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World fusion music is a fusion genre of world music, blending musical traditions from around the world, and possibly mixing them with modern music such as jazz or rock. The term was coined in 1978 and has since become a standard term used in the music industry.

  615  African World Fusion
  233  Asian World Fusion
  60  Australian World Fusion
  14  Aztec World Fusion
  568  Indian World Fusion
  351  Latin World Fusion
  563  Middle-Eastern World Fusion
  505  Pan-World Fusion
  176  Reggae Fusion
  22  World Fusion (pending categorization)
  27  World Fusion MusicPacks

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Best Selling World Fusion Tracks
St. Clair Bangalore - St. Clair
Nigel Male Look East - Nigel Male
Wolftooth Urban Mumbai - Wolftooth
Andy Schofield African Savannah - Andy Schofield
Garry Cribb Totally Bazaar - Garry Cribb
Jeremy Sherman Bombay Blues - Jeremy Sherman
Max Brodie Cant Stop Me - Max Brodie
Jonas West Epic China - Jonas West
Ilya Kaplan & Stan Fomin Good Morning, Mumbai - Ilya Kaplan & Stan Fomin
Garry Cribb Township Carnival - Garry Cribb
Steve Urwin Bangalore Jam(60) - Steve Urwin
Somatiq Audio Oasis - Somatiq Audio
Ari Nigam 33 Roads to the East - Ari Nigam
Teddy Afro Lambadiena - Teddy Afro
Somatiq Audio Epic Journey - Somatiq Audio
Andrew GCN Fleming African Sun - Andrew GCN Fleming
Shafa Guitaraga Live - Shafa
Nathan Seiler Phat India - Nathan Seiler
Steve Urwin Bangalore Jam(30) - Steve Urwin
Masterwerk Turn Down the Day - Masterwerk
Equinox Sounds Africa - Equinox Sounds
K.O. Star Productions Mantra Om (World Fusion) - K.O. Star Productions
Stefan Bode The Last Hero - Stefan Bode
Gabor Pallos Last Minute Delhi - Gabor Pallos
Matthew McCullough Saturday Night in India - Matthew McCullough
Fabrice Mogini Flower of Life - 60 Sec - Fabrice Mogini
Mark Dorricott Africa Calling - Mark Dorricott
Victoria Trestrail Johnny's Fool (Instrumental) - Victoria Trestrail
Dmitry Efimov Funny Smile - Dmitry Efimov
Pete Bax Raga Rock Remember Me - Pete Bax
Robert Neary Bhangra Nights - Robert Neary
Frenetic Sound Beatbox Bombast (Human Vocal World Percussion) - Frenetic Sound
Really Free Music Into the Outback - Really Free Music
William Pearson La Ciudad Hermosa (Wp) 01 Mt - William Pearson
Music For TV and Games Turkish Rebel Chase - Music For TV and Games
Patio Furniture Hottlixx - Patio Furniture
Andrew GCN Fleming Maori Sun - Andrew GCN Fleming
Carlos Estella Sol de Los Andes - Carlos Estella
Peter Roe Children of Africa 2 - Peter Roe
Mark Allaway Ethnic World - Mark Allaway
AL Music World Unite - AL Music
David Anstey Digeri-Dingo - David Anstey
Eric Bolvin Senegal Sings 15 sec - Eric Bolvin
Wolftooth Island Jamming - Wolftooth
Bjorn Lynne Oriental Landscapes - Bjorn Lynne
Jonathan Atkinson Monsoon - Jonathan Atkinson
Cargo Cult Mirrored Image (Female Vocals) - Cargo Cult
Peter Godfrey Marimbaland - Peter Godfrey
Ariel Kalma Crazy Horse Remembers - Ariel Kalma
Andy Schofield African Pride - Andy Schofield
Rik Roberts Beautiful India - Rik Roberts
Dan LaCob Hindi Rhythms - Dan LaCob
Akela Sun Japanese Atmosphere - Akela Sun
Nigel Male Refrain to the East - Nigel Male
Michael Coleman D Jungle Flutes - Michael Coleman
Stephen Booke Into the Light - Stephen Booke
Bjorn Lynne Ang Kahora - Bjorn Lynne
BrunoSteele Music Hindu Trip - BrunoSteele Music
Music Candy Emilie - Music Candy
Mark Caesar - The Physician Rose On a Rock Riddim - Mark Caesar - The Physician
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