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Indie Rock is a genre of alternative rock is extremely diverse, with subgenres that include Indie Pop, Jangle Pop, Alt Dance, Punk, Power Pop, Britpop, Goth, Grunge, Indietronica, Rockabilly, and more. Originally used to describe record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with Alternative Rock. As Grunge and Punk revival bands in the US, and then Britpop bands in the UK, broke into the mainstream in the 1990s, it came to be used to identify those acts that retained an outsider and underground perspective. In the 2000s, as a result of changes in the music industry and the growing importance of the Internet, a number of Indie Rock acts began to enjoy commercial success, leading the genre itself towards an ... Read More

  340  Alternative Dance
  79  Alternative Metal
  1,988  Alternative Rock
  180  Britpop
  155  College Rock
  32  Dark Wave
  83  Emo
  131  Experimental Rock
  302  Garage Rock
  53  Goth
  29  Grindcore
  287  Grunge
  1,186  Indie Pop
  1,917  Indie Rock
  9  Indie Rock (pending categorization)
290  Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter
  462  Indietronica
  458  Industrial Rock
  35  Jam Bands
  149  Jangle Pop
  97  New Wave
  26  Political Rock
  260  Pop Punk
  117  Post-Punk
  309  Post-Rock
  146  Power Pop
  32  Psychobilly
  399  Punk
  182  Rockabilly
  144  Rocktronica
  108  Shoegaze
39  Ska Punk

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Best Selling Indie Rock Music Tracks
Yurikud Green Bay - Yurikud
Roeland Ruijsch Jump Over the Moon - Roeland Ruijsch
Fab Claxton You Think You're So Good - Fab Claxton
Erwin Steijlen Walk the Line (Instrumental Version) - Erwin Steijlen
Michael Harrison Walpole High School Glory - Michael Harrison Walpole
Michael Musco Indie Rock - Michael Musco
Rob Johnson Koolsville - Rob Johnson
Tracey and Vance Marino Rockabilly Roll - Tracey and Vance Marino
Fresh Body Shop Welcome Sinner - Fresh Body Shop
Josh Wynter Indie Dreams No Vocals - Josh Wynter
Wolftooth Picture Me Golden 30 - Wolftooth
Bloc Go, Go, Yeah! - Bloc
Chris Hodges (LP) Wild Weekend - Chris Hodges (LP)
Roeland Ruijsch 2 Little 2 Late Instrumental - Roeland Ruijsch
Kevin M. Baumgard Bee Hive - Kevin M. Baumgard
Secret Babies Make a Wish On Whispered Stars - Secret Babies
Chinaski Whiskey Song - Chinaski
Nine Lies Save Me (I'm Dreamin) - Nine Lies
Adam Wedd and The Independents The Differences We Display - Adam Wedd and The Independents
Bobby Cole Uptempo Brit Pop - Bobby Cole
Music Candy Get Me Out - Music Candy
Yurikud Skaters - Yurikud
Justin Crosby Freeway - 30 Second Version - Justin Crosby
AudioCult Crystal Clear - AudioCult
Chris Hodges (LP) Mudface - Chris Hodges (LP)
Felipe Adorno Vassao Nasty Friends (60-Secs Version) - Felipe Adorno Vassao
Wesley Devine Rock Breakerz (60-secs version 1) - Wesley Devine
Max Brodie Ride the Wave - Max Brodie
The Whole Bolivian Army Run Girl Run - Instrumental - The Whole Bolivian Army
Lorenzo Johnson Rock Me_30sec - Lorenzo Johnson
Hillbilly Hellcats Let's Rock - Hillbilly Hellcats
Eric Bode Satellites - Eric Bode
Hillbilly Hellcats Crazy Little Baby - Hillbilly Hellcats
Joe Kuhl Life On Earth (Vocals) - Joe Kuhl
Denis Woods CSID - Denis Woods
Jay Marsman Rockin' The World - Jay Marsman
Misfits and Thieves Craving Your Corruption - Misfits and Thieves
Erwin Steijlen Live Like There's No Tomorrow - Erwin Steijlen
Space Taster Kinetic Kid - Space Taster
Justin Crosby Midnight in the City - Justin Crosby
Dan Phillipson New Dawn - Dan Phillipson
Bart Janssen Reaching for the Stars - Bart Janssen
Nathan King Endings - Nathan King
Josh Wynter Brave New Tomorrows 30 - Josh Wynter
Hello Dragon I Believe You - Hello Dragon
Frenetic Sound Alley Sound - Frenetic Sound
Gracer Maybe Someday (Acoustic/Instrumental) - Gracer
Colin Willsher Looking Down - Colin Willsher
Lorenzo Johnson Rock Me - Lorenzo Johnson
Erik Haddad Resonant Heart - Erik Haddad
Max Brodie Ride the Wave (60 - Secs Version) - Max Brodie
Indie-Go Blue Reach the Top - Indie-Go Blue
Jive Ass Sleepers Indie Lovers (Bed) - Jive Ass Sleepers
Ricky Garvey Trust Me, I'm Lying - Ricky Garvey
Kevin M. Baumgard Twisty - Kevin M. Baumgard
Fab Claxton Hooded Ruffians - Fab Claxton
Michael Wheeler Let's Have Fun - Michael Wheeler
Ron Komie Make a Run for It (Full) - Ron Komie
BeatheBeat Self Medication Dance - BeatheBeat
Eddie Caldwell Ooohh Baby Feat Elite Sync Lab - Eddie Caldwell
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