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World fusion music is a fusion genre of world music, blending musical traditions from around the world, and possibly mixing them with modern music such as jazz or rock. The term was coined in 1978 and has since become a standard term used in the music industry.

  645  African World Fusion
  237  Asian World Fusion
  65  Australian World Fusion
  20  Aztec World Fusion
  603  Indian World Fusion
  612  Latin World Fusion
  612  Middle-Eastern World Fusion
  554  Pan-World Fusion
  187  Reggae Fusion
  22  World Fusion (pending categorization)
  28  World Fusion MusicPacks

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Best Selling World Fusion Tracks
Eric Bolvin Senegal Sings 15 sec - Eric Bolvin
Entropik Meditation On Mount Fuji (Underscore) - Entropik
Hanjo Gabler Dhaka - Hanjo Gabler
Michael Keck Toakin' On the Hookah Le Souk - Michael Keck
Mitsch Kohn Africa United - Mitsch Kohn
Massimiliano Franceschin Highlight - Massimiliano Franceschin
Dan LaCob Hindi Rhythms No Vocals - Dan LaCob
Ariel Kalma Crazy Horse Remembers - Ariel Kalma
David Banks Punjara - David Banks
Gary Wolk Infusion - Gary Wolk
Michael Coleman D Jungle Flutes - Michael Coleman
Mark Caesar - The Physician Rose On a Rock Riddim - Mark Caesar - The Physician
Donna Marie Tea at Sunrise - Donna Marie
William Pearson La Ciudad Hermosa (Wp) 01 Mt - William Pearson
Silvia Marchese Streets of Kanpur (Underscore Version) - Silvia Marchese
Tom Rae Rainbow Nations - Tom Rae
Filmmusic Group Exit Africa - Chase - Filmmusic Group
Gabor Pallos Last Minute India - Gabor Pallos
Vaddi Solanof Indian Pop Vibe 2 - Vaddi Solanof
Space Taster Tamasha (60sec) - Space Taster
Jonas West Epic China - Jonas West
Nigel Male Refrain to the East - Nigel Male
Thomas Seher Welcome to Turkey 2 - Thomas Seher
Hanjo Gabler Asian Farmer - Hanjo Gabler
Mikael Manvelyan Handicraft - Mikael Manvelyan
D. Silverstone Far Is the East - D. Silverstone
Stephen Booke Into the Light - Stephen Booke
Larry Salzman Peace in the East - Larry Salzman
Paul Carlson Mid East Chillout - Paul Carlson
Arjun Sen Placid Waters - Arjun Sen
SMM Productions Deepest India (30 Seconds) - SMM Productions
Adam Skorupa Indianshop (30-Secs Version) - Adam Skorupa
Gabor Pallos Last Minute Delhi - Gabor Pallos
Darko Saric Sunrise in the Sahara Underscore - Darko Saric
Shafa Indian Essence - Shafa
Adam Skorupa Indianshop (60-Secs Version) - Adam Skorupa
Max Brodie Cant Stop Me - Max Brodie
Andy Schofield African Savannah - Andy Schofield
Ian Hubball Mandela Liberation - Ian Hubball
Dan LaCob Hindi Rhythms - Dan LaCob
Massimiliano Franceschin Wall Sitar - Massimiliano Franceschin
DJ Juri Aborhythm - DJ Juri
Jeremy Sherman Bombay Blues - Jeremy Sherman
Adagio Music Yobidashi - Adagio Music
Rudy Pusateri Mahalo - Rudy Pusateri
Kamlesh Deepak Drolia Meditation - Kamlesh Deepak Drolia
Wilton Vought The Bollywood Bop - Wilton Vought
Doug Michael World Rhythm 30s - Doug Michael
Bjorn Lynne Ang Kahora - Bjorn Lynne
Patio Furniture Hottlixx - Patio Furniture
Wolftooth Island Jamming - Wolftooth
Dmitry Efimov Funny Smile - Dmitry Efimov
D. Silverstone Indian Market of Dreams - D. Silverstone
Gregory Domeier Somber Steps Asian No Sitar - Gregory Domeier
Peter Roe Children of Africa 2 - Peter Roe
Brannan Lane Jungle Juice - Brannan Lane
Origen Hodu L'Adonai Ki Tov - Origen
Brighter Note Calcutta City Life - Brighter Note
Ari Nigam 33 Roads to the East - Ari Nigam
Andrew GCN Fleming Maori Sun - Andrew GCN Fleming
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