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Music Editor's Picks

Our Stock Music Site music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 5,531 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Action Music Go To  
Simon Stockhausen   Assimilation
John Francis Jorgensen   Fractals of Change (Loop 05)
The Crossing   The Aftermath
Tino Aureli   No Hope
Liam Bradbury   Swat Team - Loop D
Adam DiTroia   Battle Storm
Daniel Cullen   Things Fall Apart (Epic Cinemat..
Pierre Langer   Lux Et Lex (30-Secs Version)
Roger Lasher Nortman   Symphony No. 18: 3rd Movement: ..
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   Soldiers of Fate (With Choir Hi..
 African Music Go To  
Andy Schofield   African Bush 0 16
Bjorn Lynne   Earthchild (60-Secs Version)
Rudy Pusateri   Baobab Banana - Loop C
Rudy Pusateri   Baobab Banana - Underscore
Andy Schofield   African Bush Instru 0 32
Afrika - Artists of Ethiopia   Alex Olompia.1
Ferenc Hegedus   End of a Journey
Parish   Youruba
After in Paris   Zoulou 2
Anthony Davilio   African Rhythms
 Americana Music Go To  
Thornton Bowman   Line Or Two
Colin Ward   Let's Go Downtown
Gayle Ellett   Mysterious Winds (No Flute)
Nashville Session Players   Where Were You?
Joey Curtin   Cotton Gin
Carl Schonbeck   Heyday
Paul Reece   Immigration
Adrian Haene   New Home (Stinger 02)
Bjorn Lynne   Space To Dream (Loop 03)
Purple Mountain   Roadhouse Blues
 Animal Music Go To  
Marc Filmer   Jolly Whistler
Adam DiTroia   Unwild West
Richard Gardzina   Phunky Hyenas
Toby Tune   Barnyard Jive
Carl Miles   Zamfara
Richard Jungles   Baby Duck Walk
Underwater Music   Serengeti
Funtime Ringtones   Irish Horses
Michael Warner   A Dog's Life
Stevie Gold   Chicken Squawk and Bop
 Asian Music Go To  
After in Paris   Buddhism
Al Vienneau   Japanes Games (60-Sec Version)
Fabrice Mogini   Bali Express
Ausilio   A Day in Shanghai (60 Sec)
William Pearson   Call to Temple 2 (Wp) 01 Mt
Bjorn Lynne   Kingdom of the Japanese (Loop 07)
Kenji Aoi   Chinese New Year - Home (15-Sec..
Kunji   Aaeena
Bjorn Lynne   Kingdom of the Japanese (Loop 04)
Ausilio   A Day in Shanghai (30 Sec)
 Blues Music Go To  
Ron Komie   The Back Boulevard
John Altenburgh   Shake It
John Swanson   Little Dreamy (Instr)
Michael Keck   Delta Fanfare Full Track
Rick Hollander   Cell Block 9
Thornton Bowman   Politician Blues
Andy L   Crossroad Blues (Dusty Road Mix)
Vaddi Solanof   Derby Boogie Full
Michael Corn   Lemon Squeezer
Michael Keck   Gospel Blues
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Ausilio   Sometimes (60sec)
Pollyanna Alves   Pega-Pega
Dynamedion GbR   Ghostly Bossa
Michael Hennig   Circo Voador (60sec Underscore)
Massimiliano Franceschin   Bossa
Roy Yarkoni   Love Soup (Panic Ensemble)
Sultan Makende   Samba Pra Caramba
Dynamedion GbR   Meditating (Loop 1) [Audiosparx..
After in Paris   Gods of the Stadium
Gary Wolk   Caliente Samba
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Christian Andersson   My Little Bouncy Funny Adventur..
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King 60's (No Drum Perc.)
Tom Hajduk   Old and Retro 1
Alec Makinson   Little Rascals (Main)
Matthew Reid   West Side Story Orchestral Jazz
Robert Meunier   That's All Folks
Dimos Stathoulis   Warehouse
David Carovillano   Cheeze Pleeze
Alan Fagan   Clown Race - Sting 2
Alan Fagan   I Dream of Janie (34sec Loop)
 Childrens Music Go To  
Ernesto Martin   Happy Baby Summer
Laura Sanz   Blue Bear Lullaby
Erik Haddad   Simple Fun
Laura Sanz   Lullaby for Lucy
Joey Curtin   Jackelyn and David
Ferenc Hegedus   Secrets of My Family
Dream Valley Music   Another Happy Day (Vintage vers..
Nery Bauer   Circus Lounge (15-Secs Version)
Erwin Steijlen   Bo's Lullaby
Maarit Korhonen   Barn People30s
 Chinese Music Go To  
Jeremy Moyer   Bedtime Stories
Frederic Kooshmanian   Atmospheric China
Cyril Baranov   Jasmine Flower (Guzheng Solo)
Michael Keck   Mandarin Sunrise C
Kenji Aoi   Chinese New Year 2016 ~ Year of..
Coco Zhao   Ai Qing - Love Is Like This...
Kenji Aoi   Chinese New Year - Home (Full V..
Frederic Kooshmanian   Weather in China
David Phillips   Earth and Sky
Shuang Long Tou   Windkissed
 Christmas Music Go To  
Alec Makinson   Christmas Fairy (30sec)
Kevin Reardon   Married Christmas (Instrumental)
Hanjo Gabler   Go Tell It On the Mountains
Paint Chips   Twinkling Silver Star Underscore
Continental Productions   O Come All Ye Faithful
Alec Makinson   Enchanted Holidays (30sec Us)
Lars Christian Lundholm   Carol of the Bells
Diamond City   Christmas Fun Short Vers E
Continental Productions   I Saw Three Ships
Max DiCarlo   Happy Ride
 Circus Music Go To  
Darren W. Chamberlain   Circus Ride
MX47   Clown Town
Music For TV and Games   Circus Trapeze Merry Go Round
William Pearson   It's a Clown's Disco (Wp) 05 Mt..
Erik Haddad   Clumsy One Man Band
Dynamite Chick Publishing   America the Beautiful (Fairgrou..
Colin Willsher   Toytown Parade
Giuseppe Zanca   Up Up
David Phillips   The Pink Duck
Anthony Davilio   Circus City
 Classical Music Go To  
PianoPassion   Satie - Gnossienne No. 1
David C. Hewitt   Passionate Memories
Saint-Petersburg Orchestra   T.Albinoni - Oboe Concerto - Al..
Philharmonia La Seine   Dvorak.Slavonic Dance, Op.46 No..
Philharmonia La Seine   Faure. Requiem.4 Pie Jesu
ElevenTwelve   Lamentation for Strings
Majed Salih   Place With No Time
ElevenTwelve   Bach Cello Suite No1 Courante (..
Matthew Reid   Opera Without Words
John Lawrence Schick   Tinkling Keys
 Comedy Music Go To  
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (No Whistle)
Giulio Fazio   Cabaret Voltaire
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (No Cymbals No..
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis   Lazy Dog
Dream Valley Music   Another Lovely Day (30-Secs Ver..
Mark Knox   Retro Sitcom Theme (Bed)
Giulio Fazio   Cabaret Voltaire
Roland Rudzitis   Looking for Mario - Sting
Dream Valley Music   A Very Special Day
Michael Crowther   Funny Walk
 Corporate Music Go To  
Marc Filmer   Intelligent Elegance
Sashqxxx   Hq Background
Jeff Woodall   If Only
Nicholas Pesci   Morning Breeze
Art Munson   Win Power - No Drums
Maria Grigoryeva   Electronic Jazz
Jive Ass Sleepers   Spirit of the People
Seth Littlefield   Happiest Day Ever
Erwin Steijlen   Hybrid Beauty
David Flavin   Skip and Strut Stinger
 Country Music Go To  
Robert Dellaposta   Somebody Stop Me
Kevin Reardon   U.S. Working Man
Purple Mountain   Hey Cowboy
Robin Munson   Somebody Other Than Me - Instru..
Nashville Session Players   Ain't No Lookin' Back
Tupelo Jack   A Country Boy
Paul Reece   Somebody Touched Me (Instml)
Paul Reece   Uncle Carl (Instml)
Kevin Reardon   Take a Risk
House Of Rebellion   Love You Around
 Dance Music Go To  
Carlos Estella   Cosmic Love
Nery Bauer   Hot Night (60-Secs Version)
Dr. Ika   Crook Fm
Rikah   It's Got 2 B Real (J Matthew & ..
Massimiliano Franceschin   Making Love
Edouard Andre Reny   Solid Grounds (Instrumental)
Adam Skorupa   Beach Life
Shaun Taylor-Corbett   Whatcha' Do to Me
Greg Brimson   Euphoric 4 On the Floor
Erwin Steijlen   Satisfied
 Dangerous Music Go To  
MX47   The Hitchcock Factor
Aricorder   Scary Island Undescore Piano
Jonathan Adamich   The Lamb
Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis   Gomen Nasai
John J Pelsone   Evolution- Beautiful Deep Emoti..
Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis   Imago
Juan Pablo Zaragoza   Thriller
Laurie Ann Fessler   Your Love Is My Suicide
Alan Lambton   Nothin
Lionel Cohen   The Sun Drips Blood
 Dramatic Music Go To  
Max DiCarlo   Aurora Borealis
Joel Steudler   Witching Hour
ElevenTwelve   Chopin Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 Arran..
Dan Selby   Journey's End
Chris Hodges   Arrival From Another World (No ..
Ross Milligan   Chips - the Clapping Song
TJ Kross   The Creation of Man
Jason Farnham   I Buy Organic
Tony Lewis   Countdown Rising
Max DiCarlo   Political Vibration
 Drum Music Go To  
Jon Purdey   Darklands
Big Sound Music   Asante
Markus Bravo   Bazarre 7 (Drums Only)
Jon Purdey   Darklands - Perc + FX
Marc Filmer   Brute Force
Alessandro D'Aloia   Brazil Samba Reggae Long Loop 1..
Jason May   The Drum Circle #1 - 60 Sec
Fernando Diez   Another Place 60s
Stefano Fucili   Tribal Drums
Storm Drums   Suspicion (Drums and Bass)
 East European Music Go To  
Garry Cribb   Goulash Soup - Games Mix
Davor Devcic   Budapest
Alexander Khaskin   Gypsies Hey
Master David X   Tasted
Ivanka Ivanova   Stanka Picks the Foliage (Stank..
Cote d'Azur World Ensemble   Armenia.Duduk.My Fireplace
Hutsul Collection   Hutsul Collection - Accordion S..
Mitsch Kohn   Classical Folklore Klezmer
Ivanka Ivanova   Done, Maiden Dobro (Done Moma D..
Marc Filmer   Tsar of the Show
 Electronic Music Go To  
Ron Komie   Easy Money Jack (Sting4)
Solace   The Ghost That Moves Thru Trees
Music for Media   Asteroids
Kiki Pro   No Pierdas Na Inst
Sean Balli   It's a Trap (Electronica/Dubste..
Dan Phillipson   Changing Light (60sec)
Evan Zappa & the Necessity   Nightmares
Javier Pitera   The Sound of Nature
Cloud Hex   I Will Tear You Apart (Inst)
Phil Evans   Voyage to Nowhere Loop4
 European Music Go To  
Michael Levanios   Penny Whistle Pub 60
David C. Hewitt   Schindler's Last Stand
Ori Vidislavski   Song of Songs
Ron Komie   Holiday in Ireland (Bed Faster)
Nitzan Sagie   The Knight and His Lady
Michael Crowther   Italian Festival
Sotiris Sarkavazis   Synodoiporos
Steve Rice   Italian Wedding Tarantella
Really Free Music   Isthmus
Don Julin   Adagio
 Folk Music Go To  
Dustin Taylor Phillips   Adoration
Hanjo Gabler   Green Belt
Paul Reece   Take My Clothes Off (Instml)
Paul Reece   Corrina (Instml)
BeepCode   Bright Shine Love (Instrumental)
Ravage the Rain   Dreaming in the Shade
Carlos Estella   Mediterranean Style Presentation
Don Julin   White Hair and Wisdom
Somnium   Beautiful Memories - Short Loop
Richy Kicklighter   Night Train
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
Alec Makinson   Hawaiian Island (30sec Us)
Torfi Olafsson   It´S the Blink in Your Eyes
DJ Amboe   Goro Goro Ne Ft Imc Krontjong E..
David Talisman   Hawaiian Slack 1
Mana Rongo Rongo   Tu'U Maheke (Firstborn Son of H..
Eric Waters   Aloha Oe (60sec.)
Enrique Icka   Koro (Um Pa'E) (Earth Oven Feast)
Eric Waters   Uke Vacation
Ron Komie   Soaring to Maui (No Melody Fast..
Fabio Nunziata   Kalimba
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
Randy Vera   Bug Dialogue: Engineering Conse..
Benny Lava   Shut Me Down
Wesley Devine   Preach (30-Secs)
Gordon Nance   Clap to It (Party Record)
Wicked Ear Candy   Coolin'
Keldamuzik   Thirsty
Benny Lava   Sneeuw
Ariel Kelly   Violencia
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   Cool Cats
Boostylz   Can We Be Alone
 Horror Music Go To  
Media Music Pro   Creepy Crawly Fun
Michael Crowther   Ghosts in the Twilight
Laura Sanz   Lil Witches (30)
David C. Hewitt   Dies Irae [Verdi's Requiem] 15 ..
Bjarne O.   No Way Out
The Colors of the Dark   Psyco Stalker Element Three
Maxim Tyutmanov   Eye of Evil - Stem Bar 01-65 (D..
Greg Patmore   Demons
Dream Valley Music   Uneasy Listening (Loop 02)
Fowler and Branca   Alfred's Song
 Indian Music Go To  
Jasen Shawn Smith   Indian Summer (Abbreviated)
Wilton Vought   Ray of Creation
Suchitra Lata   Thaniye Jeevan
Akela Sun   Delhi Rose
Arjun Sen   Bidesi Saiyan (Loop 03)
Wael Mhanna   Morocco Souk (Loop 01)
Wilton Vought   Ray of Creation (Loop 1)
Shafa   Freaky Gang - "Sun Ve Yaara"
Filmmusic Group   Himalayan Piper: Indian Flute A..
Arjun Sen   So Much I Want to Say
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
Jonah Delso   Tarnsfield
Henrik Skanfors   Dance
Bjorn Lynne   One More Step
Wolftooth   Spark Fizz 60
Morceaux   Never Enough
Amycanbe   Different
Metronomik   Immaculate
Bent USA   Dehumanize
Patrick Joseph   Untangled (Faster Variation)
Rob Johnson   Garage Rock Superstar
 Japanese Music Go To  
Christopher Fuller   Japanese Harvest Festival 60 Se..
Michael Huang   Swords Clashing Under the Snowf..
Eric Waters   Sakura (90sec.)
Bobby Cole   Japanese Hip Hop Garden
Jason Farnham   Of the Sun
Christopher Fuller   Kyoto Sunset
Carl Miles   After After
Paul Gelsomine   Shugo Daimyo Battle - Impact
Taka Matsuda   Samurai Style (Acoustic Ver.)
Cyril Baranov   Red Snow
 Jazz Music Go To  
Omar Sosa   Suite For The Devil
Andy L   Be-Bap Scat (0.60 Instrumental ..
Ibiza Fashion House   Organ Sweet and Hard
Jim Pearce   More Rain Will Fall
Alain Debaisieux   Chillin' Bossa (30sec)
William Naughton   It Feels Like Love to Me
Oasis   Armonica
Ideascapes Music   Goin' Fishin
Alan Fagan   Al's Old Time Boogie
Jive Ass Sleepers   Back at the Blue Note
 Latin Music Go To  
Julio Kladniew   Tango Chill Loop 1
Diego Gallego   Camino de Extramadura
Eric Waters   Tango On 8 Legs
Gary Gibson   No Comment
Tom Jemmott   Malaguena (Guitar)
Deep Sister   Hello Remix (60 Sec)
Estudiante   Jamas Decirte Adios
Andy L   King of Flamenco (0.60 Edit 2)
Al Vienneau   Latin Smash and Grab (Loop 01)
David Harper   Polka Dot Girls Instrumental 30
 Middle East Music Go To  
Carl Miles   Caravan Winds
Bjorn Lynne   Gateway of the Gods
Andy L   Arabian Madness (0.55 Edit)
Abbas Premjee LP   Restless Heart
Stan Tristan   40 Days of Temptation Bml
Solace   Mahtab-Moonlight Mix Pt 4
Joe Pignato   River Voices (Vocals Without Ch..
Bruce Hathaway   Serpent Rising
Michael Keck   Tish Nigun Clarinet and Cello D..
Michael Keck   Desert Tranquility
 Military Music Go To  
Jakaranda   Symphonic Vocal - the Galleys
Storm Drums   Hope of Success
Anthony Clarkson   Great Adventures (60 Sec)
Marc Filmer   A Yo-Yo From Ma
Dan Morrissey   Gargantuan
Dewey Dellay   Battle New
Don Garbutt   The Heroes
Pierre Langer   Black Monolith
Gennadiy Alekseevich   Brave Parade (March - 2)
Fabian Del Priore   Battle in the Arena
 National Anthems Go To  
Antoinette Tredanary   Star Spangled Banner
Bobby Cole   American National Anthem Tradit..
Doubletime Creations   Japan National Anthem
The Producers   Brazil National Anthem
Steve Rice   Hatikvah - Israeli National Ant..
The Producers   Canada National Anthem
The Producers   Russia National Anthem
Hanjo Gabler   Deutsche Nationalhymne
Bobby Cole   Mexico National Anthem
Robert Neary   Djibouti National Anthem
 New Age Music Go To  
Nicholas Gunn   Count Your Blessings
Manuka Dreams   Crystal Lights #1
Nicholas Gunn   Azaela Sunrise
Stefan Bode   The Dream (No Tribal Drums)
Joey Curtin   Be Thou My Vision
William Pearson   Memories of You (Wp) 01 Mt
Suzanne Ciani   I Believe in Love
Mitsch Kohn   To Wipe the Slate Clean
Brenda Elthon   Piano - Smiling Through the Tears
Nicholas Gunn   Bridal Falls
 News Music Go To  
Danny Jones   The Spy From Greece
David C. Hewitt   The Corporation 60 Sec
Valeriy Antonyuk   Good Forecast
Erwin Steijlen   Building Clouds
Len Miller   Slightly Twisted Front Then Big..
Rick Bushnell   AtmosBuilder2
Kenton Gilchrist   Nightly News Theme
Seyhan Canyakan   Action
Bobby Cole   The Sound of News Hit
John Kayne   Uplifting Inspirational
 Pop Music Go To  
George Pauley   A Good Day (15 sec)
Kyle Gray Young   Rough Draft
Freddie Ipson   Kiss Me Like You Love Me
Damir Kolakovic   Right Back
Mike McGuill   Electro Daddy-O (Full Mix)
Angela Predhomme   So Easy
Music For TV and Games   Where's the Party At
Nicki Kris   Fall Apart (Do You Miss Me Too)
Danah   Your Love
Denis Woods   Avatar
 Reggae Music Go To  
Alex Olejnik   Ragga Days
Casey Burnett   Skunky Funk 60 Sec
Frequencee   Dont Stop the Dancehall 30 Sec
Stefan Bode   Kingston Town (Stinger 01)
Wayne Dawkins   Beach Party
Brighter Note   Reggae Rum Punch
Stefan Bode   Summertime Reggae (Loop 02)
AltoSync   Hold It Down
Mechanik Project   Dub Cowboys
William Pearson   Dogs Gone Wild (Wp) 01 Mt
 Reggaeton Music Go To  
Alejandro Salas   Yo Sigo Pa Lante
Add-On Music Group   Ayay (Reggaeton)
Edouard Andre Reny   Party People (Sequence 15s - A)
Add-On Music Group   Eclipses
Music For TV and Games   Salsa La Reggeton!
Edouard Andre Reny   Party People (Sequence 30s - C)
Cheke y Trauma   Baila y No Pares
Denise Rivera   Stay If You Want Me (30-Cut)
Stefan Bode   No Se
Kiki Pro   El Caballo Inst
 RnB Music Go To  
Jive Ass Sleepers   Strawberry Soul
Eddie Caldwell   Natural Feelings
Ron Komie   All in On Love (Sting)
Malaya Blue   Ivory Tower
Eddie Caldwell   Power
Peter Bennborn Project   Made for Me
Alan Fagan   Jambalaya Strut
Marshall Smith   U Meant Nothing (Instr)
Tony Sway   Your Lips (Are On My Mind)
 Rock Music Go To  
Will Graettinger   The Boss
Nils Bergholz   Timepieces - Stinger2
Max Brodie   Clap Your Hands
Akela Sun   Oxygene
Anthony Alleeson   Gunsmoke
Paul Mclinden   Beanbags
Gentry Bronson   Wild Women
Ron Komie   Make This Kiss Last Forever (Fu..
Brian Thomas Curtin   Bounty Hunter 60 Sec A
Dan Phillipson   On The Horizon
 Science Fiction Music Go To  
Tony Lewis   Dynamic Pulse Epic Trailer Alt ..
Andrea Ravizza   Epic Celebration - Loop 3 - Str..
Ron Komie   Alien Proximity (Stinger1)
Christophe Espern   Child Soldiers
Lionel Cohen   The Negation of Distance
Ron Komie   Beacon of Evil (Full)
Denis Woods   Vacuum
Jeff Broadbent   Cylink
Jo Masino   Heartbeat of the Universe (60se..
Visions of the Dark   Repeat This Bass Drone Three
 Singer/Songwriter Go To  
Colin O'Dwyer   Two Lime Tanqueray
Chris Michols   Alone (Guitar and Vocals Only)
Max DiCarlo   My Flame
Jeremy Kunz   Let Me Go
Michael Panasuk   I Won't Stop - Instrumental - 6..
David & Loren Laue   No Hero Here
Henrik Skanfors   Lonely Are the Brave
Suchitra Lata   Love Kite
Angela Predhomme   Alive and Free
Angela Predhomme   Release
 Sound-Alikes Music Go To  
Gary Wolk   The Taxman Never Knows
Eddie Caldwell   Otherside of the Earth
Casey Arrillaga   Opening Credits (Williams)
Eddie Caldwell   Love Song
Sergiu Muresan   The Mauve Panther