Scary Horror Thriller Music and SFX For Halloween
For Spine-Tingling Fun, We've Got The Music For a Ghoulish Good Time

What can be scarier than midnight in a deep forest with distant church bells chiming, crows screaming, and a 9-foot-tall monster behind the tree!?!  Run for your life!  Our composers have conjured up creepy, spooky music perfect for your evil Horror and Halloween movies, twisted video games, and nightmare commercials! 

Here you will discover Satanic chanting, organ swells, scurrying rats and screeching bats, yelping coyotes on steroids, cannibal feasts, and freaky-spacey music for paranormal settings, whack-o carnival rides, haunted houses, vampires, zombies, and other gross-out tracks – all to scare the kiddies. And take a listen to the creepy "Buried Alive -- I'm Not Dead Yet" for a real groaning howl...
With tens of thousands of hot music and sound effect tracks for your horror flicks, haunted houses, Halloween specials, video games, software, iPhone apps and all kinds of embedded uses, sets the standard for Halloween Horror!

Top Horror Artists

Pierre Langer
Tom Jemmott
Michael Crowther
Dewey Dellay
Space Taster
Music Candy
David C. Hewitt
David Gosnell
Joel Steudler
Justin Crosby

New Horror Tracks

Darkness Awaits
The Haunted Clock
Dark Experimental Am..
Every Midnight
Dark Protocol
Alone in the Woods
Dreaded Apprehesion
Eternal Nightmare
The Graveyard Special
Baba Yaga


Top Horror Tracks

Spirit of Light
Scary Fairy
Morpheus Calls
An Assassin's Tale
Arise From Ashes
Fist of Might
After 400 Years
Spiderwebs in My Hai..
Ghosts in the Twilight
Witched House
Dies Irae
Theremin Vitaman
Last Stand
Monster Parade
String Chase - Orche..
Technically Insane
The Omen
Gremlin Choir
Empty World
Exorcism Gone Wrong
They Are Coming
I See Dead People
Heavy Metal Powerful..
Le Dejeuner
The Summoning
Monster Mash Dance P..
Evil Lullaby
Alliance of Darkness
Fear the Darkness
Twinkle Twinkle Litt..
Stranger Things
He's Behind You
Endless Horror
A Box of Lost Memories
Halloween Adventure
Boogey Nights
Rats in a Rug
Orchestrated Thrille..
Ancient Suburban Bur..
Spooky Eerie Theremin
I Like Nightmares
The Walking Dead
Demented Clown
Occult Voices
Horror Track
From Hell
Crazy Trees
Pumpkins Night
Spirit of Halloween
Creepy Ambient Horro..
You Witch
Pirate Treasure
Twinkle Twinkle Gone..
Skies of Fire
The Watchers
Bach Fantasia in G M..
House of Halloween
The Exorcist 60 Sec
Late Night Lullaby
Month Song Hell Chil..
They Came From Outer..
Horror Behind the Ce..
Monstrous Mischief
The Jurassic Beast -..
Disturbed Mind
Evil Lurks
Quiet Horror
Portrait of a Serial..
Psychological Epic H..
Haunted Mansion

Genre List

Classic Retro Thriller
Contemporary Thriller
Creepy Organ Music
Dance Contemporary
Dance Traditional
Funeral & Death
Gothic Intense
Gothic Moderate
Halloween Horror
Halloween Whimsical
Haunted Carnival
Haunted Children
Haunted Mansion
Haunted Pirate Music
Hip Horror
Horror Action Intense
Horror Action Moderate
Horror Ambience
Horror Chase
Horror Contemplative
Horror Edgy
Horror Electronica
Horror Haunted Choirs
Horror Metal
Horror MusicPacks
Horror Piano
Horror Psychological
Horror Torture Music
Horror World Beat
Monster Pop
Theremin music

Haunted Children & Nursery Rhymes
Scary, evil, macabre and/or possessed children laughing, playing, crying or singing nursery rhymes, and horror instrumental versions of nursery rhymes.

Haunted Carnival and Circus Music
Sometimes a fun experience such as a trip to a carnival or circus can go horribly awry. The music here captures that scenario for you, ready for use in your film, TV show, game or other media.

Edgy Horror Music
Edgy building horror music, with a sinister present danger, perfect for lurking evil, stranger in waiting, imminently upon you with horrible consequences.

Moderate Horror Music
Horror music for moderate action scenes, not overly intense. Evil in motion, preparing for a dreaded confrontation or situation.

Intense Horror Music
Intense, supremely scary music for heavy action scenes, battles and climaxes. This is ultra- frightening music, super intense, bone chilling and highly dangerous.

Spooky Whacky Theremin Music
The theremin is a wacky electronic music instrument invented in the 1920s. Often associated with a very eerie sound, this led to its use in movie soundtracks and as theme tunes on TV. It's a classic retro music sound often associated with sci-fi and supernatural occurrences, and makes a great effect in dramatic horror music.

Horror Ambient Soundscapes
Quasi-musical in nature, these soundscapes and underscores are horrifying and fear-inducing. More special effect than music, a soundscape often consts of natural sounds such as animal sounds, weather and other natural elements often mixed with environmental sounds.

Halloween Horror
Here you will discover scary, horrific, music for Halloween. This subgenre presents music that is ideal for Halloween horror film and TV productions; it is the perfect music for this occasion, very frightening, perfect for capturing the dread and horror of Halloween, when the dead walk the earth and all hell breaks loose.

Halloween Whimsical and Kitschy Music
Scary, whacky, silly, music for Halloween, perfect for trick-or-treaters, costume parties, carving pumpkins, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. This is the perfect music for this occasion, not overly horrifying, often kitschy in nature.

Haunted Creepy Organ Music
The music of church pipe organs works well in the Horror music genre. Envision an evil, deranged psychotic lunatic, sitting in a hallowed place such as a church, invoking the Devil himself via some unholy musical ability.

Gothic Horror Music
Gothic music is used often in horror productions. It's perfect for evil-laden scenes, both traditional and contemporary, where some horror is manifesting itself, revealing the pure evil nature that lurks within.

Sound Effects for Halloween and Horror
Here you will discover all the sound effects of Halloween and Horror including Beasts, Cauldrons boiling, Chainsaws, Creaking doors and floors, Creatures, Devil, Satan and minions, Dungeons, Evil laughter, Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, Graveyards, Gremlins, Grim Reaper, Haunted houses, Hell, Monsters, Nightmares, Ogres, Psychotic lunatics, Scary voices, Screaming, Torture chambers, Trick-or-Treaters, Vampire bats, Vampires, Werewolfs, Witches and Zombies.