Lewis traveled back to Kazakhstan to research Kazakh traditional music for influence in some of his compositions. Though he's a Classical musician by training, Lewis is still a regular in the Jazz circuit and enjoys exploring many different styles.

Gareth Ebbs (Ireland)
Gareth Ebbs is a multi-genre composer from Ireland who creates memorable songs and soundscapes for Film, TV, Ads, and Games. Though new to the industry, this self-taught musician and producer has already scored many Irish and American short films, and he just completed his first feature-length documentary score for "Coming Home" by Irish filmmaker Cathal Kenna. Garreth has written/produced and collaborated on hundreds of Rock, Electronic, and Singer-Songwriter songs, many of which are being pitched to artists via record companies.

Underpoet (USA)
Based in New York, Underpoet has written music for over a hundred ad campaigns for such clients as Google, Hewlett-Packard, Honda, Toyota, and Safeway. He has also scored corporate projects for the likes of Apple, Cisco, Oracle, and many other companies from Silicon Valley that you've probably heard of. Underpoet also scored TV series on NBC and PBS, and he played keyboards on the Garfield TV series, but well, that was another lifetime. He brings a lot of Pop, Rock, Folk, Electronic, Jazz, and Dramatic music to the table.

Audio Aftermath (USA)
Based in Michigan, Audio Aftermath is a composer and musician with over 15 years experience on guitar, piano, bass, drums, and percussion. His highly original catalog of music spans a wide range of genres, including Classical, Dramatic, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic, Trance, Dubstep, and Indie. From eerie zombie-inspired music, to moving cinematic themes, Audio Aftermath's tracks are perfect for a wide range of Film, TV, and Video Game projects. He studied music in college, and he has 12+ years experience in DAW computer technology.

Stephen Letnes (USA)
Stephen Letnes, a blind film composer and concert pianist, has worked on short films, documentaries, and feature films. When Stephen composes, he taps into the musical disciplines he gathered through lessons and performances. Following in the footsteps of the masters, his compositions pour forth. Inspired by 19th Century Russian Romanticism, Stephen's work spans the globe, from feature films by award-winning directors in Atlanta, Georgia, to European World War II documentaries, and short films by Emmy award-winning directors in Italy.

Mountain Rio (UK)
All music recorded by Mountain Rio is composed by songwriter Frank Robinson, from Northumberland in the UK, and recorded in Nashville. Frank has written music in diverse styles, including a collection of Christmas-themed songs. Mountain Rio music is catchy and commercial New Country. In March 2013, on the release of "Honey Think I'll Take My Shirt Off Tonight And Dance" (radio edit), a UK radio station said, "Wow! This song sounds fantastic.... it really is a great song and has all the ingredients for success."

Jeremiah Horner (USA)
Jeremiah Horner is a talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer from the US. From Sting to Israel, Karim Ziad to James Newton Howard, he is both influenced by and well-versed in a breadth of styles and genres. Jeremiah's works are organic yet modern, exploring everything from Orchestral and Dramatic cues to World, Pop, Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Funk, and Easy Listening tracks. His emotional and thought-provoking music is perfect for Film, TV, and Commercial projects of all kinds.

Ermias T. Kebede (USA)
Ermias T. Kebede has been playing the bass guitar for over 20 years. He has been providing the all but necessary element of feel and in the pocket bass grooves to quite a lot of bands, including alongside members of Ziggy Marley band and behind the Ethiopian superstar, Teddy Afro. Currently focused on creating a variety of music for the TV and Film industry, he is quickly building his catalogue, some of which has already been used for that purpose. Live music being his preference, you will find that most of Ermias's compositions feature live instruments and performances. Enjoy.

Minoru Amino (Japan)
Minoru Amino, a composer in Osaka Japan, writes for TV and Film featuring Hybrid, Dramatic, Epic, Action, Orchestral, Film Trailer, Tension, Horror, World and Smooth Jazz music. He won the Grand Prix of Earth Mix 2009 by Crypton Future Media in Japan, and his track is included in Cafe Sweets Collection Earth Mix 2010. Minoru's additional credits include "The R.I.P. Files: Season 2," and compositions for NBC, Universal, Syfy Asia, UKTV, and Reality Channel UK.

Kevin Woods (USA)
Based in Philadelphia, Kevin Woods (aka K1 Woods), is currently focused on writing songs for multi-media. His signature style is a spirited combination of syncopated rhythms, melodic harmonies, and electric guitar. Kevin's abstract and uniquely fluid style suits visual media such as films, advertising, and video games. Kevin's music has been featured on Spike TV "Ink Masters," MTV "Real World Road Rules Challenge," SACM Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports Monster Jam, Fuel, ABC Sports, UK PRS, Turtle Wax products, and Canada's SOCAN Reves d' Acteurs.

Stefano Mora (Italy)
Stefano Mora is an Italian bass and guitar player, arranger, and composer who has performed at festivals like Umbria Jazz, Bratislava Jazz Days, Durres Jazz Ethnic, and many others. Composing in genres like Jazz, Dramatic, Relaxation, and Electronic creates music with wide appeal for media. Stefano has released some albums as a band leader. He has produced and arranged albums for other artists, as well as soundtracks for documentaries and ads. Stefano has worked with Jazz artists like Sal Nistico and Dave Murray, among many others.

Vincent Pellerin (Canada)
Vincent Pellerin is a passionate composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound technician who's been actively involved in the music industry for more than 25 years. Constantly working his sound palette and perfecting his wide range of styles, he writes in genres ranging from Dramatic and Corporate to Lounge, Chillout, World, Funk, Jazz, and Blues. Vincent's soundtracks have been used in a variety of TV shows around the world, as well as in corporate videos, wedding montages, internet websites, and many other projects.

Michael Price (UK)
One of the UK’s most sought after composers, Michael Price's work for film and TV has garnered an EMMY award and other awards from the Royal Television Society, Music&Sound, and Televisual Bulldog. He also received a BAFTA nomination and two further EMMY nominations for the critically acclaimed BBC series Sherlock, which he scores with David Arnold. Michael has composed for a number of feature films, including Another Me, The Inbetweeners Movie, Delicious, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, Horrid Henry: The Movie, Wild Target, and more.

Dean Dunakin (USA)
Dean Dunakin has written, produced, and published music, beats, and loops for various projects through several labels and agencies, and landed sync spots worldwide with clients like ABC, MTV, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Netflix, and Red Bull. A US-based artist, Dean excels at bringing a compelling twist to Electronic music by combining structural elements of myriad genres into collage-like songs that groove easily, yet reveal their inventiveness to listeners who long to dig deeper.

The Royal Oak (USA)
Based in Utah, The Royal Oak is a collaboration between Jeremy Chatelain and Matt Mateus. They have been performing in bands for the past 20 years (Jets to Brazil, Cub Country, Hello Amsterdam, Helmet), as well as producing music for film, television, theater, and video games. Their work has been featured around the globe on networks ranging from Sundance to MTV.

Dmitriy Andronov (Kazakhstan)
Based in Kazakhstan, Dmitriy Andronov is a composer and pianist who writes everything from groovy Jazz to chilled-out Ambient, World, Lounge, and Electronic music. He has scored several animated projects and documentaries, and he also has extensive experience as a sound recordist. Dmitriy's vibrant and melodic tracks like "Funkit Three" and "Mamas Hands" will add a big splash of creativity to your next Film, TV, or Commercial project.
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