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Featuring the ultimate in slick digital radio production music and sound effects, has the definitive library of radio sound effects and music for busy DJs. Step your game up now with the music and effects here below.

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Radio Idents
Music Candy Big Bright Stab - Music Candy
Hanjo Gabler Morning Opener - Hanjo Gabler
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis Full of It - David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis
Jim Chappell Tomorrow's Rose - Jim Chappell
Hanjo Gabler Technical Advertiser - Hanjo Gabler
Masterwerks R&B Ecstacy (6 Sec Bumper) - Masterwerks R&B
Blazznet Productions Chop Up - Stinger 5 High Melody 2 - Blazznet Productions
Annie McGee Sleepers Awake Classical Trumpet - Annie McGee
Diamond City Morning Bells - Diamond City
AJ Pro Audio Shufflebeatsweep - AJ Pro Audio
The Rockin' Cinders Baby You're a Wonder (10 Sec) - The Rockin' Cinders
Bobby Cole Cool Informercial Music - Bobby Cole
Roberto Feltracco Radio-Tv Tools - House 004 (Bass Potion) - Roberto Feltracco
Music Candy Classy Car - Music Candy
Julio Kladniew Step By Step - Loop C - Julio Kladniew
RCummins Donation (Logo) - RCummins
Roberto Feltracco Radio-Tv Tools - Dance-Energy 55 (Swat Attack) - Roberto Feltracco
Jonathan Morning Transistor Felix - Jonathan Morning
Roberto Feltracco Lounge 002 (Adoring) - Roberto Feltracco
AJ Pro Audio Chainthebass - AJ Pro Audio
Jonathan Morning Lucky - Jonathan Morning
Masterwerks R&B No No - Masterwerks R&B
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi Pizzicato Comercial - Var. G - (Strings Stac) - Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi
Achillefs Sourlas Cyber Spot (15 ' Spot) - Achillefs Sourlas
Rick Dickert Clockwork - 30 Sec - Rick Dickert
Enea Saccozza Radio-Tv Tools - Latin 16 (Despues) - Enea Saccozza
Aedan Sherry Making Connections (Variation 2) - Aedan Sherry
Music Candy Sonic Short & Sweet - Music Candy
Serge Ozeryan Shampoos - Serge Ozeryan
Mike Kinzie The Gate - Mike Kinzie

Impacts & Sweepers
Steve Urwin Factory Line Impact Long - Steve Urwin
J.T. Peterson Hybrid Orchestral Trailer V Hit - J.T. Peterson
Isaac Moore Red Horizon 13 Sec - Isaac Moore
The Rockin' Cinders Baby You're a Wonder (10 Sec) - The Rockin' Cinders
Christopher Fuller The Cellar Impact 3 - Christopher Fuller
AJ Pro Audio Excitoplasm Talkover Bed - AJ Pro Audio
Eric Waters Holiday 2 - Bells (10sec. Button) - Eric Waters
Davinia Leonne Into the Wild - 40sec Without Flute - Davinia Leonne
Wilton Vought Dreadhead (Sweep) - Wilton Vought
Vadim Chelnokov Get the Vibe (2 Sec) - Vadim Chelnokov
Andrea Ravizza The Royal Palace - Impact Short - Andrea Ravizza
Dean Anthony Caputo Keyed Up (Stinger Que) - Dean Anthony Caputo
Bobby Cole High Horror Bells - Bobby Cole
Leland Thomas Faegre On Top of a Cloud - Leland Thomas Faegre
AJ Pro Audio News1lessbusy - AJ Pro Audio
Johnny Breton Rock You Too - Major League Sports - Johnny Breton
Vadim Chelnokov Future Proof (10 Sec) B - Vadim Chelnokov
Sound Loudness Xperience Bouncing Metal Rattle Scrap Debris 004 - Sound Loudness Xperience
Leland Thomas Faegre Serengeti Serenade - Leland Thomas Faegre
Christopher Fuller Alone in the Dark Impact 1 - Christopher Fuller
Ron Komie Still Standing (Nodrumsnolead) - Ron Komie
Christian Ugenti Rise and Fall Impact - Christian Ugenti
Wilton Vought Caramba Samba (8) - Wilton Vought
Marcello Appignani Eudaimonia - Marcello Appignani
HarpString Productions Percussion Segue 2 - HarpString Productions
Bobby Cole Bells of Horror - Bobby Cole
Music Candy Tagged: Nextup: Dewey: Movelt - Music Candy
Sound Loudness Xperience Drop Fall Metal Rattle Scrap Debris 009 - Sound Loudness Xperience
Colin Tench Something Heavy: Menacing Heavy Endplay (Ctp) - Colin Tench
Eric Waters Deck the Halls - Bells (7sec. Button) - Eric Waters

Multimedia Sounds & Effects
The Producers Movie Production Sfx-Impact 010 - The Producers
Darksparcs 6.5 Second Suspense Stinger - Darksparcs
Sound Jay Beep 08 - Sound Jay
SFXsource Ping 1 - SFXsource
Annie McGee Wedding Church Bells - Annie McGee
Bjorn Lynne Lyn115 Trailer Production Elements - Hit 04 - Impact,Deep String,Afterglow - Bjorn Lynne
Ian Hubball Low Sub Bass 2 - Ian Hubball
Bjorn Lynne Incoming Swish, Zip, Boom! Transitional Sound Effect. - Bjorn Lynne
The Sound Experience Orchestra Tuning Up - The Sound Experience
Collin Scudder Movie Stinger - Cinematic, Tension, Trailer - Collin Scudder
Blazznet Productions Reverse - Cymbal Side Hit - 1 - Blazznet Productions
John Lundsten N54 Crash Metallic Clatter {Slightly Comic - John Lundsten
Music And SFX Clock Ticking - Classic Wood Tic Toc Sound - Music And SFX
Collin Scudder Movie Trailer Stinger- (Theatrical, Drums, Intense) - Collin Scudder
Martin Laflamme User Interface - Menu Selection 1 - Martin Laflamme
botabateau Unlock New Item - botabateau
CinE-Sounds: Sounds with Effects Correct Tone 15 - CinE-Sounds: Sounds with Effects
Martin Laflamme User Interface - Menu Selection 2 - Martin Laflamme
CinE-Sounds: Sounds with Effects Correct Tone 41 - CinE-Sounds: Sounds with Effects
Darksparcs Water Splash FX 03 - Darksparcs
Andrew GCN Fleming ta-da - brass fanfare 1 - Andrew GCN Fleming
Morning Sky Sound Whoosh Series 2 Jo - Morning Sky Sound
Strapko Recorders Bip Bip Bop - Strapko Recorders
The Sound Experience Fairground Music - The Sound Experience

Action 30-Sec
African 30-Sec
Americana 30-Sec
Animal 30-Sec
Asian 30-Sec
Blues 30-Sec
Brazilian 30-Sec
Cartoon 30-Sec
Childrens 30-Sec
Chinese 30-Sec
Christmas 30-Sec
Circus 30-Sec
Classical 30-Sec
Comedy 30-Sec
Corporate 30-Sec
Country 30-Sec
Dance 30-Sec
Dangerous 30-Sec
Dramatic 30-Sec
Drums 30-Sec
East European 30-Sec
Electronic 30-Sec
European 30-Sec
Folk 30-Sec
Hawaiian 30-Sec
Hip Hop 30-Sec
Horror 30-Sec
Indian 30-Sec
Indie Rock 30-Sec
Japanese 30-Sec
Jazz 30-Sec
Latin 30-Sec
Middle East 30-Sec
Military 30-Sec
National Anthem 30-Sec
New Age 30-Sec
News 30-Sec
Pop 30-Sec
Reggae 30-Sec
Reggaeton 30-Sec
RnB 30-Sec
Rock 30-Sec
Science Fiction 30-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 30-Sec
Soundalikes 30-Sec
Spiritual 30-Sec
Sports 30-Sec
Themes 30-Sec
Tropical 30-Sec
UK Bass 30-Sec
Vietnamese 30-Sec
World Fusion 30-Sec

Alert Tones
Bass sound effects
Beep sounds
Bleep sounds
Blip sounds
Chime Shimmers
Chirp sounds
Clap sounds
Click sounds
Dong sounds
End Tones
Error Tones
Flame sounds
Hit sounds
Impact sounds
Knock sounds
Lazer sounds
Metallic sounds
Multimedia sounds (pending categorization)
Multimedia Collage (multiple sounds in one track)
Multimedia SoundPacks
Notification Tones
Percussion sounds
Ping sounds
Pong sounds
Ringing sounds
Rush sounds
SFX Stingers
Splat sounds
Spring sounds
Squiggle sounds
Start Tones
Tap sounds
Verification Tones
Wipe sounds
Zap sounds
Zip sounds

(Pending) Edits
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Definitive Radio Music & SFX
With over 60,000 radio idents, bumpers, drops, sweepers, impacts, jingles and more, let turn your radio production work up to ELEVEN! Set the digital airwaves on fire with our scorching hot audio tracks designed for maximum impact.

Featured Artist

Casey Burnett

Canadian artist Casey Burnett has been involved with music since his early teens, maintaining the role of guitarist and songwriter for an Alternative Rock band during the 90's. Since then, he has attended Music Production College and rooted himself firmly in the underground Toronto Hip Hop scene. For 10 years, Casey has been writing more Reggae-inspired works with Soul, Jazz, and Rock influences, as well as music in the Dub Step and House genres. His major influences include Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and King Tubby & Scientist.

Skunky Funk 60 Sec
Funky cross-over dub reggae/Hip hop Funk. Smooth Bassline mixed with live drums and wah wah guitar give this song broad appeal. Good for any scene that needs an upbeat groove. Any TV or r...

The Good News 60 Sec
Up beat Dub Reggae track with live instruments and lots of fx. Cool guitar licks at the beginning with a live drummer give this song a classic old style sound. Sounds Great for film, TV, ...

The Good News 30 Sec
Up beat Dub Reggae track with live instruments and lots of fx. Cool guitar licks at the beginning with a live drummer give this song a classic old style sound. Sounds Great for film, TV, ...

Midnight Orchestra 60 Sec
Live Violin, Cello and Piano sampled and looped into this vintage wu-tang inspired beat. Trippy guitar and heavy bass compliment the rugged drum groove. Good for fight scene in a movie or...

Radio Industry Focus

For busy studio and agency clients, you can now download any of our royalty free music tracks in hi-res non-watermarked format for incorporating into your radio spots for demo purposes.  If the tracks work, then return to the site and license the tracks and you're good to go! Apply for Studio Download Privileges after you register.

Business-Friendly Licensing

Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects:   Our tracks can be used in films, TV shows and commercials, radio commercials, Internet sites and webcasting, product embedding, software, games, corporate use, CDs, DVDs, on-hold music, in-store music, Podcasts and just about any other type of commercial use you can think of.

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