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Ringers and Phone sound effects (classic & modern ringers, dialing, busy)

All types of sounds specific to telephones. Includes many different types of phone ringing sounds including classic phone ringers, modern phone ringers, cell phone ringers, bell ringers. Also includes phone dialing sounds, busy signals and much more.

  81  Ringers | Antique phone ringers
  96  Ringers | Bell phone ringers
  18  Ringers | Caller ringers and calling tones
  452  Ringers | Electronic phone ringers
  20  Ringers | Euro phone ringer sounds
  246  Ringers | Mobile phone ringers
  136  SmartPhone Sound Effects (Digital series)
  99  SmartPhone Sound Effects (Metalic series)
  67  Telecommunication sound effects
  41  Telephone answering machine sound effects
  35  Telephone busy signal sound effects
  51  Telephone dial tone sound effects
  168  Telephone dialing sound effects
  57  Telephone hang-ups and disconnect sound effects
  83  Telephone operator sound effects
  39  Telephone pay phone sound effects
  2  Telephone SoundPacks

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Best Selling Ringers and Phone Sounds Tracks
Big Fat Audio A Dial Tone 1 - Big Fat Audio
Charles Parente Dialtone and Dialing and Ringing - Charles Parente
John Lundsten K69 Phone Ring Brrr Brrr UK British 1970's As Heard By Caller With Line Noise Crackles (Loops) - John Lundsten
The Producers Si Phone Buzz - The Producers
SFXsource A Cell Phone 4 Rings 02 - SFXsource
Jonathan Geer Phone Rings Pickup - Jonathan Geer
Alan McKinney Telephone Ring Bell - Alan McKinney
Audiofruit 1970's American Telephone - Audiofruit
John Leonard Old UK Payphone Rings Picked Up - John Leonard
Pete Bax Telephone Ringing - Pete Bax
Music And SFX Cell Phone Rings 3x - Music And SFX
Mark Hewer Busy Signal - Mark Hewer
Ultimate Sound Euro Mobile Ringer - Ultimate Sound
Lee FitzSimmons Telephone Ring 4 - Lee FitzSimmons
Big Dee's Ringtones Future Tone 15 - Big Dee's Ringtones
Ringtone Voodoo Digital Ringing - Ringtone Voodoo
Audi_Yo Cell Phone Vibrate X3 - Audi_Yo
Quarterstep Productions Cell Phone Local Dialing - Quarterstep Productions
Vladimir Eglitis Ringdouble 5(By Egv) - Vladimir Eglitis
Vance Audiotronics Answering Machine 01 - Vance Audiotronics
LoopSound Mobile Phone Ring 3 - LoopSound
Emmanuel Cellular Phone Ring (23) - Emmanuel
Mark Hewer Cell Phone Ringing - Mark Hewer
Ringtone Voodoo Cool 1950's Phone Ring - Ringtone Voodoo
Charlie Mac Pick Up the Phone - Charlie Mac
JFX Sound Telephone Ringing - Bakelite Phone 706 Model - JFX Sound
Suzannah Doyle Telephone Dial Tone, Buttons 1 - 9 - Suzannah Doyle
Black Dog Sound Technology, Cell Phone Ring Tone 03 - Black Dog Sound
Sevenleaf Audio Telephony - Dial Tone - Dtmf - Hang Up SFX Pack - Sevenleaf Audio
John Leonard Old UK Payphone Rings Unanswered - John Leonard
Hollywood Post Phone Bell Ringer - Hollywood Post
Quarterstep Productions Cell Phone On Vibrate - Quarterstep Productions
Hollywood Post Old Bell Phone Ringer - Hollywood Post
Ionics Cell Phone Slow Dial 1008 - Ionics
X-Ray Sound Studios Telephone Ringing 5 Times - X-Ray Sound Studios
SFXsource A Cell Phone 4 Rings 07 - SFXsource
Indigo Sound LLC Phone 7 Digits Ring Replace - Indigo Sound LLC
Domino Sound Effects TV Surfing - Domino Sound Effects
Robot Metro Alarm 1 - Robot Metro
Cedric Hommel Telephone: Ringtones, Digital, Ringers, Standard Tones, Naturally Recorded, V11 - Cedric Hommel
Sound Jay Telephone Ringing 01 - Sound Jay
Vladimir Eglitis Incoming SMS - Vladimir Eglitis
Ryszard Osada Telephone Ringtone Simple Digital Ringers, Modern Standard Tones 0170 As - Ryszard Osada
The Producers Woman Talking Voicemail - The Producers
Pete Bax Original Telephone Antique - Pete Bax
Audi_Yo Cell Phone Ring - Audi_Yo
Waveform Solutions Japanese Phone Ringer - Waveform Solutions
Cell Phone Siren Tones - Sounds In Mind
John Lundsten F44 Telephone Ring Warble Trimphone UK 1960's - John Lundsten
Martin Kittappa Phone Ring - Martin Kittappa
Fear Productions Dialing Phone Touch Tone USA - Fear Productions
Bjorn Lynne Euro UK Phone Ringer - Bjorn Lynne
Aardvark Alchemist Phone Ringing - 01 - Aardvark Alchemist
Dan Chien UK Phone Ring - Dan Chien
Toby Tune Telephone - Busy Signal - Toby Tune
Bjorn Lynne Old Phone Ringing - Bjorn Lynne
Sevenleaf Audio Telephony Dial Ringing Tone - Earpiece - Sevenleaf Audio
Sound Jay Old Telephone Ring 01 - Sound Jay
Classic Antique Phone Ringer - PipingHotRingtones
SoundFuse Telephone European, Calling Tone - SoundFuse
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