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Japanese Music

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Japanese music includes a wide array of distinct music styles both traditional and modern. Two of the oldest forms of traditional Japanese music are Buddhist chanting (shomyo), and orchestral court music (gagaku), both of which date to the Nara and Heian periods. Traditional Japanese music styles include Biwa hoshi, Heike biwa, Moso, Goze, Taiko, Min'yo folk music and Okinawan folk music. Contemporary Japanese music includes a mix of Pop, J-Pop, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Punk Rock/Alternative, Heavy Metal, Electropop and club music as well as Hip Hop, Dance, Disco, and distinct Game music for electronic games.

  6  Anime
  3  Enka
  12  Folk | Biwa Hoshi, Heike Biwa, Moso, and Goze
  15  Folk | Min'yo
  23  Folk | Taiko
  1  Gagaku (Orchestral Court Music)
  221  Japanese Dramatic music
  14  Japanese Dramatic music | Edgy, tense, suspense
  91  Japanese Dramatic music | Ethereal, serene, mellow, dreamy, calm
  37  Japanese Electropop and Club music
  23  Japanese Game music
  11  Japanese Hip Hop
  8  Japanese Jazz
  38  Japanese music (pending categorization)
  13  Japanese New Age
  31  Japanese Opera
  2  Japanese Punk Rock / Alternative
  5  Japanese Rock
  90  Japanese Traditional Folk Music
  3  Japanese Traditional Pop
  7  Japanese Western Classical music
  53  J-Pop
  2  Ryukyuan Classical music
  3  Ryukyuan Contemporary music
  2  Shomyo (Japanese Buddhist Chanting)
  9  Taiko Dub

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Best Selling Japanese Music Tracks
Doubletime Creations Dreamy Japanese Traditional - Doubletime Creations
Cyril Baranov Flame - Cyril Baranov
Alec Makinson Living in Japan (60sec) - Alec Makinson
Rosalind Richards Japanese Zen Garden - Rosalind Richards
D. Silverstone Mystical Japanese (Cinematic Ambient) - D. Silverstone
MF Oriental Drama - MF
Minoru Amino Tidewater - Minoru Amino
Piotr Pacyna Fuji in Winter [30sec Version] - Piotr Pacyna
Piotr Pacyna Fuji in Winter [Loop C] - Piotr Pacyna
Eric Bode You Lose - Eric Bode
Fortuna Bonam Sakura (15sec.) - Fortuna Bonam
John Judd Koto Ring - John Judd
Guy Middleton Cherry Blossom - Guy Middleton
Donna Marie Oriental Melodies: Harp - Donna Marie
Mykey Massacre Sky Is the Limit 60 Second Version - Mykey Massacre
Francesco Biondi Touring Japan - Francesco Biondi
JJ Reinhold Japanese Garden at Night - JJ Reinhold
Jive Ass Sleepers A Geisha's Dream - Jive Ass Sleepers
Haene & Maddeford Japanese Garden (Loop 2) - Haene & Maddeford
Mark Allaway Land of the Red Sun - Mark Allaway
Vladimir Eglitis Japanese Box - Vladimir Eglitis
Danny Williams Kawa Heiwa - Danny Williams
Audio Architect Japanese Geisha Girl - Audio Architect
Steve E. Williams Tribal Drums King Kong 30 Sec - Steve E. Williams
Rosalind Richards Gentle Wave - Rosalind Richards
Ferenc Hegedus Samurai - Ferenc Hegedus
Format Universe Rest - Format Universe
Paul Gelsomine Shugo Daimyo Battle - Impact - Paul Gelsomine
Amazing Music Japanese Tea House - Amazing Music
Really Free Music Orientic - Really Free Music
Christopher Fuller Japanese Sun Anthem - Christopher Fuller
Tao & Sound Spirit - Tao & Sound
ElectroMush Takeda No Komoriuta - ElectroMush
Markus Bravo Akaro (Female Vocals) - Markus Bravo
Simeon Benavente Forgotten Samurai - Simeon Benavente
Solace Red Dragon Vs. Phoenix - Solace
Stefan Johansson The Geisha and the Samurai - Stefan Johansson
Pete Bax Shamisen Love of My Life - Pete Bax
Audio Architect Bad Sushi - Audio Architect
Jean-Pierre Lantieri Geisha - Jean-Pierre Lantieri
Alex Cen Wisha San Ryukyu - Alex Cen
Dan Morrissey Geisha - Dan Morrissey
Richard Jungles Bridge of Sighs - Richard Jungles
Dewey Dellay Opening for Omiai (Japanese) - Dewey Dellay
Markus Bravo Japanese Flute: Shaku - Markus Bravo
John Starcluster (LP) Oriental Lights (Loop 02) - John Starcluster (LP)
Alejandro Salas Asia - Alejandro Salas
Jesper Konge Japanese Victory Dance 60sec - Jesper Konge
Anthony Davilio Geisha - Anthony Davilio
Peter Godfrey Traditional Japanese Melody (4) - Peter Godfrey
Inod Cherry Blossom Full Version - Inod
Guy Middleton Cherry Blossom Alt Mix 30 Sec - Guy Middleton
J Goldfinger A Delicate Balance 30Sec - J Goldfinger
Texas Music Forge Edo Sun 60 - Texas Music Forge
Funtime Ringtones Kubuki Nonsense - Funtime Ringtones
Jun Naotsuka Visit From the Fox - Jun Naotsuka
Raphael Otterbein Koto - Raphael Otterbein
Simon Wolfe Secret Pearls - Slow - Simon Wolfe
John Starcluster (LP) Oriental Lights (15-secs version) - John Starcluster (LP)
Bajatoshi Dub Avec La Flute (Japanese Esashi Dubstep) - Bajatoshi
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