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Our clients at StockMusicSite.com continue to find amazing and creative ways to use the world-class music they find here. This includes in commercial advertising, travel promos, sizzle reels, photo shoots, feature-length motion pictures, short films, trailers and much more. Check out the great videos below and, if desired, you can also immediately license any of the tracks used in any of these videos!

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   The Australian Broadcasting Corporation & Sydney Opera House Trust
The Opera House Project, The Story of an Australian Icon + Music by A-P-M Productions
   Date Posted: Oct 20, 2017
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Today the world celebrates the 44th Birthday of the iconic Sydney Opera House, which opened October 20, 1973. Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the massive construction project began in 1958 -- and today Australians and music lovers can enjoy 1,500 performances each year...

This epic film, "The Opera House Project," produced in 2014 for @ABCInnovation by Sam Doust and Tim Bosanquet, tells the captivating story one of the world's most innovative architectural marvels -- and you can explore it all through an online interactive 3-D documentary, at your own pace. Writer and Director Sam Doust narrates the intro trailer, backed by A-P-M Productions' elegant Erik Satie Classical piano solo, lending an air of beauty and mystery to the film: E. Satie Gnossienne No. 1

To explore the documentary and archives, from the design, engineering, and construction aspects, to 40 years of performance and events, click here for an exciting tale of risk and adventure: http://theoperahouseproject.com/

An amazing 8.2 million visitors from Australia and around the world pass through the Sydney Opera House each year, with over 300,000 enjoying the guided tours...


   Marzano Films Ltd, Quarley, Hampshire, UK
Marzano Films Ltd. Showreel 2017 + Music by Storm Drums
   Date Posted: Oct 19, 2017
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Fasten your seatbelt and take a wild ride with Marzano Films Ltd, who specialize in exciting aerial photography. Notably, their clients include Disney, Sony Pictures, Universal, Alex Myers & Associates, Gerard de Thame, and Ridley Scott Associates, to name a few. At the helm of the company is John Marzano, considered one of the world's top aerial directors of photography and remote-head camera operators.

With over 100 feature films and many television dramas, documentaries, and commercials to his name, John has included in their 2017 sizzle reel massive film explosions, street warfare, awesome seafaring vessels, hazardous top-of-the-world film footage, and daredevil escapades that will chill you to the bone!

We are honored the client selected a track by Storm Drums, our talented Israeli composer/producer who has a growing catalog of over 260 tracks online here at Stock Music Site. His backing track is in the style of Flo Rida and Pitbull -- perfect for many usages, including aerial photography, action films, club scenes, fashion runway, and more. And here's the track: Ride With Flow

As you watch on pins and needles, the finale shows a number of Marzano Films' recent blockbuster movie credits...


   Peter Ganim, New York City
American Actor Peter Ganim "Retro Reel" + Music by Pierre Langer
   Date Posted: Oct 19, 2017
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EXCITING NEWS - our client Peter Ganin is guest starring in "Madam Secretary" (CBS) this Sunday, Oct. 22 (10:30 Eastern/10:00 Pacific). Tune in to catch his role as the Lebanese Ambassador, Samir Nassif... On Sunday, Peter plays a serious dude with a macabre sense of humor during a crisis with the Syrian refugee camps and he steps up to help his pal MadamSec to successfully navigate the Levantine red tape.

Here's a scene from Oct 15 "Madam Secretary" in case you missed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvhZpaPO1g8

Peter's "Retro Reel" here on Stock Music Site is several years old and depicts various past roles in TV shows like "Law and Order," the popular Soap Opera "One Life to Live," and many others. Adept at playing either hero or villain -- he sometimes plays the Bad Guy with a Russian or Arabic accent. Hailing from Manhattan, Peter is also a director, producer and a popular, in-demand voice-over guy.

Featured at the beginning and grand finale of Peter’s 3.0 min film is German Composer and Producer Pierre Langer’s cool, retro twangy guitars with a Peter Gunn, “Surf’s Up!” vibe: Tide King

Watch Peter in various exciting roles here, and catch his performance this Sunday on "Madam Secretary" and other upcoming films and TV shows…


   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Dramatic and Mysterious Music Video
Black-White Waltz | Music and Video by Vladimir Lakodin
   Date Posted: Oct 18, 2017
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Russian composer Vladimir Lakodin created this dark, magical music video featuring his new release "Black-White Waltz." As his noirish film indicates, this track is perfect for sentimental films, love stories, period romances, or early 20th Century European documentaries. Displaying both sadness and sentimentality, plus a hint of decadence, one can see a good fit in a period drama, passionate romance, silent film, or an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

Vladimir's spinning melody is reminiscent of French cafes, lonely holidays, or a wintry afternoon in Paris: Black-White Waltz

With influences that include Russian Classical composers Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Modest Mussorgsky, and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, click here to check out Vladimir's 50+ tracks for your next film, documentary, or branding project: https://www.stockmusicsite.com/VladimirLakodin


   Viking Cruises, US and Basel, Switzerland
Viking Oceans: Turkish Delights + Music by Ankakusu
   Date Posted: Oct 16, 2017
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When you travel to Istanbul with Viking ​​Ocean Cruises​, a visit to a Turkish Coffee or Tea House is a must! Coffee has been a vital part of Turkish culture since the Sixteenth Century when​ it became known as the "milk of artists, chess players,​ and thinkers." Iconic Turkish Coffee, strong and syrupy, ​is ​boiled multiple times to achieve the thickest foam possible, which is ​considered ​a testament to the coffee maker's skill. ​It is served unfiltered, and ​afterward, ​you can ​use the coffee grounds for fortune-telling by turning your coffee cup upside down and reading the pattern of the grounds on your saucer! ​

Despite its fame, ​Turkish Coffee comes in second to Turkey's favorite hot drink -- tea! Turkish Tea is also strong and full-flavored, brewed for up to 15 minutes! As with coffee, tea preparation is taken very seriously. The tea is served from a samovar and drunk from small glasses, often cut with water to dilute its strength.

Whether you prefer coffee or tea, ​your experience is​n't​ complete without sampling ​the great variety ​of delicious confectionery treats known as Turkish Delights. ​Often made with chopped dates, pistachios, hazelnuts, and sometimes coconut, these sweets, and other Middle-Eastern pastries, like Baklava, are the perfect complement to your hot beverage.

At 14 seconds, ​Composer ​Ankakusu’s ​Middle-East music track​ “Ramadan Entertainment” adds ​​lively authenticity to the film​. This track is great for travelogues, documentaries, and other Middle-Eastern themed projects​: Ramadan Entertainment

Amazing and ​​Exotic Istanbul -- Better book a cruise today and let Viking​ ​Ocean Cruises show you the Best of this Ancient Culture...


   Risberg Schilling Productions LLC, Los Angeles
"A Reason" Movie Trailer + Music by Eric Bode
   Date Posted: Oct 16, 2017
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The film trailer for “A Reason” sets up the storyline for an LGBT Indie Drama about a family whose secrets are painfully revealed during a gathering with their elderly Aunt Irene to discuss her final Will. Greatly dreading the reunion are Serena, a young, gay introvert, and her controlling older brother, Nathan. The movie was written and directed by Dominique Schilling and has picked up several awards at film festivals around the states.

For their trailer, our L.A. client Motor Entertainment licensed UK Composer Eric Bode’s edgy, mysterious cue that kicks in around 1.19 min with a pounding ferocity: Falling Down

The stars of “A Reason” are Marion Ross as Aunt Irene (10 years in “Happy Days”); Magda Apanowicz (Open Road’s “The Green Inferno”); Nick Eversman (CW’s “The Tomorrow People”); Roxanne Hart (NBC’s “Medium”); Ron Melendez (NBC’s “Parenthood”), and Madeleine Falk (CBS’ Judging Amy).

The film has played in a number of film festivals, including the LA Femme Film Festival, Sun and Sand Festival, and the Orlando Film Festival, and is now available on DVD, Video On Demand, iTunes, YouTube, etc.


   Hamster Productions, UK
The Lego London Bank Robbery + Music by Joe Bergsieker (at 2.53 min)
   Date Posted: Oct 15, 2017
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Fun Kids video created by Joshua Chawner, the animator behind Hamster Productions, while Jacob Chawner created this incredible set design, both guys hail from the UK: “The Lego London Bank Robbery.”

Kind of funny, when someone asks “What’s your day job?” Response: “YIPPEE, LEGOS!” These creative guys build their intricate sets, and we spy on their progress through Facebook until BINGO, Joshua announces a new video is now up on YouTube. Like the London Bobbies in this production, we spy like crazy, waiting to see Joshua's latest big adventure.

From around 2.53 min to 5.30, Joe Bergsieker’s slick Spy Music kicks in as the robbers try to make off with a most unusual heist: Mission Incredible Spy Music!

PS Every wonder why London police are called “Bobbies”? http://www.answers.com/Q/Why_are_London's_police_called_bobbies


   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Dramatic Psychedelic Trip Hop Music Video
"Twilights of the Matrix" + Music by Vladimir Lakodin
   Date Posted: Oct 13, 2017
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Elegant and trippy, Russian composer Vladimir Lakodin's downtempo track offers a chilled melancholy and edginess, perfect for late night urban scenes and city dwellers, or that one lonely guy in search of an understanding lover or the bartender's last call.

Influenced by Acid Jazz, Breakbeat, Classic and Rock music, "Twighlights of the Matrix" offers an atmospheric mood and a mellow erotica -- and memories that will linger: Twilights of the Matrix

Take a laidback trip with Vladimir, master of trippy thoughts and music that appeals broadly to an underground subculture...


   Mondo Ibérica S.A., Zaragoza, Spain
​​STx Supercourt - Padel Artificial Turf + Music by Nicholas Pesci
   Date Posted: Oct 12, 2017
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Founded in 1948, in Alba, Italy, Mondo began as a manufacturer of balls for fistball. Established in 1988, ​Mondo Ibérica was the official supplier to the Olympic Games in Barcelona. It is now a center of design and production for the entire ​Mondo Group. Today, MondoTurf Monofibre STx Supercourt artificial turf is the official turf for the World Padel Tour / Padel Tour Circuit!

Inspired by artists like Coldplay and U2, Nicholas Pesci's Corporate/Motivational track "Pushing Forward" provides the energetic and uplifting soundtrack for this corporate video produced by Zaragoza's VÓRTICE Digital Media: Pushing Forward

Leaders in research, technology, and innovation Mondo is at the top of its game!


   April James, The Viking Theater Company, Patchogue, NY
"Contract Removals," by Alan Barkley + Music by E.D. Kennaway
   Date Posted: Oct 10, 2017
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Pure, unadulterated theater at its finest: An uppity woman wants something odious removed from her Upper East Side apartment in this delicious Film Noir mystery tale with a murderous plot twist. The film stars talented actors Sharon Talbot and John F. Sarno, with a last-minute appearance by John Edward Kelley. Directed by our savvy New York client, April James-Hooper of The Viking Theater Company, and written by Alan Barkley, the short film features a tantalizing Tango by London Composer E.D. Kennaway. Take a walk on the dark side with an equal mix of humor, wit, and irony, in a story that’ll keep you guessing…

But first, a word about the talented E.D. Kennaway: A Classical pianist trained at the Royal College of Music in London, where he gained an ARCM Performer's Diploma. Among E.D.'s numerous credits, his music is featured on American Idol Rewind, Clinically Wild Alaska, Clean House Comes Clean, and other special TV and Film projects.

And here’s E.D.’s Argentine “Tango,” perfect for steamy documentaries, films, and romantic dramas: Tango

"Contract Removals" is now available for viewing with on Wiper, here: https://gowiper.com/v/wj5id78

Lies, mystery, murder, and romance in a New York City setting, “Contract Removals” hits all the right notes.


   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Halloween Cartoon Music Video
"Sneaky Creepy" | Music by Art Munson
   Date Posted: Oct 6, 2017
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Halloween is coming, my pets, so get ready for some sneaky fun... Art Munson, working with his talented co-conspirator Robin Munson, created this funny cartoon video that will provide a lot of laughs for pre-teens, 'tweens and teenagers. And the music is perfect for our clients' creepy haunted house videos, commercials, promos, Halloween candy adverts -- or for Halloween parodies, cartoons, pesky critters, bumbling detectives, and much more...

Click on Art's track link here, which clocks in at 1.18 min long -- now you too can license this sweet, wacky music for your next project... Sneaky Creepy

Take cover and look out for the RACCOON in disguise...


   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Dramatic, Ethereal Music Video
"Tou Est Possible" + Music by Carlos Estella
   Date Posted: Sep 6, 2017
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This gorgeous nature film depicts scenes of an amazing waterfall created by a fan of Spanish Composer Carlos Estella's elegant ethereal music. Following the action of the water, the track starts off slowly, building dramatically, with sensuous light female vocals around 1.19 min. Carlos' music has a hint of mystery and ecstasy and closes with an impressive finale. Both cinematic, and dreamy, "Coming Back to Life" is perfect for travel promos, new romance or a developing love story.

Here's Carlos's track: Coming Back to Life


   ​The Paley Center for Media, New York, NY
PaleyFest NY 2017 + Music by Jacco Willems
   Date Posted: Oct 4, 2017
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If you're a BIG TV FAN, New York City is THE PLACE TO BE from October 6 through October 16, at PaleyFestNY 2017! See your favorite STARS IN PERSON including Jesse Plemons, Cristin Milioti, Jimmi Simpson, Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs, Tom Selleck, Tracee Ellis Ross, Seth Green, Edie Falco, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee, and more. Get the inside scoop on your favorite shows including Black Mirror; Star Trek: Discovery; Family Guy, Black-ish, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Oz Reunion, and Blue Bloods.

Jacco Willems' "Celebrate Life" kicks the energy level of this exciting promo through the roof with its irresistibly catchy synth melodies and energetic pumping beats, inspired by artists like Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga: Celebrate Life (60 Seconds Version)

Tickets are available Now at http://paleyfest.org

It's time to Fan Up, NY! This is THE BIG CELEBRATION of the New TV Season!


   FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy, ​Vantaa, Finland​
FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy + Music by Dan Phillipson
   Date Posted: Sep 27, 2017
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​Since its founding in 1964, FSP Finnish Steel Painting ​Oy ​has grown into one of the largest surface treatment companies in Northern Europe. FSP specializes in surface treatments ​for bridges, storage tanks​,​ and large steel structures​. Services are performed at ​FSP's workshops or ​at ​the customer's ​location using ​FSP's mobile equipment.

UK Composer Dan Phillipson's Modern Rock track "Intensify" creates a no-nonsense "get it done" atmosphere for this industrial video produced by Helsinki Agency Zeroten Oy: Intensify

FSP Finnish Steel Painting -- The Leader For Surface Protection...


   Tecnitop S.A, Zaragoza, Spain
"Monitoring of the Monte Perdido Glacier by Using Drones With PPK System" + Music by LeM
   Date Posted: Sep 25, 2017
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​Spain's ​​Tecnitop S.A uses 3D laser scanner technology to collect geometric data for industrial applications, civil engineering, agriculture, cartography, and more. This fascinating video demonstrates Tecnitop's use of low-altitude photogrammetry monitoring with fixed-wing drones to measure the geomorphological evolution of the Monte Perdido Glacier"​

LeM's Corporate/Motivational track "Wake up!" perfectly captures the energy and excitement of Tecnitop's cutting-edge application of emerging technologies in this Corporate Video produced by VÓRTICE Digital Media of Zaragoza: Wake Up! (Motivational Pop)

Watch ​Tecnitop's team use the latest in 3D technology to measure and chart the movement of ​the Monte Perdido Glacier​ in Huesca, Spain...


"A Photographic Journey with Blurb Author Giorgio Giussani" + Music by Chris Hodges
   Date Posted: Sep 24, 2017
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Our client @BlurbBooks gives you the tools to Self-Publish your own book, allowing clever, creative types to become authors without having to hire an agent or sign with a publishing house. In the client’s video, Italian-born, London-based photographer Giorgio Giussani shows us London’s street art that inspires the incredible images in the beautiful books he self-publishes with Blurb. Check out Giorgio’s clever toy camera in split-screen views, featuring popular US Composer Chris Hodges’ bouncy Electronic Corporate Music cue, “Pop Tech Punch”: Pop Tech Punch (No Lead Synth)

Check out illustrations of beautiful books by Blurb’s authors. They can help you publish and sell your book, or line you up with Amazon -- and Stock Music Site has just the music you need for almost any subject under the sun... http://www.blurb.com/


   StonePark Productions, Washington, DC
"One Penny" Teaser Movie Trailer + Music by Ausilio and Thomas Beckner
   Date Posted: Sep 22, 2017
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‪Movie Trailer‬‬: StonePark Productions presents their "One Penny" trailer, a feature film that has had some very impressive responses in various film festivals. Their feature film will depict how tragedy and misfortune leave young Dylan homeless, and he's taken in and rescued by a poor but loving man, with an unknown past. Now, Dylan is determined to bring hope to his community while finding his place in the world.

Two Stock Music Site tracks appear in this dramatic trailer:

Ausilio’s “Gladius” is heard in the first 12 seconds, and again from 38 seconds until near the end of the trailer. Big dramatic drums, strings, and synthesizer give this dark Action and Crime Music cue a sense of foreboding and impending danger, just the perfect music for trailers, crime dramas, documentaries, and more: Gladius

Thomas Beckner’s “ER Vigil” starts at 14 seconds and continues until the 37-second mark, and again in the final seconds of the trailer. This pensive Dramatic piano track with strings and electronic accompaniment works equally well for news stories, investigations, medical dramas, and scenes of urgency: ER Vigil

Everything starts with an idea. Sometimes that idea is worth fighting for -- against all odds!


   AudioSparx.com -- Artist's Dramatic Dance/Techno Music Video
"Addiction" | Music by Anahi Villalobos
   Date Posted: Sep 19, 2017
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Are we addicted to music, images, media, the Next BIG Thing? Is addiction our prison? Florida-based DJ and Producer Anahi Villalobos takes us on an edgy, wild ride of non-stop imagery in this music video for her Underground Techno track "Addiction." Addiction - Anahi Villalobos

Anahi has been creating music as a DJ and Producer for 10 years, playing many events in many different places. She has a passion for music and wants to share it with people to enhance their listening pleasure. Anahi has had the privilege of sharing the stage with noted DJs including Popof, Sebastien Leger, Stefano Noferini, John Digweed, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, and Steve Aoki. She also makes fashion videos along with spinning at different events like the Sun City Music Festival.

Now, embark on a mesmerizing journey into the musical and visual Universe of Anahi Villalobos...


   Sico, Quebec, Canada
​Sico painting | Home Tutorial: Rejuvenate Your Kitchen + Music by Jonathan Wright
   Date Posted: Sep 18, 2017
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Founded in Quebec City, in 1937, Sico is "dedicated to people who love color." Now a part of PPG Architectural Coatings, Sico is among the world leaders in the production of decorative paint. Sico inspires its customers with the latest in color trends and by offering them guidance on decorating and painting technique, like in this kitchen "rejuvenation" how-to video produced by Toronto's Buchanan Group.

Jonathan Wright's upbeat and positive track "Happy" captures the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment you'll have when you redecorate with Sico paints. Featuring cheerful ukelele, acoustic guitar, and piano, this motivating track is perfect for adding energy to your projects: Happy

Sumptuous colors, ease of application, and durability make Sico paint the perfect choice for your home!


   The Friary Centre, Guildford, Guildford, UK
​FRIARY AD_FINAL + Music by ​​Felipe Adorno Vassao
   Date Posted: Sep 15, 2017
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Fashionista Alert! If you're serious about style The Frairy Guildford is THE shopping destination for you, with over 40 stylish stores representing the top brands that you love!

​​Felipe Adorno Vassao's Hip Hop track "Beat the Sax (30-Secs Version)" brings a sexy, flirty, and urban vibe to this hip fashion spot produced by Frogbox Marketing. With its strong urban beat, catchy sax loop, pounding 808 kick drum, and quirky drum fills in the style of Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Lil Wayne, Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande, this track's a perfect fit for fashion spots, urban scenes, and edgy/quirky youth-oriented ads: Beat the Sax (30-Secs Version)

Find Your Look at The Friary Guildford -- they're Serious About Style!

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