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Crowds Kids sound effects (school, playground, auditorium, cafeteria, interior, exterior and more)

Children sounds on playgrounds, in auditoriums, school exterior/interior, pre-school, high school, college, voices group, voices specific, playing, laughing and much more.

  14  Crowd Kids | Play sounds
  12  Crowds Kids | Interior sounds
  7  Crowds Kids | Laughs
  33  Crowds Kids | Play Exterior
  61  Crowds Kids | Playground sounds
  6  Crowds Kids | School Auditorium sounds
  4  Crowds Kids | School Cafeteria sounds
  2  Crowds Kids | School Chalkboard sounds
  12  Crowds Kids | School College Crowd sounds
  3  Crowds Kids | School Crowds sounds
  19  Crowds Kids | School Elementary sounds
  11  Crowds Kids | School Exterior sounds
  4  Crowds Kids | School Hallways sounds
  1  Crowds Kids | School High School sounds
  13  Crowds Kids | School Pre School sounds
  22  Crowds Kids | School sounds
  5  Crowds Kids | Sick sounds
  8  Crowds Kids | Various sounds
  41  Crowds Kids | Voices Group sounds
  1  Crowds Kids | Voices Specific sounds
  10  Foreign children sounds

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Best Selling Crowds Kids Tracks
Aaron Saloman Children in Schoolyard Ambience (French) - Aaron Saloman
Special Effects and Sounds Chinese Kids Play City - Special Effects and Sounds
Annie McGee Crowds in School Hall Cafe - Annie McGee
Soundtrack Tools & SFX Kids & Children - Various Suburban Playgrounds - Soundtrack Tools & SFX
Morning Sky Sound Kids On a School Bus 1 Jo - Morning Sky Sound
Petros Sarhosidis German Kids Play Water - Petros Sarhosidis
Piotr Niedzielski Poland - Outdoor Polish Children Playground - Ambience SFX Sound Effect - Piotr Niedzielski
Wayne Brown 002 - Beach Atmos Kids Distant Surf 1.30 - Wayne Brown
Sound Fx Pro On the Beach - Sound Fx Pro
Petros Sarhosidis Kids Croud - Petros Sarhosidis
Emmanuel School Kids Playing On Playground (10) - Emmanuel
Sevenleaf Audio Kids Chatting in School Corridor Or Hallway London England - Sevenleaf Audio
Mario Pompetti Elementary School Yard Sounds - Mario Pompetti
Brenda Elthon Recess On the Playground - Brenda Elthon
Jordan Geer People - Small Crowd Screaming - Jordan Geer
Steve Cook Swimming Pool - Kids Playing #3 - Steve Cook
Cinematic Wild Sound Elementary School in Bangkok - Children Rehearsing Songs for King Bhumibol's Birthday - Cinematic Wild Sound
Vladimir Kalpin Spanish Children in Busstation - Vladimir Kalpin
Sound Fx Pro Approving Shouts of Children - Sound Fx Pro
Sound Jay Kids Playground Ambience 01 - Sound Jay
Aaron Saloman Children in Schoolyard Ambience (French) - Aaron Saloman
JFX Sound Children in Playground 1 - JFX Sound
Blazznet Productions Child Conversation - Liguria Italy 1 - Blazznet Productions
The Producers Kids School Ambience-Classroom 07 - The Producers
Simon Stockhausen Kids Schoolyard Distant 01 - Simon Stockhausen
Toxic Bag Productions Children Play at Water Park in City - Toxic Bag Productions
Brenda Elthon Recess On the Playground - Brenda Elthon
Domino Sound Effects Kids Nursery School 02 - Domino Sound Effects
Annie McGee Crowd School Cafe - Annie McGee
John Leonard Group of Small Boys Animated Chat - Upper Class British Accents - John Leonard
Cenoura Roxa School Elementary Gym - Cenoura Roxa
Blazznet Productions Ambiance - Schoolyard Hoi An Vietnam Loop 03 - Blazznet Productions
Strapko Recorders Surround-Kids Party - Strapko Recorders
Cedric Hommel City Playground: Children Laugh and Shout, Playing Ball, Mothers Chat, Street Place - Loop - Cedric Hommel
NomadicSounds Vietnam Da Nang School Kids Recess Break Playing Fun - NomadicSounds
Big Prod Sounds It's Playtime ! - Big Prod Sounds
West Wolf Kids Playing On a Beach - West Wolf
Original Sounds School Playground Pupils From 4 to 9 Years Old - Original Sounds
John Leonard Children Playing Outside With Traffic Bg - John Leonard
Cedric Hommel Children Playing Outside, On Street Place, With Ball, Shouting, Laughing - Seamless Loop - Cedric Hommel
Sound Crusher Children Shout - Frightened, Scared - Sound Crusher
Tangerine Music Children and Crowd Before Firework Display - Tangerine Music
James Verderame Applause Pre School Assembly - James Verderame
Toxic Bag Productions Crowd of Tourists in the City - Toxic Bag Productions
Marc Laliberte Children Playing (Loudly) In a Parc - Marc Laliberte
Sound Crusher Crowd Children Laugh - in Small Cinema - Theatre - Sound Crusher
Mario Pompetti Kids Playing in School Yard Greek Greece - Mario Pompetti
Cartel Games Church Crowd Kids Inside - Cartel Games
Jonathan Geer Kids Talking Laughing - Jonathan Geer
The Producers Children Children Ambience 2 3 - The Producers
Wayne Brown 003 - Beach Atmos Kids Distant Surf 2.30 - Wayne Brown
Special Effects and Sounds Chinese Kids Play Gym - Special Effects and Sounds
Audi_Yo Teenage Girls Walla - Audi_Yo
Pete Bax Laughing in the Rain - Pete Bax
Domino Sound Effects Kids Nursery School 03 - Domino Sound Effects
Sound Jay Kids Playing Basketball - Sound Jay
James Verderame Applause Preschool Crowd - James Verderame
Emmanuel School Kids Playing On Playground (11) - Emmanuel
Simon Stockhausen Kids Schoolyard Distant 02 - Simon Stockhausen
Sevenleaf Audio School Kids Outside in Courtyard (London, England) - Sevenleaf Audio
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