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Music Editor's Picks

Our Stock Music Site music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 5,426 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Action Music Go To  
Matthew Mirron   Rush of Battle (30s)
Breakthru   Wandering Fields & Canyons
SoundDotCom   Epic Cinematic Trailer - Orches..
Adam DiTroia   Rise to Power
Kyle Booth   Cinematic Trailer Cue
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   Ghost Knights (60 Secs)
Denis Woods   CSID 30 Sec
Patrick Best   Win Or Lose
Greg Ocheduszko   Shortcut to Hammered
Daniel Cullen   Ring of Stones
 African Music Go To  
Max DiCarlo   Africana
Amazing Music   Umuzi Tribal Dance
David Waugh   African Valley of Sorrow
Emam & Friends   African Dream
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi   Song for the Rain 30sec. B
Vess Ray   Afro Corporate
After in Paris   Mayotte
Garry Cribb   Township Carnival
Michael Keck   Warrior King
 Americana Music Go To  
Nicholas Gunn   Ramsey Cascades
Purple Mountain   Beware My Love
The Music Bakery   Bayou Breeze:14
Michael Keck   Alabama Highway B
Steve E. Williams   Mississippi River
Don Julin   Folgarelli's Two Step
Jive Ass Sleepers   Promised Land
Don Julin   Biscuits & Gravy
Herrick   East of Edan (Live Version)
Eric Bolvin   Orleans Brass Band 15 sec
 Animal Music Go To  
O-Face Productions   Where You At
Richard Jungles   Dog Meet
Roger and Ellen Bruno   Clip Clopping Along
Funtime Ringtones   Rockin Dogs
Mark S. Crocker   Up and Down
Alec Makinson   Boneo (Doggy Style) (Sting)
Mark S. Crocker   Penguin Walk
Adam DiTroia   Unwild West
Animalistix   The Wasp
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (Banjos & J..
 Asian Music Go To  
Frederic Kooshmanian   Beef in Oyster Sauce Noodles
Francesco Giovannangelo   Asian Wind(No Perc)
Colin Willsher   Dreamland
Adam DiTroia   Samurai Shadow
Bjorn Lynne   China Temple Morning (Loop 01)
HarpString Productions   Epic Asian Mystery
Frederic Kooshmanian   Deep Fried Wontons
Parish   Ulan Bator
Dewey Dellay   Bonzai Cycles
Jang Karista   Guide
 Blues Music Go To  
John Swanson   Little Dreamy
Andy L   Louisiana Swamp Man (0.30 Edit)
BadaBing BadaBoom   Boogie Woogie Bookie
Evan Zappa & the Necessity   You and Me
Image Sounds   Muddy Water Vnd Is0
Don Julin   No Name Bb Blues
Alan Fagan   Fatback (No Slide Guitar)
Michael Keck   See See Rider Blues
Richie Milton   This Drinking Life
DJ Amboe   Love and Other Disasters Ft Reb..
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Gary Wolk   Caliente Samba
Dynamedion GbR   Mediterranean (30 Second)
Skip Peck   From My Heart
Oscar Salguero   Feelgood Tiempo
Randy Vera   Zou? You Need a "Zou Bisou Biso..
Ausilio   Sometimes (Bossa Nova Style)
Jive Ass Sleepers   Save Me From the Night
Carl Miles   Amour (60 Sec)
Michael Hennig   Circo Voador
Ken Gregory   Carnival
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Danny Poit   Devious Intentions
Garry Cribb   Cheeky Animals
Alec Makinson   Slap and Tickle (30sec)
KeyChain Music   Mickey Mouse Man
Tom Jemmott   Nightmare
Kevin Packard   Chasing Your Tail
Max Brodie   Elevation (30-Secs Version)
The Fifth Chord   Ritalin Before a Date
Alec Makinson   Not Quite Right (30sec)
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King (No Drum Perc. Ostin..
 Childrens Music Go To  
Paint Chips   Twinkling Silver Star
Lukasz Stasinski   Happy Kiddos
Bjorn Lynne   Retro Video Game Countdown to Z..
Juan Pablo Zaragoza   Children Sleep On Magical Night
Pierre Langer   Get It Groovin' (30-Secs Version)
Somnium   Music Box Memories
Ferenc Hegedus   Secrets of My Family (Stinger 02)
Bjorn Lynne   Retro Video Game Ferris Wheel (..
Mark S. Crocker   Pop Goes the Weasel
Music Candy   Sweet Dreams Lullaby
 Chinese Music Go To  
Joe Pignato   The Man On Wudang Mountain
Mark Gustavson   Pu An's Incantation
Deep   Dust in the Wind
Jeremy Moyer   Three Stanzas From Yang-Guan - ..
Jasen Shawn Smith   The Opium Den (Abbreviated 1)
Big Prod Sounds   Journey Through China
Kenji Aoi   Shanghai Nightmarket
Colin Herbertson   Oriental Century
Alexander Tobias Orest   Chinese Day
Electric Chair 3000   Slam Slam Slam
 Christmas Music Go To  
Diamond City   Christmas Fun Short Vers C
Ethereal Motion   We Wish You a Punky Christmas 3..
Diamond City   Christmas Fun Loop L
Jonathan Wright   A Perfect Christmas
Continental Productions   Hark the Hearld Angels Sing
Diamond City   Christmas Fun Short Vers E
Matthew Reid   Orchestral Winter Magic
Max DiCarlo   Christmas Carol From Notre Dame..
Tom Jemmott   The First Noel (Guitar)
HarpString Productions   Jingle Bells
 Circus Music Go To  
Joseph Harter Jr.   Krazy Klown Kar
Music For TV and Games   Circus Trapeze Merry Go Round
Thomas Beckner   Halfback of Notre Dame
Alec Makinson   Piano Rag (60")
Michael Levanios   Circus Time (30 Sec)
Anthony Davilio   Circus City
Alec Makinson   Tom Foolery (Main Mix)
Anthony Davilio   Ringmaster Theme
Markus Bravo   Nickelodeon Song 2
Alec Makinson   Pure Fizz (Underscore)
 Classical Music Go To  
Milana Zilnik   Not Fur Elise
Strawberrypianist   D. Scarlatti: Toccata D-Minor K..
Moscow Symphony Orchestra   Chant Sans Paroles (Op.2)
David Gosnell   Chopin Nocturne in C-Sharp Mino..
Laura Sanz   The Swan
Laura Sanz   Mazurka Op 67 No 3
Majed Salih   Leaving the Old of Me
Donna Marie   O Mio Babbino Caro
Greg Patmore   Agnus Dei
Roger Lasher Nortman   Symphony No. 18: 3rd Movement: ..
 Comedy Music Go To  
Ron Komie   Plate Dance (Full)
Roland Rudzitis   Looking for Mario - 30 Sec
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (No Whistle No..
Michael Levanios   Going Polar (Full)
Music For TV and Games   Fun Comedy Main Title
Matteo Curcio   Vintage Tunes No.4
Music Candy   Psychadelic Squaredance (60 secs)
Christopher Fuller   Happy Silly Guys 15 Second Edit
Alec Makinson   Mr Plumber (30sec)
Andrej Hrasko   Plata O Platano (Piano Solo)
 Corporate Music Go To  
David Flavin   Heartfelt Gifts 15
Mikael Manvelyan   Skyward
Samuel David Alvarez   Ukulele and Marimba (Final Sect..
Jonathan Carlile   0043D-10
Andy Schofield   Gently Tumbling
Patrick Best   Live a Little 60sec
Denis Woods   Megalopolis
Inod   Freedom Life
Oscar Salguero   Chariots of Victory
Ron Komie   Best Day Ever (Nofiddle)
 Country Music Go To  
Music Candy   Western Skies (60 Secs)
Paul Reece   Hot Time in the Old Town Tonigh..
Purple Mountain   Wild Prairie Rose
Paul Reece   Feline Trouble
Nelson Hinds   Down-Home Jingle
Music Candy   Muddy Boots (60 Secs)
Dustin Taylor Phillips   Just For Fun
Paul Freitas   Ridin' Shotgun
Purple Mountain   Knowing You
Paul Reece   Sloop John B (Instml)
 Dance Music Go To  
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Dancing Electrons (60-Secs Vers..
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   Flash (Loop 1)
Bjorn Lynne   Dare To Do (Underscore version)
Jacinta   Can't Keep It a Secret (Instrum..
Chris Lutz   Blow Your Mind
DJ Rob de Blank   coming home
Massimiliano Franceschin   I Crazy
Damian Martin Turnbull   Sundown (Loop 04)
Adam Skorupa   Beach Life (30-Secs Version)
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   Flash (Loop 2)
 Dangerous Music Go To  
Brighter Note   Bandido
Alessandro Gozzo   Nobody's Here (Soft Romantic My..
Bjorn Lynne   Droid Attack
Helge Corneliussen   The Lover
Richard Freitas   Menace
William Pearson   Vector Crossings (Wp) 01 Mt
Andy Schofield   Running Scared Loop 2
Music Candy   Vibrate
David C. Hewitt   Fight Club Sting 1
Bryan Fusilier   Investigator
 Dramatic Music Go To  
Image Sounds   Keep Calm Is15
Stan Erbrink   End of the Journey
Ausilio   Airy (60sec)
Jonathan Wright   Heroes United
Karol Sabat   The Gathering
Jonathan Wright   Dance of Ice and Moonlight
David Phillips   Gardens of Antilla
Joseph Rusnak   Cabana Jam
Kyiv Chamber Choir   The Great Litany of Peace (Live)
Christian Ronn   Elguitar Space
 Drum Music Go To  
ElevenTwelve   Drum Dogs
Barry Gilbey   Fury Percussion Only Mix
Jason May   The Drum Circle #5 - Loop C
Claudio Ottaviano   Birdman Expression Drums
Storm Drums   Dansa
Daniel Barry   La Folia Lando
Degg Newman   Grotesque
Storm Drums   Hands for Joy
ElevenTwelve   Tribal Madness
Solace   Salt to Wound
 East European Music Go To  
Maxim Tyutmanov   Broken Hearted - Stem Bar 12-53..
Tom Hajduk   Firira
Tom Hajduk   Zatrzymaj Sie
Alexander Khaskin   Russian Jewish Horah
Ori Vidislavski   Gypsy Wedding (Loop 01)
Kamran Tatar   Polka Time Bkl
Davor Devcic   Dalmatia 30s
Ivanka Ivanova   Bulgarian Yodeling (Bulgarski Y..
Ron Komie   Klezmer Dance (Full)
Jason Farnham   Carol of the Bells | Ukrainian ..
 Electronic Music Go To  
Chris Whatley   Filtrax
The Music Bakery   Blue Collar Robots :30
Man From Playground   Astrobird Cardiac (Instrumental)
Javier Pitera   The Sound of Nature
Image Sounds   Action Hero Is0
Stefan Bode   Club Attack (Underscore version)
Bjorn Lynne   Mechatron (Underscore)
Ahmed AlQarawi   Csin
Adwise Music   Into the Echo (Romantic Vocoder..
Simon Stockhausen   Chilly Groove
 European Music Go To  
Davor Devcic   Mamma Mia!
Jo Masino   Mediterranean Tale (60 Seconds ..
Skip Peck   A Changed Life
Andrea Ravizza   Italian Style
Hanjo Gabler   Folklores de France
Kepha Peter Martin   Parisian Summers
David C. Hewitt   Schindler's Last Stand
Amazing Music   Divine Earl
Art Munson   Irish Dancer (15sec)
Alex Tumanian   Sunset in Paris
 Folk Music Go To  
Fresh Body Shop   Behind the Scenes
Paul Reece   Lucky Guy (Instml)
Paul Reece   Jill Dailey (Vocal)
Bjorn Lynne   One More Step
Paul Reece   Cerveza
Paul Reece   Cerveza
Kaloyan Dimitrov   Road Guitars
Dean Graham Wolfe   Spark of Light
Paul Reece   Step It Up and Go
Paul Reece   Waterbound (Instml)
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
Enrique Icka   Merahi (Angel)
Jeremy Sherman   Honolulu Honey
Alec Makinson   Hawaiian Island (Underscore)
Colette Jonas   Around the World - Hawaii
David Flavin   A Book a Beach and You
Pierre Langer   Hawaii
United Sonic Alliance   Honolulu Luau
Denbo17   Ukenomas
Adam Scourfield   Kundu Pulse
Jeremy Sherman   Hawaiian Lullaby (Loop 03)
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
Jive Ass Sleepers   The Hip Life Instr
Eddie Caldwell   Respect Due Feat. Magnus 1
Evan Laflamme   So Sax (W/Out Sax)
Deep   Europa
Louis Pavlou   Arab Spring (In My Step)
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   Attitude
Simon Stockhausen   Funky Vamp
Wolftooth   Swaggering Blossom
Jive Ass Sleepers   Come Forth (60 Secs)
Wesley Devine   Preach (Stinger 02)
 Horror Music Go To  
Navarr   Month Song Hell Children
Peter Godfrey   Voices in My Head
Jive Ass Sleepers   Urban Spook
Entropik   Where Evil Lurks
Chris Thomas   We Are the Klownz
Emanuele Scandaliato   Blurred Vision
Danny Poit   What Lies Beneath
Mikael Manvelyan   Superbia
Mackie   The Architects of Fear (Full)
Tom Jemmott   Nightmare
 Indian Music Go To  
Kamran Tatar   Tere Liye Is4
Arjun Sen   Mountain Air (Loop 01)
Attractions   Nightlife in India
Solace   Sleeping Sober - Narc Mix Pt5
Jive Ass Sleepers   Indian Intrigue
Shahin Badar   Laila (Instrumental)
Kamran Tatar   Zindigi Is4
Arjun Sen   Two Worlds (30-Secs Version)
Amazing Music   Bollywood Nights
Abbas Premjee LP   Rageshri
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
Brittany Kwasnik   Conscious Coma
Deadhorse   Lovers
Michael Wheeler   Angry Johnny
Kevin M. Baumgard   Twisty
Paige 23   Reaction
Michael Wheeler   Let's Have Fun
Isha Erskine Project (LP)   Come On Lets Ride (Vocal Version)
Venus de Vilo   Miss Frankenstein
Chris Hodges   Foster the Indie Rock
Ron Komie   Get It Until You Got It (Stinge..
 Japanese Music Go To  
Markus Bravo   Akaro (Female Vocals)
Rosalind Richards   Fluttering Leaves
Space Taster   Temple Spirits
Solace   Indigo Dragonfly Edit 30 Second
Mark Knox   Hiroshima
Paul Gelsomine   Shugo Daimyo Battle - Impact
Green Antarctica   Pulse
Simon Wolfe   Geisha Girl
Bjorn Lynne   Kingdom of the Japanese (60-Sec..
Marc Filmer   Traditional Japanese
 Jazz Music Go To  
Ron Komie   Dinner for Two
Music Candy   Bottoms Up
Mohammed Doham   Delightful Summer Trips
Skip Peck   Not Just Another Day
Richy Kicklighter   Unknown
Milana Zilnik   Jazzy Waltz
Ron Komie   Classic Striptease (Sting2)
Tod Demuth   Itsy Bitsy Spider
John Swanson   Class Act (30sec)
Music Candy   Tiny City Tune
 Latin Music Go To  
Robert Brannan   Capricho Arabe (Oud Arrangement)
Alec Makinson   Road to Rio (Main)
Carolina Araoz   Z de Feliz
Frequencee   Para Mi Gente 60 Sec
Alexander Khaskin   Life Style TV Light Comedy 22
Skip Peck   An Intriguing Man
Joseph Gianono   Havana Nights
Andrej Hrasko   Cara Del Sur (Full Tr)
Lynda Lovett   Dejame Estar Aqui
Ronaldo   Mercurio
 Middle East Music Go To  
Vincent Pace   Arabian Moves
Jimmy Reid   Arabic Cello
Arjun Sen   Near Vana Part 2 (Loop 03)
Michael Keck   Goddess Ritual
Rik Roberts   Anasheed Spiritual (Impact Mix)
Dan Morrissey   Elysium
The Music Bakery   Arabian Adventures :30b
Joe Pignato   River Voices (Vocals Without Ch..
K.O. Star Productions   World Fusion (Hybrid Middle-Eas..
Simon Stockhausen   11 Chambers
 Military Music Go To  
Michael Keck   Military Base Camp Attack A
Ron Komie   Make a Run for It (Guitarsonly)
MX47   Atomic Winter
Dmitry Efimov   Before the Start
Dmitry Avdeev   The Beginning of An Adventure
Jonathan Wright   The Marvellous Marching Band
Steve Mark   The King's Quest 30 Sec
David Gosnell   Sword of Flame
Marc Filmer   Stirring Speech
Really Free Music   Hymn of Final Honor
 National Anthems Go To  
Bobby Cole   England National Anthem Trad
Robert Neary   Grenada National Anthem
Nick Di   Starspangledbanner
Really Free Music   Land of My Fathers (Hen Wlad Fy..
Really Free Music   God Save the Queen (UK National..
Bobby Cole   Australia National Anthem Trad
Mark Hewer   O Canada
Bobby Cole   Mexico National Anthem
Don Carroll   Star Spangled Banner
Bobby Cole   Australia National Anthem Piano
 New Age Music Go To  
Rudy Pusateri   Ding and Gu - Full Track
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Cosmic Undercurrents (No Drums ..
Carlos Estella   The Clock (Life Goes On)
Mark Braga   The Night Beauty
Tod Demuth   Sweet Hour of Prayer
Liam Bradbury   Evolution
Music Candy   Closer (30 Secs)
Jens Larsson   Just This Loving Dream - Uprigh..
Suzanne Ciani   Til Time and Times Are Done
Chillout Tunes   Time
 News Music Go To  
Mott Jordan   China Headline News 20sec Edit
Bobby Cole   The Sound of News 10 Sec
SMM Productions   News Report (Loop) B
Lochlainn Seabrook   Good News Theme
Jeff Roberts   News Weather and Sports 60 Sec
Stephan Lindsjo   Inspirational Success and Hope ..
Edouard Andre Reny   News (60s - A)
SMM Productions   Current Affairs (30 Seconds)
John Kayne   Uplifting Inspirational
Len Miller   Fast Tempo Serious to Plan
 Pop Music Go To  
Dan Gautreau   Memories (Loop 02)
Abbey Scott   Gaga Mix MB
Dan Gautreau   Frozen (Stinger 1)
Nicoco   Ombre
Tim Brown   Soothing Encouragement
Purple Mountain   Still Dreamin' Of You
Dan Gautreau   Sub Marine
Amazing Music   Maru
Jason Corder   Dream On
Molly Bancroft   Soaking Up the Sky
 Reggae Music Go To  
Eddie Caldwell   Love How You Make Me Feel Feat...
David Flavin   Carefree Island 60
Mandrike   Girl You So Sexy
Jeremy Sherman   Rum and Coke (Loop 03)
Jeremy Sherman   Dance Hall Ska (Loop 02)
Stefan Bode   Soul of Reggae (Loop 03)
Jive Ass Sleepers   Down in the Dubs
Studio 1   Space Jam 15sec
Mark Caesar - The Physician   Super Lady
Casey Burnett   Original Sound Killa
 Reggaeton Music Go To  
Gus Caveda   Reggea Ton Ton
Art Munson   Reggaeton Fire - Sting - Bumper
AltoSync   Beat You Down
Stefan Bode   Cuidate
Stefan Bode   Ser Una y Carne (Loop 02)
Selector   El Corazon Espanol
Frequencee   El Freqatone
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Bump and Sizzle (Loop 02)
Add-On Music Group   Thru It All
CyClone   Instintos Despiertos
 RnB Music Go To  
DJ Purple Rabbit   Cmon Baby Featuring Patricia Pe..
VenueConnection   I Wanna Know
Vadim Chelnokov   Look Back (60 Sec) B
John Altenburgh   I'm Gonna Run
Eddie Caldwell   Hide the Feeling
Simone Mencarelli   Do You Wanna
EarKandi   Dynamite Inst
Leon Ayers, Jr.   Doin Nothin
Gary Wolk   Hitsville Happening
Nigel Male   Funkin On the Backburner
 Rock Music Go To  
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   In My Head (60 Sec)
Art Munson   Feels So Right
Axel Antunes   On the Run to Fly Away
Jeremy Sherman   Back Seat Boogie
Akela Sun   Oxygene
Pierre Langer   Good Harmonies (30-Secs Version..
Tom Jemmott   Beautiful Country
Darko Saric   Look Down 30sec Vs4
Paul O'Brien   Rock N Roll Jingle
George Pauley   Ethan Instrumental
 Science Fiction Music Go To  
Ron Komie   Razor Sharp Full
Ron Komie   Dark Triumph (Full)
Felipe Adorno Vassao   Rock Your Body
Andrea Ravizza   Epic Celebration - 60 Seconds
Image Sounds   Cold Eyes S
Aaron Saloman   EvilAction 30sec
Marc Filmer   Gearing Up
Tony Lewis   Dynamic Pulse Epic Trailer Alt ..
Felipe Adorno Vassao   The Astral Voyage
MX47   No Prisoners
 Singer/Songwriter Go To  
Jo Masino   Steam Train
Max DiCarlo   Black Jack
Steve Robinson   Favourite Enemy
Evan Zappa & the Necessity   Unzip My Heart
Anthony Cormican   Don't Ask Me This
Jaclyn Bradley Palmer   That's Enough
Henrik Skanfors   Grey Autumn Sweater
Angela Predhomme   Love Love Love
Steve Dafoe   America's Eagle
Suchitra Lata   The Play Button
 Sound-Alikes Music Go To  
Marco Pesci   On Tiptoe
Denis Woods   Rise
Garry Cribb   Disco Hustle
Robert Neary   Going to Live My Life
Mark Dorricott   Late Night Blue
Darksparcs   Transformers™ Sound Alikes: Cyb..
Alan Brian Curtis   Hard to Play With Cold Hands
Linwood Bell   Pee Wee Rides Again
SMM Productions   Let's Get Killed
Deep   A Million Questions (Dubstep Mix)
 Spiritual Music Go To  
Really Free Music   I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
David Phillips   At Break of Day
Kyiv Chamber Choir   Rachmaninoff Vespers - Bless th..
Ron Komie