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Japanese Music

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Japanese music includes a wide array of distinct music styles both traditional and modern. Two of the oldest forms of traditional Japanese music are Buddhist chanting (shomyo), and orchestral court music (gagaku), both of which date to the Nara and Heian periods. Traditional Japanese music styles include Biwa hoshi, Heike biwa, Moso, Goze, Taiko, Min'yo folk music and Okinawan folk music. Contemporary Japanese music includes a mix of Pop, J-Pop, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Punk Rock/Alternative, Heavy Metal, Electropop and club music as well as Hip Hop, Dance, Disco, and distinct Game music for electronic games.

  3  Enka
  12  Folk | Biwa Hoshi, Heike Biwa, Moso, and Goze
  14  Folk | Min'yo
  23  Folk | Taiko
  2  Gagaku (Orchestral Court Music)
  186  Japanese Dramatic music
  1  Japanese Dramatic music | Edgy, tense, suspense
  46  Japanese Dramatic music | Ethereal, serene, mellow, dreamy, calm
  23  Japanese Electropop and Club music
  17  Japanese Game music
  10  Japanese Hip Hop
  7  Japanese Jazz
  42  Japanese music (pending categorization)
  31  Japanese Opera
  36  Japanese Pop
  1  Japanese Punk Rock / Alternative
  5  Japanese Rock
  72  Japanese Traditional Folk Music
  3  Japanese Traditional Pop
  7  Japanese Western Classical music
  2  Ryukyuan Classical music
  2  Ryukyuan Contemporary music
  2  Shomyo (Japanese Buddhist Chanting)
  7  Taiko Dub

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Best Selling Japanese Music Tracks
Tamami Raindrops in the Forest (Mori No Shizuku) - Tamami
Cyril Baranov Bamboo Meditation (Flute Solo) - Cyril Baranov
Tamami Lost Field of Angels (Kiniro No Nohara) - Tamami
Solfeggio Shaman Out of Saki - Solfeggio Shaman
Solace Indigo Dragonfly - Solace
Adam DiTroia Chinese New Year Ringtone 4 Loop - Adam DiTroia
Erik Haddad Quietude - Erik Haddad
Jeremy Sherman Japanese Garden (Loop 01) - Jeremy Sherman
Colin Willsher Big in Japan - Colin Willsher
Adam DiTroia Samurai Prepares - Adam DiTroia
Paul Gelsomine Shugo Daimyo Battle - Impact - Paul Gelsomine
Carl Miles Night of the Samurai - Carl Miles
Simulated City Studios Japanese Explore 1 - Simulated City Studios
Kenji Aoi Kyoto Autumn - Kenji Aoi
Motown Moe Nippon Five O - Motown Moe
Connor Helms Kyoto Koto Rhapsody for 21 String Koto - Connor Helms
Bobby Cole Japanese Hip Hop Garden - Bobby Cole
Michael Huang Swords Clashing Under the Snowfall - Michael Huang
Jeremy Sherman Japanese Garden - Jeremy Sherman
Piotr Pacyna Fuji in Winter [30sec Version] - Piotr Pacyna
Funtime Ringtones Kubuki Nonsense - Funtime Ringtones
Annie McGee Japanese March - Annie McGee
Audio Architect Music Bad Sushi - Audio Architect Music
Tom Hajduk Girl 28 - Tom Hajduk
Alexander Tobias Orest Kyoto Garden - Alexander Tobias Orest
Rosalind Richards Gentle Wave - Rosalind Richards
Reni Mimura Otome - Reni Mimura
Simeon Benavente Forgotten Samurai - Simeon Benavente
Piotr Pacyna Fuji in Winter [Loop C] - Piotr Pacyna
Julio Kladniew Kyoto Lounge - Julio Kladniew
Peter Godfrey Traditional Japanese Melody (1) - Peter Godfrey
AJ Lornie Workshop - AJ Lornie
Benny Hawes Japaneasy - Benny Hawes
Gustavo Coutinho Underground Conspiracy - Gustavo Coutinho
Kepha Peter Martin Yamanakabushi - Kepha Peter Martin
Jason Farnham Celestial Orient - Jason Farnham
Eau Claire The Ancient Melodies - Eau Claire
Wave Charge Studio Okinawa - Wave Charge Studio
Dimos Stathoulis Asian Glass Doll - Dimos Stathoulis
Dewey Dellay Opening for Omiai (Japanese) - Dewey Dellay
Chameleon Music Cherry Blossoms - Chameleon Music
Steve E. Williams Tribal Drums Epic Movie - 30 - Steve E. Williams
Simon Wolfe Secret Pearls - Slow - Simon Wolfe
Space Taster Sakura Dream - Space Taster
Space Taster Mists of Kurokawa - Space Taster
Julio Kladniew Kyoto Lounge - Julio Kladniew
Carlos Estella Aiko - Carlos Estella
Audio Architect Music Japanese Geisha Girl - Audio Architect Music
Al Vienneau Asian Tragedy - Al Vienneau
Geoffrey Wilson Blossom On the Sea - Geoffrey Wilson
Nigel Male Osaka Blues (In Dub) - Nigel Male
Nigel Male Osaka Blues - Nigel Male
Mark Knox Shojoji (The Racoon Song) - Mark Knox
Joe Pignato Samurai Lament - Joe Pignato
Wilton Vought Sakura (Loop 1) - Wilton Vought
Peter Godfrey Traditional Japanese Melody (4) - Peter Godfrey
Mark Knox Shojoji (The Racoon Song) 60sec - Mark Knox
J Goldfinger A Delicate Balance 30Sec - J Goldfinger
FrescoSound Touring Japan - FrescoSound
Really Free Music Orientic - Really Free Music
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