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Since starting our Artist Alliance in 2001, over 5,988 music artists, producers, publishers, bands and other audio content providers have hooked up with to sell their tracks in our open marketplace.

The feedback we get from them is almost invariably positive.  When there is a negative, we listen and take it to heart.  Constructive criticism is the mother of invention, and we are constantly innovating, developing new features, making existing features work better, and striving for constant improvement.  And it makes a big difference!!

Check out what our artists have to say about below.

Artist Testimonials

Platinum Dreams USA
I have been in the music industry for over 14 years. Have been a member of many companies, labels and services for musicians. Let me put it this way, SMS is the best! Outstanding support team and incredible opportunities. I am very happy and proud to be an Exclusive Artist! A Big Thank You to Lee, Rodney, Barbie and the whole team!

David Phillips USA
Hi Rodney (and Staff), Just wanted to send a word of thanks for all your assistance in getting my music out to the public. Not only the designation of "Hot New Artist", but the help in the extra key words for some of the different tracks and the cross-referencing of "On We Go", plus the Facebook entry, shows the extra distance SMS goes. It is most appreciated! All the Best, David

David Harper USA
Thank you very much for ALL that you do to promote my music. You've done very well for me and you've managed huge growth too, staying up on the curve. Kudos to you all. It's a pleasure to work with you and you the ONLY library I deal with. David Harper

Edouard Andre Reny Netherlands
Hi Rodney, Thank you very much for this. When I received your email it really made my day! SMS is a great site, and I am very glad it was the first one I engaged when I stepped in the library world: it makes SMS special to me, like an emotional connection. So I am very pleased to be a hot new artist here… Oh, and thanks for the link to the tips in the KB. I reviewed them again. It is always good to refresh these things. Warm regards to you and all the SMS team, Edouard

David M Brown USA
Thank you so much for the extra effort to help promote my tune, "Ney I Say Unto Oud". It was great to see the write-up on the Facebook Page. Hope it does turn into another sale. Again, thank you for your time and energy - always appreciate you! David M. Brown

Anthony Alleeson UK
Thank you to SMS for your continued excellent work in what you do to promote our music and achieve sales. I have been very impressed by your hard work, professionalism, and ability to deliver and I am sure SMS is destined for even greater achievements that will maximise our joint success. A particular thanks to Lee and Rodney for their efficiency and help in responding to questions, be it night or day. Best wishes, Anthony

Doug Michael USA
Thanks for including me in the 'Hot New Artist' area - very cool. I am really happy with everything and in my short time with your company have already licensed several tracks. You guys definitely do things right. I also feel very comfortable having my songs on your site because of the way you playback music with the 'preview' voice sounding every so often during the track. Thanks again and I hope to upload much more music in the coming weeks and months. Doug Michael

Twisterbait UK
Wow! That's awesome... thanks a million!! We're absolutely stoked... Been busy rushing to get more tracks up there as it is, so this is a brilliant surprise. Cheers heaps for jumping the gun with us - we've got loads of stuff we want to put up and have been being careful to get it right first as once it's out there it's out there… Very proud of our Editor's Choice Award for “Let’s Go Shopping” and we’ll get busy promoting the links through our network... You guys are the publisher we've been searching for! Thanks heaps again and talk soon, Brendan

Jacco Willems Netherlands
Thanks Barbie! That is indeed a great sync fee! I'm really happy with SMS, it has been my second biggest source of music income for this year! Hopefully 2013 will be just as good! And it will be exciting and interesting to see whether my music will also do well on the new Music Cult site! Thanks again for the great service! Kind regards, Jacco

Nitzan Sagie Israel
Hi Rodney, Many thanks! You honor me greatly. I'm glad you and the SMS team like my music. It means a lot to me. I hope to sell many more tracks via your awesome sites, and I wish you all the best with launching MusicCult. I updated all of my horror and scary tracks for Halloween and I'm planning to upload a pack containing all of those tracks soon. Thanks and all the best, Nitzan

RLC Music UK
It’s lovely to hear from you! Great to wake up to another sale and to your personal message. I’m very happy Gagabyte has gone down well – it’s making me smile as when there’s a transaction notification in my inbox, Gagabyte seems to be getting its name on most recently!! I myself will have to start competing with the track (different genres) so it doesn’t turn me into a one hit wonder :o) -- Thank you for looking after my account and for making the changes. SMS's constant innovative approach is fantastic and although anything new can be scary sometimes, I felt that if you guys truly believe in the new site and business model, then I’d put my continued faith in you. It’ll be very interesting to see how it all takes off. Thank you again and thanks to the whole AS team for always staying in touch with the great communications and e-mails like yours. All the best, Rachel

Miroslav Safin Estonia
Hi Rodney, I am very happy and proud to be part of the great team. This is an amazing feeling to see my name on the main page along with all your awesome authors, thank you very much! With best wishes and thanks again, Miroslav

Leandro Achinelli Argentina
Dear Rodney, I'm glad I got another sale through SMS. 'Hellish Dreams' belongs to the first EP record I released as a solo artist… I appreciate that you made me a permanently featured artist, and of course I plan to keep uploading more music as it comes in. I also plan to make some exclusives for SMS too. As for the communiqués, I read them every month and find useful and interesting information each time. I'm glad to be a part of SMS since you personally take care of the artists, as well as the improvement of your websites, player, adding external distribution, etc. Thanks for taking the time to write me and for helping me to improve my chances with my music. Best regards, Leandro

Michael Keck USA
Thanks so much -- Yes! I saw the transaction this morning which made me very happy. I have been working on several new ideas and simultaneously creating new Sports music in response to the last communiqué about Dramatic scores. I really appreciate the support from you guys, and always get a BIG smile whenever I hear from you. It’s a joy to collaborate with you and be a creative collaborator. Hope the Anasheeds will be a success for all of your contributors. OK now for creating a tasty French Roast and my most disparate music ideas to nourish into task for the rest of this week. Cheers! Michael

Nicholas Pesci Germany
Hi all - Wow, thanks a lot. I have to thank you all at SMS for your GREAT work! You placed my music everywhere, from a small website in Denmark to a TV Commercial in Australia, from a movie in Russia to a Multi- Million used App (Tom's Love Letter's). That's phenomenal! Together with my songwriter Anna Fischio, we are working on some more music. It's great to know that if we are making good and marketable music, SMS will do the rest and sell it around the globe! Cheers, Nick

Shelley Jacobson Canada
I just wanted to thank you guys for doing such an amazing job over at SMS! I was going through my reports and noticed that one of my tracks was licensed to Bic for its new Flame Disc product commercial! The same track was also used in Finland in a commercial, and on another golf show!! You guys rock!!! Thanks so very much!! Very best, Shelley Jacobson

Adam DiTroia USA
Hello. I just wanted to drop you guys a line and say how much I appreciate how connected you are with your composers and sound designers. There are so many libraries out there that just want to take their portion of the money and never do anything else. SMS is the only site I've come across so far that is as proactive and genuinely concerned with what's best for us. It doesn't go unnoticed! Thank you, Adam

Dean Anthony Caputo USA
Thanks for your kind words and your active promotion of my material. Once again, SMS stands alone in this business, setting themselves apart by maintaining communication with their artists, as well as being proactive with the material they represent. Thanks for the recognition. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Dean

SonicLab Pro Canada
That's a great news! Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it. After being with for a few months now, what is really exciting for us is that we've already started selling our tracks in Canada, US, Italy, England, Australia, Dubai... We can home-record, setup and than upload the tracks from Toronto, and a couple of hours later our music is available worldwide, thanks to you guys at SMS. Everything you and your team do is highly professional - whether is choosing and exposing our strongest tracks on your homepage, personal communication, or immediate sales reports. Thanks again, we look forward to continue licensing our music on your sites. Have a great weekend, Dusko & Vanya SonicLab Pro

Lindy Botha South Africa
Thx again. All is wel thx. I’m happy with the sales I’m getting from your site, I’m doing better here than anywhere else, even though there are a lot of other composers on your site. I appreciate the effort you guys are putting into marketing our music and also the support dept, always get answers quickly, also from you. Not so with many many other music libraries out there!! I enjoy working with you :) Have a good weekend! Lindy

Christian Andersson Sweden
It's been a great year, my first year at, and I must say: this is the place to be! You're a bunch of very professional people and your site is simply outstanding compared to any other music library site that I have seen. SMS is and will continue to be my premium site… As a summary, 2011 has been a great year and exciting year. I licensed 100+ tracks for commercial use (compared to 40 tracks 2010), and SMS has contributed significantly to these sales! … Anyway, I really want to thank you all over there - you're doing a fantastic job, and I will do my best to contribute to your site with new and fresh tracks during 2012! Christian Andersson

Anikiko Australia
Hi Lee and Rodney, I wanted to give you a personal shout out to say a big thank you for the sale today! You have been so very supportive and helpful with the thousands of questions and web issues I had with self- publishing these tracks of mine. A process I detest turned into a not so bad experience which I have you to thank for. More tunes to come in 2012! Thank you and wishing you a connected and fun time with the things and people you love! Ani

Bobby Cole UK
Hope all is well, and thanks for everything that you and the team do! Thanks very much for your encouraging email, Rodney!!! You guys at SMS are brilliant at working with composers!!! Top notch! I will definitely keep you in the loop as I upload more music. I have nearly completed my next batch of songs, so will send you links to the best tracks when they are up! Have a great weekend. Bobby Cole - UK

Arrow Casino USA
Wow! Thanks so much for your insights and help Barbie! Also thanks to Lee and Rodney, too. I really appreciate your taking so much time to guild me thru this process and placing my tracks in these featured locations… I will continue to read all of the help articles to optimize sales. The advice and changes you made are great and much appreciated! I will take it from here and make the necessary revisions. Thanks again! Arrow

Richard Freitas USA
Thanks! Three sales on my birthday makes for a great day! I appreciate your kind words about the music but, no matter how good the music may be, it won’t sell without being presented well to the clients. And I credit you with those sales because of your wonderful advice and help in showcasing the music. Your tips and suggestions have made all the difference. I’m sure I’m still pretty far from the people on the top ten sellers list, but I’m going to work very hard to make that list! Thanks again :-) Best, Richard

Kenneth W. Lovell Jr USA
Hi there, and thank you for your help and kind words. I really appreciate your extra effort on my behalf (supreme), and I did not notice that I had made an error in my pricing. Thanks! I plan to add more music ASAP. I am in the middle of a writing marathon right now, and don't want to slow down until I get to a lull. Once I get all of these tunes out of my head, I will begin to upload them to the site. Thanks again, and I look forward to licensing more music there. Best, Kenneth

RLC Music UK
Thank you very much for your e-mail and please extend my thanks to the whole team for doing such a great job - especially when it comes to communication. I've just got back from 1 week's holiday so it was very nice to receive this e-mail about becoming a Hot New Artist and seeing the most recent sale. I will look into the marketing campaigns and will be uploading new music soon. Thanks again and all the best, Rachel

Sam Clunie UK
I can assure anyone thinking about working on SMS would be wise to do so - I've had so much help, recently being featured, being placed on a compilation album available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. and having tracks on radio commercials, internet videos, in-store use, advertisements, infomercials, and more. I’ve only been with them for just over a year. I get great feedback and encouragement from them, been assisgned with a Performing Rights Orgnisation and started earning pretty decent money. It does take hard work, but mostly talent - if your tracks aren't very good, they're simply not going to sell. I've got around 40-something tracks, which isn’t THAT much, but it seems to be working. A great company with great communication and lovely people. Sam

Tod Demuth USA
Thanks goes to you and Lee for all you have done for me. All I do is write it, record it, upload it and configure it. I don’t have to run around looking for other publishers, especially as my library is small and niched compared to most. I've looked at other avenues of working to submit music – they pale in comparison. All I can say is wow – thank you! Oh, and the advertising program has worked great for me - this last sale more than paid for the advertising I've been doing. I hope to keep building the library of piano and keyboard music – and Stock Music Site is a great motivator to keep it flowing! Thanks Barbie – thank Lee and the rest of the gang as well. Tod Demuth

Nigel Male UK
Thanks Rodney, I'm very pleased and honoured to be among your featured artists. I have been very impressed with the professional treatment I have received since joining SMS and want to let you know how much I appreciate that. The staff at SMS seems to be really on the ball. I plan to submit more music with you very soon. Best regards, Nigel

Andy Schofield UK
Thank you for your recent congrats... and particularly thank you for making my first ever official sale! Couldn't believe it when I got the email and saw the word 'Transaction' in the title -- very pleased, indeed, and indebted to you and your brilliant team at SMS. Thank you too for all you have done to feature my music, am working madly to get to the 40 tracks over 1 minute to request permanent feature status. Here's hoping for many more sales! Kind regards, Andy

Denis Woods Ireland
Thanks for featuring my new Music Packs! Sales have really taken off in the last couple of months, which is always good news!! Long may it last. Thanks to Lee and you for all your help and encouragement. Denis

Thomas Beckner USA
Thank you for making me a Hot New Artist and Featured Artist at SMS. You must have noticed that I had been updating my page with new text and better quality recordings over the last few months. After finishing some Christmas tracks that I am working on this week, I was going to email a request to be a Featured Artist but you beat me to the punch. Thanks again and I am sure this will generate some lucrative licensing deals. I really appreciate the opportunities SMS offers to their composers. Thanks, Tom

E.D. Kennaway UK
Thank you so much for your e-mail and for your endeavors on my behalf! I read great things about you guys over on and also read some of your replies to posts. With all the tracks you have at SMS, it's amazing that you find time to go into things in this kind of depth. Since it must be the middle of the night over your way, this might be one explanation! Sincere thanks again for the good ideas, and best wishes, Edward

Thomas Beckner USA
Thank you for making me a Hot New Artist and Featured Artist at SMS. You must have noticed that I had been updating my page with new text and adding quality recordings over the last few months. After finishing some Christmas tracks that I am working on this week, I was going to email a request to be a Featured Artist but you beat me to the punch. Thanks again and I am sure this will generate some lucrative licensing deals. I really appreciate the opportunities SMS offers to their composers. Thanks, Tom

John M. Peters USA
Wow. What else can I say. Thank you so much. This is all so wonderful. Great new graphic, great enhanced descriptions. You know, I gotta say, I know how totally hands on you all are at SMS, and how hard working you are. I've never done business with any web-based business that was so responsive. Anyway, I was just recalling one occasion where I said in an email to Lee, "Don't you guys ever sleep?" He replied, "Nah, sleep is for amateurs." So, thank you so much. John

Andy Schofield UK
Firstly, may I thank you for your kind compliments. It's heart-warming to hear someone say things like that about 'your' music -- especially someone with your experience of hearing so much. Secondly, I think it's fantastic that you provide help with descriptions, they now sound so much better than before. I didn't know about cross-referencing, I'll go and read the article tonight and be sure to use it to full extent where I can. I've just learnt this evening how to group tracks (that was fun!!!!!!), think I've got it now, with the new kid’s tune I've just uploaded. Can't thank you enough to know there's someone 'looking out for me’ out there. Brilliant!!! More uploads coming. Many, many thanks. Andy Schofield

K.O. Star Productions Australia
I recently started following Barbie's advice on keywords and good accurate description and the results are really starting to show in $ale$.. I would like to Thank everyone at SMS for your GREAT services; prompt response to issues, helpful practical advice and encouragement, also letting me learn so much by regularly providing such fantastic workable information. U guys Rock big time!!!" -Kelvin (K.O. Star)

Riaan Nieuwenhuis South Africa
Getting more clued up with your very practical website. Remember how skeptical I was at first? How that has changed! I cannot thank you and SMS enough for the professional, punctual assistance and advice since I have joined. Please circulate my words of appreciation to those concerned at SMS. I just want to confirm that I terminated all contracts with other publishers since going exclusive with SMS. Even here in South Africa. My aim is to follow your guidelines towards becoming a featured artist on your sites. I am in the process of recording again, so more tracks to follow. In the mean time I am uploading edits and some other tracks. Thank you once again! Regards, Riaan Nieuwenhuis

Entropik UK
WOW! You guys are wonderful :) Thanks ever so much for taking so much time and trouble to help us out with these really wonderful suggestions. I cannot think of any other music supervisor that would be so incredibly helpful. We really appreciate it. We will go through our 600+ catalogue of music with a fine tooth comb whilst keeping all the points you have made in mind and hopefully, like you say, it should over time make a difference :) Thanks again...where do we send the chocolates? :) Dan and Deryn, Entropik Music

Entropik UK
WOW! You guys are wonderful :) Thanks ever so much for taking so much time and trouble to help us out with these really wonderful suggestions. I cannot think of any other music supervisor that would be so incredibly helpful. We really appreciate it. We will go through our 600+ catalogue of music with a fine tooth comb whilst keeping all the points you have made in mind and hopefully, like you say, it should over time make a difference :) Thanks again...where do we send the chocolates? :) Dan and Deryn, Entropik Music

Erwin Steijlen Netherlands
I really like and it works well for me. I sold 42 tracks within three months and became a Top Music Artist in about one month. I worked hard to get everything right; good music in different styles, good keywords, good titling of my tracks, good bio, photo, made use of the cross-reference feature, properly configured each track, etc, and all together it works. What’s great about SMS, besides Barbie and the other great staff’s support, is that you know immediately when you sell a track. For me as a busy composer, I am happy with the quick replies and can see through reports and emails that my music actually sells on a day-to- day basis. There are other libraries that never sell any of my work and I wonder why. That’s why the SMS model works, you can do it yourself and they offer great feedback. PS The only other tip I have for composers is to try to be original, there are already too many Hans Zimmer’s in my opinion… Erwin Steijlen The Netherlands

Joey Stebanuk Canada
Right on!! Thank you!!! :) I have to send you some flowers!!!! And thanks for making those corrections on your own, I appreciate that and I give you full power to make any changes you seem necessary, I'll then know exactly what to do with my upcoming submissions… Ok, thanks a million, you're the only licensing agency I've been with that ever showed this type of care, honesty and professionalism! Take care, all the best to you and talk to you later! Joey Stebanuk, Canada

Chico Miceli Brazil
Hi Barbie, Lee and everyone out there, I'm writing to you because I was taking a ride at the main page -one thing that I never do because I go directly to the upload page-and i just LOVED!!!!!!!!!! the video presentation!!! the sounds, the text, wow!!!!!!!!!! also the translation stuff-Barbie had already told me about it...well i keep uploading more music in as many styles I can...writing new stuff and finding old lost treasures...Keep it up with the great job!!!!!!!!! Cheers - Chico Miceli, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Constant Drift UK
Thank you to all at, although the music is good it still takes a good company like yours and a damn good team to get the music out, so a big thank you! Matt will be here in the UK on the 31st July and we will be sorting out new tracks to upload onto your site, I will email you straight away when this is complete, we are looking forward to watching the advert with "For He Cries " on tv here in the UK. I hope alls well with you and look forward to speaking again soon, Phil Atherfold

Jono Booth South Africa
Thanks so much for the mention in the newsletter. I'm flattered!! Seriously!! I hope that I can work my way up to being a featured artist in the near future. Also thanks for the excellent tips. I will definitely be applying them as I continue working on new tracks. Keep up the good work on the site! I'm still amazed that all this is for free! There are a lot of pay sites like yours out there, I see, that don't even look like they put in half the effort you guys do! Jono Booth

Bryan Fusilier USA
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the love you've been showing me over there! I've got a few new pieces that I'm almost finished with. They'll probably be up by the end of the week. I was shocked at how many plays my pieces have been getting there and it's cool to see people voting on some of them. Now if I could just find a way to get them to reward me a bit more. ;) Bryan

Gordon McLeod USA
Thanks so much for watching out for me! I love and I tell all my serious music-creator friends about you. Unfortunately, I need a staff to keep up with administering all of my music but since I work on a musician's budget that is not feasible so I really appreciate any comments or suggestions such as the one you sent me. I will get on the site tonight and review the pricing for my tracks. Thanks so much and all the very best to you and everyone there at! Gordon McLeod

Andrew Gleibman Israel
Many thanks for the beautiful feedback, for featuring me as the Hot New Artist, for correcting my music descriptions, for creating the exciting artwork (thanks again Spencer), and for such a warm welcome by your company. Just now I do not have more professional tracks to add to your library… Hopefully, in a month or two I will be able to add something new. Thank you once more, Best Regards, Andrew Gleibman

Curtis Macdonald USA
As a composer for over 30 years, I have always wanted a portal to administrate my music on my terms. SMS has created this opportunity and has allowed artists to reap the benefits. SMS has features not available at other licensing web sites. Having the user fill out the cue sheet with the vital information prior to the download ensures that the responsibility of submission to a PRO is in process. Quinn, Lee and the gang at SMS are the best, look around the web and do your homework and you'll see why they are dominating the industry. I have written for music libraries for over 20 years and just recently (it will be my one year anniversary with SMS on July 19th 2008) I've decided to utilize your artist driven service and I am very happy with the results. Being in control of my compositions and publishing and being able to check my stats everyday creates a sense of artistic security never before known till I found SMS. Thanks again for the great team and support and the new ACH for payments. Curtis Macdonald

Geoff Abraham USA has been hands down the best music library/distributor I have ever dealt with, from their support to their in-depth website reporting they are as good as it gets. Having the ability everyday to check out what tracks of mine are being listened to is great! In the short period of time (one month) I have been with SMS they have placed 4 of my tracks. Keep up the great work guys you are deeply appreciated!!! Geoff Abraham

Suzannah Doyle USA
Just wanted to report that many of my songs have been licensed for use this year: My version of Arkansas Traveler was picked up for use in a forthcoming DVD project "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" as well as for part of a rollout production for Nordisk Surround Sound; "Soap Opera Suspense Chords" will appear in a broadcast commercial for "PuroClean," and "1960s Game Show Theme" was picked up for use in a worldwide U.S. Air Force study software project. My song "Looney Toonies" appeared on the syndicated radio show "Mind and Muscle Body Fitness", and numerous other tunes were licensed for use in student film and commercial projects across the country, including one at the Aalborg Pædagogiske Seminarium in Denmark. Pretty nifty. All of these sales resulted from my being forwarded by Taxi to SMS. I've been really pleased with SMS's service, responsiveness -- and sales! Thanks! You guys are the bestest Music Library ever! What the heck is SMS's address? I want to send you amazing people some Gourmet made in Oregon chocolate as a small token of my gratitude . . . ! :-) Suz

Chris Worth UK
Just having a quick look at the August figures and must say how pleased I am with the way things are progressing. In fact this quarter is going to be by far the best we've ever had, (even with a full month still to go). It's nice to see my classical and original content being sold too. I wanted to send a written personal thanks to you, (and your team), for all your help and time spent on promoting all of my material during July and August. It is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work! :-) All the best for now. Chris Worth.

Robert Neary UK
As a UK based artist, I highly recommend SMS based on their track record, excellent customer service and innovative website. Without SMS I wouldn't have been able to license a track in the new Mickey Rourke motion picture "The Wrestler" which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival (Oct 2008) and is tipped for Oscar success. Thanks to SMS I have licensed over 60 tracks in 2008 for use in TV, DVD, E-cards, motion pictures, websites, and theme parks. Rob Neary

Tracey and Vance Marino USA
By the way, we just wanted to let you know how much we've really enjoyed being on the SMS website since February 2007. You guys do a super job, and it's been great to be able to have a place to license our songs. We just licensed our 52nd song this morning, and I think we've had almost 14,000 songs played -- you must do a good job with marketing because people seem to find the site. We're really happy you're putting the watermark on the tracks. A lot of production music libraries are doing this, so it makes sense. Keep up the great work! Tracey & Vance Marino SongMaker Productions

Erik Haddad USA
The guys at SMS are great to work with. They are always very helpful, and they are continually striving to improve the site and it's's why they'll be around for a long time to come. As a composer, I'm grateful for the platform they give me. I've secured some really fantastic licenses with some big name clients, and I have no doubt I will enjoy this kind of prosperity far into the future. -Erik Haddad

SFXsource USA
Hi Dan, I've had a great time uploading and selling content through SMS the last 6 weeks .. I've sold 53 tracks! .. which is awesome I think .. I began to get hits as soon as I began posting, you guys have done a phenomenal job getting traffic to your site. I intend to keep uploading samples and I'd like to keep as organized as possible on my end. So, would it be possible for me to somehow print off a spreadsheet of all my sounds and their description? I've considered cutting and pasting the info onto a word doc, but I was hoping that there was a easier method since the data has already been entered into your system. Also, if I came with another 500-1000 tracks, is there a quicker method to load them onto your site? Do you do batches at a time? I think the site works beautifully, but again, just seeing if there is a faster method for larger batches .. maybe be able to choose the artist, upload them, encode low-fi, choose "premium," and price them all at once, then I could cruise through and edit names, description, and key words ... just asking .. thanks, Adam

Adam DiTroia USA
SMS is by far the most well laid-out, clean, and professional site I have dealt with. They go out of their way to listen to customer and content provider suggestions and they are constantly improving and updated the site. I highly recommend them! Adam DiTroia Composer/Sound designer

Nick Nicolas Australia
Hi to all at SMS, just quick email to say I'm blown away at the way you have reorganized the web site especially the artist preview section. Keep up the good work. Best wishes to all, Nick Nicolas

I've only made a little money from SMS, however it is still nice to get some placements from the site. I find that communicating with some of the guys (Quinn and Lee) is always easy and pleasant. I plan to continue uploading to SMS because I believe the more I put out there, the more income I will generate. Thanks for helping with my income stream from my music. Steve Mesropian (aka Mez)

Miroslav Saric Australia
By the way you guys rock and your support is the greatest. I will be uploading many more tracks on the web site as I have only started recently (2-3 months ago). I also went trough all the help articles about the cue sheets and licensing and am trying to grasp and understand how it all works. Thank you. Cheers Miroslav Saric

Valencia Magic USA
You know I'm pretty fed up with trying to get noticed by record companies or established publishers. I've got many songs signed with a few publishers BUT nothing significant ever happened. I got more bang out of SMS than I've ever gotten from so called "great" publishers who have many of my songs tied up (none of the ones on SMS) for years. So thanks again for your great site that does produce the goods!!!!! John Bowden

John J Pelsone USA
Wow… Wow… Wow... This is just the best... Just made my day! And I just have to say these words. Of all the people I've ever dealt with on this musical trip, no one has ever put the effort or helped me along the way you have. Who in this World today would take the time to do what you've done. You have taught me which way to go with keywords and descriptions, the way to word things and just the whole thing. Fixing things, changing things, adding things – Wow! But I have to admit, I have a lot 2 learn, but now know which road 2 follow. I will go to the knowledge Base Site, and learn, learn, learn!! You’re the best... Thank You So Much...jjp

Will Brock USA
Thank you for accepting my music at! It was amazing to go to my bio page and see it in its current state. Wow! That kind of attention is super rare. I can't wait to get started. The advice on how to maximize my presence and sales is greatly appreciated and I plan to take full advantage of it. Thanks again, Will Brock

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