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Percussion / chromatic (xylophones, marimbas, vibraphones, glockenspiels, etc.)

  14  Bell sounds
  5  Carillion sounds
  3  Dulcimer sounds
  8  Glockenspiel sounds
  13  Indigenous chromatic percussion
  42  Marimba sounds
  1  Steel drum sounds
  171  Vibraphone sounds
  197  Xylophone sounds

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Best Selling Percussion Chromatic Tracks
Brenda Elthon Cartoon - the End, Extended - Brenda Elthon
Tangerine Music Black Key Wood Beat - Tangerine Music
Kalder Kolider Xylophone Hardrubber Ff A5 Stereo - Kalder Kolider
Tangerine Music Jingle Loop - Tangerine Music
Audiofruit Balaphone Duet 1 - Audiofruit
Catch 22 Loops D Major Vibraphone Pop Melody 120 Bpm - Catch 22 Loops
Ian Hubball Merry Christmas - Church Bells - Ian Hubball
Ivan Paunovic Electronic (Synth Bells Solo) - Ivan Paunovic
A Thalassa Music Urban 01 G# 08c 95bmp - A Thalassa Music
Steve Urwin Moonbeam Long Loop Fades Out - Steve Urwin
Blazznet Productions Toy Xylophone Three Notes - 1 - Blazznet Productions
Andrew GCN Fleming Only Time Will Tell - Mystery Music - Andrew GCN Fleming
Darksparcs 12 (Twelve) Bells - Darksparcs
Ringtone Voodoo Wonderful Chinese Dulcimer Ring - Ringtone Voodoo
The Cradle Tsymbaly Mood 05 - The Cradle
Chris Richmond Glass Harp (Short) C5 - Chris Richmond
Kalder Kolider Xylophone Hardrubber Ff A4 Stereo - Kalder Kolider
Andrew GCN Fleming Islands - Steel Drum Loop - Andrew GCN Fleming
SFXsource A Xylophone Ascending 02 - SFXsource
Simon Stockhausen Gamelan7 - Simon Stockhausen
Toby Tune Chimes - Toby Tune
Brenda Elthon Cartoon - the End - Brenda Elthon
John Lundsten D19 Music Samples Discrete Tune-Less Percussion Marimba Blocks Hits - John Lundsten
Greg Patmore Poor Bruised One - Greg Patmore
SFXsource A Xylophone 8 Notes 02 - SFXsource
A Thalassa Music Urban 01 G# 08a 95bmp - A Thalassa Music
Simon Stockhausen Relaxed Gamelan Loop - Simon Stockhausen
Cenoura Roxa Glokenspiel Notes - Cenoura Roxa
Blazznet Productions Xylophone Dampened 1 - Blazznet Productions
Junk Music Haunted Bells Ambient - Junk Music
BHM Bell Loop - BHM
Chris Richmond Glass Harp C5 - Chris Richmond
John Lundsten Yb3 Music Sample Bell C5 With Vibrato - John Lundsten
Pete Bax Flight of the Humming Birds - Pete Bax
Ricky Schneider Energy2 - Ricky Schneider
Cedric Hommel Xylophone, Instrument, Phantasia, Dreamy, Clown, Circus, V1 - Cedric Hommel
Cenoura Roxa Glokenspiel3 - Cenoura Roxa
Audiofruit Balaphone Melody 2 - Audiofruit
Brighter Note Close to Nature - Brighter Note
D. Silverstone Delicate Marimba (Loops in Different Keys) - D. Silverstone
Svetlana Bashlykova Bells - Svetlana Bashlykova
Ricky Schneider Bells - Ricky Schneider
Ian Hubball Merry Christmas - Church Bells - Children - Ian Hubball
Steve Urwin Moonbeam Short Loop - Steve Urwin
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