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Music Editor's Picks

Our Stock Music Site music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 5,464 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Action Music Go To  
Daniel Cullen   Into the Fray
Joey Stebanuk   Dark Seduction
Ryszard Osada   Golden Eyes – Trailer Presentat..
Pierre Langer   Eternal Monument (Loop 02)
Dmitry Efimov   Uneasy Way
Thomas Hogan (LP)   Take Action (30-Secs Version)
Sergey Osipov   God's Gladiators
Pierre Langer   Mars Science
Jean de Aguiar   Epic
Ferenc Hegedus   Black Storm (30-Secs Version)
 African Music Go To  
Mendes Brothers   02-A Sul de Sara
Andy Schofield   African Hearts (No Strings) 0 30
WarChild   Stand Tall, 48 Sec a Capella
Ferenc Hegedus   End of a Journey
Bjorn Lynne   Beneath Another Sky (60-Secs Ve..
Ferenc Hegedus   Place of Origin
Ray Egan   African Celebrations
Geoffrey Wilson   The Road to Kenya 15 Second
Andy Schofield   African Hearts 0 05
Akela Sun   Massai Massai
 Americana Music Go To  
Paul Reece   Immigration
Vess Ray   Village Dance
Sean McCabe   German Girl
Peter Prince   The Last Thing You're Looking f..
Code Switcher   Getting Good at Getting Over You
Dewey Dellay   Wise Nation
Adrian Haene   New Home (Underscore Version)
Adrian Haene   New Home
 Animal Music Go To  
RLC Music   Baa Baa Black Sheep (5 Sec Edit..
The Hi Freqs   The Ants Go Marching
Steve Mark   Happiest Cat On Earth - 60 Sec
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (Two Banjos)
Animalistix   Toad Rider
Greg Brimson   All About Cats
Richard Gardzina   Crickets House Jam
Alec Makinson   Dogs Dinner (30sec FX)
Music Boutique   Turkey in the Straw (No Jaw Harp)
Mark S. Crocker   Penguin Walk
 Asian Music Go To  
Shahin Badar   Laila (30 Sec)
Kenji Aoi   Tibetan Chanting
Jean-Pierre Lantieri   Isan Joy
SaitoSphere   Indahnya Lebaran
After in Paris   Asie 3
Frederic Kooshmanian   Chengdu Escape
After in Paris   Asia 2
Keith Nolan   Pathway to a Smiling Land
Steve Urwin   Katmandu
Owen Phillips   Through the Fields (Seamless Lo..
 Blues Music Go To  
AlexPaul   Blues 70
Richy Kicklighter   Blues Live
Michael Corn   Raven's Blues
Mark Fitchett   Blues - Don't Chain My Guitar
Frank Enea   Pretty Raggedy
C.J. Masters   I Love Country Music
Michael Keck   Dusty Mountain - Ver A
John Lee Sanders   Foreclose On the House of Love
Rich Harper   Watch Out for That Girl (Instru..
Sam Clunie   Dirt & Denim
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Vicious Vicious   Stay With Me Tonight (Feat. Mat..
Dynamedion GbR   Meditating (60 Second) [Audiosp..
Complicated Animals   O Que Passou
Really Free Music   Brazilliance
Mark Allaway   Latin Clarinet
After in Paris   Happy Choro
Camille St. Vincent   Otherwise Existence (Instrument..
Al Vienneau   Ambient Smooth Bossa (Stinger 2)
Nigel Male   Bahia V2
Don Taylor   Bossita
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King 30's V2 (No Drum Per..
David Flavin   Whistlers Mother
A-P-M Productions   Charleston Stride Lo-Fi Undersc..
Jester Mask   The Happy Chick
Alastair Cameron   Elephant and the Flea
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King 60's (No Drum Perc. ..
David Flavin   Skip and Strut
Guido Gavazzi   Dancing Mice
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King 30's V1 (No Drum Per..
Titi AM   Happy Kids
 Childrens Music Go To  
Christian Andersson   Bard in the Valley
HarpString Productions   Island Troll
Pete Bax   Camptown Races
Garry Cribb   Magic Touch
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (Loop D)
Ferenc Hegedus   Secrets of My Family (30-Secs V..
Nery Bauer   Thais Waltz (Stinger 01)
Jean Pascal Vielfaure   Chabada
Pierre Langer   Get It Groovin' (15-Secs Version)
Really Free Music   Star Light, Star Bright
 Chinese Music Go To  
Eric Waters   Jasmine Flower (60sec.)
Memory from the Past   Prairie's Clouds
Shuang Long Tou   Night Perfume (New Age)
Amazing Music   Manchu Mystery
Cyril Baranov   Yellow River (Guzheng and Xiao)
Bjorn Lynne   Hope Is Always There (60-Secs V..
Mark Knox   Hot and Sour Soup (60sec)
Oliver Sadie   Beauty of the Silk Road
Carlos Estella   China
Michael Keck   Lotus Flower
 Christmas Music Go To  
Addam Farmer   Christmas Time
Dean Wagg   Something Magical Comes at Chri..
i-Volution   Jingle Bells Russian Comedy
Steve Barden   A Christmas Wish
Petr Kiselev   The Little Christmas Story
KLM Music   Christmas Parade (No Sleigh Bel..
Alec Makinson   12 Days Xmas (60sec)
Eric Waters   Holiday 3 - Bells
Diamond City   Christmas Fun End C 24
Ron Komie   The Holly And The Ivy
 Circus Music Go To  
Michael Levanios   Circus Time (W Drums)
Darren W. Chamberlain   Entrance of the Gladiators
Leon Phsyx   Madhatter
Ori Vidislavski   Circus Dance (Loop 01)
Stefan Bode   Retro Video Game Mushroom Boogie
Mark S. Crocker   Circus Freeway
Michael Levanios   Circus Time (Stinger 2)
Ed Hartman   Big Top Waltz
Thomas Beckner   Country Carnival Carousel
Giuseppe Zanca   Piscina
 Classical Music Go To  
Tony DiMito   Sans Souci
Nicholas Pesci   Ave Maria By Bach/Gounod (Medit..
PianoPassion   Chopin - A Minor Waltz
Joey Curtin   August Rainstorm
Jens Larsson   Preludium in C Major By Bach
Philharmonia La Seine   Wagner.Overture to the Flying D..
David C. Hewitt   Eine Kleine Nachtmusik [Mozart]
Classical Music Elegance   Prelude Opus 28 No.4 E Minor (S..
Saint-Petersburg Orchestra   Capriccio Espagnol III
Alexey Kaleynikov   Classical Piano. Nocturne By Le..
 Comedy Music Go To  
Jonathan Wright   Desperate Dramedy
Valeriy Antonyuk   Circus Moment
Giulio Fazio   Cabaret Voltaire
Paint Chips   Orange Poppy March
Edward Blakeley   Magic From the 50s
Giulio Fazio   Cabaret Voltaire
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (30sec)
Simon Stevens   Quirky Comedy 60 secs
Dream Valley Music   Sambatastico (Vocal Version)
Dream Valley Music   Showtime
 Corporate Music Go To  
David Flavin   Skip and Strut Stinger
D. Silverstone   Ray of Sunshine - Short Edit
Louise Heaney   The Streets Loop 3
David Matthias   There It Is
KLM Music   Gentle Acoustic
KLM Music   Inspiring Sky (60 Sec)
Art Munson   Playing With Light
D.C. SoulPlusMind   Whistle Work
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi   Dark Hood 30sec. B
Len Miller   Snarky Front Positive Back (No ..
 Country Music Go To  
Lochlainn Seabrook   Frost On the Pumpkin
Johnny Azari   A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose (Ins..
Kevin Reardon   Halfway to Her Love
Craig McConnell   Appalachian Stream Loop
Robin Munson   Somebody Other Than Me - Instru..
Alien Dream Park   Bluegrassinagreenvalley
William Naughton   Dig Deep Ride Hard
Code Switcher   Make This Our Best--Instrumenta..
Purple Mountain   The Man I'll Never Be
Gary Wolk   One More Look
 Dance Music Go To  
RLC Music   Train of Thought
Songwriterz   Stay... Oh My!
Wilton Vought   Dance for Joy (60)
Boostylz   Love Machine
Wilton Vought   Dance for Joy (60b)
Adam Skorupa   Beach Life (60-Secs Version)
Shaun Taylor-Corbett   Whatcha' Do to Me
Piotr Pacyna   Big City Lounge
Anikiko   Surfing the Wind
Cosher   Tribe Feat. Janice
 Dangerous Music Go To  
David C. Hewitt   Security Code (Robbery & Espion..
Travis Lohmann   Retribution
Dream Valley Music   Here's the Plan (30-Secs Version)
Amazing Music   Doom of the City
Milana Zilnik   Blue Monday
Cruciform   Breeding Darkness - Rock Edition
Denis Woods   Command
Richard Freitas   Run and Hide Underscore
Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis   Abattu
Alastair Cameron   Time to Go! 10 Second Version
 Dramatic Music Go To  
Carlos Estella   The Clock (Life Goes On)
Erik Haddad   Untangled
Ron Komie   Fun and Games (Nodrums)
Jeff Whitcher   Forensic Puzzles
David C. Hewitt   Arrivals & Departures (Instr.)
Jonathan Wright   World of Heroic Adventures
Marco Pesci   One More Breath
Pure Tone   Black Suv's
Alec Makinson   Housewives Folly (Main Mix)
Gabriele Bazzi Berneri   Hollywood!
 Drum Music Go To  
Jon Purdey   Shogun - Short Version
Eric Waters   Jazz Drums No.1 (15sec.)
Kfir Perez   True Fire (Epic Hybrid Percussi..
Eric Bolvin   Drum Lights
Jon Purdey   Shogun - No FX
Ben Harris   Drums of War 2
Igge Scoce   City Action - 60:Sec Attention
Ariel Kalma   Drum Trance
ElevenTwelve   Thunder Waltz
Ariel Kalma   Fire Drums
 East European Music Go To  
Kamran Tatar   Russian Gypsy Bkl
DJ Purple Rabbit   DJ Purple Rabbit - Ride Your Do..
Steve Henrichs   Mournful Armenian Flute 15 Sec
Lionel Refson   Piano Thoughts
Tom Hajduk   Jedno Zdjecie (Feat. Anna)
Garry Cribb   Goulash Soup - Games Mix
Darikus Whalen   Sunrise Over Ukraine
Dmitry Rozmeriza   Dmitry Rozmeriza - Moldavian Ka..
Kamran Tatar   Gelin Halaya Bkl
Tom Hajduk   Strange Song
 Electronic Music Go To  
Mike McGuill   Tomorrow Today (60sec Full Mix)
Martians on Maui   At Night
Jonas Bateman   Summer Sky
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Feel My Longing
Alan Killian   Super Groove
Wesley Devine   Storyteller (Loop 03)
Stan Erbrink   Fish N Chips (8-Bit Chiptune)
Jeff Lizerbram   Time Machine
BrunoSteele Music   Rollin'
Damir Kolakovic   Love and Trust
 European Music Go To  
Amy Elizabeth Wheeler   Jeune Fillette
Michael Levanios   Penny Whistle Pub (Stinger 3)
Jeremy Sherman   Lanagan's Ball (60-Secs Version)
Steve Margoshes   When We Were Young
Ross Milligan   Midnight Bistro
Ron Komie   Holiday in Ireland (Bed Faster)
Vintage Music Library   Radetzky Marsch -N28
Dream Valley Music   Mountain Lake (60-Secs Version)
Colin Willsher   The Onion Seller
Art Munson   Irish Dancer (DNB)
 Folk Music Go To  
Paul Reece   Whatever
Art Munson   Americana Morning - No Drums
Bjorn Lynne   One More Step
Michael Keck   Tish Nigun Clarinet and Cello D..
Jef Chandler   Lullaby
Dean Graham Wolfe   Spark of Light
Paul Reece   Happy to Be Who I Am (Inst)
Chuck Mott   Simplicity (Stinger 1)
Paul Reece   Like Butterflies (Vocal)
Paul Reece   Step It Up and Go (Inst)
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
Alec Makinson   Hawaiian Island (Underscore)
Dan Gautreau   Sunny Side (30-Secs Version)
Enrique Icka   Ko Vaihu Te Tokerau (The Altar ..
Ron Komie   Soaring to Maui (No Melody)
Torfi Olafsson   Fated to Love
Pandemic   Tiki Hut Paradise
Ohiro Hiro   Etahi (One)
Dan Gautreau   Sunny Side
Jason Savell   A Day at the Beach
Mana Rongo Rongo   Tu'U Maheke (Firstborn Son of H..
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
Gordon Nance   Lets Get Drunk (Clean)
108 Music   Epic Hip Hop
After in Paris   Favela Love
Nicholas Pesci   Violin Beatz (Version B)
Dot Matrix   Booji Cats
Chuck Henry   Roll Out
Add-On Music Group   Put Your Drinks Up (Explicit)
O-Face Productions   Keep It On Me
Jean-Thomas Cloutier   Meet Me At The Top - Loop A
 Horror Music Go To  
Danny Williams   The Angels of Dystopia
Jonathan Adamich   The Battle of D'Khorah
Bjarne O.   Fun for Rats
RLC Music   Restless Souls
David Bradley   The Black Widow
The Colors of the Dark   Shrill Halls Element Three
Somnium   Spooky Music Box
Garry Cribb   Spooksville
Robert Neary   Horror Story America
Ross Milligan   Spooksville
 Indian Music Go To  
Wilton Vought   Dharma (Sweep 2)
Bjorn Lynne   Forest Fantasy (60-Secs Version)
Dream Valley Music   Bollywood Seduction
Hassan Khan   Pure Shanti
Chris Wiseman (Alt. Project)   Bollywood Dreams
Irvin Duguid   Indian Bus-Stop
Wilton Vought   Solitude (60-2)
Nagbansi   The Name of the Disease
Suchitra Lata   Thaniye Jeevan
Amazing Music   Bharat Sanskrit
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
Robert Cole Band   One Step Closer
Fresh Body Shop   Draw the Circle
Uranium 235   Creator
Uranium 235   Uranium 235
Number One Contender   I'll Stop
Roeland Ruijsch   Good Life
Liam Killen   Fanciful
Nyki Lindsay King   My Addictions
The Labrets   Subway Station
Roeland Ruijsch   2 Little 2 Late Instr. No Static
 Japanese Music Go To  
Mark Knox   Hiroshima (Inst - 60sec)
Jason Farnham   Origami Swan
Chushingura   Act 3- 1
Cyril Baranov   Last Battle March (Taiko Drums ..
Chushingura   Act 1- 3
Doubletime Creations   Solemn Japanese Traditional (15..
Audio Architect Music   Bad Sushi
Dewey Dellay   Opening for Omiai (Japanese)
Doubletime Creations   Kuroda Japanese Traditional (60..
Peter Godfrey   Traditional Japanese Melody (2)
 Jazz Music Go To  
Jive Ass Sleepers   Glad Rags
Steve Rice   Ja Da - Stride Piano
Justin Swadling   Dark Matter
John Swanson   Luck Ain't Got Nothin' To Do Wi..
Nicoco   Funjazz
Ron Komie   Primal Rockabilly Blues Full
A Cup of Bossas   A Kind of Dream
Adagio Music   Fruit Salad (Modern Jazz Piano ..
MX47   Lounge Lizard Cosmic Cocktails
Alain Debaisieux   Suspense Chicago Flute
 Latin Music Go To  
Anthony Alleeson   El Tropico
Elite Sync Lab   Cold As Ice
Michael Keck   Tango My Tango
Mitsch Kohn   Te Quiero
AL Music   El Guitarrero (0.46 Edit)
Olivier Olsen   Meditation
Andrej Hrasko   No Duele Mas
The Hi Freqs   Esperando
Eric Waters   Passive Motion (Solo Guitar)
Really Free Music   Sonido de La Calle
 Middle East Music Go To  
Arjun Sen   Near Vana Part 2
Dream Valley Music   Cairo Jewel
Arjun Sen   Near Vana Part 2 (Loop 02)
SMM Productions   Mystic Orient (Reduced Mix) A
Bendaly Family   Waadouni (They Promised Me)
Marc Filmer   Dreams of Far-Away Arabian Lands
Andrzej Rayski   Ramallah
Bendaly Family   Galbi Ana Msamah (My Heart Forg..
Jimmy Reid   Arabic Cello
The Music Bakery   Hava Nagilah :30a
 Military Music Go To  
RLC Music   Lacrimosa (Trailer 60)
Dan Morrissey   Thunderhead
Storm Drums   Hope of Success
HarpString Productions   Waking Victory
Iouri Sazonov (LP)   Destroyer of the Universe (With..
Ron Komie   Spy Technology Wars 2
Collin Scudder   No Surrender - (Heroic, Militar..
Michael Keck   Military Base Camp Attack A
Jaap Visser   March to the Tigris
Steve Urwin   The War Division (15)
 National Anthems Go To  
Colin Willsher   Starspangledtwanger
Alec Makinson   God Save the Queen (Orchestral)
Stefano Fucili   European Union Nation Anthem (O..
Robert Neary   Sweden National Anthem
Music Boutique   Star Spangled Banner (Fife and ..
The Producers   United States of America Nation..
Stefano Fucili   European Union Nation Anthem (O..
Stefano Fucili   European Union Nation Anthem (O..
Bobby Cole   Italy National Anthem Trad
Bobby Cole   American National Anthem Tradit..
 New Age Music Go To  
Carlos Carty   Light in the Sky
Michael Keck   Venus Eyes 5min
Olivier Olsen   Apnea
Arjun Sen   So Much I Want to Say
Nicholas Gunn   Sorrow
Anthony Alleeson   Karma Dreams (45 Sec)
Bjorn Lynne   The Beauty of Being
Akela Sun   Time-Lapse Travellers
Erik Haddad   Solar Abyss
Anthony Alleeson   Karma Dreams (Drumless)
 News Music Go To  
Marco Pesci   Motion Bed
Kenneth W. Lovell Jr   News Style1
Marco Pesci   Caffeine Loop C
Len Miller   Fast Tempo Serious to Plan
Len Miller   A Softer Energy
Greg Patmore   Ident (Stinger)
Len Miller   Steadily Building News
Len Miller   Pulsing Negativity (No Percussi..
Donal Lee Finn   Up and Away
Len Miller   Thoughtful Then a Build to Posi..
 Pop Music Go To  
Alec Makinson   Go-Go Getter (Main Mix)
Catya Mare   Tell Me Why
David Scance   Harmonious (30 Sec)
Suchitra Lata   Basic Necessity
Shadowfinder   Till the Summer Is Gone
Randy Vera   Tipping Point for Trend: "Right..
Rob Johnson   Maybe I'm Blind
Julia Dowler   Between Two Lines
Bartok Music   Flame in My Heart
Richy Kicklighter   Million Miles From Here
 Reggae Music Go To  
Stefan Bode   Sunshine Movement (Stinger 01)
Wayne Dawkins   Cleopatra (Instrumental)
Alex Olejnik   To the Island
Big Sound Music   Snappin 30
Mark Caesar - The Physician   Put a Spell Pon Meh
Wayne Dawkins   Beach Party
Studio 1   Space Jam 15sec
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi   Finally 30 Sec. C
Don Taylor   Reggae Times
Dadian   Ganja Man
 Reggaeton Music Go To  
CyClone   Swing
Edouard Andre Reny   Party People (Instrumental)
Stefan Bode   Tiempo de Sol
Edouard Andre Reny   Party People (Stinger)
Stefan Bode   Baile Para Mi (Stinger 02)
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Club Miami (Loop 04)
Nicholas Pesci   Latin Baroque - 60sec
Stefan Bode   Vamonos (Underscore Version)
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic   Partido Vamos (We Match) (60-Se..
Nigel Male   Dubaton
 RnB Music Go To  
Tony Sway   Model for Me
The Oliverwho Factory   SO FAR AWAY
Dot Matrix   Booji Cat (Inst.)
Khoa Le   Breathless
Leon Ayers, Jr.   Motor City Cruisers (Narrative)
Gustavo Coutinho   Groove Crime
Ron Komie   Am I Tough Enough
Simone Mencarelli   Theresa (Why?)
Fab   I'll Never Get Over You (Verse ..
Stephen Alpert   Grooving Anywhere Will Do
 Rock Music Go To  
Gary Wolk   Doorways
Twisterbait   Let's Go Shopping 60sec Edit
David C. Hewitt   Security Code (Robbery & Espion..
Chris Hodges   Rock Zone
Richie Milton   Robot Mama Pt 2
Ravage the Rain   A Girl Like You
Brandon Patton   What's the Worst That Could Hap..
Felipe Adorno Vassao   Losing My Mind for You (Vocal V..
Gentry Bronson   Wild Women
Michele Vanni   Supercilious- Loop - 3
 Science Fiction Music Go To  
Stobierski & DeBenedictis   Battlefield (Live Symphony Orch..
Andrea Ravizza   Epic Celebration - Logo (Finale..
Valencia Magic   Near Death Visions 60sec
Damian Martin Turnbull   Ambient Skies (Loop 03)
Linwood Bell   Tender Space
Christian Ugenti   The Age of Argon no percs
Anatoly Shestopalov   The Music of the Universe
Andrea Ravizza   Epic Celebration - 30 Seconds
Lionel Cohen   The Formula
Sam Clunie   Area 52
 Singer/Songwriter Go To  
Chris Michols   Alone
Henrik Skanfors   Grey Autumn Sweater
Bill Madison   Come Back to the Mountain
David & Loren Laue   High Heels & Highballs
David Harbottle   Bold Street Bill
Cary Kanno   Take Our Time
Ben Pryer   Far Away
The Answer Productions   Changing Colours
Cary Kanno   Happy All the Time
Vagabond Beach   I Don't Know Anymore
 Sound-Alikes Music Go To  
Justin Crosby   Holograms (Skrillex Style Dubst..
Nicholas Pesci   Morning Breeze Instrumental
Toomas Erm   Second Coming
Joe Vercillo   Where I Belong (Instrumental)
Alexander Tobias Orest   Next in Line
Amazing Music   Minute for Jazz
Gary Wolk   Who's Kinky?
Nicholas Pesci   Morning Breeze
Michael Behm