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Music Editor's Picks

Our Stock Music Site music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 6,117 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

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 Action Music Go To  
Ross Casey   Requiem of the Fallen
Kenton Gilchrist   Majestic Tribal Orchestral Song..
Dan Morrissey   Rampage
Anthony Lo Re   Old West Legends
David C. Hewitt   Superhero
Roger Lasher Nortman   Symphony No. 18: 2nd Movement: ..
Tommy Hynes   No Surrender
Raphael Begosso   The Keys of England
Alessandro Mastroianni   Ad Astra
William Pearson   Tesla's Revenge (Wp) 01 Mt
 African Music Go To  
David Beard   Africa Sunrise Loop 1a
Blackstop   African Percussion Groove
Akela Sun   I Dream of Africa
Max DiCarlo   Africana
Andy Schofield   African Pride Vocal Loop 1 0.15
Andy Schofield   African Pride Vocal Loop 2 0.16
Jono Booth   The Magic of the African Battle..
Andy Schofield   African Hearts 1 01
Andy Schofield   African Hearts (No Strings) 1 20
Bjorn Lynne   Earthchild (Seamless Loop #1)
 Americana Music Go To  
Ron Komie   Driving Slow and Easy
Michael Keck   Fiddlers Camp
Adrian Haene   New Home (Loop 03)
HarpString Productions   America the Beautiful
Paul Reece   Immigration
Steve Rice Productions   Cajun Nights
Randy Phillips   Too Far Down (Featuring Leonard..
Scott Wainwright   Eleanor's Dance (Instrumental)
Toomas Erm   Great Bear
Mark Snashall   Rodeo Showdown Sting
 Animal Music Go To  
Alec Makinson   Dogs Dinner (30sec FX)
Animalistix   The Wasp
Funtime Ringtones   Dance Club Rooster
O-Face Productions   Where You At
The Hi Freqs   Oh My, A Fly!
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (Banjo Solo)
The Hi Freqs   Five Little Monkees Jumping On ..
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (No Jaw Harp)
Mark S. Crocker   Butterfly Flight
Funtime Ringtones   Irish Horses
 Asian Music Go To  
Parish   Temple
Chet Nichols   Dizzy Monkey Dance
Ronald Nelson   The Golden Fish
Erwin Steijlen   Shanghai, Chinatown
Bolot feat Top FX   Shaman
BeepCode   Happy Chinese Song
Masterwerk   Euphoria
Al Vienneau   Asian Tragedy (Loop 02)
Erik Haddad   Atypical Flora
Dean Wagg   Let's Get Down to Business No I..
 Blues Music Go To  
Rich Harper   She's On Her Way Up
John Altenburgh   I Wake Up in the Morning (No On..
Matt Woosey   Find a Way
Mockingbird Hill   Train a Comin'
Michael Keck   Dusty Mountain - Ver A
Amy Ip   Forgiveness (Piano and Band)
Mark W. Winchester   Rooster Rock
Don Carroll   Going Back to Louisiana
Gary Wolk   Muck and Mire
Johnny Breton   Down Home Folks Blues Harp Jam
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Chris Lutz   Sem Querer Feat. Quinara
Carlos Natale   Caliente
After in Paris   Boucan Canot
Michael Levanios   Samba Espresso 30sec B
Monica da Silva   Ai Entao
Monica da Silva   Canta Coracao (Instrumental)
Alex Samm   Lounge New Bossa Electronic No ..
Lars Christian Lundholm   Firm Seventh Heaven Talked Me O..
Dynamedion GbR   Mediterranean (60 Second)
Jive Ass Sleepers   Girl About Town
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Max DiCarlo   Catch 22
Alec Makinson   Frantic (Main Mix)
Richard Heacock   Keystone Villain
Ron Komie   Baffled Blockheads (Sting6)
Alec Makinson   Not Quite Right (Main Mix)
Ed Hartman   Very Merry Melody
Alessandro Gozzo   The Zoo - 30sec Version
David Flavin   Whistlers Mother
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King (Texture)
Alec Makinson   Playful Strings (Underscore)
 Childrens Music Go To  
The Hi Freqs   Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Nery Bauer   Thais Waltz (Loop 03)
David Flavin   Music Box Ballerina 60
David Flavin   Music Box Ballerina
The Hi Freqs   Goodnight Lullabye
Ernesto Martin   My Little Sheep
Jonathan Swanson   Waltz for Ingrid
David Flavin   Isn't Life Great
Abby Mettry   The Itsy Bitsy Spider (The Incy..
RLC Music   Book at Bedtime
 Chinese Music Go To  
Anthony Graham   Hong Kong
Kenji Aoi   Chinese Whisper
Chris Worth   Martial Arts Master
Cyril Baranov   Four Jewels (Short Version)
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   The Last Day on Earth (No Perc ..
Shuang Long Tou   Looking to Forever (Ensemble)
David Phillips   Toes in the Water
Petr Kiselev   Breathing Asia
Eric Waters   Crane Song (Full)
Shuang Long Tou   Dragonfly
 Christmas Music Go To  
Alec Makinson   Christmas Fairy (30sec)
Alec Makinson   Christmas the Old Way (30sec Un..
Gary Wolk   Carole of the Bells
Andy Schofield   See Amid the Winters Snow
Anthony Clint Jr.   Silent Night
Eddie Caldwell   Nutcracker Rock Featuring Dug
Peter Vantine   What Child Is This?
Scott Ross   We Wish You a Punky Christmas 3..
Dean Wagg   Deck the Halls New York Piano V..
Anthony Lo Re   A L'Aube de Ce Jour de Noel
 Circus Music Go To  
Alec Makinson   The Big Parade (05sec Sting)
Andrew GCN Fleming   Toy Circus
William Pearson   Clowning Around (Wp) 03 Alt2
Michael Levanios   Circus Time
Alec Makinson   The Big Parade (60sec)
Anthony Davilio   Circus City
Skip Peck   Two Left Feet Polka
Duane Spencer   Circus On the Square
Sonic Moon   Clumsy Clown
David Flavin   Circus March Gladiators
 Classical Music Go To  
Sherry Shieh   Chopin Nocturne "The Pianist"
Strawberrypianist   Debussy - Clair de Lune (Suite ..
Steve Kaetzel   Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis   Koo Koo Koncerto
Bartok Music   Bach: Invention No. 8
David C. Hewitt   Toreador's Song From Carmen [Bi..
Music Candy   Goodbye Elisabeth
A-P-M Productions   E. Satie Gymnopedie No. 1
Francesco Biondi   On the Blue Danube Part I
Franzoso & Tinelli   Cremona Taste
 Comedy Music Go To  
Ron Komie   Groovy Sleuths (Full)
Felipe Adorno Vassao   Hubba Bubba
William Pearson   Duck Soup (Wp) 10 Alt3 Tag5d
Matteo Curcio   Vintage Tunes No.4
Dream Valley Music   Squeezer
Julio Kladniew   Seducing at party - Loop A
Giulio Fazio   Cabaret Voltaire
Dream Valley Music   One Sunny Day
Simon Stevens   Cheeky
Dream Valley Music   Showtime
 Corporate Music Go To  
Enrico Fabio Cortese   Uplifting World - Ethnic Voices
Music Candy   Waltons Mountain Underscore
Andy Schofield   Tribute to Marine 'A' (Blackman..
Chris Hodges   Pathfinder
MF   Reaching High
Len Miller   The Comparison is Easy
Denis Woods   Serenity
Ross Milligan   Soulful Seduction
Nicholas Pesci   Gathering Ideas (60sec)
Julio Kladniew   After Sunshine - Full Length
 Country Music Go To  
Robin Munson   Somebody Other Than Me
Robbie Cavanagh   Nineteen Ninety One (1991)
Robert Dellaposta   Livin' For Downtime
Above Envy   Ly Speak Instrumental 30
Lori Kelley   It Was a Great Day
Music Candy   Backporch Billy
Robin Munson   Somebody Other Than Me - Instru..
C.J. Masters   House in Order
Joey Stebanuk   A Good Day Off
Kevin Reardon   U.S. Working Man
 Dance Music Go To  
Dan Phillipson   Pump'd Up (Stinger 02)
Danielle Hollobaugh   Higher
Jive Ass Sleepers   Gimme What I Want
Martin Winslow   Media (10 Sec)
Massimiliano Franceschin   Making Love
Jacinta   Can't Keep It a Secret (Steely ..
Above Envy   Superstitious Backing Vox 15
Jive Ass Sleepers   Future Disko
Greg Brimson   Hardcore Dance Metal
Jonathan Wright   Here Comes the Weekend
 Dangerous Music Go To  
Visions of the Dark   Eighty Three Mirrors Two
Wolftooth   Fears And Honor
Kevin Saunders Hayes   Uninvited Guest
David Johanns   Serengeti Nights
Minoru Amino   Outsight
Jason Bradley Livesay   Lonely Street
Filmmusic Group   Submerged - Underwater Soundscape
Frank Wolf   Dark Temptation
Karol Sabat   Age of Heroes
Craig McConnell   Abyssal
 Dramatic Music Go To  
Igge Scoce   Spellbound
Vladimir Lakodin   Crime, Pain, and Revenge (Intro..
PianoPassion   An Underwater Tale
Arjun Sen   Placid Waters (30-Secs Version)
Alessandro Gozzo   Royal Wedding - Stinger Version
David C. Hewitt   Nimrod [Elgar] 30 Sec
Amazing Music   Moodie-Under
William Pearson   Clockers (Wp) 04 Alt3
Jive Ass Sleepers   Smiling Faces
Dan Foster   Aquarium Le Carnaval des Animau..
 Drum Music Go To  
Arpad Zsolt Domahidi   A Drum Time 30sec
David Johanns   Cue 31 251409
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   Vitae Superbiam Percussion
Connor Helms   Fuji Daiko Expedition - the Omen
Jon Purdey   Shogun - Short Version
Robert Neary   Wild Africa
Arpad Zsolt Domahidi   Moon Craft -Drums&Percussions-
ElevenTwelve   The Rhythm Tribe
Chris Michols   Brother (Drum Stem)
Ahmed S AlQarawi   Drumy
 East European Music Go To  
Christoph Fleischmann   Paysage Colore
Davor Devcic   Budapest
Wicked Ear Candy   Folk Dance
Gruppa Lits   My Name Is Sasha
Ylia Dzlieri   Bitter Wedding
Music Candy   Till the Next Time 30 Sec
Whipple Lopez   By the Mediterranean Sea
Abbas Premjee (LP)   Russian Romance
Entropik   Vocalise - S Rachmaninov
Cyril Baranov   Kamarinskaya (Long Version)
 Electronic Music Go To  
Sideway   Cherry
Wesley Devine   Transformers
Collective Acoustics   Xeritown
Wesley Devine   Masta Blasta (Loop 05)
J.K. Wiechert   Haunted
Celt Islam   Medina (Instrumental)
Wesley Devine   Thunder Cat (Underscore version)
Michael Dodds   Stalking the Truth
Aarni Aho   Ambient Chilling (Full)
Wayne Numan   Joystick
 European Music Go To  
Big Prod Sounds   Toi Et Moi
Art Munson   Irish Dancer (DNB)
Sotiris Sarkavazis   Synodoiporos
Media Music Pro   Ludwig's Lament
After in Paris   Celt 2
Thomas Stobierski   La Normandie (30-Secs Version)
Petros Tabouris   Ode Xiv to the Olympian Winner ..
Andy L   Dublin Rocks (0.60 Edit)
David C. Hewitt   As Matchless Beauty
Anthony Alleeson   Paris Spring
 Folk Music Go To  
Michelle Lockey   Live, Laugh, Love in Color (Aco..
Carlos Estella   Mediterranean Style Presentation
GP Pomponi 432   Country Hills
David & Loren Laue   High Heels & Highballs (Instrum..
Paul Reece   Like Butterflies (Vocal)
Paul Reece   O' Mary Don't You Weep (Vocal)
Paul Reece   Sally Ann (Vocal)
Antoine Laugier   Let's Take a Roll in the Fields
Paul Reece   The Eagle and the Crow
Paul Reece   Starlett's Dance
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
The Music Bakery   Hawaiian Holiday:60
Dan Gautreau   Smile (Stinger 01)
Alec Makinson   Marsupial Territory (Main)
Pandemic   Waves Dance
Mana Rongo Rongo   Uru Te Hami (Putting On the Loi..
The Music Bakery   Hawaiian Holiday :12
Pandemic   Surf Day Romance
Media Music Pro   Shadowlands Stinger With Hawaii..
Jeremy Sherman   Clear Waters (Loop 04)
David Flavin   Ukulele Island
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
Wolftooth   Swaggering Blossom
Nicholas Pesci   Hip Hop Beathoven (60sec)
Wesley Devine   Preach
Minister Kaine   Please Listen 2 My Demo
Fenxx   Skits So (Explicit)
Wolftooth   Siren Groove
Patrick Best   Hideout
B.I.G. J   Jumbo Win
Bjarne O.   End Credits - Comba Li La
 Horror Music Go To  
The Hi Freqs   Five Little Pumpkinss
Alec Makinson   Haunted Mansion (Us With FX)
Stefan Klein   A Breaking Point
The Ethnotronic Project   The Black Gate
Chris Thomas   We Are the Klownz
Anthony Davilio   Disturbed
Christopher Fuller   Who Goes There 60 Second Edit
Dusan Rapos   Opus 087 - the Edelstein Action..
Paint Chips   Mythical Blue Moon
Visions of the Dark   Eighty Three Mirrors
 Indian Music Go To  
Wilton Vought   Ray of Creation (60)
Kamran Tatar   Bang Bang Is4
Wilton Vought   Dharma (30-2)
Roberto Sallaberry   Orient
Kamran Tatar   Wondergirl Is4
Arjun Sen   Bidesi Saiyan (Loop 01)
Arjun Sen   Under the Fig Tree
Silvia Marchese   Mumbai Groove
Wilton Vought   Ray of Creation (60 No Vocals)
Arjun Sen   Common Ground (Loop 01)
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
Liam Killen   Fanciful (No Vocals No Guitars)
Tim Brown   Friday Night Lights
Brittany Kwasnik   Prevail
Jeremy Sherman   Slide Rules (Loop 03)
Thirsty Curses   Dimlit Cathedral
Ron Komie   If My Boots Could Talk (Full)
Above Envy   Ly Afraid of the Dark 5
Crash Alley   Machine
The Labrets   Coming Alive
Disquiet Music   We've Gone As Far As We Can
 Japanese Music Go To  
Mark Knox   Kyoto
Joel Steudler   Cherry Blossoms Falling
Danny Williams   Hashimoto Hideout
Julio Kladniew   Kyoto Lounge Loop 2
Cyril Baranov   Lost
Markus Bravo   Akaro (Female Vocals)
Aco Takenaka   Swimming
Space Taster   Temple Spirits
Steve Urwin   Japan Sunrise(30)
Wilton Vought   Sakura
 Jazz Music Go To  
Lars Christian Lundholm   Her Cheerfulness Taken for Gran..
Michael Nickolas   Be With Me
Eric Bolvin   The Speakeasy 30 Sec
Jakaranda   Jazz Ahead
Jeremy Sherman   52nd Street (Loop 05)
Max DiCarlo   Pink Panther Meets Jessica Rabbit
Jennifer Hannah-Murphy   Tuesday Afternoon
Right Track   Ghost On Rampart St.
Jive Ass Sleepers   Back at the Blue Note
Ron Komie   Down in Good Old New Orleans (F..
 Latin Music Go To  
Lynda Lovett   Dejame Estar Aqui
Denise Rivera   Vaya Caramba (Original)
Wicked Ear Candy   Mueve Tu Cuerpo
Ensemble Pachamama   Invencion
Music Candy   Bella (60 Secs)
Jive Ass Sleepers   Last Tango
Andrej Hrasko   No Duele Mas
The Hi Freqs   Tangelito
Lloyd English & Sia Samimi   Jubilation
Andy L   Se Gozala
 Middle East Music Go To  
Wael Mhanna   Bedouin Celebration (Loop 01)
The Music Bakery   Arabian Adventures :15b
Simon Stockhausen   11 Chambers
Jason Greenberg   Seclusion
Wael Mhanna   A Reflection of the Past (No Dr..
Igge Scoce   Gibraltar - Ethnic Crossover (A..
Entropik   A Middle East Lament
Valencia Magic   Cairo Sunset
Ori Vidislavski   Mother Cry
Ausilio   Sand Storm
 Military Music Go To  
Jonathan Wright   The Marvellous Marching Band
Dan Morrissey   Battalion
Anthony Davilio   American Tribute
Valeriy Antonyuk   Central Climax
Daniel Cullen   Marching to Victory
Entropik   Beauty Lost in the Pain and Sad..
Pierre Langer   Hostile Activity
Mohammed Doham   Empires Fall
Nikolay Krivin   Unknown War
Erwin Steijlen   La Presse Olympique
 National Anthems Go To  
Mark Knox   O Canada (Woodwind Arrangement)
Hanjo Gabler   Calm Down Jerusalem
Bobby Cole   Russia National Anthem
Bobby Cole   Canada National Anthem Trad
Robert Neary   Sweden National Anthem
The Producers   Chile National Anthem
Robert Neary   Bulgaria National Anthem
Arthur Rong   German National Anthem House Re..
Antoinette Tredanary   The Star Spangled Banner
Markus Bravo   Star Spangled Banner - Distorti..
 New Age Music Go To  
Suchitra Lata   Day and Night
Arjun Sen   Ripples & Reflection
David Phillips   Aircastles
Eric Bode   Like Glass
Manuka Dreams   Heavenly Touch #1
SMM Productions   Simple and Beautiful (Guitar Ve..
Phil Evans   Voyage to Nowhere
Michael Keck   Beyond Time
Michael Keck   Venus Eyes 5min
Michael Keck   Lotus Flower
 News Music Go To  
Vess Ray   Afternoon Story
Jonathan Wright   Breaking News Headlines
Bobby Cole   The Sound of News Hit
Sangho Lee   News Bulletin - 60 Second
Linwood Bell   Nightly News
Aural Night   News End Music (With Fade-In)
Len Miller   Slightly Twisted Front Then Big..
Linwood Bell   Cityscape
SMM Productions   News Ticker (Extended Version)
Jeff Whitcher   Procedural Demonstration (No St..
 Pop Music Go To  
Camille St. Vincent   L'Accent Aigu (Acute Accent)
Aim For The Stars   We Are All Stars
Ed Napoli   Patience My Lover Feat. Axel
Jake Jacobson   Every Time
Suchitra Lata   With You (Lala Chorus+Instr)
Marc Blackwell   Sexy B
Ed Napoli   The Best
Wicked Ear Candy   Dreaming Easy
Wicked Ear Candy   Birth of Cool
Justin 3   Jealous Yet
 Reggae Music Go To  
Jennifer Matthews   Be Love
Big Sound Music   Snappin
Jive Ass Sleepers   Roots of Love
Marc Blackwell   We'll Go Dancin'
Stefan Bode   Baby Rock Steady (Loop 04)
Jeremy Sherman   Rum and Coke (Loop 04)
David Flavin   Carefree Island 60
Casey Burnett   Original Sound Killa
Klassik Frescobar   Back It Up
DJ Lantan   Take It Off
 Reggaeton Music Go To  
Rafael Smart   Ragga Naughty (Loop 4 )
CyClone   Imaginatelo
Rafael Smart   Ragga Naughty (Loop 5 )
Abbas Premjee (LP)   Jamaican Juice
Music For TV and Games   Reggaeton Rush
Alan Brian Curtis   Ven, Ven (Esta Noche )
Add-On   No Fui Yo
Add-On   Got You (Reggaeton)
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   En La Playa (30-Secs Version)
Damir Kolakovic   Dimelo
 RnB Music Go To  
Jive Ass Sleepers   Deep in the Pocket
Benny Bellamacina   Thank You
Adwise Music   Happy Soul Feet (Full Mix)
Dot Matrix   Booji Cat (Inst.)
Jesper Mattsson   Watching Over Me
Eddie Caldwell   Natural Feelings
Eddie Caldwell   Diamonds
Tony Tee   Whenever U Need Me
Jive Ass Sleepers   Power