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Acoustic music is music that solely or primarily uses instruments that produce sound through acoustic means, as opposed to electric or electronic means; typically the phrase refers to that made by acoustic string instruments. While all music was once acoustic, the retronym "acoustic music" appeared after the advent of electric instruments, such as the electric guitar, electric violin, electric organ and synthesizer. Acoustic string instrumentations had long been a subset of popular music, particularly in folk. It stood in contrast to various other types of music in various eras, including big band music in the pre-rock era, and electric music in the rock era.

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781  Acoustic Rock
919  Christmas Acoustic
851  Corporate New Age Acoustic Music
5,115  Corporate Pop Acoustic Music
272  New Acoustic
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Best Selling Acoustic Tracks
John Covert Fishin Uke - John Covert
D. Silverstone New Love Ballad - D. Silverstone
Larrosa 9na Dimension - Larrosa
Tomasz Chrostowski Be Happy - Tomasz Chrostowski
Nemanja Mitrasevic Nostalgic Story Guitar - Nemanja Mitrasevic
StarWay Upbeat Bouncy Acoustic Guitar Corporate Track - StarWay
Above Envy Worth (Instrumental) - Above Envy
Mayur Dongre Good Thoughts - Mayur Dongre
Sonicleaf Wave 60 Seconds - Sonicleaf
Ron Ashe Wrong Direction (15( - Ron Ashe
Sebastien Marchand Field of Dreams - Sebastien Marchand
Kate McLaughlin Hold On - Kate McLaughlin
Dmytro Kazakov Be Happy [30sec] - Dmytro Kazakov
Alphabeard Halloween - Alphabeard
Wall of Sound A Simple Smile (30 Sec - Inspirational - Acoustic) - Wall of Sound
The Hi Freqs Nature's Grace (30 Sec) - The Hi Freqs
Claude Ruelle Minimal Acoustic Drama Opening - Claude Ruelle
Oligarwil The Sweetest Farewell - 15 Seconds - Oligarwil
Leon Gene Walden jr Folky Positive - Leon Gene Walden jr
Joey Stebanuk Sunshine Lullaby [ 30 Seconds ] - Joey Stebanuk
Yvette Huntley There Was a Time - Yvette Huntley
Alan Hughes Corporate Success - Alan Hughes
Christopher Herald Big Blue Sky - Christopher Herald
Aiert Erkoreka Afternoon Blues - Aiert Erkoreka
Robert Stanley December Skies - Robert Stanley
KNmac I Can't Wait - KNmac
Andreas Franzmann Over Meadows and Hills (All Acoustic Version) - Andreas Franzmann
Pavlo Fedykovych The Rupture - Pavlo Fedykovych
John Starcluster (LP) Whiskey River (Guitar Only) - John Starcluster (LP)
Botabateau Let Go of the Past (60 Sec Loop Ver) - Botabateau
Sonicleaf Wave - Sonicleaf
Hans Bolex Mojave Mist - Hans Bolex
Kate McLaughlin Be Your Friend - Kate McLaughlin
Jerome Chauvel A New Spring - Jerome Chauvel
Kristin Flores Frustration - Kristin Flores
Andy Rising 01 South Kona Vibes - Andy Rising
Benn Cutarelli A Day in the Life of Me (Instrumental 30) - Benn Cutarelli
Kirill Kharchenko Warm Breeze - Kirill Kharchenko
Mauricio Sanchez-Garay Reflexiones 01 - Mauricio Sanchez-Garay
Simone Bresciani Me and My Pet - 30 Sec - Simone Bresciani
Jerome Chauvel A New Spring - 1 Minute Edit - Jerome Chauvel
Mitsch Kohn Arriving to My Place - Mitsch Kohn
Michael Musco Hurts - Michael Musco
Joey Stebanuk Sunshine Lullaby [ 60 Seconds ] - Joey Stebanuk
Greg Cherone Not a Day Goes By - Greg Cherone
Andreas Franzmann Over Meadows and Hills - Andreas Franzmann
Daniele Giuili Flow - Daniele Giuili
Oleg Silukov Happy Ukulele - Oleg Silukov
Oleg Silukov Happy Acoustic - Oleg Silukov
Mitsch Kohn The Earth and Me - Mitsch Kohn
Ron Ashe Wrong Direction (30 S) - Ron Ashe
Superstate Acoustic Loop - Superstate
Fyodor Acoustic Guitar Piece - Fyodor
Mayur Dongre Good Thoughts Looped - Mayur Dongre
Blazznet Productions Phazzy - Mix2 - Blazznet Productions
Leandro Achinelli The River - Leandro Achinelli
Fyodor Romantic Guitar - Fyodor
Arpad Zsolt Domahidi Fun Playful Happy Positive Acoustic Childish Guitar Marimba - Arpad Zsolt Domahidi
Simone Bresciani Me and My Pet - Loop - Simone Bresciani
Sebastien Marchand Happy Life - Sebastien Marchand
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