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Office sound effects (equipment, staplers, sharpeners, adding machines, etc.)

The sounds of office equipment and desk tools

  380  Book and paper sounds
  111  Desktop sounds
  32  Office equipment / adding machines
  63  Office equipment / computer typing sounds
  44  Office equipment / copier and scanner sounds
  23  Office equipment / faxing sounds
  223  Office equipment / miscellaneous
  20  Office equipment / pencil sharpener sounds
  75  Office equipment / stapler sounds
  290  Office equipment / typing and typewriter sounds
  71  Office furniture sounds

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Best Selling Office Sound Effects Tracks
Nigel Holloway Drag Stool On Wooden Floor - Nigel Holloway
George and Marguerite Typing On Keyboard - George and Marguerite
Indigo Sound LLC Royal 1920 Normal With Paper - Indigo Sound LLC
Geller Sound FX Newspaper Page Turn - Geller Sound FX
SFXsource Newspaper Opens 2 - SFXsource
SFXsource Scanner - SFXsource
JFX Sound Typewriter Old 1920s - JFX Sound
Aardvark Alchemist Papers Rustling 02 - Aardvark Alchemist
Hollywood Post Typewriter Bell Dings - Hollywood Post
Music And SFX Paper Rip (3 Variations) - Music And SFX
George and Marguerite Tearing Paper - George and Marguerite
Ionics Pc Keyboard Slow Typing 1004 - Ionics
Hollywood Post Busy Office Typing Voices - Hollywood Post
Audiofruit Newspaper Unfold - Audiofruit
Cedric Hommel Typewriter, Vintage Model (1920s), Paper Barrel, Slide, Return, Bell, V07 - Cedric Hommel
S.L. Rabbit Opening Newspaper Sound, Stereo - S.L. Rabbit
Ultimate Sound Old Typewriter - Ultimate Sound
Andrew GCN Fleming Pc Keyboard - Random Key Presses - Andrew GCN Fleming
Adam DiTroia File Cabinet Drawer - Adam DiTroia
Andrew Smith Date Stamp - Books Due Back - Andrew Smith
Jonathan Geer Pencil Quick Jots - Jonathan Geer
Music And SFX Pen Or Pencil Writing On Paper - Music And SFX
John Lundsten X33c Surround Recording Centre-Type Plastic Computer Keyboard - John Lundsten
Audiofruit Filing Cabinet Shut 1 - Audiofruit
Audi_Yo Pencil Writing Printing - Audi_Yo
Bjorn Lynne Office Room Tone - Bjorn Lynne
CMMP Sound FX Teletype Machine - CMMP Sound FX
SAE Office Chair Squeak - SAE
Black Dog Sound Office, Computer Mouse, Single Click - Black Dog Sound
The Producers Adding Machine at Work 001 - The Producers
SoundFuse Type Writer, Antique Mechanical, Slide Pling - SoundFuse
Sevenleaf Audio New Inkjet Printer Printing - Sevenleaf Audio
Tangerine Music Turning Paper Pages - Tangerine Music
Catch 22 SFX Computer Keyboard Strokes X4 1 - Catch 22 SFX
The Sound Experience Polaroid Camera - The Sound Experience
CMMP Sound FX Teleprinter Bg - CMMP Sound FX
Sound Jay Page Flip 03: Flipping Pages - Sound Jay
John Lundsten 813 Roneo Printer Start Run Vari Speed Stop Restarts Run Clatter - John Lundsten
Alan McKinney Page Turn - Alan McKinney
Ian Hubball Notepad - Ian Hubball
Vance Audiotronics Typing Very Fast - Vance Audiotronics
Johnny Lance Small Office Ambience, Atmos, 1 - Johnny Lance
Black Dog Sound Office, Computer Keyboard, Typing Sequence, Medium Fast - Black Dog Sound
Andrew GCN Fleming Error - Strange Key Press Sounds - Andrew GCN Fleming
Big Fat Audio Photocopier 1 - Big Fat Audio
Jonathan Geer Pencil Quick Scribble 1 - Jonathan Geer
Ultimate Sound Manual Typewriter - Ultimate Sound
Quarterstep Productions Notebook Typing - Quarterstep Productions
Geller Sound FX Magic Marker Squeak 01 - Geller Sound FX
Toby Tune Manual Typewriter - Toby Tune
Sound Jay Laptop Keyboard Typing 02 - Sound Jay
Tangerine Music Typing On Plastic Key-Board - Tangerine Music
SAE Hand Held Pencil Sharpener - SAE
Ian Hubball Pencil Sketching - Ian Hubball
The Producers Office Write On Cardboard With Ink Pen - The Producers
Audi_Yo Pencil Writing Cursive - Audi_Yo
Morning Sky Sound Money Counter Machine Slow 2 Jo - Morning Sky Sound
Quad 35 Productions Pages Turning - Quad 35 Productions
Morning Sky Sound Receipt Printer Machine 1 Jo - Morning Sky Sound
Vance Audiotronics Typing Selectric 6lps - Vance Audiotronics
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