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World fusion music is a fusion genre of world music, blending musical traditions from around the world, and possibly mixing them with modern music such as jazz or rock. The term was coined in 1978 and has since become a standard term used in the music industry.

  819  African World Fusion
  348  Asian World Fusion
  76  Australian World Fusion
  25  Aztec World Fusion
  753  Indian World Fusion
  765  Latin World Fusion
  736  Middle-Eastern World Fusion
  724  Pan-World Fusion
  223  Reggae Fusion
  66  World Fusion (pending categorization)
  40  World Fusion MusicPacks

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Best Selling World Fusion Tracks
Masterwerk Earthquake - Masterwerk
Eric Bolvin Senegal Sings 15 sec - Eric Bolvin
Somatiq Audio Epic Journey - Somatiq Audio
Maria Grigoryeva Ethnic Story - Maria Grigoryeva
Wolftooth Urban Mumbai - Wolftooth
Rudy Pusateri Mahalo - Rudy Pusateri
Space Taster Los Amigos - Space Taster
Donna Marie Tea at Sunrise - Donna Marie
Ron Verboom Yonaguni Mystery - Ron Verboom
Ross Milligan Far Eastern Promise - Ross Milligan
Ian Hubball Mandela Liberation - Ian Hubball
Andrew GCN Fleming African Sun - Andrew GCN Fleming
Garry Cribb Totally Bazaar - Garry Cribb
Mitsch Kohn Africa United - Mitsch Kohn
Geoffrey Wilson The Voyage - Geoffrey Wilson
Mohammed Doham Dojo - Mohammed Doham
Music Candy Ramona - Music Candy
Gary Wolk Infusion - Gary Wolk
Jonas West Epic China - Jonas West
Owen Phillips Deebee Meo (15 Second Edit) - Owen Phillips
Nigel Male Refrain to the East - Nigel Male
Abbas Premjee (LP) Australian Ancestry (No Didgeridoo) - Abbas Premjee (LP)
David Phillips Afternoon Bazaar - David Phillips
Teddy Afro Lambadiena - Teddy Afro
Bjorn Lynne Oriental Landscapes - Bjorn Lynne
Johnny Njo Chinese New Year Fusion - Johnny Njo
Audio Voodoo Didge Tribal Suspense - Av - Audio Voodoo
K.O. Star Productions United World Beats - K.O. Star Productions
Peter Roe Children of Africa 2 - Peter Roe
Parish Dija - Parish
DJ Purple Rabbit Earth Moods (Featuring Patricia Pendleton) - DJ Purple Rabbit
DJ Juri Aborhtyhm-Albnote-Remix - DJ Juri
Victoria Trestrail Johnny's Fool (Instrumental) - Victoria Trestrail
ClubFungus Digeridoo Long Drone - ClubFungus
Piotr Pacyna No More Shanghai Business [Loop B] - Piotr Pacyna
Jean Pascal Vielfaure Australian Didgeridoo Master - Jean Pascal Vielfaure
Wilton Vought The Bollywood Bop - Wilton Vought
Abbas Premjee (LP) Australian Ancestry (Alternative mix) - Abbas Premjee (LP)
Doug Michael World Rhythm 30s - Doug Michael
Mark Caesar - The Physician Rose On a Rock Riddim - Mark Caesar - The Physician
Marchese Streets of Kanpur (Underscore Version) - Marchese
Rudy Pusateri Mahalo - Shorter Version (No Intro) - Rudy Pusateri
Ian Lehmann Outback Landscape 2 - Ian Lehmann
Ferenc Hegedus End of a Journey - Ferenc Hegedus
SMM Productions Deepest India (30 Seconds) - SMM Productions
Gregory Domeier Somber Steps Asian No Sitar - Gregory Domeier
Marchese Chapati Dance - Marchese
Global Sound System The Last Hero - Global Sound System
Michael Coleman Bounce Wit Me - Michael Coleman
Tawin QM Modern Gamelan - Tawin QM
Ausilio A Day in Shanghai - Ausilio
Linwood Bell Aboriginal Nights - Linwood Bell
Carlos Estella Pan Xianghang (The Fish Child) - Carlos Estella
Bob Petrocelli The Garden - Bob Petrocelli
Hans Bolex Shanghai Shuffle 30 - Hans Bolex
Mark Dorricott Africa Calling - Mark Dorricott
Michael Coleman D Jungle Flutes - Michael Coleman
Aaron J Curtis Party Miami (30sec) - Aaron J Curtis
Lee FitzSimmons Golden Sign - Lee FitzSimmons
DJ Juri Aborhythm - DJ Juri
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