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Insects ( bees, wasps, bugs, mosquitoes, etc.)

Insect sound effects

  103  Bee sound effects
  4  Beetle sound effects
  114  Cicada sound effects
  6  Cockroach sound effects
  168  Cricket sound effects
  127  Fly sound effects
  6  Grasshopper sound effects
  1  Hornet sound effects
  70  Insect sound effects
  3  Mealworm sound effects
  1  Midge sound effects
  20  Mosquito sound effects
  1  Moth sound effects
  13  Wasp sound effects

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Best Selling Insect Sound Effects Tracks
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi Insect Sounds, Busy Beez (Domahidi Live Recorded) - Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi
Indigo Sound LLC Mosquitos Swarm - Indigo Sound LLC
Blazznet Productions Birds N Bees - 2 - Blazznet Productions
Nigel Holloway Fly Buzzing - Nigel Holloway
Andrew GCN Fleming English Countryside - Birds and Bees - Andrew GCN Fleming
Domino Sound Effects Cricket Background 01 - Domino Sound Effects
Special Effects and Sounds Angry Bees Swarming - Special Effects and Sounds
X-Ray Sound Studios Beehive - X-Ray Sound Studios
Ringtone Voodoo Crickets - Ringtone Voodoo
Animalistix Cricket - Animalistix
Jordan Geer Animals - Cicadas - Jordan Geer
Soundtrack Tools & SFX Locusts Or Grasshoppers Ambience - Soundtrack Tools & SFX
Morning Sky Sound House Fly Excited Buzz 2 Jo - Morning Sky Sound
Sound Effects Bible Animals Insects Mealworms Larva Movement Slimy Bugs 03 - Sound Effects Bible
Ian Hubball Birds and Bees - Ian Hubball
Soundtrack Tools & SFX Crickets in the Forest - Soundtrack Tools & SFX
CMMP Sound FX Fly Buzzing III - CMMP Sound FX
Sound Crusher Cicadas - at Noon - Sound Crusher
Darren W. Chamberlain Grasshopper - Darren W. Chamberlain
John Lundsten E74 Cicadas Crickets Chirp - John Lundsten
Sound Fx Pro Insect 13 - Sound Fx Pro
Ultimate Sound African Honey Bee Swarm - Ultimate Sound
Geller Sound FX Forest Cicadas Breeze 01 - Geller Sound FX
Sound Jay Flies 02 - Sound Jay
SoundFuse Single Real Bee Or Fly, Buzzing Around, Cu, No Background - SoundFuse
Vance Audiotronics Fly Buzz - Vance Audiotronics
Ian Hubball Chattering Insects - Ian Hubball
Fly Buzzing Around - Tom Taormina
Steve Cook Crickets (Medium) - Steve Cook
Special Effects and Sounds Swarm Bees Hive Sound - Special Effects and Sounds
Ringtone Voodoo Bee Buzz - Ringtone Voodoo
Piotr Niedzielski Bees - High Quality SFX - Stereo Sound Effect - Close Perspective Bee Swarm - Beeswarm Insect - Piotr Niedzielski
Big Fat Audio Fly (Insect) - Big Fat Audio
Catch 22 SFX Swarm of Bees - Catch 22 SFX
Sound Effects Bible Animals Insect Hissing Cockroach 01 - Sound Effects Bible
Pete Bax Hum of Busy Bees - Pete Bax
Animalistix Crickets - Animalistix
Parmen Crickets in An Indian Night - Parmen
Lindsay Popple Darwin Whiner Cicada - Lindsay Popple
The Sound Experience Cockcroaches - The Sound Experience
Lindsay Popple West Plains Eremophila Cicada - Lindsay Popple
SAE African Killer Bee - SAE
Domino Sound Effects Crickets Many 1close - Domino Sound Effects
Tranquility Sounds Katydid and Cricket Serenade - Tranquility Sounds
John Lundsten E22 Atmosphere Cicadas Other Insects Chirping Birds Twitter Summer Sub Tropical Countryside - John Lundsten
Vagabond Beach Bee Swarm - Vagabond Beach
Parmen Big Hornet Buzzing (Ko Muk Thailand) - Parmen
Big Fat Audio A Cricket - Big Fat Audio
SFXsource Cicadas 2 - SFXsource
Ultimate Sound Crickets at Night - Ultimate Sound
Toxic Bag Productions Bugs - Large Mass of Insects - Toxic Bag Productions
Jean-Louis Bouzou Cicadas - Jean-Louis Bouzou
Music And SFX Cricket - Music And SFX
Hollywood Post Single Cricket - Hollywood Post
The Producers Insect, Beetle Moving - The Producers
Emmanuel Night Crickets (8) - Emmanuel
Darren W. Chamberlain Crickets at Night - Darren W. Chamberlain
Vance Audiotronics City Crickets Dogs - Vance Audiotronics
Bjorn Lynne Crickets Chorus, Cicadas Singing 02 - Bjorn Lynne
RFfx Crickets+ - RFfx
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Insects Sound Effects

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